What I Read in 2015


I promise that we’ll get back to the food very soon! I have quite a few great new recipes to share. But first, let’s talk about books! As many of you know I enjoy reading. I often talk about my favorite recent reads in my Things I’m Loving posts. I have really enjoyed hearing feedback from all of you about those recommendations you have taken, as well as hearing your recommendations of books you think I might enjoy.

Though I typically don’t get into new year’s resolutions, last year I set a reading challenge for myself on Goodreads to finish 30 books in the year. Considering that the prior year, I maybe read a quarter or third of that amount, this seemed…exceedingly optimistic. However, I ended up surpassing my goal (32 books!) and had such fun with it, I thought I would quickly share the books I read. Since I have already discussed a good number of these books in other posts, I won’t re-review them here. Instead, I will simply list them and put each into one of three general categories: must read, worth a read, or don’t bother. You can explore the titles further on Goodreads for additional reviews to see whether or not each title may or may not be your cup of tea.  At the bottom, I summarize those books that stand out to me as the top five I read this year and those you simply cannot miss. Lastly, for the most recent few that I have not discussed on the blog, I will be talking about them in more detail in the next Things I’m Loving post.

*Note for those astute readers who recognize that only 30 titles are pictured here: One book was a graphic novel and I felt it didn’t quite count enough to include here, not to mention I didn’t love it anyway. The other I overlooked time and again until after I had made the composite images below. Such is life. That book was This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper and I would categorize it as worth a read.





Of all of the books I have read this year, the top five which I think absolutely everyone should read are:

I know so many people who often say, “I wish I read more!”  If you fall into that category, I hope this post provides some inspiration and and maybe you decide set a goal on Goodreads for yourself! The main way I have made time for reading is to read during my lunch break at work rather than aimlessly surf the internet or look at my phone. Anytime I get an urge to check Facebook, I try to pick up my book instead. I also try to read every night before I fall asleep, even if only just a page or two. Reading is certainly one of the most rewarding and enjoyable pastimes available. Now is the time to go for it!