Simplified Spice Storage

Simplified Spice Storage

Sometimes it really is the small things that make all the difference. When planning my kitchen remodel last year, there were plenty of big decisions to make – what the layout would be, color scheme and finishes, agonizing over lighting for days. At the time, having a streamlined system for spice storage was more of an afterthought but has turned out to be one of my absolute favorite things about the new set up. Even if your kitchen doesn’t have a special compartment dedicated to spices, I highly recommend transferring your existing spice collection to a uniform set of jars. It really has made my cooking and baking more efficient. I have had a lot of questions from readers about exactly how I did this so I decided to make a post as a helpful reference to anyone interested in the details.

When the renovation was complete, I invested in a few sets of these plain glass spice jars and chalkboard labels. I love these jars for SO many reasons! The uniform look – no more having four different size, shape, and brand bottles of coriander. (Do I even use coriander that often?) I love the ability to quickly visually assess how much I have of each spice in case I am running low and need to add it to my grocery list. I love the wide mouths that fit nearly any measuring spoon, and I love the lids – just the right amount of seal without being difficult to open.

I took about one hour on a weekend morning, gathered up every single spice bottle I owned, organized them on my counter, and then transferred them to a newly labeled glass jar. I used a funnel to assist with the transfer in some cases and I have found them helpful to have on hand in general for other kitchen tasks. Scroll down for links to the jars, labels, and funnels I used.

Thanks to Deb for being the inspiration for getting myself organized, at least as far as my spices are concerned.