Greatest Hits of 2017

Greatest Hits of 2017


Top Recipes and Writings from the Past Year

2017 may not have been a great year overall and I know many of us are thrilled to see it in the rearview mirror. However, one major highlight of the year for me personally was to relaunch the site to this new platform that feels like the most perfect fit. The new platform has given me the opportunity to expand and explore new content areas, and I feel constantly inspired as a result.

I have so many things I’m excited to post about in the new year, but first I wanted to recap the most popular posts from 2017. These look backs are always a nice little time capsule, and also a great way to make sure you haven’t missed the best of the best! First, here are the top nine recipes based on reader statistics from the past year. You guys have some great taste (and really like dessert!)

While food was popular, and while some will forever be of the opinion that food is the only thing I’m entitled to have an opinion about, some posts in other areas were actually far more popular than any recipe. The top four are listed below.

Stay Woke


Super Six! Caroline’s Superhero Birthday Party

Now is the Time to Talk About It

What I Read in 2016


I have so many things I’m excited to post about in the coming year, I am practically bursting with ideas! Even so, I would love to hear from you about what posts you are hoping to see, recipes and otherwise. I have gotten lots of great requests for recipe ideas on Instagram and I’ve already been working on many of those. I always appreciate the feedback so I can show you what you want to see the most!