Cute and Cozy Halloween Pajamas


Holidays are such fun with kids, being able to live vicariously through them. We especially love Halloween and oh my word, the kids have been bursting with excitement about it. In past years I have typically bought seasonal pajamas from various online retailers but this year I decided to try making my own.

Oh please, you think my kids actually look that sweet? I had to take dozens of photos to get one or two nice ones like the above. The rest are 60% blurry, 40% silly faces, 100% childhood.

I am so happy with the adorable fabric and so in love with the pattern, I wanted to make sure I shared with ample time before the holiday in case you want to sew up a pair or two of your own!

If you have never sewn with knit fabric before, don’t worry. I’ve linked my favorite resources below. I assume I will invest in a serger someday but for now, I’ve been managing just fine with the various stretch stitch options and a ball point needle on my regular sewing machine.

As much as I love button up PJs, I know the kids prefer the coziness of knit fabric. This pattern is a perfect classic and I know I will be using it time and again in the years to come. I’m also thrilled to have just enough left over fabric to make extra sets for my baby niece and Caroline’s little gray bunny (don’t judge) as well!

My Notes


These fit my kids beautifully. I had originally cut out the size 10 pattern for Andrew but looking at it compared to him, I sized down to the 8 (he tends to be on the smaller side anyway.) These fit him nicely. I made Caroline the size 7 (she tends to be on the upper side of her size range) and they fit well but with some room to grow.


The pattern is very clear and straightforward. My main modification was to make the waistband in what I consider a more traditional fashion (sewing a foldover channel leaving a 1-inch gap, using a safety pin to pull the elastic through the channel, joining the ends, and sewing the gap closed.)


With minimal pieces and simple construction, these pajamas come together very quickly. I made these two pairs over the course of two days whenever I had random free moments.


If you have never sewn with knits, I recommend just jumping in with both feet and giving it a try! Play around with the stretch stitches on your machine and see what works for you. Shwin and Shwin has a great introductory post that helped me get started.