Circular Yoke Sweater

Circular Yoke Sweater

My knitting projects of the last few months have been a short string of disappointments due to sizing. Andrew’s holiday sweater will fit him great when he’s 18 or 20, and Caroline’s holiday sweater fit me. Literally. Clearly, I was in need of a win – a project that didn’t feel like a waste of time and good yarn.

It is a birthday tradition of mine to knit myself a sweater in January. I generally plan to start at the beginning of the month so that it is finished by the big day, but being the busy mom that I am, I ended up starting it just a few days shy of February. (I also still haven’t gotten around to baking my birthday cake but don’t worry, I’ll get to it eventually.) I was glad that despite having minimal time to devote to it, this piece knit up pretty quickly and didn’t require much thought on my part.

This was exactly the knit I needed at exactly the right time. If you’re a beginning knitter considering your first sweater, this would be a perfect choice. The construction is simple with almost no special knowledge needed to complete the garment, and the circular yoke in particular is a brilliant blend of form and function.

I have knit with this yarn before and man, do I love it. It is so soft with just a hint of fuzz to the finished fabric. The final sweater is warm and cozy, a perfect basic to get me through the end of the cold weather.

My Notes


The fit is right on! The top down construction means you can easily monitor the length of the body and sleeves for your perfect fit. I made the finished chest circumference 37 inches and am very happy with the fit when I wear it. It is loose and relaxed but not at all baggy.


The pattern is clear and easy to follow, as are all Purl Soho patterns I have ever made.


As I mentioned above, this is a perfect sweater for an early knitter. The construction is very simple and straightforward and no special knowledge is needed.