I’m Feeling Brand New

I’m Feeling Brand New


Friends, the time is finally here. The site is all kinds of brand new in all the best ways. This change evolved naturally over time as I began connecting with readers about topics beyond food, and eventually it became clear that I needed a new platform for the many areas of content I am excited to blog about. The new site has a clean look, lots of new functionality, and is a perfect space for me to delve into other areas such as lifestyle, fashion, travel, and more. Everyday Annie is my new chapter, but Annie's Eats will always be part of this. Don't worry, all of the food is still here and fresh new recipes will continue to be an integral part of the site. I won't let you go hungry!


Things you should be excited about:

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    New Name, Me Everyday

    I’m still the Annie you know and love, but today we officially move beyond the kitchen and into my everyday. This expansion allows me to more freely share the things I am passionate about, the things that inspire me, and the things I love to do day to day. Don’t fret though, the food is still here and many new recipes will still be shared. Thanks to Second Street Creative for going on this journey with me and building a brand and site that truly reflect my voice.

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    New Content Areas

    You’ll find four main categories: food, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Embedded within these, you’ll find a bit of everything – outfits I’m into right now, products I love, city guides, travel tips, home project tutorials, knitting and sewing projects, book reviews, personal writings, and more. If you have requests of topics you are interested in, I would be glad to hear them!

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    More Mobile Friendly

    As more and more of us access the web through our mobile devices, a mobile friendly site is key. We did our best to make your mobile experience of Everyday Annie a great one. Explore and enjoy!

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    Improved Recipe Presentation

    The new layout means recipe posts have a cleaner look to them. It also allows me to better feature those drool-worthy food photos we love so much.