Hey there friends. I am so sorry for the silence around these parts lately. Some of the reasons are the usual – work (SO busy), life (busy busy), and being in the midst of a huge site redesign that you all are going to love (EXCITING!) But to be honest, the main thing occupying my time is all of the turmoil in our world right now. Each day since the inauguration has brought news of more disgraceful and unqualified cabinet picks, blundering bigoted executive orders, and alarming legislation being introduced. It takes SO much emotional and physical energy to stay informed and to process all that is happening. Honestly, this video sums it up really well. Pair all of this with an administrative press team pushing alternative facts like a brand new plague, and now I truly understand the crucial importance of supporting our free press. The POTUS literally said (via Twitter, of course) that “any negative polls are fake news.” ::biggest eye roll ever::

Now more than ever we must seek truth and transparency and just as importantly, show our tangible support to those asking the tough questions, doing the deep investigative work, and practicing responsible journalism. To this end, I urge you to purchase paying subscriptions to those media outlets providing high quality reporting. I have done so myself and to further bolster these efforts, I am offering a different kind of giveaway today for you, my lovely readers. Six entrants will win a subscription (or combination of subscriptions – explained further on the giveaway page) to The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, and/or The Atlantic. Head over to the giveaway page to learn more and to enter.

On a related note, if you aren’t already following the page News and Guts, headed by former news anchor Dan Rather, you need to be. Find them on Facebook to catch their frequent updates. Rather has offered some of the most articulate, wise and insightful commentary on these fast moving headlines and I have found his page to be an utter gem in these challenging times.

More food and Things I’m Loving coming at you VERY soon. Pinky promise.

(Don’t bother with comments or emails calling me a snowflake or a crybaby. See the POTUS for example numero uno of that shizz.)