1. Starting things out on the right foot for spring, my newest favorite lipstick color. I already have a red lipstick that I love but it’s just a shade too deep for spring and summer. I recently decided to try out the same lipstick in a new shade, cayenne, and it is absolutely perfect. It’s brighter with just the slightest hint of orange and I get compliments galore every time I wear it!

2. I have my darling Josie to thank me for pointing me in the direction of this little lace racerback bralette from Free People. It is soft and comfortable. It comes in tons of colors and it layers beautifully with practically everything. I’m slowly growing my collection.

3. Oh boy, these shoes are the greatest! I had my eye on this pair of Sole Society flats for a while but was unsure about how they would look in person. Finally I decided to try them out and I was instantly smitten. As you may know, I’m more of a heels girl but these flats have all the wow factor I could hope for.

4. As I have been working out more, finding the right way to care for my hair without completely drying it out has been a balancing act. If I washed, dried, and heat styled my hair after every workout it would be a complete disaster. Thankfully after plenty of trial and error I have found a strategy that is working well for me. On days when I don’t wash my hair, I use dry shampoo, style, and then use this Living Proof split end mender to finish it off. It really adds a nice smooth finish and gives my style a polished look.

5. I don’t really know how I went this long using my barely functional, many year old flat iron from Target but all I can say now is good riddance. I didn’t realize what a huge difference a good quality flat iron could make but I stand corrected. This GHD model is my new model and I have been thrilled with it!  The best thing about it is that it takes me less than five minutes to fully style my hair and anything that makes my mornings go more smoothly is well worth the price.

6. J.Crew has been really bringing it with their sunglasses game this season and I am loving it. Two new pairs have found their way into my car, but this tortoiseshell pair is my absolute fave. They are classic and stylish and I know I’ll be wearing them all summer long!

Since we have started discussing books around these parts, many of you recommended A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. This book is a truly amazing work of literary fiction in the highest degree. The story itself and the writing are exquisitely beautiful and set this book in a class of its own. The story is raw and heart wrenching. I don’t want to say much about it for fear of giving anything away. This author has an incredible gift and I look forward to seeing what she does in the future.

Though I overall enjoyed A Little Life, it was a very sad and melancholy story. I needed something a bit lighter afterward. First I read a different piece of fluff not worth mentioning here, but then followed up with The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. Oh my goodness, this book! I loved it so much. It is a quick quirky read that charms the reader instantly. It had me literally laughing out loud on almost every page. If you are looking for a book to put a smile on your face, look no further.

Things have been extremely slow on the knitting front lately as I am making a second copy of the Old Romance sweater I shared back in the fall and it has been dragging slower than I could have imagined. I should never make the same thing twice. Now it is just rows away from being finished and my needles broke!

However, I have managed to get some sewing accomplished. First, I made another one of the Purl Soho gathered shoulder tops. The one I made last time was a size medium and is quite huge on me so this time around I made an extra small and it fits nicely. It looks good with or without a belt and I love the pretty watercolor fabric for spring. (This is a past season line of Nani Iro that, as far as I can tell, is impossible to find now.)

I have also been sewing quite a lot of things for Caroline. I recently sewed her a trio set of the Lucille top from Shwin and Shwin, and they are insanely cute and cozy. This was my first time sewing with knits and I was super nervous. Even though I don’t have a serger, I just improvised using the stretch stitches available on my machine and it ended up working perfectly well. This is a fantastic pattern and if it was available in my size, I would totally be making some for myself as well.

Stay tuned – later this week my spring fashion post is coming, and in it I feature some of the items above plus many, many more. I think you’re going to love it!


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