Considering that we are just days from the end of February, I am waaay late on this but I couldn’t skip over it. I didn’t take many pics last month, likely due to the never-ending darkness of winter, but still – we had some great moments!

1. My girl in her bunny shirt hugging her bunny and acting like a snuggly little bunny in my lap. Sigh.
2. Besides soup, our public library is the other thing that is getting us through the winter.
3. More bunnies, this time in the form of slippers.
4. The only thing Caroline asked for from Santa for Christmas was a “rainbow bunny”. Unfortunately that request was a little too late, but thankfully Santa and the elves sent me some rainbow yarn to make one for her. (How ’bout those mental gymnastics?!)
5. My dinner helper almost every night.
6. My brother and his girlfriend just adopted a second puppy and she is sooooooo sweet.
7. Saw this yarn that had little pink flowers already included and knew my girl would love it. This hat was just the thing to make with it.
8. Baking cupcakes for Grandma’s birthday – sprinkles required, obviously.
9. New haircut for me and I love it!
10. Bedtime cuddles.
11. Fact: The best kind of friends are the kind that send you Jeni’s for your birthday.
12. Birthday smiles and snuggles with this sweet girl.

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.