In case you’re doing the healthier eating thing and are still on track, I’m starting out with some healthy eats. And then I recommend you close your browser. Lots of fare from the holidays is below… Above, clockwise from top left we have lemony shrimp quinoa tabbouleh by allisondanaecook, spiced salmon wraps with pineapple and avocado sauce by fheitman, polenta with mushrooms, kale, caramelized onion and poached egg by lakendzior, mushroom gouda quinoa bake by c4fanatic, black bean burgers by becomingannie, and veggie chickpea pitas with yogurt sauce by hayylindsey.

Love this cheery photo of the chocolate peanut butter granola bites from marieke79!

The chocolate overdose cake is the perfect cake for a chocolate lover’s birthday and I adore seeing it in this fun collage from marinasalama_.

I joked a few weeks ago about my accidental new year resolution to bake yeast breads every week. Thus far I have actually continued to stick to it (still unintentionally – ha!) I love seeing my readers conquering yeast bread fears. Here we have soft garlic knots by adriennestauff, wheat baguettes by eerikayy, honey yeast rolls by lizzistremke, and perfect burger buns by kristinaantonietta.

Lots of you have been loving on cocoa and marshmallows, and so have we! This cold weather is just perfect for it. Here we have homemade marshmallows (and some cocoa) by reader Amanda, hayylindsey (top and bottom right) , and mrschef05.

Looking for perfect cozy weekend food (and drink)? Here you go! Gingerbread syrup by caraterese, pumpkin spice pancakes by mrsc627, and pumpkin cream cheese muffins by nilo1321.

This time of year just calls for comfort food. These peeps know what’s up!  Chicken and sausage gumbo by lipsticknlollies, skillet lasagna by tuyetter, kimfranzen, and jamilab84, chicken enchiladas by angelanimer, grilled cheese with roasted tomato basil soup by bippy1120, and creamy poblano stovetop mac and cheese by lakendzior.

Eyelashmoments totally gets me. Sitting down with a book and a fresh chocolate chip cookie is basically my happy place.

Cookies galore is the main theme of this reader love! Lots of you had your mixers churning and your ovens baking up batch after batch of delicious cookies. Here are salted double chocolate chunk cookies by spollack5, soft frosted sugar cookies by eerikayy and etglamgirl, and pecan pie thumbprint cookies by chez_sandystephstella, and cat014.

And more cookies! Chocolate peanut butter cookies by stateofnicole, pecan linzer cookies by lakendzior, kitchen sink cookies by charlidickenson, caramel corn chocolate chip cookies by elise_gahann, gingerbread by hayylindsey, and thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies by fheitman.

Love this festive holiday cake by olypaw! She used my favorite chocolate cake and frosting recipes.

Reader Faith made this pretty tiered cake for a 70th birthday using the fluffy yellow cake recipe as a base. How fun!

Whatginasays made the crostini trio with fresh ricotta and made them look so beautiful!

Cranberries are the pumpkin of November and December. Proof is right here – so many good things to do with them! Glazed cranberry lemon cake by schaberja, nicolemarilyn8, and megjstudios, cranberry margaritas by fheitman, cranberry brie bites by lakendzior, cranberry sauce by amycheben, and the brie bites again by essenaufdentisch.

It wouldn’t be reader love without plenty of cupcakes, right? Love these beautiful treats!  Funfetti cupcakes with raspberry swiss meringue buttercream by stephstella, s’mores cupcakes by hannahwaid, vanilla cupcakes with my favorite chocolate frosting by imke_kat, angel food cupcakes by sjhoops715, triple chocolate cupcakes by kristinaantonietta, more funfetti by lakendzior, and chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes by lakendzior.

Also, black forest cupcakes from reader Erin. Love!

Reader Marci shared this stunning photo of the pretzel bites from last year. Now you’ll have to try the stuffed version to compare!

Merritt87 is flexing his skills big time making fresh pasta. Joylynphoto made her first batch of macarons! Lakendzior made fresh ricotta, as all ricotta should be.

Holy cow! This is pretty amazing right here. This photo and message came from reader Olivia in the UK:

“I’m a reader from London, UK. I’m 23 and have been cooking for most of my life. I’ve been an avid fan of your blog for over five years (since the caramel apple cheesecake pie!) and I’m writing to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me in the kitchen. Three years ago I had an accident and I lost all sense of taste and smell. I lost all interest in food and lost my love of cooking. By reading your blog and looking at all your fantastic recipes I got back in the kitchen and now I’ve started a catering business.

My first job was this weekend and I couldn’t have done it without your recipes! So here is a photo featuring your spinach wraps, veggie pittas, and caramel corn.
Thank you so much for being you, and for all the work you put into your blog!” 
Thank YOU, Olivia, for being so awesome! Look at you go! You should be so proud. Get it girl!

And last but not least, how completely precious is this?! Lakendzior’s dog clearly enjoyed lemon loaf cake. I can relate, little buddy – I’ve been craving this like mad lately!  Happy Friday everyone!

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