First, a few housekeeping notes. I have really been appreciating your feedback about posts you would like to see throughout December for the holidays, etc. If you have more suggestions please leave them in the comments. Obviously I won’t be able to address every single request, but your feedback has helped me hone down the way too many ideas I already had. Next week you can look forward to an extensive gift guide with lots of my favorite recs (think Things I’m Loving, holiday style), a tasty breakfast treat that can be made in advance for holiday guests, and a dessert perfect for any holiday meal – plus maybe another recipe or two. We’ll see!  Also, the shop is closing up tonight so if you want a t-shirt, order ASAP. Thanks to those who have already ordered for your support!

Alright, on to the regularly scheduled ‘gramming.
1. This didn’t actually make it onto IG but it should have. Ben ran his first marathon last month and we went to cheer him on of course. So proud of him and his hard work!
2. My baking buddy. It thrills me to pieces how much she loves to help in the kitchen.
3. Adorable moving announcements from Minted, made more fun with wine while addressing. (If you’re one of the few who hasn’t gotten yours yet – sorry, we’re out of stamps right now.)
4. One of the few good things about the cold fall and winter months are some amazing sunsets.
5. Andrew was feeling very amorous one night and wrote me multiple love notes. This kid!
6. Leopard print flats = always a win. Rawr.
7. I knitted a little set of dolls for Caroline last Christmas and I am so happy that she still plays with them a lot. I found them all tucked in for bed in her room one day. So sweet!
8. I baked wedding treats for my friend and awesome hairstylist Krista last month. She had a tiered tuxedo cake for their cutting cake, a Colts groom cake, and four kinds of cupcakes. Such fun to bake for these special occasions!
9. I have mega flight anxiety. Knitting helps with that.
10. I attended a conference for work in Dallas and presented a poster. Met some new people, had a great time seeing former coworkers, and most importantly had dinner with my wonderful friend Kelsey – the highlight of the trip for sure!
11. Sometimes tacos can’t wait for Tuesday, hence taco Monday.
12. I had my first week of vacation since starting my job and kept Caroline home from school with me one day for a special day together. We had a blast!
13. Then Josie came to visit and my already awesome week went off the hook! On Friday we went to a barre class, had pizza and wine for lunch, spontaneously went to see Gone Girl and then had dinner at Delicia. Basically, a perfect day. I’ll never forget it!
14. While she was here I made sure she tried some of the best restaurants in Indy, which meant brunch at Milktooth was a must. Sweet tea fried chicken with biscuits? So flipping good.
15. This girl in her red coat. Can you tell how much I love it? I’ll probably have 200 pics of this before winter is over.
16. We bought a wreath from a Boy Scout. We didn’t know we were getting MEGA WREATH.
17. Thanksgiving pic with my snappy dresser.
18. It was so nice to spend a relaxing day with family. C & Grandma playing the piano together.
19. Getting a Christmas tree is way more fun with a barn slide while you wait for the tree to be prepped for taking home.
20. AYKM with this sweetness? Let’s pretend they always act this way.

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.