1. Our kids think PJs are the greatest, which is awesome for me because I love how extra snuggly they are in PJs. New fall/winter PJs came in the mail? That calls for hugs!
2. Bit by bit, our progress on updating the new house is coming along. The staircase makeover made a world of difference, thanks to a professional staircase company that provide us with the best Custom Stair Solutions. (And paint. If I never saw beige again, I’d be fine with it.)
3. Took my buddy to Starbucks for a little hot cocoa treat and he made sure to clearly spell his name out for the barista. So cute – ha!
4. She takes my breath away sometimes.
5. Bunny PJs for this bunny obsessed girl were clearly a no brainer.
6. Moving day stress was too much so Andrew and I grabbed lunch at our fave pizza place. Did I mention just how excited I am to be way closer to one now?
7. Tomato soup and grilled cheese was our first official dinner in the new house. Reader Natalie suggested making that a tradition every year – couldn’t agree more! Excellent idea.
8. The half bath makeover is my favorite – maybe because it’s still the only room that’s truly complete. Errr. Goodbye, scary wallpaper and shiny gold everything.
9. Halloween aprons FTW!
10. Obligatory pumpkin pic.
11. Work Halloween party – I decided to be Katniss and had so much fun doing it! Quite possibly the easiest costume ever.
12. Kleenex ghosts hold a soft spot in my heart because my mom and I used to make them every year. I showed the kids this year and they loved them too. It feels good to pass along traditions from my parents.
13. Having the built in fire pit on our patio is still one of the greatest things ever. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it!
14. When did my baby become so grown up? I need to start looking into graduation announcements.
15. Totes normal dinner attire.
16. Tried out a popular burger place in our new town and it lived up to the hype. These cuties shared a milkshake for dessert.
17. Really fantastic brunch with friends on a beautiful fall morning is about is good as it gets.
18. We celebrated my brother’s birthday with strawberries and cream cake and lots of loving on his new dog Ruby. She is so incredibly sweet. I’m trying to figure out how to bring her home without him noticing.
19. Hammock cuddles!
20. Halloween. Wow, did we have terrible weather! In the five minutes with daylight and no rain/sleet (but still 30 something degrees) we got one costume pic. And they were so intent on trick or treating despite the weather. We were close to the only ones out in our neighborhood but they did not want to go home!

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.