My oh my, am I ever excited about this post! (Insert aaaallll kinds of happy dancing and general merriment here!) We are nearing the end of October and in case you didn’t know, October is Fair Trade month. If you aren’t familiar, this page has lots of wonderful info on what Fair Trade is and why it is so important. I’ve talked a bit about this here before, but previously it has been in the context of food and related products. If you’ve been reading for even a few months then you know that in addition to all things food, fashion is another interest of mine. With the growing movement in recent years promoting local food, ethical food production, etc., my awareness of other products and their origins is heightened. As a natural extension to this, I have started to think especially about finding Fair Trade clothing, eco-friendly clothing, etc. When the wonderful people at Fair Trade suggested a partnership to promote Fair Trade clothing, I was thrilled.

As consumers, it’s crucial for us to consider the impact of our purchasing decisions, not only on the workers but also on the environment. That’s why the concept of Fair Trade clothing resonates with me. It goes beyond supporting fair wages and safe working conditions; it also extends to promoting sustainable practices throughout the entire supply chain. By choosing Fair Trade clothing, we can contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of the fashion industry and encouraging responsible product development. Additionally, it’s heartening to see that more and more companies are embracing these principles and incorporating them into their business models. I recently came across an insightful article on that discussed how sustainable practices and ethical sourcing are becoming essential factors in successful product development. It’s encouraging to witness this shift towards more conscious and responsible fashion choices, and I’m excited to see where this movement takes us in the future. And to run my business smoothly, I’ll be needing a dedicated company secretary similar to this accounting & secretarial services here! Those who are planning to start a retail business may hire contractors who can help build your shop and add Glass Shop Front Installations.

Honestly – how often do you think about where your stuff comes from? I think about this more and more, which is why I love being able to find Fair Trade items. The main premise behind the Fair Trade concept is to remember that behind every thing, there is a person, and every person deserves fair wages, as well as good and safe working conditions in jobs and environments that will help them and their families flourish. On that note, meet Annapurna Verma, an inspirational factory worker at Pratibha Syntex in India. Anna is a tailor and has worked at Pratibha Syntex for 3 years – her first job after graduating from school. About her job and the Fair Trade difference, she says, “I like working here. It’s a good system and we’re provided with great working conditions compared to other factories in the same field. I’m proud of the quality we produce at this factory. We are treated very well and can negotiate paid leave – recently, I took 10 days off to attend a friend’s engagement!” I love reading the stories of Fair Trade workers and I hope that the more exposure we can achieve and support we provide to companies doing the right thing, these stories will become the norm instead of the exception.

Now, a quick summary of the many Fair Trade items I received (and that you have the chance to win!)  I don’t know about you, but basic tanks are an almost daily wardrobe staple for me. I wear them under pretty much every shirt, sweater and even many dresses. Naturally, I buy a lot of them. These tanks from PACT are so great! They are high quality, organic cotton and I am really excited to have a Fair Trade source for these now.

PACT also offers Fair Trade leggings – Perfect since now that we are entering fall and winter, these too are a multiple-time-a-week staple for me. I’ll definitely be stocking up on these ASAP! They are super soft and comfy. They offer lots of other great items as well – underwear (hey, we all need it!) and the baby items look adorable. Definitely keeping those in mind for any friends or family that have babies soon!

Okay, you all know of my love of shoes. I am beyond excited to have found Oliberté, a Fair Trade source for footwear! I received the above pair and was honestly a little skeptical before they arrived. I couldn’t quite tell how they were going to look, if they would be well made, etc. Guys, I cannot say enough good things about these. They are insanely comfortable and so cute! I am definitely going to buy another pair in a second color (you know me, I just couldn’t resist the gray.)

In my work environment (i.e. cold hospitals), I’m either A) already wearing a cardigan or B) have one within 5 feet of me in case of sudden freezing everything. Naturally, I was really excited about this gorgeous sweater from prAna. It is so comfortable and soft and I love the drape of it. They offer all kinds of stylish yoga and lifestyle apparel, and I’ll most certainly be purchasing some of their tanks and bra tops for my yoga and barre classes. Yay! Their winter coats and jackets also look great. I just realized my big puffy coat is now 13 years old and it is probably about time for an upgrade. I know where I’ll be shopping!

Here, a brand you probably already know and love – Patagonia now offers Fair Trade products. This wrap is going to be so perfect for lounging and errands on chilly fall and winter weekends. If you see me any time in the next few months and I haven’t taken it off, sorry/not sorry.

Who can resist a good bathrobe? PJs and a comfy bathrobe are made for lazy weekends with popcorn and hot cocoa at night and pancakes or waffles in the morning. Truth. Under the Canopy offers sustainable apparel and home items including these lovely bathrobes. These can actually be found at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Great!

Boll and Branch is an awesome retailer offering Fair Trade sheets, throw blankets and more. This cabled throw blanket is seriously gorgeous and would make a great gift for the holidays. Who can resist a beautiful snuggly throw?
So, a lot 0f info. I know! But it’s exciting stuff knowing you can make mindful purchases and help make a difference in someone else’s life. Be conscious and look for the Fair Trade label when you shop!

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