1. I took a pic of them on the first day of school, so they continued to ask for a pic every day throughout August. Ha!
2. Caroline had been begging and begging me to knit her a pink sweater. On it!
3. Pretty view on a trail run in Eagle Creek Park.
4. An evening at the town park with some pretty sunlight.
5. Caroline, clearly the next Picasso. (In case you can read it, it says “Likes to: Play with bunny.” Of course.
6. The other artist.
7. One evening we decided to have an impromptu picnic at the park. The kids thought this was the greatest thing ever.
8. After our dinner we went for a hike. Another evening of truly gorgeous light! (This was also at Eagle Creek Park.)
9. Sometimes after being in a hit and run car accident, the only answer is cookies for lunch. (All is well – no injuries, police tracked the driver down, and their insurance accepted liability. Just dumb.)
10. Future food photographer?
11. Rainy weekends are the worst but we try to make the best of them by building mega forts. It helps.
12. Andrew has decided he wants to learn how to play the trumpet after experimenting with Ben’s. I hope he really decides to do it. So fun!
13. Union 50 + Jim Gaffigan show. Date night makes me happy.
14. So much attitude.
15. Been baking lots of bread lately and loving it.
16. Thank goodness our cat is so tolerant because Caroline has a hard time containing all her loving feelings.
17. Andrew got in a little painting action in his bedroom in the new house and was so excited to get to help.
18. Our absolute favorite thing about the new digs? This patio with built in fire pit. Just add string lights, s’mores and friends and it’s going to be the greatest!
19. ::heart completely melted::
20. Ben celebrated a birthday over the weekend so I made the chilaquiles from Homesick Texan’s cookbook. They were completely fabulous and a perfect special occasion breakfast.

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.