I’ve got a whole lot of great recipes lined up to share and a fun giveaway next week, but I just couldn’t wait to do another Things I’m Loving. Here’s what I’ve been loving in August!

1. As someone with long thick hair, pretty beach waves are something I would love to easily achieve. I’ve been trying various beach wave sprays for a looong time. I’ve tried the DIY versions I’ve seen all over Pinterest (no good), and I’ve tried a few other brands without success. Finally I found this Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray from Dry Bar, and my search is over. This stuff is good. It works well (imagine that!), it smells fabulous and it lasts a long time even though I use a lot of it, and often. There is definitely a learning curve with this kind of thing as you figure out how it works best with your hair. At the recommendation of my hairstylist, I usually spray it on when my hair is mostly dry but just a bit damp, dry the rest of the way with the diffuser on my hair dryer and scrunch it up lightly while I dry. Sometimes I add a few more curls with a curling iron depending on the look I want. However, I have also just sprayed it on damp hair and let air dry and that gives nice relaxed waves too. Even if you aren’t going for waves or curls, it adds a lot of texture to the hair which can help with styling in other ways as well. Those who have natural dreadlocks should look for high-quality hair products for locs to keep them healthy and shiny.

2. I know, I know. Tease me all you want. Every clothing item I’m sharing this month is from J.Crew. I can’t help it. There were some great finds from other stores I really wanted to share but they are now all sold out. Rats! Don’t worry. You know I won’t steer you wrong. I recently ordered this lace shift dress to wear to a wedding next month and it is perfection. It is comfortable, super flattering, and just the right level of formality for a wedding or other special occasion. I opted for this flame red because I have too much blue in my closet. Can’t wait to wear it! I know I’ll be getting lots more wear out of it after the wedding is over.

3. Just like last month, I’m still totally crushing on Julep products. I picked up a few new shades to try out recently and this one is my favorite of all. The very pale pink/beige color makes it a perfect neutral option. It has a bit of shimmer to it and it drys with a silk finish which has such an interesting look to it. The finish is of course, altered a bit with use of a top coat but still, I love this polish. Also like most Julep polishes I have tried, it has excellent staying power.

4. Okay, you all know how much I adore fall but look – I’m starting to feel like the Grinch of fall right now. It is still August and I can’t believe Starbucks has already released the PSL. In past years, I thought they were kind of pushing it on Labor Day weekend but at this rate, I’m thinking next year it may come out in July with all the holiday decorations in craft stores. Booo. To remind myself and everyone else that it is still summer (as if the very hot temps outside weren’t enough), this très bien tee is perfect summer wear. Lightweight and with palm trees and a fun print, it makes me happy to have summer stick around a bit longer. It’s super comfy. I like pairing it with white skinny jeans, mint studs and strappy sandals.

5. Maxi skirts and dresses have to be one of the greatest clothing trends of all time, am I right? They are insanely comfortable but still fashionable. You can wear them practically anywhere – just as well suited for chasing my kids around as for date night. I recently snagged this striped maxi skirt from J.Crew during a sale and I adore it. I mix and match clothes enough that I’m not a frequent outfit repeater, but this one has been on heavy rotation. Love.

6. This is actually something I’ve been loving for quite a long time now, but I keep forgetting to tell you about it! I am very particular about, well, everything, and even with functional items like electronic cases, I try to find more stylish options (without sacrificing function of course.)  I bought this felt and leather laptop sleeve from byrd & belle a year or two ago and it is still going strong. It has held up beautifully even with daily use, and people comment on it all the time. Both men and women are always asking where I got it. I figured since they want to know, you might like to know too! For those with college age kids (which I’m sure will be me, in the blink of an eye), this could be a great gift idea.

7. If I had a fashion mantra, it might be “add a little sparkle”, emphasis on “a little”. Too much can take you over to the bad place. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to add just a touch of shimmer or sparkle to an outfit and these mint earrings with gold leaf and glitter from Tiny Galaxies are one of my new favorite ways to do that. I was initially shopping for a birthday gift for a friend and chose a similar pair for her. Then, because I tend to buy gifts that both myself and the recipient would enjoy, I ended up buying myself this pair.  her a similar pair. I looooove them. The small size makes them perfectly delicate and just so beautiful. Well done, tiny galaxies!

This cap sleeve lattice top has been on my list of projects I want to try for quite a while…pretty much since I started knitting. I finally decided it was time since it would be a nice option in warmer weather. As knitting projects go, this one was fairly boring and I found it less enjoyable than most of the other projects I made because it was so mindless. But, when it was finished, my feelings about it completely changed. I LOVE the finished product and I have worn it several times. I’m even considering making another in a second color. The stitch patterns are very simple so this would be a great pattern for a beginner. I did make a few modifications to the original pattern by knitting it in the round and adding some waist shaping. (I can give the specifics for anyone interested – just let me know.)

One of the best things about the internet, I am fully convinced, is that it exposes me to art and artists I’m certain I would never know of otherwise. Not too long ago I came across the work of Chloe Giordano, who creates truly incredible art with embroidery. Most of her pieces are very small, dreamy illustrations of animals. Her attention to detail and highly intricate work lend a lifelike quality that I find hard to comprehend. I could just stare at these for hours.

As I’ve mentioned around here and on Instagram, I’ve been busy with several transitions in our lives right now. Especially due to studying for boards, I haven’t read as much for pleasure lately so I don’t have any book recommendations this month. (One book I did read a few weeks ago is not worth recommending.) However, the Humans of New York page has been all the reading material I need. Unless you have been living under a rock, I’m sure you are already familiar with Brandon and the incredible work he does. I have always loved this page but have been found it especially captivating lately as he has taken his work abroad in the Middle East and Africa. His portraits, typically accompanied by brief stories and snippets about the subject, often leave me speechless and sometimes in tears. The work he is doing is so important it defies words. Each photo and story continue to remind us that every single person is dealing with something we know nothing about, and that we should strive to be kind, compassionate and understanding. I am so glad he has gone global and is helping to put real human faces to the places that may previously have been only distant news stories, and also to help these countries shed the sometimes negative image of them portrayed in the popular media. This is the important stuff, people. Please follow along and support the awesome work he is doing.

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