It’s time again for another Reader Love post – hooray! I can hardly keep up with all the fabulous photos you all are tagging and sending in and that’s a wonderful problem to have. Starting out this edition, we have seriously beautiful yeasted waffles from reader Darcie who says her husband makes them for breakfast most Saturday mornings with a surprise seasonal topping each time. How fun is that? I love that these are a regular part of her weekend family time. These have fresh strawberries and a plum glaze. AYKM?! I’ve got to try that.

Always glad to see I’m not the only one who adores refrigerator dill pickles. Readers hoosier_baker and likeabird07 made some recently. I’m making a few jars a week which is perfect, because I consume them just about that quickly. Sometimes a jar equals lunch – I can’t help it.

Lots of readers making Mexican inspired meals recently, which I fully support! Here we have (clockwise from top left) black bean, corn and avocado salad and cheesy black bean and tortilla pie from hayylindsey, chicken enchiladas from fheitman, more black bean, corn, avocado salad from melissareidbrooker, huevos rancheros from lovebakeread (Love Bake Read), and grilled chicken fajita chopped salad from frenchymms.

As usual, lots of people are making lots of cupcakes! We’ve got s’mores cupcakes from jenpayne111, red velvet with cream cheese frosting from shellym1254, raspberry swirl cheesecake cupcakes from lipsticknlollies, chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes from epolit, more red velvet cupcakes from lakendzior, lemon blueberry cupcakes from junkynuts, and more cookie dough cupcakes from allisondanaecook.

Reader abondesen made chocolate cupcakes and strawberry frosting into adorable monster cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday. I have got to make these with the kids sometime soon. They would flip for them!

Beautiful baked goods! We’ve got chocolate raspberry truffle layer cake from kmcvey5, dinky doozies from lakendzior, triple chocolate cookies from  lettucefeast, more dinky doozies from fatuglyrhino, and the cookies and cream layer cake from labellevictoria.

This fancied up version of the classic chocolate layer cake comes from Rosh, a baker and blogger in Mumbai who says it is probably the most popular recipe among her friends and family. So awesome!

This tuxedo cake comes from reader Ally who declares it her favorite cake recipe ever. High praise indeed!

Melissareidbrooker made the tortellini with kale pesto and peas…and now I totally want some. Let’s make some together, deal?

Teacoop made several things from the blog in the past month or two, but these two have me drooling – cold brew ice coffee base and bagels. Ugh. Can someone please bring me coffee and a bagel stat?

Reader Lauriane who lives in Paris made the shrimp, mango and avocado spring rolls and says they were a big hit. Love it!

I never tire of the joy that comes from baking yeast breads and doughs, so likewise I adore seeing my readers baking all kinds of yeasted treats. Here we have pizza dough topped with chicken, bacon and ranch topping from alisonjs7, blueberry cinnamon rolls from hayylindsey, oatmeal buttermilk wheat bread and honey yeast rolls from megankateswan, more delish pizza from racquelj, and lovely loaves of sourdough from eat_and_edit.

These peanut butter banana oatmeal muffins come from Emily, a nurse who loves to bake for family, friends and coworkers. She arranged a special breakfast for one of her coworkers and these were her contribution. I’m sure everyone loved them!

Marie-Danielle from Canada made this perfectly gorgeous lattice top blueberry pie. It’s one of my absolute favorites and I make one every summer. Need to get on that before summer is over!

It’s frozen dessert season and it seems you all are enjoying it just as much as we are! We’ve got dark chocolate fudgsicles from bakedbyberlin, strawberry yogurt pops from schaberja, lemon raspberry ice cream sandwiches from megjstudios, more strawberry yogurt pops from lettucefeast, and cherry crisp ice cream from hayylindsey. Yummmm all around.

This beautiful raspberry pistachio honey tart comes from my sweet reader Hannah who sent in so many lovely photos, it was hard to choose one! She says her whole family really enjoyed this tart. She also said I converted her to a cheesecake lover so… I’m pretty proud of that!

Melissa from Smells Like Brownies shared this photo of the perfect burger buns. Another convert, she declares she’ll never buy buns from the store again. I couldn’t agree more and I love when readers discover the amazingness that is these buns.

While I try not to favor one photo over another, I can’t help myself – this is by far my favorite reader photo of late. My sweet reader Sara (her blog is Working Through Nap Time) has mad cake skills and made beautiful My Little Pony birthday cake and smash cake for her daughter’s birthday party. I cannot even handle the cuteness of this picture. Kids are so awesome. Thank you, Sara, for sharing this gem!

(Want your photos to be included next time?  If you share them on Instagram and your photos are public, tag @annieseats or use #annieseats.  Otherwise, feel free to send them to annieseats at gmail dot com.  Thanks!)