1. Caroline has finally reached a point where she mostly cooperates and lets me braid or otherwise style her hair. It is such a nice change from the Cousin It look she normally rocks.
2. Sparklers are totally the best thing about the Fourth of July right? My brother bought loads of them for the kids and we used every single one of them. So fun!
3. Andrew came into the kitchen with his chef’s hat on and asked to bake cookies. Seriously, how could I resist? (We made these.)
4. Cookbook reading – a weekend staple in our house.
5. Our little fishy – she loves the pool! So glad our neighborhood has one.
6. She’s fearless at the park. To compensate, I’m pretty sure all of her fear is transferred to me while I watch her climb to the top of everything.
7. Giving Andrew a giant bowl of water can keep him busy for a solid hour. This time he made a boat out of foil and tested how many dinosaurs he could float before it sank.
8. Excellent sign outside our favorite bar was a great start to date night.
9. Another fun activity to keep Andrew busy for a while was building a house out of cardboard. Great place to play with all our Lego guys.
10. Having dessert outside underneath our willow tree is apparently the most fun thing in the world. The kids want to do this every.single.night.
11. Family lunch date (at Taste) was more like brunch date when both kids ordered these amazing waffles. I had to sneak a few bites.
12. Andrew lost his first tooth and was PUMPED. It was so cute to see his excitement.
13. As a gift to myself for finishing all of my medical training, I bought a sewing machine and with some help getting started from a friend, I’m now having a total blast with it. I’m always hemming pants for my short-legged boy or sewing patches on uniforms. If you sew and have any great sites or project ideas to send my way, I would totally appreciate suggestions!
14. She looooves our cat with such intensity. Thankfully the cat tolerates it and is so patient with her, even when she squeezes.
15. A morning full of sidewalk chalk necessitates a rest right there on the concrete.
16. Canning tomatoes – trying to stock up for winter. I’ve done two big rounds and will probably do one more. Are you canning this year?
17. I took the kids out to breakfast for their last day of summer break and we had such a blast together.
18. Ordering Jeni’s ice cream to have shipped to our door was one of the best decisions of all time.
19. Soaking up the last bit of summer the night before going back to school. I love this kid.
20. First day of school pic (first grade/pre-school). Melt.

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.