Whoa, somehow the June Instagram almost slipped right past me!  Here’s a peek at our month:

1. After an exceptionally rough day at the start of the month, things ended on a high note thanks to ice cream with my buddy.
2. Some evenings all I want to do is curl up with a stack of cookbooks. This is an especially great bunch.
3. Unplanned, unposed heart melting cuteness.  So glad I was able to capture it quickly!
4. La Mulita has really got a hold on me. Excellent cocktails and fabulous chips and guac might have something to do with it.
5. Some days Andrew decides he wants to dress fancy. This was an outfit he chose on his own. WHAT.  I just adore him.
6. We learned that at 10 am each day at the zoo, they let the flamingos out of their enclosure. This particular species of flamingo is very social and will walk right up to people. It was amazing and so fun!
7. My two guys.
8. Andrew’s BFF came over for a sleepover and they were wearing matching shirts, unplanned. Talk about meant to be!
9. This girl makes my heart so happy.
10. We bought a set of Star Wars Legos for the birthday boy and, despite not having seen the movie, he thinks they are pretty much the coolest thing ever.
11. Flashback to six years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday.
12. Caroline is so excited about cooking and baking lately. This particular evening she put on her apron and then we were sort of twinsies with our aprons and our hair in buns. I love these moments with her.
13. Andrew comes into our room at 7 am sharp on weekends (after many 5:30 wake ups, the 7 am rule was set). Then we immediately launch into in depth discussions of whatever is on his mind. Maybe I should have him start bringing me coffee so my brain can catch up.
14. Fun weekend hiking in the rain in Eagle Creek Park.
15. First notable tomatoes on one of my many plants. Happy to report that now there are so many, I couldn’t even begin to count them. Can’t wait for them to ripen!
16. This is summertime.

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.