Let’s start with pizza because Friday = PIZZA! Amwelch86 made this delish looking pizza with my favorite pizza dough ever. If you haven’t made it yet, please do so ASAP. It’s a game changer for pizza Friday.

Eyelashmoments made the spicy black bean tacos and added some corn and spinach.  Tacos forever!


Alisonjs7 of Solano’s Kitchen made my faaave fresh blueberry sauce. I put it on everything I can think of. Have you made it yet?

If you do make some blueberry sauce, one of the berry best things (see what I did there?) you can do with it is make blueberry pancake cupcakes. Lauren (fatuglyrhino) knows what’s up.

Reader Shawna sent me this pic of her jalapeño cheddar biscuits. They look so good, and may have just decided breakfast for this weekend.

Kittycandy13 made the irresistible salted caramel chocolate shortbread bars.  Drool.  Why am I not eating one right now?

Megankateswan made a fab spin on the strawberry vanilla doughnuts, instead filling them with apricot jam.  How amazing does that sound?!

And she also made giant double chocolate cookies. Yep, I think it’s cookie o’clock.

I did well in math all through high school and college but I feel fairly certain I have forgotten 99.9% of it now (but I do understand percentages, so there’s that, right?) Megan_jenkins_ has aaaallll the math skillz and proves it here while converting the classic chocolate layer cake recipe to accommodate the size of cake she needs.

Reader Mary sent me some photos of a cupcake creation based on the double chocolate raspberry cupcakes that also incorporated the raspberry swiss meringue buttercream from the lemon raspberry cupcakes. How insanely gorgeous are these?!  Awesome job.

Lettucefeast made the layered Mediterranean dip. This is my go to dish for pitch ins, summer gatherings, etc. Looks great!

Liz (mrschef05) made an excellent lunch. First she made fresh homemade ricotta and then used it in the roasted zucchini sandwiches with herbed ricotta. I’m telling you, this is summertime food at its finest.

Mlcolberg did something I’ve been dreaming about for a while. She took leftover chicken parmesan meatballs and put them on pizza. If you do this again, can I come over?

Bakedbygianna made chocolate peanut butter cupcakes for Mother’s Day.  Oooooh yes indeed, that’s a fab way to celebrate.

Also on the chocolate PB wavelength, shearow made chocolate chip cookie dough pie even better by incorporating peanut butter. Say what?!

Reader D.M. sent me this cute rendition of the chocolate peanut butter tart.  Love it!

Lemon vanilla bean layer cake is practically perfect for every occasion. Megjstudios is a girl after my own heart – her birthday gift to herself was taking the time to indulge in baking and frosting a layer cake.  Apparently her first one ever.  AYKM?!  My first several years worth of cakes looked like something from the sandbox, so I’m super impressed. I loved reading what she had to say about it:

“Okay, so this cake…wow. I had been eyeing this cake ever since you posted it three years ago. But decorated layer cakes always seemed like a major time investment, and my extended family looooves the cake from the little bakery in my town, so I was always discouraged from rocking the boat and messing with that. Not to mention the thought of decorating a cake and having it actually look all professional…scary. Well I’ve been royal icing cookies for several years now (thanks to you!), and I’ve made croissants several times (also you!), so I figured I really shouldn’t be afraid of the decorating. I did a lot of research on technique, gave myself tons of time, and embraced the process. It was soooo fun. I can’t decide if the cake was prettier or tastier because it sure was both in spades. The lemon was just the right amount. And that gorgeous vanilla bean frosting…soooo good.

Thanks for such an amazing recipe, gorgeous, inspirational photos, and the confidence to tackle a new kitchen adventure! I can’t wait to try my hand at another decorated layer cake!”

This totally made my day.  Happy birthday Megan!

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