1. There are rare mornings when I have a bit of extra time with Caroline before we have to head to school and work. It always puts big smiles on our faces.
2. Andrew learned to read earlier this year and has been getting so into it lately. We have been enjoying sitting around in the yard reading together. Also, we recently introduced him to Roald Dahl and could not be more excited to read these books we adored as kids.
3. First of many ice cream dates with some of our best friends. Andrew clearly approves.
4. My brother’s girlfriend recently graduated from college and we are so proud of her accomplishments! This was at her graduation party – Caroline was grumpy/shy for the first 20 minutes or so but I didn’t mind because it meant extra snuggles for me.
5. Mother’s Day was very nice this year. I enjoyed breakfast in bed along with sweet homemade cards and lots of time with both kids. It was perfect.
6. The following week Josie and I visited Tara in Connecticut for a girls’ weekend. Josie conquered her fear of cooking live lobsters and it was fun to watch :)
7. We spent two nights in NYC for a whirlwind weekend and it was a blast! I’ll do a recap of the trip soon for those who have been asking!
8. Daddy cuddles are the best.
9. Last weekend I randomly had the idea to eat lunch under the beautiful willow tree in our yard. I don’t know why we haven’t thought of this before but it was so fun and the kids loved it.
10. Hands down, the best thing about the farmers market is popsicles from Nicey Treat – at least as far as the kids are concerned.
11. This is 8 am on a weekend morning. Thank goodness for coffee.
12. Bubbles have been providing us endless entertainment this season. Whenever we can’t decide what else to do? BUBBLES!
13. Memorial Day cookout with my brother and his awesome girlfriend. So, so fun – except for Caroline experimenting with melted marshmallow as hair styling product.
14. This girl loves to read and Dewey is one of her favorite books. I love it when she knows a book well enough that she “reads” it to me. So sweet.
15. We marked nine years of marriage earlier this week, and this weekend we went out to celebrate. It was a wonderful evening!
16. New favorite gift wrap approach – take a box with a lid and Mod Podge some pretty wrapping paper on. I really prefer the look of a wrapped box to a gift bag, and this makes me love boxes even more.

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.