Good grief, it has been waaay too long since the last Reader Love post!  I have been meaning to do one for so long but other things kept coming up.  Now I have so many pictures you all have tagged and sent in, I may have to split it up into two installments because it’s just too much!  (Want your photos to be included next time?  If you share them on Instagram and your photos are public, tag @annieseats or use #annieseats.  Otherwise, feel free to send them to annieseats at gmail dot com.  Thanks!)

This pic from reader Jen gives me aaaallll kinds of warm fuzzies.  She and her friends hosted a cooking club where everyone contributed different comfort foods from my blog.  What?!  This is so awesome.  In case you can’t fully read the menu, it included caramelized onion tart, BLT panzanella, poblano jack beer bread, twice baked potato casserole, baked chicken parmesan meatballs, creamy lemon crumb bars, and pistachio cupcakes.  Guys, invite me next time, okay?

Reader Laura sent me this super cute pic from her daughter’s first birthday party. The theme was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and she made the lemon layer cake using the fluffy cloud frosting technique.  So adorable!

Also totally loving this pic of scriberson‘s little sous chef helping her finish up the chocolate covered strawberry layer cake. He’s got skills!

The jalapeño cheddar biscuits with salsa, avocado and eggs have been popular lately. Here they are as made by IGers (clockwise from left) lipsticknlollies, melissareidbrooker and fheitman (who added jalapeño smoked bacon!)

The thai veggie burgers with peanut sauce have also been all the rage (for good reason, I might add!) Here they are made by IGers (clockwise from top left) twohungrycyclists, jeneisenstein, fheitman, and lipsticknlollies.

My girl Tara (smellslikehomeblog) made my cheesy broccoli quinoa casserole.  I wish I could have been there to enjoy it with her, but that’s okay because I’ll be seeing her and cooking with her tonight!!!  WOOO!!!!

This beautiful loaf of the best white bread was made by angiesix and now I’m just wondering why I’m not baking some right this very moment!

Chelseawagenaar was also in the bread baking mood and baked up a gorgeous loaf of sourdough. I make it every couple of weeks and I love it to pieces!

I love these lemon raspberry cupcakes made by IGer 21fornever.  How pretty are these?!

And man, cupcakes abound in this edition! (Clockwise from top left) Strawberry cupcakes by morgandecatur, chubby hubby cupcakes by gracy025, lemon raspberry cupcakes and samoa cupcakes by superstar5622, chocolate peanut butter cupcakes by katieeberhart, and triple chocolate cupcakes by allisondanaecook. Beautiful!

More cupcakes! Homemade funfetti cupcakes by patience_amanda, red velvet cupcakes by leiladishes, cookies and cream cupcakes by megankateswan, and raspberry cheesecake cupcakes by kristinaantonietta.

And more cupcakes! Banana split cupcakes by b3llacupcak3s and veronicaancona, lemon blueberry by victoriamay89, cookie dough cupcakes by shiyomes, and more triple chocolate by ashleywaugh.

This lemon layer cake made by anniescookinglab is totally gorg.  Way to go, girl!

Sarassweetslima made spinoccoli pizza, one of my all time faves.  Have you made spinoccoli yet?  If not, you’re missing out!

Wendyleighg made the carrot cake whoopie pies and they look great!  I’ve made these several times lately myself.  Always a hit!

I never cooked a single thing in my dorm, but reader Elise proves it can be done and done well. She made the black bean, corn and avocado salad for some healthy dorm eats.  Color me impressed.

Mraelupo was totally on the ball with lunch for the week prepped in advance.  She made the roasted veggie quinoa bowls with peanut sauce.  Nice work!

Mad props to megankateswan for this red velvet wedding cake she made and decorated with succulents.  How beautiful is this?!

Speaking of crazy talent, reader Jocelyn is an incredible designer and made an illustrated version of the French and Italian macaron methods.  It is totally amazing!  This above is just a portion of it – see the entire thing here in all its glory. I am in awe.

And finally, I have to share an excerpt from a very touching email from reader Cara (who made the lovely pumpkin spice pancakes above). This is shared with her permission. She writes:

Your blog in,many ways, has been life changing. Not only have I gone from the girl “who would cook when hell froze over”, I actually enjoy trying new recipes and have started to gain the confidence to tweak a recipe (gone is the panic attack when I’m missing an ingredient). Coming from an Italian family full of cooks, I was always intimated and lazy when it came to cooking. I always felt A. Why cook when all these fabulous women are always cooking such delicious food and B. My cooking couldn’t hold a candle to theirs. So what did I do? I discovered your blog via a friend on Facebook and scoured your site, intrigued by your beautiful pictures and your heart-warming stories. What I love about your site, Annie, is your relate-ability, your take charge attitude, and your fearlessness. In your kitchen and in your life you find a way and that is something that comes across in your blog, and to me has been so inspiring. … Your blog has helped pull me out of some my darker times and helped me develop a skill set I am proud of (along with a much better attitude towards “failures” i.e. learn a lesson and apply it to the future but don’t let it scare you). From making Greek yogurt weekly to making browned butter sauce for that fabulous pumpkin pasta dish, I have conquered some major anxiety in the kitchen (and life). So thank you, thank you, thank you for doing what you do! You have truly inspired me to become a better version of myself and I am so grateful. ”  

Words can hardly express what it means when I receive emails like this.  Knowing I am able to help someone else by making the kitchen a more approachable and fun place to be is truly the BEST thing about blogging.  So thank YOU Cara, and all my awesome readers, for being here, trying new things, and having fun with me in the kitchen!

Stay tuned for another Reader Love coming soon.  I still have lots more photos saved but want to make sure they all get fair play, so if you have tagged or sent a photo that wasn’t included here, you’ll probably be seeing it in a future post.  Thanks for sharing your photos – I adore them!!