1. Just another of our many family dance parties.  We crazy.
2. We made some special birthday cards (see #8) and I let Caroline use some of my prized Lisa Frank sticker collection.  My friends and I were OBSESSED, and it still hurts a little when I let the kids use the stickers.  Haha.
3. I love the cut of the new shirt styles we added to the shop (more sales coming soon!), and the off the shoulder look makes me feel like Kelly Kapowski.  Wow, with that and Lisa Frank, I’m totally dating myself, right?
4. Andrew begged to wear the sweater I knit for him one day to school, and it totally made my day.  (Also, he rocks some awesome bed head.)
5. We literally ran to the park at the first sign of warm(er) weather.  We are thrilled to be playing outside again!
6. I loved tracking the progress of my rainbow blanket by coloring in the squares as I completed them.  I feel like this says something about my compulsive nature, but I’m not sure…
7. An artist at work.
8. Birthday cake made for my brother’s wonderful girlfriend Brittany.  Couldn’t love her more!
9. Homemade tortillas are always worth the effort!  (By the way, I always make them with white whole wheat flour these days and they are every bit as good as with all-purpose flour.)
10. Wrestle mania – another favorite evening activity!
11. Strawberry cream cheese tart – an annual tradition made every spring for my BFF.
12. Squares finished and ready to be sewn together.
13. Not really a morning person.
14. We bought Andrew his own camera for our spring break trip and he and Caroline had SO much fun practicing with it.
15. Family date night complete with milkshakes at The Loft to celebrate some great news (no, I’m not pregnant.)
16. Sweet sleepy girl.

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.