1. Cutest workout buddy ever!
2. What’s better than sibling cuddles? Sibling cuddles in front of the newly decorated Christmas tree.
3. Ben and I took Andrew on a special evening to see the Nutcracker ballet for the first time.  My mom took me to the same one every year from the time I was three until she died and I have been wanting so badly to take my own kids.  Caroline isn’t quite ready yet – hopefully next year.
4. So yeah, I went to the JT concert last month and I think I’m still on a concert high.  It was an outstanding show. I’ve been a fan since the N’Sync days and man, he just keeps getting better.
5. Tried my hand at recreating a holiday decor thing I saw on Pinterest and loved the way it turned out.
6. Super snowy roads on the way to take the kids to see Santa
7. Finally got around to trying the sock bun.  Mind blown.
8. Shipped out lots and lots of Whip It Good and How I Roll t-shirts and it was surprisingly fun :)
9. I am so grateful that I was able to take a few days off of work before Christmas. I had one day to myself and spent it wrapping gifts and watching Love Actually, my all time favorite Christmas movie.  It was glorious.
10. The next day I had a girls’ day out with Caroline.  We went to have lunch at the Loft at Traders Point, one of our most favorite places. Such a great day.
11. Andrew demonstrates how a t-rex would eat a gingerbread house.
12. More sibling cuddles.  The cuteness is too much!
13. Christmas Eve cookie baking.
14. My favorite gift that I gave to Caroline was this little set of knit baby dolls.  She has been liking to play with dolls lately so I thought this would be perfect.  And yeah, she loves them.  It is so fun to see her play with them!
15. This play mat for toy cars was a total guess but Andrew loves it!  We have had a lot of fun playing with it so far.
16. We have entered the dress phase.  It’s all she wants to wear, morning, noon and night.
17. Uh oh.  It’s the Grumpus.
18. Marble works was one of my favorite toys as a kid. Christmas brought a new set for the kids and we are loving it!
19. I just finished a sweater for Andrew.  He looks so cute in it, I just want to snuggle him forever.
20. New Year’s party with my baby!

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.