(With a little bit of August thrown in since I skipped last month.)
1. The diva needs sunglasses and a dress, just to eat breakfast.
2. I almost never get to actually take a nap with the kids but I did manage to catch one with Caroline recently. Pure bliss.
3. Andrew and his cars. I love to watch this kid play.
4. My mom’s china cabinet has come to live at my house. I updated it by lining the shelves with some decorative paper and replaced the hardware. It makes me both happy and sad to see it in my dining room.
5. Cuddles make everything better after a long, busy work day.
6. Put her hair in a ponytail and suddenly she was a teenager. What?!
7. For Ben’s birthday, we did a little weekend trip to Chicago for a dinner at Alinea. (He asked…how could I resist?) The trip was extra special because Josie and her husband Joey flew up for the weekend to go with us.  It was an unforgettable evening.
8. I really need something to keep me busy on car trips, so on the way home from Chicago I finished putting together this knit dog a friend had requested. I love the way it turned out!
9. One of the hardest things about studying so, so much the past few months has been trying to explain to the kids why I’m busier than normal.  Thankfully my buddy is happy to pull up a chair and a book next to me.
10. Precious girl.  I can’t get enough.
11. Her love of books grows stronger all the time, and every morning when we come in to get her up, she immediately runs to her bookshelf and chooses a book to read. On weekends, we indulge this as much as possible. I adore those moments, reading and snuggling in her chair.
12. I thought our garden was finished producing and then out of nowhere, the pepper plants rallied like crazy!  We’ve got red, purple, and green peppers, orange snacking peppers, and tons of jalapeños and poblanos as well.  Awesome!
13. Spending weekends at work with piles of books isn’t exactly fun, but this view makes it a little more pleasant.
14. Someone just loves having her hair brushed.
15. One morning I came downstairs for work in a blue dress with a white print and Caroline was wearing a blue dress with white dots and to her, this was THE BEST THING EVER.  Her excitement was adorable!
16. S’mores nights are the best nights.

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.