1. When I was a kid, we built forts rarely but now in our home, this is at least a once per week occurrence.  Especially on rainy days.
2. Got a new camera lens.  Major love.  Major.
3. Our little sleepy head, still waking up at breakfast time.
4. I love watching her play.
5. My brother bought me this foot bath years ago and though I almost never use it (sorry, Steve), Andrew loves it.  Last month we realized it’s not the smartest idea to add bubble bath…though it is a lot of fun :)
6. Caroline’s class has splash day once a week, which means once a week she comes running into the bathroom in her swimsuit while I get ready for work and I have to not explode from the cuteness.  It’s tough.
7. The birthday boy, post party. If there is one iron clad birthday tradition in our family, it’s completely passing out from so much fun as soon as everyone leaves.
8. Father’s Day cuddles.
9. Father-daughter smoothie date.
10. Like many gardeners, I flipped with excitement over our first baby tomato.  And the next day I realized there were about 10 more hiding in the other plants.  Ha!
11. Weekend birthday parties mean you get cake again on your real birthday.  Score!
12. Family dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants.
13. On the way to the airport for someone’s first trip to Disney World.  He was so PUMPED!
14. It is so magical to see Disney through the eyes of your child!  I think I welled up almost every time we were near the castle in Magic Kingdom.
15. We took our Disney trip with Josie, her husband and her sweet daughter Caroline.  I let Caroline drive me around in one of the bumper race cars and even though it was totally safe, I was still a tiny bit scared.  Ha!
16. It’s been a while since our last trip to Disney, so this was the first time for Ben and I to ride Expedition Everest.  I screamed my throat hoarse… I can’t control myself on roller coasters.  But, it was a fun one.  (Side note – fast passes and child swap are the greatest.)
17. In an amazing stroke of luck, we arrived to our gate  at the airport early and they let us hop on the flight leaving that very moment.  And, Andrew and I got first class!  (Sorry Ben!)  It was so nice to get home an hour and a half early.
18. The trip was a blast, but I was so ready to come home and see this sassy girl.
19. A nice surprise on arriving home was a box of my preview copies of my cupcake calendar for 2014.  It is waaay the best one yet.
20. Making the most of our neighborhood pool.

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.