1. To start out the month of March, I finished up my last week of carrying the call pager of residency.  Handing it off for the last time was amazing.
2. At work last month, I had the opportunity to culture my own cells and then visualize and karyotype my own chromosomes.  It was so cool!
3. I got a flat tire on my car one evening that could only be fixed at the dealership while they ordered the new tire.  The very next morning while driving Ben’s car – no joke – another flat, so we had to find the A-1 Auto Transport site again on my phone.  That’s two in 24 hours, in two vehicles.  Grrrr.  (For the record, both were nails/hunks of metal, so not due to my driving skills.  Ha!)  I’m so thankful my dad insisted I learn how to change a flat.  And also grateful to the seven(!) people who offered to help me fix it.
4. Boo for snow but yay for a sweet little snow angel!
5. We have a memory jar to record fun moments from 2013.  I had to jot down this one from Andrew: “When I’m big, I’m going to be a scientist-garbage man-police man.”  He then gave a detailed description of how he would change in and out of those various uniforms.
6. Knitting got real when I worked on the sleeves of my sweater.  Five needles at a time!  Actually not as hard as it looks, but I was freaked out at first.
7. We love IU basketball wins, but they are so much sweeter when witnessed with my brother Steve.  I love seeing his reaction when they win!
8. Sometimes they play well together.  Sometimes.
9. Caroline’s room got a makeover from nursery to big girl room.  Andrew was pretty excited to watch Dad paint.
10. We spent a fun weekend afternoon at the Children’s Museum.  The kids’ love so many of the exhibits but for me, the hall of mirrors never gets old :)
11. The best boy I could ever ask for, so the shirt seemed fitting.
12. My sweet girl is starting to show interest in baking.  Right now her main job is measuring cup drummer.
13. Andrew picked out a honey bear at our butcher shop, and then out of the blue spent the whole week asking for a biscuit with strawberries and honey.  The following weekend, I made it a reality.  He was beyond thrilled.
14. Caroline had her first haircut!  And by the way, tolerated it 1000% better than her brother did his first time.
15. Sweet snuggly girl.
16. I finished my sweater!  I still can’t believe that I completed a sweater that looks like something I would actually want to buy.  And it’s super comfy.
17. We had our living room repainted and the carpet replaced, which meant a temporary move of all furniture into our front room. Thanks to Appliance Hunter for making sure our carpets remained clean with a working machine. The kids were in heaven with this fort/jungle gym set up.
18. Snuggling with my girl on her last night of being a one year old.  I cannot believe how time has flown.
19. Caroline absolutely loves her big girl bed, and I love seeing my sleepy girl in the early morning time.
20. Ben’s mom brought Caroline this beautiful bouquet from her garden at her birthday party.  So sweet, and we are so ready for spring flowers!