1. We spent time at the end of January/beginning of February redecorating our playroom.  These paper star lanterns are one of my favorite details!
2. As I mentioned, Courtney surprised me with a visit for my 30th.  We were all so glad to have her here, and Caroline especially enjoyed spending time with her.
3. Testing out my first cabling project.  It turns out cabling is SO much easier than you would imagine!  I ended up gifting this to my brother’s girlfriend.
4. Our little hambone.
5. My next knit project was this striped snake for Caroline.  It is way bigger than I realized but man,  it is such an awesome toy!  I want to make more as gifts.  It was super quick to knit up.
6. Andrew and I like to go on mom-son dates occasionally.  Last month I thought he might enjoy a strawberry frap from Starbucks (and I was in need of coffee).  Turns out he was way more interested in this chaise they had.  He would take a sip, lay down for a while, and repeat.  It was so cute.
7. It was barely warm enough to go to the park but we were stir crazy so we walked there anyway!  This girl adores the swings.  Her furrowed brow in this pic cracks me up!
8. My wonderful aunt came to visit for a weekend.  I love getting the guest room ready for company, especially putting fresh sheets on the bed.  I wish I liked tidying the rest of the house this much.
9. My schedule allowed me to attend Caroline’s class Valentine’s Day party.  It was a blast, but her favorite part was just reading.  (This was taken while the other kids were all dancing – ha!)
10. Another part of our playroom refresh was to make a chalkboard wall for the kids.  They are absolutely loving it!  Okay, we all are.  You can’t ever be too old to think chalkboards are fun, right?!
11. I also ordered a few new dress up ensembles for the kids to do pretend play.  Of course, the chef one is my absolute favorite.
12.  Another project I finished last month was this patchwork turtle for my best friend’s baby girl who turns one in March.  Can’t wait to give it to her!
13.  One more costume from the playroom.  Here, Dr. Andrew is playing vet.  This is a favorite game of ours and keeps him occupied for a long time!
14. Snuggles with my girl – and her menagerie of stuffed animals, which are required 24/7.
15. Yet another project I finished last month, being blocked here (soaking the fabric gives it a more finished look).  She hasn’t seen it yet so no pics of the finished product :)
16. Despite the cold weather, Caroline insisted on trying on a pair of her new spring/summer pajamas, and would not take them off.  I have no clue where she gets her stubborn will…

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.