1.  We took a cue from Pinterest, and started a memory jar for 2013.  We have been writing down memories here and there on small pieces of scrap paper and putting them in the jar.  We’ll read them all on New Year’s Eve this year.  It’s fun!
2.  My friend and I were browsing downtown one evening and I found this necklace at Silver in the City.  I adore it.
3.  Caroline has started to become really interested in kitchen goings on.  She always says, “I see making?” and wants you to pick her up so she can see, and usually stir.  This particular night, she wanted to stir the pasta for the full cooking time.  So funny.
4.  My daughter, the guacamole monster.  No idea where she gets it.  Who needs chips or spoons?
5.  Random warm-ish January day means grilled chicken fajitas, obviously.
6.  Pre-swim class shenanigans.
7.  Midway through the playroom update.  Things are looking better every day!
8.  My friend loaned me this book on knitting toys.  I died of cuteness overload, and then promptly planned my next 10 projects.
9.  Our first project in knitting class was this sweater.  Here it is nearly finished (now it is finished!)
10.  Another warm January day meant a trip to the park with our little sunshine.
11.  Andrew rode his bike to the park.  I have a feeling those training wheels will be coming off once the weather warms up!
12.  Super(hero) weekend fun.
13.  I had to work on MLK day though the rest of the family was home.  Andrew picked out these flowers for me to cheer me up when I came home.  Sweet, sweet boy.
14.  Here he is with the bear he requested from the knitted toy book!  He decided to name him Little Nice Bear.  Seriously, can’t handle his cuteness sometimes!
15.  My schedule usually doesn’t allow for it but this month I was finally able to go on a field trip with Andrew’s class.  They painted mugs and we all had a blast.
16.  I had my first food truck experience ever.  Scratch Truck grilled cheese – total insanity.  Already looking forward to the next time!
17.  After finishing Andrew’s bear, I decided to teach myself to cable knit.  It is way easier than you would ever imagine.  And when you’re cable knitting, it only makes sense to watch The Cable Guy.  Duh.
18.  One of the best things about being a grown up is watching my family play with my friends’ families.  This is my honorary niece Kylie, the daughter of my best friend since kindergarten Amanda.  She’s sweet as can be.
19.  I was bummed about my last day as a 20-something, so I started the day with a pick-me-up.  It helped.  A little.
20.  My attending happens to share a birthday with me, and he requested red velvet cupcakes – also my favorite!  Great minds think alike…and share birthdays.

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.