Whenever I entertain, especially when I host large parties, I try to keep things simple.  That may not be how it appears to many of you, since so often I receive questions about how I pull these parties off.  The truth is, it’s all in the planning.  To me, every minute spent planning in advance makes the event that much smoother when party time comes.

I’ve talked about my planning strategies a couple of times before, and this particular appetizer is a perfect example of the kind of recipes I like to have in my repertoire for entertaining.  It is elegant enough to deserve a spot on the table, but so incredibly simple that it comes together in mere minutes.  Brie pairs so well with fruit, and this particular match with the sweet-tart sugared cranberries is stellar.  In fact, of all the items included in our recent holiday party spread, these were by far the crowd favorite (after the sugar cookie tree, of course).  This is a perfect option for a snack to enjoy on Christmas or perhaps New Year’s Eve, or could be a great contribution to any other holiday gatherings you might attend. I know we’ll be making these time and time again. For more recipes like this, visit website.

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  • Yield 24 servings


24 wheat crackers
About 3 oz. brie, sliced thin
About 1¼ cups sugared cranberries


  • 01

    Place crackers on a serving platter.  Top each cracker with a thin slice of brie, and garnish with 3-4 sugared cranberries.  Serve.