Here’s a look at our month of November, Instagram-style!

1. At the very beginning of the month, Ben and I traveled to Las Vegas, NV where I presented a poster at a medical conference.  We didn’t know what to expect, but Vegas was more fun than we thought it would be.  (More on this later!)
2. Beautiful frosty morning.
3. Our whole family experienced a nasty GI bug that had been going around.  What a way to spend a weekend.  This pic was on the first day when we felt semi-human again.
4. My morning sunshine.
5. I built a console table for my kitchen.  It was fun, easy, and I love the way it turned out.  (More on this later too.)
6. Love tucking this one in for bed at night.
7. I wore a side ponytail to work one day, and felt like Punky Brewster all day long.  Did anyone else think that was the greatest show ever when it was on?  I remember my friends and I calling each other in disbelief when it went off the air.
8. The console table was finished, so I got a new lamp to put on it.  The kitchen refresh I started back in January is now complete.  Ha!  (And, more on this later!)
9. On Thanksgiving morning, we woke up and Andrew was begging for pumpkin muffins.  Normally we have a stash in the freezer but we had run out.  So, I put him to work.
10. Our little turkey enjoyed being the center of attention on Thanksgiving.
11. Caroline’s hair is finally long enough for pigtails.  The cuteness is almost too much to bear.
12. Normally we wait till early or mid-December but this year we realized our only free weekend to get a Christmas tree was right after Thanksgiving.  The kids had a blast at the tree farm.  (Indy west-siders, we are long time customers of Whispering Pines in Danville.  Love that place!  Highly recommend.)
13.  Andrew helped me decorate the tree this year and was so, so into the whole experience.  I always love it but his excitement made it that much more fun.
14. We celebrated our hard work with a cup of hot cocoa.
15. Several weeks ago, the kids made their way into the guest room closet and demolished every single roll and sheet of wrapping paper we had.  I had to restock for the holidays.  Thank goodness for Paper Source.
16. A special box for the kids to open on Christmas Eve arrived under our tree, and the suspense is driving Andrew positively crazy.  I can’t wait for them to open it because I have this funny feeling that it holds the supplies for several fun Christmas Eve activities.  Just a guess though…

These images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.