Here’s a look at our October, Instagram-style!
1. Andrew is getting really good at puzzles.  Here he’s doing a Where’s Waldo puzzle, and succeeding!  I’m sure I couldn’t have done that well at his age.  Color me impressed.
2. Just one of my favorite pictures of Caroline ever.  She semi-stole this stuffed bunny from my grandma’s house (with permission) and it is nearly her size, yet she insists on carrying it everywhere.  Adorable.
3. She’s been into reading for a while now, but she has taken it to another level lately.  We have been reading this book a lot and this is her favorite page.  “Uh oh, Alice!  Uh oh, Alice!”
4. She also graduated to a booster seat because the high chair was suddenly made of hot coals or something.  So far, so good.
5. Andrew picked out some new dinosaur toys as a reward for doing such a great job at his swimming class.  I love to watch him play with them so intently.
6. Again with the reading.  Of all her books, this is probably her fave.  We read it a lot.
7. Whenever I reorganize the kids’ closets to purge too-small items and make room for new stuff, I cannot believe how fast they are growing.
8. Andrew and I did this apple tree craft one weekend day when it was too cold to play outside.  He is very proud of it!
9. I traveled to see some of my best girlfriends (more on that later) and connected through the ATL airport.  Why?  Because my brother works there!  I looked out on the tarmac and saw him driving a luggage cart up to my gate to come see me.  So fun!
10. New shoes, major love.  More about these in my next “Things I’m Loving” post.
11. I can’t get enough of fall.
12. Caroline and I accidentally wore semi-matching outfits one day.
13. I finally broke down and got an espresso machine.  Andrew is in love with making my coffee and basically refuses to let me do it.  He has to do it for me.
14. Pumpkin patch baby!
15. Our cat’s double happy place – in a box, by the fireplace.
16. Our Halloween costumes for a party last weekend.  J.Crew models, of course :)
17. A box of sweet Caroline.
18. Loving every bit of her mashed potatoes!
19. Andrew insisted on helping his uncle blow out his birthday candles.  (Cake recipe tomorrow – you won’t want to miss it.)
20. Andrew drew me this map of our planned trick or treat route.  I realized I should have been training for months.

And as a bonus, because I think it’s vital that you fully appreciate the brilliance of Ben’s Halloween costume, a closer look.

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