With Halloween just two days away, I thought I would share an idea for a creepy last-minute treat.  This weekend we were invited to a Halloween party and I volunteered to bring a few dessert items.  Of course at the time I had no idea what I would bring and I had about 24 hours until party time.  My mind was pondering various cookie ideas, and suddenly I remembered something I saw recently from the queen of decorated sugar cookies.  The splatter technique that Callye used to make her gorgeous autumn cookies could translate quite well to something a bit more gruesome.  And there was my solution.

These cookies are very easy, even for those who are less than confident in their decorating skills, since basically all you do is fling icing around.  When mine were finished, I sent a photo to a friend and she told me they looked like Dexter cookies.  I’d heard of the show but have never seen it myself.  Now that I know what it’s about, I think she’s right on with that assessment.  So, want to make some blood spatter/Dexter cookies?  They only require a few simple steps.

  • Bake sugar cookies in whatever shape you prefer.  (Or use chocolate cookies instead – I love both kinds!)
  • Edge and flood the cookies in plain white royal icing.  Let dry completely overnight.
  • Tint some of the leftover icing dark red.  Thin it to a consistency that splatters well.
  • Lay cookies on a work surface covered in wax paper, parchment or foil.
  • Splatter away using a clean paintbrush or the tines of a fork, until the cookies look as gross as you like.  Let dry.  Freak out your friends!