Last week I shared my witches’ brew cheesy spinach soup as a fun non-sweet option for a Halloween meal with kids.  These open monster face cheese and veggie sandwiches are another creative and interactive option.  I’ve found that letting Andrew be involved with preparing our meals nearly always leads to much greater enthusiasm on his part for actually eating the meal, whatever it may be.  I also know that no matter how nicely I assemble sandwiches for my kids, they will deconstruct them before eating anyway.  These sandwiches are perfect then – easily eaten as a whole or deconstructed and eaten piece by piece.  Andrew was overjoyed at the idea of making faces with his lunch.  In fact, he loved the whole thing so much he ate three of these sandwiches, and has asked to repeat this meal every single weekend day since the first time we made them!

There’s no need to buy tons of special ingredients for topping the sandwiches.  Just peek through your fridge and use your imagination.  Broccoli makes great hair, bell peppers can be lips or ears, sliced olives make great eyeballs, white cheddar cheese cut into small shapes made perfect teeth…but don’t limit yourself to these suggestions.  This was just what I found in my fridge after scrounging for a few minutes.  I cut out slices of bread and pieces of cheese with different shaped cookie cutters to allow variety for the sandwich bases.  Provide a range of toppings, make one example so the kids get the idea and then let them go to town.  It is so fun to see what they come up with!

Disclaimer: I received compensation from Eat Wisconsin Cheese for ingredients and my time developing this content for their site.