Hey!  It’s July!  You know what that means.  No no, besides the oppressive, unwavering heat.  July is National Ice Cream Month which automatically makes it one of my favorite months, even though I’m not such a fan of the heat.  I’ve got several great ice cream treats to share with you throughout the rest of this month, but I thought first I would start out by featuring a selection of the many ice cream and frozen treats I have shared over the past five years of blogging.

The Classics
The mother of all classic ice cream flavors is undoubtedly vanilla.  Here I share two different recipes, both delicious.  It’s just good sense to keep it in your freezer at all times.

I never really liked chocolate ice cream until I met this version.  Now, totally a different story.

This dreamy creamy strawberry ice cream is Andrew’s current favorite.  He thinks I’m mom of the year whenever I make it and since it takes about 5 minutes of work, it’s a win-win situation!

I’m not entirely sure that coffee qualifies as a classic ice cream flavor, but since it is my all-time favorite (really!) I think it deserves the title.

Oh, cookies and cream, how I love thee.  Willpower goes out the window when you’re around.

The Show-Offs

Who needs boring old cookie dough ice cream when you could have double cookie dough ice cream?

Milk chocolate ice cream with brownie bits.  I really don’t even know what else to say.  Just make it, okay?

Green tea ice cream is one of Ben’s most favorite flavors, so I would be remiss if I didn’t include it here.  If you like green tea, this is for you!

Fresh peach ice cream might be a classic flavor to some, but to me it is so lovely it deserves a promotion.

Peanut butter ice cream.  Top with Reese’s cups.  Repeat.

The Frills

Make your own hot fudge sauce.  It’s, like, way better than regular hot fudge sauce.

This vanilla bean caramel sauce has addictive properties.  If it’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

(It is a crime that there are only two entries in this category.  Guess what else I’ll be working on this month?!)

Build Stuff with Your Ice Cream

Cookie crumb crust + coffee ice cream + ganache + toffee bits = mississippi mud pie, AKA the perfect summer dessert.  (See also – the answer to all PMS cravings.)

The Fourth may be over, and this berry vanilla ice cream cake may look a bit patriotic, but this is a welcome addition to any summer party.  Who can resist ice cream cake featuring fresh summer berries?  Not I, my friend, not I.

Ice cream sandwiches were a favorite childhood treat of mine, and the fun of making my own and cutting out squares of ice cream with a cookie cutter definitely makes me feel like a kid again.

You know how chocolate truffles are like, really great?  Try filling them with chocolate ice cream to make tartufi (ice cream truffles).  Whole new level, I’m telling you.

Of all the ice cream desserts I have made, this is my banana split ice cream torte is my favorite.   Such fun and it makes a pretty presentation.

If there is something in particular you’d like to see during Ice Cream Month, let me know in the comments!