So here’s the deal with these mac and cheese bites.  When I first made them, I did not have very high hopes.  Though a cute idea in theory, I imagined they weren’t much more than that, and thought they might leave something to be desired as far as taste goes.  I made them for Caroline’s birthday party because mac and cheese was an ideal dish for rounding out the menu, and the individual servings are perfect for a party spread.  You know exactly where this is going – these were the hit of the party.  They disappeared in no time and guests raved about them.  They were gone so quickly that I couldn’t even take a picture.  So, I made them again just for you guys.  That’s how much I like you….and maybe we just wanted to have them again.  The cracker crumb crust helps keep them intact, and the mac and cheese itself is great – rich, cheesy, creamy.  These would fit right in at just about any event or get-together.  I foresee them being repeated numerous times throughout the summer for parties, get-togethers, Tuesdays, and the like.

  • Yield 18 servings


12 oz. elbow macaroni noodles
2 cups butter cracker crumbs (such as Ritz)
3 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese, divided
6 tbsp. unsalted butter, melted
1 (5.2 oz.) package Boursin garlic herb cheese
2 tbsp. cold unsalted butter
2 large eggs
¾ cup milk
¼ cup sour cream
¼ tsp. salt
Pinch red pepper flakes


  • 01

    Preheat the oven to 350˚ F.  Bring a large pot of water to boil.  Cook the pasta according to the package directions until just shy of al dente.  Drain well.  Meanwhile, lightly grease standard size muffin pans with cooking spray.  In a medium bowl, combine the cracker crumbs, ½ cup of the shredded cheese, and melted butter and mix with a fork until combined.  Spoon a bit of the mixture into the bottom of each muffin well and tamp down with the flat bottom of a glass or other.

  • 02

    Once the pasta is cooked and drained, add it to a large mixing bowl with the remaining shredded cheese, the boursin and cold butter.  In a liquid measuring cup, combine the eggs, milk, and sour cream and whisk to combine.  Add the liquid mixture to the bowl with the pasta.  Stir in the salt and red pepper flakes and mix until evenly combined.

  • 03

    Divide the macaroni mixture between the prepared muffin wells.  Bake until light golden, about 20-25 minutes.  Let cool in the muffin pans at least 10-15 minutes, then carefully remove from the pan and serve warm.