It just wouldn’t be a holiday without decorating some sugar cookies, right?  As much as I love red, pink, and red and pink together, I wasn’t feeling the usual Valentine colors this year.  I really liked the idea of a love bird design, and since lots of little birdies are blue and red, I decided to see where that took me.  I was smitten with how these little cutesies turned out.  I think they would be a hit with both kids and adults alike.  I’m sharing these as part of The TomKat Studio‘s 14 Days of Sweet Valentine Ideas.  Be sure to check their site for lots of other adorable goodies!

Per the usual I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe as the base and decorated as outlined in my royal icing tutorial.  Even though I’m a well practiced cookie decorator, I still learn something from every single batch of cookies I make.  This time I put to test a technique learned from Sweet Sugarbelle, the sugar cookie queen.  Often when flooding a small area, such as the birds’ bodies in this case, the area will appear nicely flooded just after filling but after the cookies are left to dry, you return to find unsightly and upsetting craters in your icing.  I tried the trick of using a toothpick to swirl around the flood icing a bit before letting the cookies dry and sure enough, not a single crater appeared.  Thank you, Callye, for sharing your cookie wisdom!

 If you are planning on decorating some cookies for Valentine’s Day, what kind are you making?