As many of you know from my Facebook page, Ben and I recently took a trip to Vermont.  We had a truly wonderful time, and I have so much I want to share with you about our trip.  It’s way too much to fit into one post, so I have decided to do a series of posts about our travels with related giveaways, as well as recipes inspired by the foods we ate.  Though I generally prefer not to take photos in restaurants, I am still going to tell you about some of the places we ate because you need to know about them in case you ever visit…and I think you should.

This was our first vacation sans kids since having kids and it was a much needed break.  We  slept a lot, we ate a lot (without having to clean up the kitchen!) and we visited a bunch of fun places.  A lot of people seemed perplexed when I said we were vacationing in Vermont because, well, what is there to see?  Well, for a fall lover such as myself, New England in the fall seems like reason enough.  To be honest though, I’ve been wanting to visit Vermont since I was a little girl.  Before my mom passed away, my parents took a trip to Grafton and they always talked about how beautiful it was, how much fun they had, etc.  I saw lots of pictures and always knew it was someplace I wanted to see.  We stayed in nearby Chester and drove to Grafton a couple of times throughout our stay.

I’ve talked many times about the great friends I’ve made through blogging.  After being friends for nearly five years and emailing almost daily, I was finally able to meet my friend Tara of Smells Like Home in person.  She and her husband Kyle live in Connecticut and drove up to spend the day with us.  We had such a wonderful time with them, and it was more like picking right up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while rather than meeting her for the first time.  I had an absolute blast getting to spend time with her.

Since our love of food is what brought us together, we thought exploring the Grafton Village Cheese Co. together would be a great idea.  The town of Grafton is very tiny and sleepy, so there wasn’t a ton for us to do there but we kept ourselves occupied.  I was practically giddy over all the different types of cheese available in this store.  And the samples…oh, the samples.  I was in heaven tasting all the different cheese, dips, spreads, etc.  There were more types of cheddar than I even knew existed, and I made sure to bring a few of them home to cook with.

I was also thrilled to see this Vermont cultured butter in the case.  I buy this at Whole Foods in Indiana, and have kind of a love affair going with this butter.  Give me this butter, a good baguette, and I’m pretty much set.

After finishing up at the cheese shop, we meandered over to the restaurant next door for lunch called Mack’s Place Eatery.  It is a casual place with eclectic decor and an impressive menu for its fairly small size.  I had an awesome ham panini with Vermont cheddar (of course), apple butter and apple slices as well as a cup of fantastic pumpkin soup.  That meal was one of my food highlights from the trip for sure, and the company could not have been any better.  I’m so glad I finally had the opportunity to meet Tara in person, and I’ll make sure it’s not five more years before we meet again :)

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a recipe I created using one of the varieties of cheddar I brought home.  Before that though, I have a giveaway of some fun Vermont souvenirs to share with you.  Since I didn’t want to attempt shipping cheese to a reader, instead I chose a few other classic Vermont items.  This totally awesome cookbook Dishing Up Vermont, a Vermont maple syrup sampler, and of course, a piece of maple candy.

To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling me what your very favorite type of cheese is.  (I know, I know, it’s almost impossible to pick one.  But if you had too…)

The Rules: One entry per person, U.S. residents only.  Commenting will close on Wednesday, November 9 at 11:00 pm EST.  Entries that do not meet the entry requirements will not be considered.  One winner will be selected at random and announced next week.

Full disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by yours truly.

    727 responses to “Visiting Vermont, Part 1 – Grafton Village Cheese Co.”

    1. krista lou says:

      Pick just one!!! Provolone. It might not be my all time fave taste, but it is the most versatile in my opinion, and if I could only have one…

      And. I LOVE vermont! I lived there for a year and a half in the early 90’s. Love that place!

    2. Susie says:

      Living in NY I’ve been to VT quite a few times and love it there. Great place for Harley riding.
      I love crumbly blue cheese for my toss salads but for just eating I love a very sharp cheddar. :)
      Cool giveaway,

    3. Angela says:

      Nothing beats a good wedge of old English cheddar.

    4. Ashley M says:

      My absolute favorite cheese is Sharp Cheddar. I love it for the fact that it’s so great to eat just on it’s own. Give me a few slices with crackers and salami, and I’m happy!

    5. Jessica says:

      I love a good smoked Gouda! Cheddar is a close 2nd though!

    6. Kristin says:

      I absolutely LOVE smoked Gouda!!

    7. Zlatina says:

      I’m from Bulgaria and my favourite cheese is our, bulgarian cheese. It’s made by milk and it’s very delicious!!! We call it Sirene. I’m sure you like it! I know I’m not from U.S. but I just want you to know about this type of Cheese becouse I’m big fan of yours :).
      Greetings from Bulgaria!

    8. Hannah says:

      what beautiful photos! i’m glad you enjoyed your escape…my favorite type of cheese is pepper jack cheddar cheese

    9. Sarah K says:

      Wow that’s a tough choice! It’s kind of boring, but I really love a nice aged sharp cheddar. Love that grading sampler!

    10. Jennifer N says:

      I love, love, love sharp cheddar! The sharper the better! :D

    11. Amy says:

      Oh yikes! Tough decision… I think I’ll go with gruyere.

    12. Liz says:

      Man.. I love cheese… but if I had to choose I would choose probably provolone or colby jack. Mmmmmmm….

    13. Extra sharp cheddar… With goat cheese a verrrrrry close second.

    14. Kathryn says:

      I love very sharp cheddar – Cabot is one of my favorite brands – also a Vermont company!

    15. Melanie S says:

      Picking a favorite cheese is like picking a favorite out of my kids, but if I had to pick, I think it would be Dubliner.

    16. Shannon says:

      I love a Sharp Cheddar.

    17. Julie says:

      Right now I am really into Muenster!

    18. April Showler says:

      I would have to say Vermont Cheddar hands down, and that’s not because you went their.

    19. Joan C says:

      PARRANO CHEESE!!!!! Just discovered this at Whole Foods with my mother in law, and we are in love! The nutty/salty combination is divine. When paired with grapes, it makes the best snack or even a light lunch!

    20. Lynn says:

      I’m actually not much of a cheese person! But, I love real parmesan. Second on my list would be string cheese.

    21. jen says:

      white cheddar. yuuuuum!

    22. Kirsten Hasdal says:

      Extra sharp white cheddar cheese. Love. Thanks!

    23. Jessica L. says:

      I love parm. It may not be the most exciting choice, but I’m in love!

    24. Maile says:

      Bergenost! I can only find it around Christmas at Costco but always stock up… So yummy!

    25. Andrea says:

      We actually have a dairy budget in our house with most of it going to cheese. And it’s not a small budget. I guess I could pick Havarti if I had to.

    26. Cameron says:

      Gouda! I can eat whole wedges of it at a time!

    27. Carolyn says:

      Gouda for sure! Growing up I used to call it “queso rojo” (red cheese) because the kind my mom bought came in wedges still covered with the red wax layer. I loved eating a few hunks of that gouda over warm mashed potatoes.

    28. I’m originally from upstate NY and live in Boston now, so I am fortunate enough to be able to travel to VT often! Love it there. :) VT sharp cheddar is a favorite of mine! Glad you enjoyed your trip!!

    29. Claire says:

      Smoked gouda

    30. Fran says:

      Cotswold cheese…oh my goodness…English cheddar type cheese with chives in it.

    31. Lydia says:

      When I lived in Spain, I totally fell in love with Manchego cheese. It is absolutley amazing. Excellent to be eaten by itself or with a side of crackers :)

    32. Audrey F. says:

      It’s a very close call, but I love goat cheese!

    33. Lindsay says:

      Glad you enjoyed your trip to New England! My favorite cheese is a sharp cheddar.

    34. Carolyn says:

      I recently used gruyere for the first time and loved it so right now it’s my favorite.

    35. Sara says:

      Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite cheese lately has been cranberry goat cheese, from Trader Joe’s. Yum!

    36. Francesca says:

      I absolutely love colby cheese!

    37. Nicole says:

      there are not many cheeses I’ll say no to… but if I have to pick a favorite- a good extra sharp cheddar.

    38. Lauren says:

      I LOVE swiss, but any cheese will do!

    39. Jerri says:

      All I need is some Feta!

    40. Leslie H says:

      Pepper jack cheese. And also Brie is a close second. So many possibilities with these two. Although it is hard to find a cheese we don’t like!

    41. My absolute favorite cheese comes from a cute little deli in Elmer, New Jersey.. We call if elmer sharp in our household :)

    42. Sherlie Magaret says:

      I have two fav cheeses, provolone for sandwiches of course and Chedder Shake from Cabot Cheese in Vermont. It is a finely powdered chedder cheese and I absolutely love it on popcorn. I order it thru the company.

    43. Aimee says:

      It is so hard to pick just one but recently I had a smoked provolone that was out of this world.

    44. Cate says:

      I absolutely love smoked (or cumin) gouda, or very sharp cheddars. But sometimes I want nothing more than a few slices of gjetost. Yum!

    45. Jen M O says:

      I love Vermont! We visit Burlington once a year. What a nice trip! My favorite cheese is cheddar.

    46. Intisar says:

      I am a simple girl, give me some Cabot Pepper Jack and crackers and I am in HEAVEN!

    47. rm says:

      Being a girl from New England, extra sharp WHITE cheddar cheese. It is a staple in my house, always there for a quick snack when I get home from work.

      I lived in OR for 4 years, and when I moved there, the cheddar cheese in the grocery stores was orange (!???!) and not extra sharp. I was so glad when I discovered Trader Joe’s; they had white extra sharp cheddar and I didn’t feel so homesick anymore :).

      I like pretty much all cheese, but for comfort, it’s cheddar.

    48. Deb says:

      I think Vermont looks like a beautiful place to visit!! :)

      My favorite cheese is homemade cheese, especially my mozzarella. I love making cheese when I have time to (actually I try to make some every week, unless we are super busy so I can use up some of that milk we have) and I think fresh homemade mozzarella is extra yummy over a lot of the store bought we have had! :-))

    49. muddledmom says:

      You are killing me making me pick just ONE! Cheese has always been my favorite food. I think brie is really special. I save it for special occasions. Love the buttery, gooey, drippy goodness.

    50. Linda Svejcar says:

      It’s hard to pick a favorite cheese, but I would have to choose cheddar. There is so much that you can do with it. Of course, eating it on crackers is pretty good too. By the way, I love the baked spinach recipe and can’t wait to try it.

    51. Elizabeth H. says:

      My favorite cheese is Tillamook cheddar. So creamy and delicious!

    52. betsey says:

      I recently have had a love affair with Parrano. Yum

    53. Rachel Feyre says:

      If I hadddd to choose my favorite cheese, right now I would have to say brie :)

    54. Jamie says:

      So tough to pick one! I would say my favorite cheese is a good Sharp Cheddar. Tastes soo good!

    55. Lynn BB says:

      What a hard question! I think my all time favorite is a creamy bleu, but a close second is cheddar.

    56. Katrina says:

      Sounds like you had an awesome visit! Now I need some cheese.

    57. Barbara says:

      I’m boring, I know, but my favorite any time of the day is plain old sharp cheddar.

    58. Nikki says:

      Brie. I can eat an entire round in one sitting if I’m not careful!

    59. Ashley says:

      My favorite cheese is GORGONZOLA!

    60. Kirsten says:

      Since I enjoy gnawing on a hunk of cheese as a snack, I would have to say smoked gouda (with extra extra sharp cheddar a close second).

    61. Dalia says:

      I love Gouda cheese, do you? I love it with a slice of toast. I love it inside pita bread filled with fresh arugula. I love it cubed as a snack with green grapes!

    62. Christine says:

      Well, WE also just visited Vermont and I have to say I loved the Cabot Reserve…..reminded me of the Dubliner aged Cheddar that I also enjoy.

    63. Kalyn says:

      I love marbled monterey jack. Yum!

    64. Jackie says:

      I love cheese! I would say cheddar cheese. Any kind. Looks like you had a fabulous trip!!

    65. Beth says:

      I know it’s not very original, but I love sharp cheddar. Cheese and crackers are one of my favorite snacks!

    66. Kim Q says:

      Sharp cheddar is my favorite in cooking. I’m not a big fan of cheese “raw.” :o) I know, I know- CRAZY.

    67. Debby says:

      Cheddar is my favorite, although you’re right that it’s hard to choose. So glad you had a good time in Vermont. I dream of living there some day.

    68. Sami M. says:

      I didn’t even have to think twice about this one….. For sure my favorite cheese is Asiago!

    69. Annie H says:

      We live in Boston, and I love me some Vermont sharp cheddar cheese. i know it sounds boring, cheddar?!? But some cheddar and crackers I’m happy as a clam!

    70. Ashley says:

      i lovermont. and i’d have to go with good ol’ cabot extra sharp cheddar as my fave.

    71. Bethany says:

      Brie en croute with raspberry preserves is just about the best thing on earth!

    72. Tiffany says:

      Colby jack is my fave!

    73. Sarah L. says:

      I really love the white cheeses (except Swiss — I called it “mouse cheese” when I was little and have hated it ever since). Mozzarella, provolone, Monterey Jack, etc. I suppose if I had to pick just one it would be mozzarella! :)

    74. elizabeth says:

      Goat! But ask again tomorrow and i’ll probably change my mind : )

    75. Latina says:

      Right now I’m stuck on smoked Gouda.

    76. Bree says:

      I’m a sharp cheddar fan, too:-)

    77. JessD says:

      My favorite would be white Irish cheddar, it’s so good!

    78. Madeline says:

      I love all cheeses! If I had to choose I would pick Parmigiano-Reggiano!

    79. Kate says:

      Its a touch choice but I’ll say Colby.

    80. laura says:

      Brie, fo’ sho’ :)

    81. Paula says:


    82. Mary Kate says:

      I think my favorite type of cheese is Havarti. It is really buttery and melts quickly.

    83. Ashley W. says:

      Geez, that’s a supa hard question! haha! If I have to pick, I would say goat cheese. :)

    84. Holly M says:

      Swiss cheese YUMMMY!!! And the holes make it fun too!

    85. Christy says:

      My favorite is sharp cheddar. It taste so good and is very versatile!

    86. Angela says:

      Oh, such a hard decision but right now I’ve been making a lot with fresh mozzarella…I know could be construed as bland but I am having a love affair with caprese salads lately ;).

    87. Suzanne says:

      That’s a tough choice. If I had to pick one favorite it would be sharp white cheddar.

    88. Michelle C says:

      I’m not sure what the technical name is but my local Kroger carries an “Irish Sharp White Cheddar”. It is an absolutely fabulous snacking cheese. I could eat an entire block in one sitting…..but I try not to ;-)

    89. Candice says:

      Sharp Cheddar!

    90. Ashley C says:

      Sweet Grass Dairy Green Hill, a yummy soft Camembert cheese, delicious! Love those Vermont pure maple sugar candies!

    91. Kilby says:

      My favorite cheese is brie.

    92. Claire says:

      How kind and generous of you! My favorite would be mozzarella. :-)

    93. You’re right that it’s hard to pick just one! I think mine would have to be chevre, especially when it’s completely covered with fresh cracked black pepper. When I was 15 I stayed in France as an exchange student, and one of my favorite memories from that time is biking to a nearby monastery to buy fresh chevre from a tiny shed outside. Each of the kids would buy one- they had hearts, stars, circles- all different shapes. It remains one of my fondest memories whether I’m having chevre on salad, in a quiche, or by itself.

    94. Meagan says:

      I love all cheese but my favorite would be provolone :)

    95. Katie says:

      Being from Wisconsin it is hard to pick just one cheese, but I can never seem to resist a good Munster. Give me a brick of that and some crackers or a good loaf of bread and I’m all set.

    96. Katie says:

      I’m kind of in love with goat cheese right now.

    97. Carol says:

      English Stilton blue cheese!

    98. Beth says:

      I am a self-proclaimed cheese-aholic. I ate cheese as often as I could, until I discovered I am lactose intolerant last month. My favorite cheese used to be good old Vermont white cheddar. However, now it is feta because I can put just a bit on a salad and not feel sick afterwards. I am a new England girl (from Rhode Island) living in las Vegas!

    99. Demitria says:

      It would probably have to be Muenster! Such a mild cheese, perfect for snacking on!!

    100. Jenell says:

      Tough question…right now I have an amazing block of “mouse cheese” (as my kids call it)here…so swiss is at the top of my list right now.

    101. Liz says:

      Blue cheese! hands down!

    102. megan says:

      Gorgonzola! Yum yum yum

    103. Nikki says:

      Fontina! So delicious!

    104. Kasey says:

      My very favorite kind of cheese is smoked gouda!

    105. Kristen says:

      I’m pretty sure mine in muenster. So underrated!

    106. mj. says:

      Baked Bree! Yuuuum.
      Beautiful pictures, by the way. This looks like an enchanting trip…. reminds me of the fall vacations my family used to take in Vermont… miss those!

    107. Lindsay O'Connor says:

      I love Sharp cheddar!

    108. Heather says:

      This is a hard one because I LOVE cheese, but if I had to pick one, my favorite would have to be Parmesan, since I use it the most. I love me a good ceasar salad topped with good quality Parmesan! :-)

    109. Michelle says:

      Mmmm…goat cheese!

    110. Mattie Pontecorvo says:

      Hi Annie, I live in Vermont and so happy you enjoyed your visit! You chose an excellent time to come and a beautiful area to visit. Really all of Vermont is amazing. When it comes to cheese, Cabot Hunters Sharp or their private stock….I’ve been eating Cabot cheese for the last 32 years and my daughter who is one and half had her first piece at 6 months! We both love it, especially with apples and maple syrup!

    111. Shellie Larsen says:

      I have always wanted to visit Vermont too! When I go, I’m going to visit the King Arthur Flour store. Can’t wait to see the rest of your vacation series. Sharp cheddar is my favorite.

    112. Emily says:

      My favourite cheese is definitely Pinconning!

    113. Erin L. says:

      My favorite cheese would be feta!

    114. MollyC says:

      My favorite cheese is Norwegian brunost cheese – it almost tastes like peanut butter.

    115. Kelsey says:

      It’s so hard to choose! I’d say hot pepper colby jack :) or SUPER sharp white cheddar

    116. LauraW says:

      smoked gouda!!

    117. Mary says:

      I have a love affair with creamy, tangy feta. In pasta, on a salad, by the spoonful… yum.

    118. Rick says:

      If I had to pick one I would choose Vermont Sharp Cheddar. We were visiting Stowe, VT a few years ago and enjoyed pizza at “Pie in the Sky”. We ordered their “Blonde Vermonter” which had apples, ham and Vermont Cheddar….just awesome!

    119. Kayla Bialik says:

      I live right outside of Wisconsin, so this is very hard…
      But I LOVE Brie.. There’s so much you can do with it!
      I get too excited when I find a new warm brie recipe.

    120. Heather says:

      I have two favorite cheeses – smoked gouda and horseradish cheddar. Both are fabulous just with some good crackers! Vermont is a gorgeous area to be in the fall!

    121. Lisa says:

      Right now my favorite cheese is smoked gouda. If you ask tomorrow, it may be something else. It is so hard to choose just one!!!

    122. Kristen Hacker says:

      My favorite is a really great Sharp Irish Cheddar.

    123. I love most all cheeses, but I’d have to say my favorite is sharp white cheddar. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    124. willa says:

      Maybe cheddar for eating. But love most all of it!
      Favorite brands include VT’s Cabot and OR’s Tillamook.

    125. Danielle says:

      String cheese :) ha ha ha. I live near the border of Wisconsin and love me some Wisconsin string cheese :)

    126. Amy says:

      Simple, I know, but I love colby jack.

    127. Just one?! Impossible. If I had to choose between my favorites (Muenster and Pepper Jack) I’d say pepper jack just because I have it more often. Yum!

    128. Very hard to pick just one but if I must then extra sharp cheddar wins!
      I am glad you enjoyed your trip to Vermont. Since I live in Connecticut, I sometimes take for granted the beauty of New England. To see it through a visitor’s eyes makes me realize how beautiful this part of the country is. ♥

    129. Heather says:

      I love all cheese, but my favorite at the moment is a goat brie. So yummy!

    130. Manju says:

      Thats a lovely post and sure looks like you had fun! Having seen the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S umpteen no. Of times I get reminded of Ross nd chandlers trip to Vermont where Ross gets high eating maple candy! :-) would love to win ur giveaways!

      I love Provolone cheese, specially in a nice turkey panini and some tomato soup….yumm!


    131. Meghan C. says:

      My favorite type of cheese would have to be havarti! It’s delicious by itself or as a grilled cheese sandwich!

    132. Angie says:

      Brie on a crusty baguette!

    133. Caitin says:

      Annie, it is impossible to just pick one! I guess I’d have to go with goat cheese!

    134. Tracy T says:

      smoked gouda.. can’t resist it..

    135. Katy says:

      I love a good simple cheddar from a local company. (Beechwood in Milwaukee has a great one!)

    136. Racheal says:

      I would have to say that pepper cheese is my favorite. It goes really well on pizza, especially a Buffalo Chicken pizza.

    137. Heather L says:

      I would have to say goat cheese. Any time I see a recipe that mentions goat cheese, I have to make it. For general snacking, cheddar would be second, though.

    138. Racheal says:

      I meant to write pepper jack.

    139. Richard says:

      This post makes me want to visit Vermont! Well, I do love a good extra sharp cheddar!

    140. Erica says:

      Oh man, I don’t even know…Brie, maybe?

    141. Sharon says:

      I like all varieties of cheddar.

    142. Jeanne ODonnell says:

      I haven’t met a cheese yet I don’t like! I can’t pick just one.

    143. Sarah K says:

      Mozzarella. I LOVE mozzarella and eat it almost every day! =)

    144. I love a good baked brie.

    145. Jess F says:

      I’m torn between Muenster and smoked gouda!!!

    146. Kristen says:

      I love snacking on gouda with fresh fruit. But like everyone else is saying, sharp cheddar definitely ranks, too! :)

    147. Brittany says:

      I LOVE goat cheese!

    148. Kel says:

      Jalsberg this month. We recently visited Vermont for the first time too — loved it!! I am excited to read about the rest of your trip.

    149. Annie says:

      I love blue cheese!

    150. jennifer healy says:

      I would have to pick Monterey Jack. Its smooth, creamy, versitile and makes THE BEST grilled cheese sandwich you’ve ever had….especially when paired with bacon and/or tomato

    151. Jennifer says:

      Currently into smoked gouda. We don’t have a lot of cheese options around here other than cheddar, so gouda feels exotic! haha :)

    152. Sarah says:

      My favorite cheese is queso fresco :)

    153. Angela says:

      If I had to pick a cheese, I would have to say Cheddar!

    154. Susan P says:

      I think I am going with Edam, mostly because of memories I associate with it.

    155. Amy says:

      Aged Gouda…love the crystals.

    156. CarolH says:

      How to choose?? At the moment I’d say it’s asiago.

    157. Leigh says:

      Goat cheese right now but it changes daily : )

    158. Susan says:

      Wonderful photos and description of your trip to VT. Choosing a favorite cheese is like choosing a favorite child – like you said, impossible. :) I’ll go with the sharpest cheddar I can find.

    159. Megan says:

      My favorite cheese right now is definitely Pepper Jack. So versatile and has a nice little kick to it, which I LOVE!

      Thanks! :) Vermont is beautiful with all of the fall colors!

    160. Annie says:

      As a Friends fanatic, you know I thought about that basically the whole time we were there. Lots of quoting going on :)

    161. Stephanie says:

      Extra sharp cheddar, hands down! I REALLY want to go to the Ben and Jerrys factory!!

    162. Anna says:

      Brie, no question. I love it!

    163. Lianne says:

      Goat cheese, definitely. Especially if it’s herbed!

    164. Michelle says:

      Sharp white cheddar is probably my favorite go-to cheese. But there are soooo many :)

    165. Jill says:

      I recently discovered vermont cheddar , it is so good! Love your pics!

    166. Karen H. says:

      I think if I had to pick one favorite it would be extra sharp Cheddar.

    167. JoAnna says:

      Hard to pick but with crackers I love Irish Cheddar :)

    168. Shannon says:

      There is a farmers market near my house that sells this fantastic homemade onion cheese. I love eating it with fresh strawberries. I wish it was summer now! :)

    169. Aimee M. says:

      That is so easy being from Vermont its Cabot hunter sharp cheddar cheese. I live in Wisconsin now but Cabot cheddar cheese is still the best.

    170. Meghan says:

      Muenster cheese! Sooo delicious.

    171. Amanda says:

      I love cheddar cheese!

      Hi Annie, I’ve been lurking around your blog for awhile but I had to come out of the shadows for a chance at these Vermont goodies! Also your pictures are enticing me to visit Vermont. Gotta plan a road trip!

    172. Anne-Marie says:

      If I had to pick, a soft goat cheese, probably. Although I use cheddar the most. :)

    173. Brittany says:

      Definitely goat cheese.

    174. Kat says:

      I like Melanie S’s comment likening choosing ONE cheese to picking your favorite kid :)

      I just made your creamy stovetop mac n cheese last night with smoked gouda, so that’s kind of on my mind. Yeah, I’m gonna go with smoked gouda, even if it’s a fairly popular choice. I wish I were more cultured and knew of some obscure cheese to recommend to you, but, alas, I do not. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

    175. Jean says:

      Haha, this question is easy for me…I don’t like cheese! I know, many people think I’m weird. Hope my answer doesn’t disqualify me! ;-) My sister-in-law moved to Vermont about two years ago and we love visiting; it’s such a beautiful state!

    176. Kat says:

      Oh, and I LOVE the pictures you took. I’ve always wanted to visit VT, too, and these pictures just intensify that!

    177. Linda B says:

      Hot pepper cheese is my fav!

    178. Lauren s says:

      I love feta cheese! nom nom nom!!!!

    179. Alexis says:

      I reeeeeally love muenster cheese grilled between 2 pieces of buttered sourdough bread. MMMM.

    180. Lisagrace says:

      This is a fun giveaway!

      My favorite kind-of cheese is colby jack-I love slicing it and eating it as a snack.

    181. Deborah says:

      Mississippi State University Edam Ball.

    182. Morgan says:

      Aged Gouda…hands down!

    183. Maggie says:

      There is nothing nicer than standing around while you’re making dinner, and instead of shredding it, cutting off a hunk of nice, salty parmesan and just munching on it. Total favorite.

    184. Heidi C says:

      Well, since you’re making me pick ONLY one cheese, I suppose it is Brie. Although, fresh cheese curds are hard to pass up, but I don’t find any here in KS.

    185. I absolutely LOVE goat cheese. Coming in as a close second is feta!

    186. Kacey says:

      I took a trip to Ireland last year, and absolutely fell IN LOVE with KerryGold “Dubliner” cheese. It’s an aged cows milk cheese, similar to cheddar. Tasts great with cracked pepper water crackers and a nice glass of wine! :)

    187. melissa says:

      smoked cheddar

    188. If I had to pick just one – cheddar! But I’m such a cheese lover I’ll take any!

    189. Tammy says:

      My favorite is simply Brie. I love Brie en Croute as well as melting it on Triscuit crackers…so yummy!

    190. Kathryn P says:

      I think I am going to have to go with Brie!

    191. Tempest says:

      Favorite kind of cheese is EASILY fresh mozzarella with a good balsamic to dip it in. I’m drooling just having written that…

    192. Missy says:

      My favorite cheese changes with the seasons. In fall I love the whole cheddar family.

    193. Kelly says:

      I could eat goat cheese at every meal, every single day, for the rest of my life!

    194. Stacie says:

      I’m currently loving provolone. It’s been amazing to cook with.

    195. Meredith says:

      I think I’d have to pick aged vermont white cheddar. It’s so sharp, it almost has a parmesan bite to it, and it makes an absolutely phenomenal grilled cheese.

    196. Erin says:

      Not very Vermont-y, but I can’t say no to Manchego.

    197. Mary Owens says:

      Vermont White Cheddar!

    198. Becky says:


    199. Shannon says:

      OMG!! I would like to visit Vermont… Can’t wait to see what you post from the cook book :) I love white aged cheddar Amazing


    200. Stacy says:

      Ummm, which one to choose…Currently I’ve been keeping pepper jack stocked, so I will have to say that for “current fav”. But, I usually love the one I’m with (which is to say, the one I’m eating at the time).

    201. Faith says:

      I love a good sharp white cheddar. I buy my favorite type (Tillamook, not from Vermont but delicious!) in 2 lb blocks, and then hide half of it in the freezer so I don’t eat it all in 2 weeks!

    202. Jenette says:

      My favorite is swiss!!

    203. Jan says:

      I think I’ll have to choose Gouda today, but tomorrow it could be something entirely different :)

    204. emily willingham says:

      so tough to pick just one cheese – i suppose it would be cream cheese since it’s so versatile and all. nice photos and thanks for hosting the give-away.

    205. Chelsea says:

      The yummiest cheese I have ever tasted was roasted garlic white cheddar.

    206. Pam says:

      Oh my my, I think I would have to pick Dubliner, or the great variety of Beehive Cheeses we have here in Utah.

    207. Vaishali says:

      Ricotta is my favorite all the way…so versatile!

    208. M.E. says:

      Favorite cheese = Manchego. I can never pass up Manchego.

    209. Heidi says:

      oh my just one? hmm I’m probably with Fran and would have to choose Cotswold. I love trying cheeses though and at least once a month go to Wegman’s and pick out a cheese I haven’t tried before.

    210. Erin in FL says:

      Muenster for snacking and smoked provolone for cooking!

    211. Amanda N says:

      Just one? I live in Wisconsin, this is nearly impossible! I grew up on all kinds of cheese. I think my favorite though is from “The Cheese Lady”, a local vendor that sells at our town’s farmers market. She makes so many unique cheeses and my favorite is probably her Chicken Soup Cheese. Sounds strange, I know, but its so unbelievably yummy!

    212. steph says:

      My uncle’s family has lived in Bristol, VT since I can remember and childhood trips up there are filled with such good memories. Even as an adult, I love bringing home VT goodies back for me and loved ones. My favorite VT cheese is by far Sugarbush white extra sharp. In mac and cheese it’s heavenly.

    213. Rachel says:

      My favorite type of cheese is sharp cheddar. Yummy!

    214. Lindsay says:

      Oh, I always say that I could be a cheese, bread, and wine connoisseur for the rest of my life and I’d be happy. If I had to pick one, I think it would have to be mozzarella. Yum! Now I need to go eat something with cheese.

    215. Shauna says:

      It is a dead even tie between muenster and goat cheese.

    216. Stacey says:

      I absolutely love a sharp, aged white cheddar. The best one I’ve ever had was aged 7 years and was slightly crunchy from the crystalized salt. Mmmm….

    217. Vanessa F. says:


    218. Priya says:

      So hard to choose just one, but I’d have to go with Havarti

    219. Dinah says:

      It is hard to pick just one cheese but it would probably be a nice buttery havarti. It looks like you had a fabulous time. I remember the maple candy there from a visit when I was 5. Yum!

    220. Kim Swan says:

      If I had to pick only one, I’d say a warm Brie. Your pictures from your trip are gorgeous!

    221. Lauren says:

      Oh this is a TOUGH one!!! Especially seeing how if I was stranded on a deserted island, I would choose cheese as the one thing I could eat (totally realistic).

      As much as I love Gruyere, I have to choose goat cheese. The creaminess and distinct tang have earned the number one spot for me.

      Love the pictures of Vermont! Visiting is on my bucket list. :)

    222. franci says:

      I’m a brie fan through and through!

    223. Dana says:

      Annie – Vermont looks wonderful! I think I’m adding that to my places to visit list! As for cheese…it is so super hard to choose, but I’d have to say Gruyere for melting and Havarti for a good cheese and cracker day!

    224. All time favorite? Havarti, period, plain or dill. There is nothing better than pulling a thin slice of havarti out of the deli bag and enjoying the creamy, delicate flavor. Yum!

    225. liz says:

      It’s a tie between anything with brie or smoked gouda!!!

    226. Allyson B. says:

      String! (Does that count? My friend says it doesn’t. Hmmmm….)

    227. Hayley says:

      I was lucky enough to be a cheesemonger for several years, but by far my favorite cheese is Beppino Occelli. Its an Italian cheese that is dessert in a wheel! It tastes of cocoa and is wrapped in either chestnut or tobacco leaves. It’s to die for.

    228. Emily says:

      Choosing a favorite cheese is like what I imagine choosing a favorite child would be like. But…if I have to choose, I would say a good, hard cheddar that has the little salty bits of crystallized cheese in it. I LOVE how those salty bits give the cheese a slight crunch. Yum.

    229. Betsie says:

      I love brie! And I love Vermont!

    230. Valerie says:

      If I’m sitting down to just eat some cheese by the slice, my favorite is definitely Gruyere. With a side of wine, of course!

    231. Sarah says:

      provolone :)

    232. I absolutely love Vermont! We used to visit every couple years to escape the intense summer heat of Alabama.

      My favorite type of cheese is a super sharp white cheddar. I’m so lame, I know.

    233. Katherine says:

      I love sharp cheddar- the sharper the better. But cheese is the best food ever!

    234. Sara says:

      Monterey Jack cheese is my favorite!

    235. Audrey says:

      My favorite cheese is very sharp cheddar. Preferably served with a nice crisp apple!

    236. Claire says:

      While I adore a variety of cheeses, cheddar is my true love. My mother and I were known to go through a vast quantity while watching some of our favorite movies!

    237. Kelly says:

      I will knock over an old lady for some good smoked gouda.

    238. Beth in the Heartland says:

      Ohio Swiss is my fav! And Grafton is a great place to visit, was there 5-6 years ago and never knew there were so many varieties of cheddar!

    239. Alysha says:

      Team gouda.

    240. Lindsey W.B says:

      Wowzers, those pictures are incredible. I was born and raised in Southern California and so seasons are pretty much a mystery to me!

      As for cheese, I’m a big fan of Sharp Cheddar, but I’ve recently discovered Gouda and it might be my new favorite soft cheese (gouda? it’s the besta!).

    241. Angie says:

      I love goat cheese!

    242. Maggie says:

      goat cheese is my favorite!

    243. Katie says:

      I keep it classic and love any kind of cheddar, but the sharper, the better! Your trip sounded perfect :)

    244. Elizabeth says:

      Gouda for me any day !!! Love all your pics…

    245. Corey Ann says:

      My favorite is a cheese I get here in Ohio in Amish country, it’s a yogurt cheese with veggies and peppers in it. SO good but such a PITA to find!

    246. Ooh I love some good sharp cheddar… so good. I also love whatever type of cheese is on top of french onion soup… I just can’t remember the name at the moment. :)

    247. Kathy L. says:

      Oh my that’s a tough one. I really like goat cheese & smoked gouda!

    248. I LOVE Cheddar. It is so versatile and goes in everything, and great by itself.

    249. rowdykatie says:

      Sharp cheddar that’s been aged at least five years. No crackers needed.

    250. Jackie Gonzales says:

      Gouda has to be be one of my favorites…which is why I can’t wait to try the mac and cheese recipe you posted awhile back. Yummy…gouda!!!!

    251. Jennifer says:

      Hands down, brie.

    252. Bonnie says:

      Does cream cheese count? I looovvee all things cream cheese.

    253. Heather says:

      My absolute favorite cheese is Taleggio. It smells horrible, but tastes amazing.

    254. Joy says:

      Sharp white cheddar!

    255. Carolyn says:

      FUN! I love cheese. I love stopping at Miller’s Cheese House while passing through Rice Lake, WI and stocking up on yummy cheeses! I would be in heaven on this trip. I have found some amazing and interesting cheeses! One of my favorites though is “chocolate cheese” YUM! But my day-to-day fave cheese is brie. I love it’s rich creamy texture. I love the individual brie cups from TJ’s. They are like a fancy laughing cow!

    256. erin says:

      definitely a toss up between extra sharp cheddar and gouda!

    257. Adrienne Yancey says:

      I heart cheese-that’s for sure, and if I had to choose ONE kind I would pick Havarti. Creamy delicious Havarti! I loved reading about your trip. I hope someday my husband and I get a trip sans kids!

    258. Meghan says:

      As a kid I refused to eat any cheese except cheddar. I even took the cheese off of my nachos! I’ve since come to a wider appreciation of all things dairy (thanks to my cheese-headed college roomie!), but cheddar is still my favorite. I love Canadian extra-aged white sharp cheddar, the kind that doesn’t see the light of day for years.

    259. Jessie says:

      I cannot pick one all time favorite, but after making your stove top mac and cheese this past weekend, I am in love with gouda.

    260. Emily says:

      Gah what a difficult question! If I HAD to pick, I’d probably say goat cheese. But I think I have yet to meet a cheese I don’t like :)

    261. Meghan says:

      Canadian extra-aged sharp white cheddar!! The kind that hasn’t seen the light of day for two years.

    262. Meghan says:

      Sorry my computer got all weird and didn’t post and then posted twice.

    263. Anne says:

      Extra sharp white cheddar. The sharper the better. :)

    264. Keeley says:

      My favorite cheese is sharp white cheddar (and I love buying Cabot… from Vermont!).

      I love VT and my husband and I visited for the first time this past August. We stayed at a B&B and ate tons of great food and cheese and everything else! I agree that VT is the perfect New England experience!

      I have that purple shirt that you’re wearing in the photo… it’s from Loft, right?

    265. Anne says:

      I love Stilton w/apricots for a holiday snacking cheese! Savory with a nice bite and chewy pieces of dried apricots; lovely.

    266. Madonna says:

      I just discovered goat cheese gouda, and it is fantastic!!! My new favorite cheese for everything :)

    267. Victoria says:

      Cheese, I love cheese!!! If I had to pick a favorite it would be a good blue cheese!!

    268. jessica says:

      Vermont Cheddar Cheese is the absolute BEST!

    269. White cheddar, or pepperjack! Yum…

    270. Dominique says:

      I LOVE Cotswold cheddar! Oh my goodness it is so delicious!

    271. Kristen says:

      Oooh! This is so hard! I love a dill infused cheddar made here in Tennessee by Sweetwater Cheese Company. It’s a great addition to burgers!

    272. chatelaine says:

      goat cheese is so yum, but brie is the go to for guests, but for me, the stinkier the better, love them all!

    273. Emily says:

      Manchego– yummy!

    274. Kaitlin says:

      Brie without a doubt!

    275. Ashley says:

      My favorite is from the Ray’s Food Place here in my town… and I don’t know the brand, but it’s a cheddar with habanero, and it’s just amazing! Just the perfect amount of spice!

    276. Piper says:

      I love, love, love Vermont, so I would have to say it’s their cheddars…..perfect any time of the year, but especiaally loved with their fresh apples in the Fall..

    277. Chelsea F says:

      Oh my goodness. I’m pretty sure you’ve just convinced me to vacation in Vermont. We don’t really have autumn in Texas so I’d love to actually experience that! And cheese! I like cheese a little too much.

      Right now I’m on a provolone kick!

    278. Melissa says:

      I love white cheddar.

    279. michelle says:

      Having grown up in WI, cheese is it’s own food group. And I love it all, but really love a nice aged, sharp cheddar.

    280. Beverly Santos says:

      Those pictures made me homesick; I’m originally from Massachusetts and would drive up to Vermont to enjoy the scenery and wonderful maple syrup. Hope I win. Thanks.

    281. Mary Staszko says:

      Such an incredibly hard question….. but, I am going to have to say a really sharp cheddar!

    282. Danielle says:

      My favorite cheese is Farm Fresh Chevre with Herbs de Provence. It is made at Prairie Fruits Farm in central Illinois. So fantastic…oh, how I miss it since we can’t get it here!

    283. Kab says:

      Pepper jack :drool:

    284. Corynne O. says:

      My favorite since I was a kid was always jarlsburg, however I recently discovered Midnight Moon by Cypress Grove (some kind of goat cheese blend I think?) and I’m absolutely hooked!

    285. Kaylene says:

      I have to go with Cotswold, I think, though it is very rare for me to find a cheese that isn’t my favorite thing in the world while I’m eating it :) I love your blog, Annie!

    286. Danielle says:

      That cheese store looks amazing. Picking 1 favorite is near impossible, but I would probably pick a cheddar :)

    287. 58Teresa says:

      Why “Vermont Cheddah” of course (am I the only one who remembers the commercial – ya cahn’t get theah from heah & Pepperidge fahm remembers)! Can’t get better
      but OH OH OH ~ = did you get to go to King Arthur’s flour company? – I don’t live far from there – just over the border – love those Green Mtns.! did you get to go to Ben and Jerry’s? AND did you hit the castles up?

      OH OH OH! – One of my fave places in the world! – AND what about the shopping? – Did you hit the outlets up?

    288. Caitlyn says:

      Definitely Smoked Gouda! I have warm baguettes and Smoked Gouda to thank for getting me through Undergrad in one piece.

    289. Melissa says:

      I love goat cheese – can’t believe I spent 25 years of my life without it!

    290. Allyson says:

      Oooo, my favourite is fresh mozzarella! My favourite snack to make it a toasted slice of french bread, a round of mozzarella cheese, a basil leaf, and a slice of tomato, all drizzled over with reduced balsamic glaze. It’s so excellent mid-summer when my garden is producing nearly everything I need.

      The little boccachini are splendid with mango chutney on top too!

    291. Vanessa says:

      Looks like fun! My favorite kind of cheese would have to be goat. I love it in salads especially!

    292. Brooke says:

      I have been loving FETA!! yumtastic:)

    293. Jillian_R says:

      I love sharp cheddar and guava jelly. Or maybe gorgonzola (or blue)on a burger…

    294. Lauren says:

      Oh man, I’d have to say swiss!

    295. Susan says:

      I’m not exactly a cheese connoisseur…so I’ll be boring and say medium cheddar! :) Also my mom is IN LOVE with the state of Vermont…so it’d be great if I won some trinkets from there!

    296. Corinne says:

      Our family’s favorite cheese is a Hungarian cheese we learned to love when we lived in Budapest. It is called Trappista and was originally a product of French trappist monks.

    297. Megan says:

      Sharp cheddar is my favorite!

    298. Julie says:

      My favorite is sharp cheddar.

    299. Amy C says:

      While I love all cheese, a good extra sharp white cheddar is the perfect snacking cheese for me.

    300. EG says:

      Oh gosh, I love cheese so much. Here in my small town we’re limited to the grocery store selection, which isn’t terrible. I like aged Gouda recently. But lately I’ve been enjoying the simple pleasure of good apples with Cabot 50% reduced fat sharp white cheddar.

    301. Penny B. says:

      Provolone would have to be my fav, it’s what I use most on a sandwich.

    302. Denise says:

      I love VT. My husband and I spent our honeymoon in the Adirondacks/Lake Champlain region and got some funny looks for that, but it was fall and it was BEAUTIFUL!!

      I had a yummy smoked cheddar from Shelburne Farms in Vt. My favorite!

    303. Katie C says:

      Feta is fabulous! Anything with feta written in the recipe or menu description grabs my undivided attention.

    304. Meghan C. says:

      This is a very difficult choice… but I always love slices of sharp cheddar and crackers morning, noon, night or 2 am!!

    305. Rachael G says:

      Fresh mozzarella is my favorite – so smooth and creamy!

    306. Tenile says:

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gouda!

    307. Morgan says:

      I love stelvio cheese! I can only find it at the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company in Pittsburgh (where I visit only once or twice a year, so I stock up!). It is great on sandwiches, in cheese sauces, or paired with apples and grapes!

    308. Liz N says:

      I love gjetost cheese from Norway. I love the sweet/sour and caramel flavors of that cheese.

    309. Seaside Cheddar. Mmmm.

    310. Kara Marie says:

      I LOVE mozzarella! I love the ooey gooey-ness of it :)

    311. Irene says:

      Oh, it’s a toss up between feta and goat cheese…goat cheese on crackers and bread, and feta for soups and salads!

    312. This is the hardest question ever! I was going to say Parmesan but Muenster just makes such a darn good grilled cheese, I don’t think I could do without it. Goodness, I hope I never actually have to choose one favorite!

    313. Amy says:

      I love alot of different cheeses but my fav is chedder.

    314. Meredyth says:

      Favorite kind of cheese? That is quite possibly the most difficult question to answer, but here goes… I love love love brie. It’s super creamy and delicious in many different forms!

      I’m from New England but currently living in Missouri- your photos make me miss the northeast! Looks like a great trip!

    315. Heather says:

      Who doesn’t LOVE a delicious smoked Gouda? My absolute favorite!

    316. Stacey B says:

      I love a sharp cheddar …. or a smoked cheddar … hard to choose just one!!

    317. Anna says:

      Goat cheese is my favorite! Love it on everything.

    318. Shelly says:

      The BEST cheese is Pinconning cheese. It’s made in the great city of Pinconning, Michigan and it will brighten up ANY cheesey dish, whether it be mac ‘n’ cheese (I used it when I made your stovetop version) or a plain grilled cheese sandwhich!! Medium sharp is the most versatile of the Pinconnings, but they all taste great!!

    319. Michelle says:

      Chosing one is so hard!! I would have to go with a sharp cheddar. YUM!!

    320. Megan says:

      looks like you had a great time in vermont! my favorite cheese is current fromage d’affinois. I probably spelled that really wrong but it’s similar to a brie. I used to get it when I worked near the French Market in Chicago. It’s absolutely divine!

    321. Dawn Leach says:

      This IS a hard question! But, I think I’m going to have to go with a really good, really sharp, cheddar. I know it’s basic, but nothing really beats it. Though, I am also a big fan of soft goat cheese, pepperjack cheese, garden herb cheese…excuse me for drooling…

    322. Allison says:

      If I had to choose, I would say that my favorite cheese is pepper jack! Love those flecks of red pepper flake. :)

    323. Monica says:

      I love cheese! If I had to pick one I guess it would be mozzarella, because I love pizza.

    324. Shelly says:

      The BEST cheese is Pinconning cheese. It’s made in the great city of Pinconning, Michigan and it will brighten up ANY cheesey dish, whether it be mac ‘n’ cheese (I used it when I made your stovetop version) or a plain grilled cheese sandwhich!! Medium sharp is the most versatile of the Pinconnings, but they all taste great!

    325. Andrea says:

      I’m a simple girl. I LOVE brick cheese!

    326. Jennie says:

      Favorite cheese–mmmmmmm….a good piece of real Parmesan is always nice. But goat cheese is super versatile and always tasty, too! Oh man, and a sharp cheddar…I am getting distracted. I’ll go with parm.

    327. nd says:

      After my trip to Spain, I have loved Manchego cheese.

    328. Traci F says:

      Glad you had a good time in New England. I love living in this part of the world myself! I like a good sharp cheddar cheese!

    329. Sarah says:

      Manchego cheese, definitely! It is creamy and slightly hard, and has these little crystal-ish nuggets of goodness that add to the amazing experience of eating this cheese!

    330. Sarah says:

      Vermont extra sharp white cheddar, yum!

    331. katie says:

      I love, love, love goat cheese. yummy crumbly, smooth goat cheese!

    332. Melissa says:

      My favorite cheese is definitely gouda! I just bought some at a cheese factory this weekend :)

    333. blueka says:

      I’m an Iowa girl… Maytag Blue Cheese for me, ALWAYS!

    334. astrid says:

      Is it okay to say that I hate cheese? Except on pizza-but only if it’s not too cheesy. But I grew up in New England and love Vermont-we visit often! Does that count? :-)

    335. Missy says:

      Truffle Cheese! I actually bought it by accident at a local market and instantly fell in love. Best cheese ever!

    336. Gemma says:

      I must say brie is my absolute favorite if I HAD to pick, oh how I missed it when I was pregnant.

    337. Erin says:

      My favorite cheese is the sharp cheddar at the Granville Country Store in Granville, Mass. Not necessarily because I love the taste but because every fall we would drive up there and get some and then my mom would pass slices of cheese and crackers around the car as we drove around enjoying the foliage. Now I’m homesick!

    338. Heather Becker says:

      Parmesan for sure!

    339. At least you know what you’re asking me to commit to! I’d say humbolt fog. I haven’t had a lot of it, but I remember it being so amazing. Just the right balance of creamy, nutty, and pungent. Oh man, now I’m hungry!

    340. Sylvia says:

      All cheese is good cheese, but I love bleu. Burgers, salad, with apples… anything with bleu cheese and I’m sold!

    341. Jenn B says:

      I really like Parmesan cheese. A few years ago, my mom got us a rotary cheese grater so we can enjoy fresh Parmesan atop a pile of spaghetti or anything semi-Italian! Yummm!

    342. Sarah T says:

      Honestly, a good creamy white cheddar hits the spot every time :)

    343. Really?!? Just one? Ok if forced to choose its provolone. But I’m not really sure I’ve met a cheese I don’t like.

    344. Emilie in MN says:

      You are right it is very hard to choose, but if I had to I would say Blue Cheese.

      Thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

    345. Briana says:

      Harvarti is a favorite in our household…. and we love us some fresh buffalo mozarella. We have a pretty frequently used saying in our kitchen, that there is never too much cheese or garlic. Just saying….

      Also, my dream is to roadtrip for 2 or 3 weeks throughout New England in the fall…. I’m totally jealous of your trip, but you definitely deserved it! Can’t wait to hear more!!!

    346. Laura says:

      Sharp cheddar!

    347. Carla says:

      I am so excited for you to go to Vermont….I absolutely love it there! I visited for the first time 3 years ago and can’t wait to go back. My favorite is of course Vermont White Cheddar YUM!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win your giveaway!

    348. Anne L. says:

      I think my favorite is goat gouda. Yum!

    349. Blanca Rojas says:

      Brie!! I absolutely love Brie with apple compote! Yummmm!!!

    350. Jen says:

      Blue cheese..mmmm!

    351. Alyssa says:

      Such beautiful pictures! I absolutely LOVE smoked gouda.

    352. Linda says:

      Maybe havarti or gorgonzola. But I love gruyere when cooking. Ok, it’s officially impossible to pick just one. ;)

    353. Rebecca says:

      Muenster cheese has been my favorite since I was a kid-when I used to call it “monster cheese” :-)

    354. Samantha says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and all the fantastic reciepes! i look forward to your site each and every day!!!

      Favorite cheese still has to remain String cheese, great on the go and as an at work snack!

    355. Angie R. says:

      I love blue cheese or feta on salads, and it is definitely hard to pick just ONE cheese. I guess I would have to pick sharp cheddar for it’s versatility!

    356. Becca says:

      colby cheese for sure!
      thank you!

    357. aj says:

      I love strong cheeses like camembert or rocquefort.. but wow, it’s hard to choose! I love all cheese

    358. melanie says:

      Cougar gold. An amazing sharp cheddar made in Washington.

    359. Cindy says:


      I love your website….check it daily! One of my MANY favorites is swiss!

    360. Meghan says:

      I’ve always wanted to visit New England in the fall! Your pictures are gorgeous :) I like so many cheeses, but overall I think my favorite might be fresh mozzarella…it’s so versatile.

    361. Gaby says:

      Oh my, goodness! I can only pick one type of cheese?!? Quite impossible, but I’m going to say manchego. I have great memories of my dad and I sitting around the island in the kitchen, listening to NPR on a lazy Sunday afternoon, just taking slices off the block of manchego and eating it straight. So good! The edges, right under the wax, always tasted so much better than the rest of the cheese to me! I’m not sure why, but GOSH was it good. MMM, now I’m hungry!

    362. ShelbyP says:

      That area of the country looks like so much fun! And I love me some Colby-Jack cheese. Although, recently I tried brie for the first time. I’m thinking it may be a close runner-up to my beloved Co-Jack!

    363. Megan Bentley says:

      I love Gouda cheese and it always makes for a good laugh when I ask my husband how’s the cheese and he says “Gouda!” what cab I say were a little dorky and easily entertained!

    364. Genny says:


    365. Rachel says:

      Hmm, since it is a “forbidden” food right now in my pregnancy, I would have to say that Brie is my favorite! :) Yum.

    366. Allyson cheaney says:

      Hm… I guess my absolute favorite cheese would have to be… Provolone, but asiago would be a close second.

    367. Jessica says:

      I never use to like Bleu Cheese until I tried a fantastic dip made with it for some wings at a hockey game. Now, I LOVE it!! Ever since then I have promised myself to try new cheeses, including a newer favorite and now all time favorite, Gorgonzola!

    368. Sharlene says:

      My absolute favorite cheese is sharp white cheddar. My family and I visit this place in new york that makes and ages the best white cheddar I’ve ever tasted in my life. Making me drool thinking of it right now!

    369. Brooke says:

      mmmmmm….being a WI girl, I love cheese! my favorite would have to be aged cheddar….10-12 years old is the best :)

    370. Brenna says:

      I love me some parmesan, but boy oh boy, you’ve put my favorite candy of all time in this giveaway!!

    371. joyce says:

      My favorite cheese is probably Mozzarella, as far as day to day goes. But I LOVE pepper jack and gouda…especially smoked gouda.

    372. Sarah C says:

      My favorite is a sharp cheddar. Especially Dubliner Cheddar!

    373. Jennifer says:


    374. Christy W says:

      VT Sharp Cheddar! Yum!!

    375. Rachael says:

      I love gouda. It is so tasty either by itself or on crackers!!

    376. Molly says:

      So tough, but I keep coming back to cheddar – like someone else said, it’s so versatile (and yummy!).

    377. bethany says:

      Mmm, gournay (boursin) is my absolute favorite. I could eat it by the spoonful. Vermont looks like the perfect getaway!

    378. Lindsay says:

      Wow, what a tough choice!! I think I will have to go with pepperjack cheese. I love the kick it brings to sandwiches!

      Thanks for the opportunity! :)

    379. Ren says:

      I grew up 20 mins south of Wisconsin, so we went frequently to tiny little cheese shops. This makes it impossible to pick just one type of cheese.

      Smoked cheddar is possibly my favorite. Or gouda. Or cheese curds. Or goat cheese with just a hint of herbs.

    380. Cynthia Stuckey says:

      Having to pick just one, I would say that cooking in general would not be the same without a good, aged, fresh Parmesan.

    381. I think I’d pick Gouda! I love it! I take it with me backpacking even. haha.

      Your trip looks beautiful!

    382. Kelly says:

      My favorite of all time is Brie!! I could eat that on a thick, soft French baguette for the rest of my life and be happy. Especially with my Peach freezer jam. Right now, I’m on a feta kick and herbed squeaky cheese kick, and recently cooked with Gorgonzola, which I haven’t used before. My parents are recently mostly vegan,but say they can’t fully convert because feta is too tempting. As well any good cheese should be!

    383. Keiri says:

      Mine would have to be Cheddar! The sharper the better.

    384. Ashton says:

      I LOVE Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt. Tam Triple Cream. If you haven’t tried it, you simply must.

    385. Heather V says:

      Cream cheese – does that even count? I like it on bagels, and in cheesecake.

    386. Brooke says:

      If I HAVE to pick just one.. it would be EXTRA sharp cheddar :)

    387. Veronica says:

      My favorite cheese is cream cheese. It is versatile and can be made to be savory or sweet.

    388. i haven’t met a cheese i don’t like but i’d pick goat if i had to choose only one!!

    389. Robin says:

      My favorite cheese is gruyure!

    390. Robin says:

      My favorite cheese is Pecorino Romano!!!

    391. Heather says:

      You are mean…one? ONE???? I live in Wisconsin and we just have to have our cheese here! I’d say a nice brie is always loved by me (and not by my husband, which means it gets to all be mine!)


    392. Jessica says:

      my favorite has to be Parmesan…I could eat a whole block of it in one sitting!! :)

    393. Allison P. says:

      How beautiful! We could sure use some of those fall colors in Texas…

      And as for cheese, I think my favorite kind has to be brie – specifically, smothered in jam and wrapped in pastry. Mmm…

    394. Carolyn says:

      Havarti with dill is the creamiest, most heavenly cheese out of the many I have enjoyed. It goes perfectly on a triscuit cracker with a nice glass of buttery Chardonnay.

    395. Ana says:

      My favorite cheese is fresh mozzarella. Fresh mozz + baguette + olive oil and salt = heaven!

    396. Marissa says:

      Looks like a great trip!

      If I had to pick one cheese, it would be brie… though I love ’em all. :)

    397. TK says:

      I love a nice fresh mozzarella!

    398. Julie says:

      I love Gruyere…the younger not too aged kind. It melts like a dream and is so yummy in so many dishes. Yum.

    399. Shauna W. says:

      Pradera Gouda is my all-time favorite!

    400. Lindsay says:

      I love most cheese, but if I have to pick a favorite, I’ll go with smoked gouda. Looks like you had a great trip. Thanks for the giveaway!

    401. Kristyn says:

      My favorite type of cheese is most definitely mozzarella! [especially when paired with prosciutto. YUM YUM YUM!]

    402. Valeri says:

      I personally love blue cheese. I can’t get enough of it.

    403. Andrea Fogt says:

      White American Cheese:)

    404. Laura says:

      Oh my gosh, this was so hard for me to pick just one! I’m going to have to go with smoked Gouda! Salty & delicious :)

    405. Ashley says:

      i havent been to vermont in almost 10 years! Its still so breathtakingly beautiful and i dont blame you for picking it as a vacation spot!

      too many choices of cheese to even choose from, but lately ive been having a very good relationship with gouda. It seems to taste amazing on EVERYTHING! For snacking though i definitely have to stick to a classic colby jack mixture :o)

    406. Kristy says:

      What: A stong, sharp cheddar… like Irish Dubliner cheese.
      How: Sliced thin on whole grain bread with crisp apple slices, seed-y mustard, and roasted red peppers! OR, along side a juicy pear.
      Why: Sharp cheddar + fall fruit = DELICIOUSNESS!

    407. Claire says:

      Mmmm…I love a good Havarti!

    408. Tough decision!!!!! Havarti is so delicious and of course I couldn’t live without cheddar. :)

    409. Elizabeth says:

      Picking one is so hard; I’m going to have to say a nice mozzarella. This was the hardest decision I’ve made so far today!

    410. Suzanne says:

      Gruyere is my absolute favorite cheese. Hands down.

    411. Karla says:

      We go to Vermont every winter and are not going this year. I’m starting to rethink my decision to stay home for the holidays. I love VERMONT! My favorite cheese is Cabot’s Horseradish Cheddar.

    412. Urban Wife says:

      C’est l’impossible! But if I must pick just one….Gruyere.

    413. Jenny says:

      As if it’s even possible to pick just 1 cheese!! I guess I’ll have to go with a nice, creamy brie.

    414. Jill says:

      If I had to choose just one, I’d have to say Swiss. My ancestors are from Switzerland, so I guess it flows through my veins!

    415. Kayla says:

      Muenster cheese is by far my favorite!

    416. Laura says:


    417. Jennifer L. says:

      My favourite kind of cheese would have to be Jarlsberg. I love, love, love it!

    418. linda says:

      Oh Annie, what a way to honor your Mom! I spent most of my life in CT and now live in AZ. Whenever I get back to the east coast I ALWAYS spend a day in VT. Fall never leaves your heart no matter where you live. My favorite cheese is extra sharp vermont cheddar-it makes the best mac and cheese. I would love that cookbook!

    419. Such a tough decision! I think I’d have to go with the popular, Extra-Sharp Cheddar. When it’s crumbly and has those little salt crystals, so good!

    420. V' says:

      Cougar Gold cheese which is a local cheese made by the Creamery at Washington State University. They do ship – you should try some!

    421. Rachel says:

      Smoked Gouda would have to be my #1 though we love almost any cheese in our household.
      Beautiful pics from your trip! Looking forward to part 2!

    422. Jen says:

      Mmmm…cheese. I would have to say a good smoked Gouda. Nothing is more fun to me than a wine and cheese party with close friends!

    423. Chelsea says:

      My favorite is definitely baby swiss cheese!

    424. Laurie matzko says:

      Wow-choosing only one kind of cheese is like choosing one part of my body. I guess I would have to go with gorgonzola dolce, which is amazing in a panini with pear, walnuts, and honey!

    425. Amy says:

      Jalapeno Muenster has got to be my fav!

    426. Jaime says:

      My favorite, especially this tim of year, is cranberry white cheddar!

    427. theresa says:

      Irish sharp white cheddar. Yum, yum, yum

    428. Hmmm….I really like feta in brine. My sister often shares some that she picks up at the local Greek market. However, my girlfriend shared some New England (maybe Vermont, maybe New Hampshire–can’t remember which!) sharp cheddar that her husband bought out there—and that was extremely yummy!!

    429. Jenn says:

      Sharp cheddar is my favorite :) Can’t wait to see more of your trip and new recipes!

    430. Ann Grismore says:

      It is difficult to pick just one as I really enjoy many cheeses but I think my most favorite would be Tillamook Mild Cheddar.

    431. Laura T says:

      I love warm toasted bread, and my favorite cheese to go along with that would definitely be Brie.

    432. I love all kinds of cheese, but my favorite is probably a sharp white cheddar.

    433. Sarah says:


    434. Irene L. says:

      Hi Annie,
      My husband and I went skiing in Stowe, Vermont last Febuary, it was so beautiful! I would have to say that my favorite cheese is Brie!

    435. Jackie says:

      If I had to pick just one…… Gouda wins!

    436. Heather E says:

      I had a great tomme crayeuse this past weekend. I’m also generally into gruyères and parmesans!

    437. Sandie says:

      pepperjack. i just love the kick of flavor!

    438. Courtney H says:

      That is a hard question… I’d say either true Parmigiano Reggiano (good for so many things, or just eating it plain!) OR maybe RedHawk from Cowgirl Creamery in California… OR Mimolette, the little french cannonballs!!!

    439. Alicia says:

      It is almost impossible to pick just one favorite but lately I would have to say brie has been at the top of my list.

    440. Courtney H says:

      Have you ever tried marinating small pieces of manchego in really good extra virgin olive oil overnight (Spanish tapas style?) SOOOO good!

    441. Heidiann H says:

      Mozzarella. . . but it has to be fresh. I love that stuff!!

    442. Lynne Beattie says:

      One I have recently discovered and really LOVE is cambozola – love it just by itself!

    443. Lauren says:

      A good aged cheddar. I can’t resist!

    444. AnnieJ says:

      My favorite cheese would be plain ole Swiss.

    445. ellie says:

      Totally Maple cheddar! sounds super gross but is soooooo good

    446. Sally Stamm says:

      I love cheese. Unfortunately, it doesn’t love me anymore! Any dairy, as a matter of fact, is now an issue, since I am lactose intolerant. However, after doing some blog searching, I have discovered that Cracker Barrel cheese is lactose free. I love the Aged Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar!

    447. Just one? Hmm…well, after being introduced to Brie not too long ago, I would have to say that. I love it in a phyllo cup, topped with some pepper jelly or dried cranberries and brown sugar and baked just until the phyllo is golden and the Brie is melted…YUM!

    448. Kyle says:

      Looks like tou had a lot of fun!!! My fav cheese – Goat cheese!!

    449. nicole gentilini says:

      If I had to pick, probably sliced parmesan. Yum!!!

    450. Annie D. says:

      My favorite cheese is a local Amish Farmer’s cheese.

    451. Becky says:

      I absolutely love pepper jack cheese – such a tasty cheese with a kick!

    452. Oh my goodness… how to pick just one? I must say, I love Provolone. It adds such wonderful flavor to anything you pair it with, and it’s so versatile!

      It looks like you had a wonderful trip Annie! I, too, would love to visit New England during the fall… good enough reason for a vacation to me!

    453. Mary Kate says:

      My favorite cheese would have to be chevre. I tend to eat about twice as much as I had originally planned, especially if cooking with it. I went to college in VT and miss the availability of all the amazing cheese, fresh apples, and such! So glad to see you enjoyed the local fare!!

    454. Ali says:

      I would have to say pecorino romano! Any recipe that calls for parmesan, we always substitute pecorino romano – not to mention topping any and every pasta dish with it! Love the added flavor and sharpness that it gives.

    455. Marley says:

      Being from Vermont, it is always so exciting/refreshing/surprising to see blog posts about our wonderful, little state! It is a truly beautiful, heartwarming place to live and, as you now know, visit. The next time you take a trip here, stop by Quechee, Vermont!

    456. sare says:

      Morbier! With a nice red. Oh, yes!

    457. Chelsea says:

      I recently fell in (cheese) love with Fontina. Oh how I love Fontina. Looks like you had a great trip!

    458. taryn says:

      if i had to pick just one….i’d have to say fresh mozz! hmm…wait…better yet…a creamy burrata!

    459. Liz says:

      I would have to have a tie between smoked gouda, brie, and goat cheese!!! Yum!!

      Sorry if this is a duplicate! I’m not sure it worked the first time on my phone.

    460. Jennifer says:

      Well, if I had to probably cheddar followed super close by mozzarella because both are so versatile and so yummy…I love to eat them both freshly grated by the handful :)

    461. goat cheese without a doubt.

    462. Stephanie Coleman says:

      Without a doubt… Brie! Especially if it’s baked and wrapped in puff pastry!!

    463. Shannon says:

      choose only one? wow! that is a stumper……i think maytag blue is my winner :)

    464. Ashleigh says:

      No competition! It doesn’t get any better than goat cheese! :)

    465. Susan says:

      I love most any cheese but lately I have been craving swiss.

    466. Amanda says:

      It’s so hard to choose, but my favorite is probably Brie. I don’t get to have it very often, but I love the taste and it’s such a treat when I am able to enjoy it!

    467. I love Montery Jack Cheese, I’m not a super sharp cheddar fan, so the Montery is a good tone down from that.

    468. Rosie says:

      sharp cheddar

    469. Brianne says:

      hmmmmm…. i love cheese! for today i would choose muenster…. so creamy and light and delicious!

    470. Susan Wharton says:

      My favorite brand of cheese is Tillamok aand my favorite Tillamok is medium cheddar. It can be used in anything and mixed with other cheeses for a great mac and cheese. Whenever it is being grated I just can never resist pinching little clumps for myself.Mmmm so good.

    471. Suzannah says:

      Baked, melty brie…no, feta…no, goat cheese. Yes, goat cheese for sure. Although I wouldn’t turn most cheeses down. I’ll happily eat any cheese except blue!

    472. Kari says:

      If I HAVE to pick it would be goat cheese. Yum!

    473. Julie Janis says:

      Ahh….New England….I want to visit in the fall sometime, too. Gorgeous pics! Have to say my favorite cheese this month is Parmigiano-Reggiano. Love the extra bit of flavor and kick it gives my recipes.

    474. Ann P. says:

      Hey Annie! I have a friend going to Vermont on business, and I’ll be sure to tell him all about your visit to Grafton so he’ll have some fun things to do while off work! :) Totally jealous of that cheese shop– we definitely need one here! Thanks for holding the give-away, Annie! You are too awesome.

      My favorite type of cheese is Camembert! I used to eat it for breakfast on a baguette when I visited my grandma, so it brings back wonderful memories AND it tastes fantastic!

    475. Samantha Levy says:

      Fresh Mozzarella! When I was little I called it water cheese and begged for it every time my grandma would take me to the specialty Italian food shop!

    476. yeliz-de-france says:

      Woaow ! How are you going to choose One reader with those 382 comments (sorry, 385, just the time for me to write 10 words… 386… 387, Ok, j’arrête là…).
      So, this is my first comment since your blog and me fall in love a few weeks ago. As you have noticed, I’m not an US resident, and my english is… not too bad. I know I’m not going to win this prize, but “l’important, c’est de participer” as we say here ! So, my TOP-favourite cheese is the Roquefort, named also “blue cheese” because of his famous blue mold. I’m preparing many recipes with this cheese like the “Pipe Rigate au Roquefort” and even my little kids ask for more.
      I just wanted you to know that even in France, people (me and my family ;-) are reading your blog (and try to translate the “cup”, the “F°” and the rest) and thank you for all those fabulous recipes and tips that help me improving myself !

    477. Shawna says:

      There are so many that I love and so many that I haven’t even tried yet…I will go with something simple and say Provolone. Since moving to the northeast, we have become huge fans since it seems to be a staple up here!

    478. Mrs. Smith says:

      I’m pretty sure my favourite cheese is Muenster. When I lived in WI, my dad would buy a block of it as a treat just to eat for us kids. We all love it. Now I’ve introduced my husband to it and he really likes it, too. I use it mainly for sandwiches and cooking, especially pizza. I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with a pizza if it lacks muenster now that I make my own pizza.

    479. Becky says:

      Smoked gouda…but only if I have a cranberry/orange/pecan relish that is made in Texas to go with it. If not, any variety of Tillamook cheddar from Oregon. Yum!

    480. Lauren H. says:

      My favorite is smoked Gouda! mmmmmmmmmm.

    481. dolph122000 says:

      I’ve always been fond of queso fresco. I know it’s odd but my abuelita would make the best quesadillas from it and it’s found a special place in my heart because of that :)

    482. Kelly says:

      My favorite kind of cheese, hands down, is parmesan. It might have something to do with my obsession with pasta. ;)

    483. CC says:

      I have to say, I was a little bummed out by your “what’s there to see in VT” comment. I understand you were being funny… but VT is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I’m glad you realized that on your trip, but it was a bit disappointing to read that. I look forward to more posts about the trip and great places that you visited in beautiful VT.

    484. Heather M says:

      Only one!? Goodness that’s hard! When I was younger I wanted to open up a Cheese shoppe called “cheesus loves you” that’s how much I love cheese. Then I became lactose sensitive and couldn’t eat it any more. Luckily it’s back and in full force! And, at the time being, my favorite is Brie. So creamy and delicious!

    485. i’m going to go with cheddar, the sharper the better!

    486. Catherine says:

      Pepper Jack!!

    487. Amber says:

      There is something comforting about sharp cheddar and salty crackers. It reminds me of my mom.

    488. Katie H. says:

      My absolute fave cheese (though I love them all) would have to be mozzarella!! The REAL mozzarella, not the super over processed fake kind!!

    489. Lindsey Schroeder says:

      I love brie cheese! Yum!

    490. Melissa says:

      definitely it would have to be freshly made and still a little warm mozzarella drizzled with a little olive oil and sea salt, yum

    491. Kristin H says:

      I would have to go with Manchego for sure! Great on sandwiches and even better for snacking!

    492. Stephanie says:

      Cave-Aged Gruyere…. sort of little crystals in the cheese that snap as it’s bitten… Hope I am describing this properly… love this cheese

    493. Crystal says:

      LOVE Vermont! We’re in the Boston area and hubby went to UVM so we try to get up there every year! Favorite cheese? Nothing better than an extra sharp cheddar! We’ve been trying some new ones lately and I’ve been loving wensleydale w/ cranberries… fantastic on a burger!

    494. Regina says:

      So hard to pick but i’d choose Provolone, i can eat that by itself any day, any time!

    495. KellyS says:

      The perfect after school snack (for someone that works at a school) is Brie, a baquette and a glass of red wine.

    496. Liz says:

      Monterey Jack – delicious in recipes or on its own with crackers!

    497. Gina says:

      This is a really tough one because there are sooo many delicious cheeses out there but if I had to pick one, I think it would have to be humboldt fog. It’s such a rich cheese that has a perfect mix of delectable flavors!

    498. Annie says:

      We actually did visit Quechee briefly and it seemed really neat, though we got there just before dark and didn’t get to look around much.

    499. Jennifer says:

      This is too hard…a good aged cheddar, brie, aged gouda or just a thick slice of pepper jack! I’m originally from Wisconsin so I’ll eat about any cheese! I love the package you put together. The cookbook looks amazing!

    500. Amalia says:

      Brie! Always and forever. Although I love them all.

    501. Robin says:

      Oooh, my favorite cheese is definitely this black truffle sheep’s milk cheese that I can only get at this little place near my mother’s house!

    502. Maya says:

      Brie!!!! Yep, hands down.

    503. Nic says:

      Well, I’m from Colby, WI (home of Colby cheese) so I think I’ll go with…Colby cheese! ;)

    504. Susanna says:

      Uggggh, just one? I guess I would pick a nice, strong sharp cheddar. I love to eat it by itself or with apples. Yummm!

    505. Kim L says:

      Feta. mmmm feta! I could eat it by the pound I think.

    506. Theresa T says:

      Port Salud…its creamy and nutty and smooth and I could eat it for days if I wasn’t lactose intolerant!

    507. ccr in MA says:

      I love the enthusiasm in these comments–so many exclamation points, so much cheese love! I’m a fan of mild ones, and there’s nothing like a fresh mozzarella, with good tomatoes and basil and mmmmm.

    508. Jannett says:

      Cream Cheese! On a bagel, On a cupcake, on fruit, in my belly!

    509. Bailey says:

      I love all cheese, but I think cheddar is probably my favorite. I eat bricks of cheddar on a weekly basis :)

    510. Lara says:

      For me goat cheese was an acquired taste, but holy moly am I glad that I eventually acquired it! It’s smooth, creamy, flavorful, and works well in so many recipes! Delicious on its own too. :-)

    511. sarawit lindy says:

      smoked gouda…yum

    512. I love sharp Vermont cheddar!

    513. Nancy N says:

      cheese. I don’t think I can play favorites with cheese. But if I had to pick one go-to? Cheddar. Vermont or otherwise. And now I can’t get that commercial from a few Christmas’ ago out of my mind … “Behold the power of CHEESE …”

    514. Amber, RD says:

      Blue cheese. Love it!!

    515. Anna says:

      Well that’s easy… ALL cheese. I haven’t met a cheese I don’t love!!! Brie, cambert, rockfort, chedder, queso blanno, I don;t care if it’s cheese I’m in. :D

    516. Janet N says:

      white cheddar

    517. sue says:

      Hard choice between feta and blue. I think Feta wins!

    518. Ashley says:

      I love smoked gouda.

    519. Adrena says:

      I love gruyere!

    520. Ohh I love sharp cheddar cheese! And havarti :) And I used to live in Massachusetts and love vermont syrup and candy! Great giveaway!

    521. Candace S. says:

      Farmers – No question about it!

    522. Jessie says:

      This is only if I had to choose, OK? Then it would be Gruyere. Something about the taste and texture.

    523. Cathy O. says:

      I love baked brie with fruit. LOVE it!

    524. Misty Lynn says:

      I love cheese so much! I love the old fashioned hoop cheese at the roadside markets around my house in South Carolina as much as any fancy imported cheese.

    525. Darla says:

      I love sharp cheddar!

    526. Heather S. says:

      I have loved every kind of cheese that I have ever tasted. My all-time favorite cheese is smoked gouda. I love the smokey, rich, silky goodness of it! I can it a whole brick in one day if I let myself =)

    527. Nama says:

      There really isn’t a cheese I DON’T love! But since you’re making me choose, I have to say that I’ve always had a deep love for Muenster. Mmm….

    528. SJ says:

      Vermont Sharp “Chedda” is there anything else! I even have Vermont Cheddar in powder form from King Arthur Flour. Did you get a chance to go there? I’ve been meaning to take a weekend and take some classes there, but haven’t had a chance yet. Not too far from here. You look like you really enjoyed our great New England fall weather. Great pics by the way.

    529. Bec says:

      Smoked Gouda!

    530. Beth C. says:

      Right now? It has to be Tillamook Black Pepper White Cheddar. On a Triscuit. Delish!

    531. amy marantino says:

      sharp cheddar

    532. Lynn G. says:

      It’s so basic and unoriginal, but my favorite all-around cheese is cheddar. Sharp, or extra sharp, please. :)

    533. Emily says:

      My favorite is Sweet Grass Dairy’s goat cheese. It’s fantastic!

    534. Kim says:

      Lately, I’ve been really into bleu cheese :]

    535. Stephanie says:

      OOh, I love this post! We used to live in VT, and we miss it so much! My favorite cheese is Shelburne farms cheddar. It is so yummy! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

    536. Dawn says:

      Brie….so many ways to eat it!!

    537. Randilea says:

      Smoked gouda for sure! Soooo creamy and delicious :)

    538. Jessica says:

      I love brie, but would have to go with cheddar as the most versatile!

    539. Marina says:

      Brie! Yummy =)

    540. Leslie CA says:

      My favorite cheese is any smoked cheese-mozzarella, provolone, gouda. Pure heaven!

    541. melissa says:

      Definitely Vermont cheddar. yummm

    542. Norma says:

      Havarti all the way. I’m not a big cheese lover, but give me some Havarti, and I’m a happy camper!

    543. Extra sharp cheddar!! I’m from Vermont, and these picture are making me homesick!! I was so excited to see them, so thanks for sharing :)

    544. Tara says:

      Smoked gouda

    545. Reagan says:

      Blue cheese is my favorite by far!

    546. Tara F. says:

      OMG, I absolutely love cheese. Believe it or not, my 2 Favorites are American and Sharp Cheddar. I also really love fresh mozzarella too though. Mmmm! Always have to gave cheese in the house.

    547. Sarah Thompson says:

      Chevre (goat cheese)– MMMMMMM…melted in a warm appetizer…even in brownies ( Since you were in Vermont, too bad you didn’t stumble upon these…truly wonderful!!!

    548. Diana says:

      Feta. Mmm.

    549. Vicki says:

      Darn near impossible to choose one….lots of favorites…pepper jack has got to be in the top ten!

    550. Brandi says:

      Extra sharp cheddar is my favorite cheese! Thanks for the giveaway!

    551. kimmers says:

      Probably use medium cheddar the most but LOVE feta on salads! So hard to choose just 1. Enjoyed reading your blog today!

    552. MeaganW519 says:

      Being from Vermont! Any kind of cheddar of course! But anything smoked runs a very close second! :)

    553. Purnima says:

      I love cotswald cheese with chives! Thank you for offering this contest.

    554. I love Robusto cheese! I haven’t seen it outside of whole foods… it’s softer than a parmigiano or grana padano, but it has those little crystals in it. Super tasty!

    555. Morgan C. says:

      My fav is smoked Gouda!

    556. Nina says:

      My favorite type of cheese is mozzarella :)

    557. Ruth Briggs says:

      What a fun trip! My favorite cheese is the Vermont Extra Sharp White cheddar, it makes outstanding Mac and Cheese.

    558. Christie says:

      Gruyere…especially in potatoes au gratin.

    559. Annie B says:

      I had this amazing fresh goat cheese at a farmers market in Hawaii that was definitely the best cheese I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve been trying to find something at home to compare, but have yet to succeed.

    560. Jennifer N. says:

      My favorite is a simple white cheddar. So yummy!

    561. Anne says:

      Annie I love your Blog! My number one favorite cheese is Cabots Sharp Cheddar from Vermont. I lived in Vermont for a short time. . .but long enough to discover Cabots! I have found them, wherever I have lived ever since. That’s 25 years and counting! Keep up the good work and have fun with the 550+ comments!

    562. DianeKay says:

      I love all the cheddars………..

    563. Catherine says:

      My go-to cheese is mozzarella.

    564. Sarah El Guerrab says:

      You want me to pick a single cheese!!! Its a close tie with two cheses, but I will pick dubliner Irish cheese. It is amazing, just the right amount of christals and just the perfect bite to it! Ohh yum!

    565. Emily Anderson says:

      Gruiere is my fav…not sure if that is the right spelling.

    566. I don’t have a lot of access, but locally, I like the pepperjack that the Mennonite ladies make. Vermont looks like Heaven!

    567. Ellen says:

      Brie! Brie all the way.

    568. Christina says:

      Gruyere at the moment…

    569. Christina says:

      At the moment: gruyere!

    570. Ashley says:

      If I had to pick a favorite cheese I would probably go with Parmesan. I use it the most and I love Parmesan crisps for snacking. Yum!

    571. Amy says:

      FETA! Hands down. It makes any dish better in my opinion!

    572. Katrina says:

      I love sharp cheddar!

    573. Ann says:

      I just spent a week in Grafton in October. It is one of my most favorite places in the worid. My favorite cheese is any type made by the Grafton Cheese Co. They are amazing!

    574. Holley says:

      I love extra sharp cheddar cheese! Yum!

    575. Rebecca says:

      I really like goat brie!

    576. sara says:

      Vermont sounds lovely! I love a really Sharp cheddar cheese!! Or, goat cheese!

    577. judy jursch says:

      My favorite cheese isn’t’s simply a good sharp cheddar cheese. I love it’s simplicity and it’s so versatile. It makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever!

    578. What a lovely Vermont visit you shared with us! Perfect for the Autumn season I’m sure.
      My favorite cheese is definitely smoked gouda.
      So yummy by the thin sliver to just melting it on my baguette! OH YUM!! Your tasty recipes are a treat to try. Thank you for all you share!
      Joyful blessings…..~Sandie

    579. Tessa says:

      My favorite would have to be Provolone!

    580. Kristin says:

      I love cheese, but this is an easy question for me….a nice aged, extra sharp cheddar.

    581. Lisa says:

      I love gouda!

    582. Kimberlee V says:

      Id have to say Brie! The creamy, buttery flavor is heaven!

    583. Michelle says:

      I’m not sure I can ever narrow it down to just one favorite but I’ll always have a weak spot for Pleasant Ridge Reserve, a small batch cow’s milk cheese similar to gruyere. I’m also eating an embarrassing quantity of locally made feta lately.

    584. Jody says:

      This amazing horseradish cheddar that I had at a holiday party last year. YUM!

    585. Susan D from Houston says:

      Oh if I have to choose on cheese to be my favorite it will have to be Cambozola, a camembert gorgonzola hybrid that is simply delicious!!

    586. Natalie Y says:

      Shocked to see so much cheddar votes but, I heart Jarlsberg.

    587. Lisa J. says:

      Absolutely LOVE a good smoked provolone.

    588. Donna says:

      My favorite cheese is Swiss!

    589. Amanda Poninski says:

      Dofino brand Creamy Havarti! It melts in your mouth with such a balance of salt and cream that it goes with sweet and savory. I love it on toast for breakfast or with fruit and wine! So versatile!

    590. Byrne says:

      Goat cheese!

    591. Bryansgyrl says:

      I love sharp cheddar cheese! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

    592. SuzyQ says:

      SHARP white cheddar! Hand down.

    593. Susan Anderson says:

      Swiss. It’s what’s for lunch almost every work day, melted on bread with turkey or ham. Do love Cabot Cheddar as well, being a former New Englander, now a Hoosier transplant.

    594. Elizabeth from Indy says:

      I’ve been on a gruyere kick lately. Why didn’t I discover this cheese sooner?

    595. Gjesso says:

      Recently vegan, but missing havarti!

    596. Becky Wilde says:

      I love cheese also. Cabot Vermont Cheddar is great cheese and believe it or not, Walmart carries it.
      I love Feta and Blue Cheese because of the wonderful flavor and the many foods the cheese can be used in, especially the feta cheese.

    597. Sarah Shep says:

      I’d have to say good old cheddar – so simple, but so good both alone and on top of many foods!

    598. Betty Pierson says:

      So hard to choose one favorite cheese. Brie? Cheddar? Swiss? I think I’ll have to go with Muenster! Smooth and creamy! Yummy!

    599. may says:

      My fav cheese is Gruyere..but at almost $13 a lb it is only a treat for me. I use it on my french onion soup. Also love blue cheese and brie.
      Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

    600. Jessica from Jonesborough says:

      I have the hardest time picking a favorite cheese. I practically drool while standing in the cheeses section of my local deli. Thinking back of recent cheese purchases, I tend to lean towards Vermont Sharp White Cheddar the most. It is diving in creamy potato soup!

    601. Donna says:

      I loved Tara’s visit to Vermont, it is such a beautiful state.
      I have never had the pleasure of tasting any of their cheeses,
      but the only one that my husband and I love it Cheddar cheese.
      We watch America’s test Kitchen and I know they probably use Vermont cheddar in their recipes.

    602. Sami says:

      Gruyere, oh how i love it!

    603. If my husband only knew how much money I spend on cheese a month! If I had to pick one it would probably be my favorite snacking cheese (although its pretty awesome in hamburgers or on turkey sandwiches) herb & chive goat cheese from Rawson Brook farm in Monterey Mass. It’s about 4 miles from where I grew up and I have fond memories of visiting the farm with my mom as a child and now when we visit my parents we go and visit. They love to see the goats.

    604. Carina says:

      I absolutely LOVE Vermont too! My husband and I actually honeymooned there in the winter. My all-time favorite cheese has to be Brie – preferably baked with some kind of fruit topping. Mmmmm….

    605. Sherri J says:

      Oh so hard to choose but I have to say a really good artisan goat cheese. Tangy and creamy is so good.

    606. Cindy says:

      Cabot sharp cheddar, of course. It’s the best!

    607. Maxine Reisenleiter says:

      It has varied over the years–right now I’m really enjoying Havarti.

    608. Kristen says:

      Blue Cheese!! I love the tang and creaminess!

    609. pkramer says:

      I would have to say my favorite cheese is Brie due to the creaminess and multitude of combinations that go with Brie. Brie is wonderful on crackers as well as French bread…and fun to add to recipes.

    610. Sylvia says:

      Bleu! The other night my husband order a salad that came with bleu cheese, I kept asking for so many little tastes that he finally asked the waiter to bring more bleu cheese just for me!

    611. Ginny L. says:

      without a doubt, a nice brie (with a slice of onion on a wheat thin.) yum. ps) loved your post – I would be in heaven in a cheese shop! :)

    612. Roxanne says:

      Wow, hard to choose, but I would say right now with the fall weather upon us that raclette is my favorite cheese of the moment.

    613. Hilary says:

      Gruyere for sure! But there’s so many other delicious cheeses too…

    614. Alycia says:

      bufala mozzarella is my fav cheese

    615. Debbie Bray says:

      My favorite is Bleu Cheese!!

    616. jean-Marie Breslin says:

      One only, huh? I would have to go with extra sharp cheddar because I could not go without my mom’s baked Mac and cheese recipe!!

    617. Kris says:

      I love cheddar. It’s so versatile–great for snacking, and cooking. The next close runner-up would be parmigiano-reggiano (parm) as it seems to end up in lots of dishes at my house.

    618. Tammy says:

      Good morning Annie! So glad you could visit our beautiful state! I love the photographs you have taken! We are proud of our little state. We live up north in a small town called Fletcher (about 40 minutes outside of Burlington) We love it here. My husband, myself and my 3 daughters are all locals and have lived in Vermont our whole lives (except when I was in the Navy). I too have a blog that I have started (last month). I am a bit slow going on it but I hope to bring you all into our little world here with great Vermont recipes, restaurants, events, and stories of life here. I hope you’ll visit. I only have 2 posts so far but that’s because I am trying to hone my photography skills a bit more. You’re a great inspiration Annie! Keep up the great work!

    619. Dawn says:

      It’s definitely hard to pick just one but I’d have to go with a good, sharp white cheddar…yum!

    620. Lori Connors says:

      Well, this week my favorite cheese is Feta. I am loving all the flavor variations that are out there and they sure do make a spinach salad awesome!

    621. Linda Kennedy says:

      Fresh Mozzarella

    622. Debbie says:

      Cheddar cheese is my fave. Thanks!

    623. Luciana says:

      My favorite dairy farm in Indiana is Fair Oaks Farms in Northern IN (Winamac I think?), just off of I-65. It is a must stop whenever traveling to Chicago and back! They have such amazing cheeses, but my favorite one there is their Harvati cheese, although the smoked cheddar is also absolutely wonderful. Have you ever been there? It is a wonderful place to take kids as they even have a place to see cows too. :)

    624. Rebecca Ridge says:

      Stilton. Best cheese ever. I love seeing your photos.

    625. Stephanie says:

      What a beautiful trip!

      One of my favorite cheeses is Cheshire – English Gloucester cheese with bits of spring onions/scallions, and great for sandwiches and grilled cheese.

    626. Amanda says:

      Tough choice between Provolone and Muenster, I might have to call it a tie!

    627. KAPP says:

      my fave kind of cheese is fresh mozzarella and I love all kinds of cheese. thank you for the lovely giveaway opportunity…those look great!

    628. Cynthia Huhman says:

      Love reading your emails!! Since I live in a rural area with few choices I guess I’m going to have to go with good ole’ Colby Jack!

    629. Atour says:

      What beautiful pictures! I also want to visit VT someday.
      I love Sharp cheddar.

    630. Jeanette Linley says:

      Brie. Without any hesitation. LOL!

    631. Jennifer says:

      Mozzarella! I love how it works well in so many different dishes.

    632. Sarah says:

      I lived in Vermont for 4 years and your pictures made me a little homesick for there. I absolutely love Cabot Sharp Cheddar. We lived out west for quite a few years and it was very hard to find. Now we’re back on the east and back in business. It’s so tasty! Looking forward to your recipes.

    633. jamie says:

      since i have to pick one……it would be colby. it was the first cheese i ever ate that was not american slices from the grocery store. :) can i say i had a very limited culinary childhood!

    634. Marie says:

      Queso Panela is my favorite

    635. Karen says:

      Smoked Gouda. Can’t wait to have it on a a sandwich with my leftover Thanksgiving Turkey!

    636. Angelle Tibbets says:

      Smoked Gouda. Great for just eating or stuffing grilled pork loin!

    637. Jenny Kozar says:

      You are not kidding – how do you pick 1 cheese?!? There are so many that NEED to be used for their own special reasons. If I were to just have a sandwich though I LOVE Baby Swiss – so YUMMO!!

      Beautiful pictures!!

    638. Jessica S. says:

      Mozzarella!!! I love fall, so thanks for sharing your trip and photos with us!

    639. Melissa says:

      Sharp cheddar is definitely my favorite!

    640. Katie says:

      Favorite cheese = fresh mozzarella!

    641. Johnnie Mc says:

      I was pleasantly surprised to see your account of your trip to Grafton. We lived there when the Grafton Cheese Co was just getting started. We lived next door to a dairy farm that supplied most of the milk to the company. My daughter attended the little school when she started first grade – the class was for grades 1 through 3 at the time. She had such a good time living there when she and her friends played and discovered so much in the town. We loved all the trails we discovered all over the town. We loved it there and made so many good friends. We have gone back many times to visit and had hoped that the quaint village we remembered was still there. We weren’t disappointed! It has progressed beyond our imagination, but still has the same charm it did then. I’m so happy that Grafton Cheese Co continues to produce their wonderful products. I guess, I’m old fashioned, but I still love the standard cheese – sharp cheddar, either, white or yellow, but it’s a hard choice to make. Thank you for posting the pictures and the write-up about Grafton. Makes me want to go back, especially in the fall, when the town is outrageously beautiful with fall color. If anyone has never been there, it’s a wonderful experience to enjoy.

    642. Lauren O says:

      My absolute favorite is also from Vermont: Cabot’s jalapeno cheddar… One of my friends always gets samples when she goes home to VT, but this is my favorite.

    643. Ashlee says:

      Swiss seems to accompany my favorite sandwiches, so it must be my favorite cheese!

    644. Kristen says:

      It’s so hard to pick which cheese I like best! I think I could eat cheese for every meal, but if I HAD to choose I think an extra sharp cheddar would be my favorite.

    645. Samantha says:

      Hm, you know – recently my favorite is gorgonzola. In one weekend, I’m pretty sure I used it in every meal imagineable. But my all-time favorite cheese is sharp cheddar. It’s so easily versitile… and I’m positive it’s going to remain my all-time favorite.

    646. Lindsay says:

      Definitely Havarti!

    647. Gwyn M says:

      My absolute FAVORITE cheese is Cougar Gold cheese made by Washington State University! Yum, I want to order some right now…

    648. Denise P. says:

      I’m from England so I LOVE cheese. My favorite is Cheshire cheese and let me tell you it is next door to impossible to find here in my corner of SE Tn.

    649. Karrie. L says:

      I have a new found love for Gorgonzola cheese. I put it over a bed of spinach with almonds, pancetta, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

    650. Megan Salters says:

      Wow, that is a tough question! Hmmmmm, I would have to say asiago is my favorite :)

    651. anne says:

      I love mozzarella! But I’m from Wisconsin, so any cheese is fine by me

    652. Amy S says:

      I love brie!

    653. Suzers45 says:

      I’m not sure I can pick just one – it’s like picking my favorite child! Each are special and unique in their own way. One that I do love is burrata. A16 in San Francisco makes their own daily and it is one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth!

    654. Beth says:

      I love how creamy harvarti cheese is. I love it on a sandwich. I also would have to say that I love colby jack too.

    655. Ashley says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed your time in Vermont and are sharing some fun finds from your trip! Lately, I can’t get enough of a nice, crumbly feta!

    656. Kallie says:

      It’s a tie between swiss and muenster!

    657. Sara says:

      I know it might be a little boring, but Parmesan is my fave. Cold, hot, in food, by itself, on a cheese platter, as dessert. . . . any way, any how. . . .

    658. Liz says:

      I love, love, love smoked gouda! It adds a nice kick to a lot of dishes — like mac & cheese. Brie may be a close second — baked, plain, with sauce — whatever, it’s good.

    659. Renee says:

      I am absolutely in love with gorgonzola cheese! It’s so nutty and delicious it’s hard for me to not eat it with every meal. Gorgonzola risotto, pasta with gorgonzola cream sauce, Pizza Margherita with added Gorgonzola…

      I think I might run to the fridge and grab some right now :)

      I love your VT post! With my alma mater in VT, it’s always great to read wonderful things about the state!

    660. Heather says:

      I too have wanted to visit Vermont since I was a little girl! What fun!

      Cheese -I consider myself a cheese snob, good cheese is just so…. well good and much better than the cheap stuff. My favorite American cheese is Extra Sharp Cheddar, French cheese Comte, and Swedish cheese Prastost.

      I love your blog -I think you are superwoman with all you have going on in your life, and I look forward to your posts every day! Inspiring!

    661. MmMmm I love cheese! I think I’d say a good white cheddar is my fav! But a good blue cheese is definitely a close second, although I don’t think I can name it the winner because although I enjoy it in a lot of applications I don’t really enjoy just eating it by itself, but put it on/in anything and it’s ON!

    662. Valerie Gardner says:

      My favorite cheese that I only occasionally get is smoked gouda. For an every day cheese, I’d pick extra sharp cheddar as my favorite.

    663. Adrienne says:

      So jealous! I am obsessed with cheese! My fav was pepperjack, but I know have a new found love for goat cheese. Yum!

    664. Adrienne says:

      So jealous! I love cheese. My new fav is goat cheese! Yum!

    665. Tiffany Brown says:

      Feta is by far the BEST EVER for me anyways I can use it so many different ways and it is GREAT :=)

    666. Holly says:

      It has to be aged Irish cheddar- YUM! It makes an amazing mac and cheese, and my favorite, fondue!

    667. Corisa says:

      My favorite cheese is cooper ! It’s too hard to deny a straight slice of coopers cheese !

    668. Ashley says:

      I think I’m going to go with a local colby from Pure Luck- it’s amazing.

    669. Lisa says:


    670. Eleisha says:

      My favorite is a good pepper jack.

    671. Holly C says:

      Oh I love cheese so much. It’s hard to pick just one favorite. I guess I will go with smoked cheddar. Yum! Love it.

    672. Debbie C says:

      One of my favorites is Brie. I could eat it often, with just bread or crackers…yum! Vermont looks beautiful, I’d love to go out east in the fall when my little one is grown. :D

    673. Carly says:

      Looks like a fun trip! It’s hard to pick just one, but I would have to say a nice cave aged Gruyere.

    674. Trulie says:

      It really depends on my mood, but I do love a good Brie at almost any time…

    675. Ashley says:

      I LOVE Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt. Tam – a triple cream Brie style cheese!

    676. kimt says:

      smoked gouda…

    677. Wendi says:

      OOEY GOOEY melty warm brie!!!!!!!!!!

    678. Erin M says:

      It took me a long time to come around to it, but Stickney Hill chevre from Kimball, MN is delish, especially with some dried fruit. I used to live in VT and the goat cheese/apple salad with maple dressing in Dishing up Vermont is one of my faves!

    679. Lori says:

      Ohhhhh Vermont! I’m all about VT! We just went last week, just for a day trip, but it’s always a must we visit. We love Manchester. We went to Manchester Village for our Honeymoon. While others were flying to warmer climates we chose to enjoy the warmth of the Green Mountain State!

      With that said – a MUST stop while we are there is the Cheese House in Arlington. Their cheese is delicious!!! I adore their Ol’ Rat Trap Cheddar.

    680. laura says:

      Fontina— YUM!

    681. Stephanie says:

      Like you said, it’s so hard to choose just one! A dear friend’s wedding brought me to Wisconsin a few years ago where I tried Havarti for the first time and fell in love with it almost as deeply as the bride and groom. A close second is undoubtedly Boursin.

    682. My favorite type of cheese is a tie between swiss and feta…I don’t really thik I could choose. Up to 2 months ago I used to be a strictly cheddar girl…but give me the sharp tang of feta in a spinich salad or a medeterranian inspired dish and it immediatly lifts my spirits and makes me feel fresh and ready to go. And the subtle hint of swiss on a cracker or sandwich is comfort food at its best (for me at least).

    683. Missy says:

      My very favorite cheese is from Ireland, Wexford Creamery Old Cheddar. It is sooo good. Everytime my sister in law visits from Ireland we make her bring some home along with brown bread.

    684. Dana says:

      My very bestfriend’s mom works at Grafton Village Cheese Co.!!! I love it there, its the best! My favorite cheese is definitely Brie. It goes great with fruit spreads, in paninis, or right out of the package!

    685. Krissy says:

      It is a tough choice between goat and brie, but I think I’m going to have to say goat since I do a lot more cooking with it and I can even find lots of varieties in goat cheese….like goat gouda, goat cheddar, etc. Yummmy!

    686. Lauren Ochoa says:

      I guess if I had to choose a favorite cheese, I would go with goat cheese. I could eat it on or in just about anything. I also love cheddar. And let’s not even beGIN to talk about the dessert cheeses, mascarpone, bri, omg I need some tiramasou or a piece of bri and apple pie right now!

    687. Brenda says:

      Today my favorite is sharp cheddar … although I just bought a cheese at Trader Joe’s that was rolled in cinnamon and I can’t remember the name!

    688. Cindy says:

      What’s not to like about gouda? It had been awhile since I last enjoyed some but recently bought a bit for a new recipe I wanted to try. Unfortunately (??) it never made it to the recipe but it certainly didn’t go to waste! :-)

    689. Cindy says:

      What’s not to love about gouda?!

    690. Erin says:

      The sharpest cheddar I can get my hands on!

    691. Nicky says:

      My favorite is Muenster. I love the taste of it, it’s great on grilled cheese, and I love the memory of my mom always ordering Monster cheese for me at the deli!

    692. Tracey says:

      My very favorite cheese is Vella Dry Jack. It’s wonderful.

    693. Jolene says:

      I would have to say at the moment my favorite cheese is havarti with dill!!!mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cheese but I do love all cheeses!!!

    694. tonda cox says:

      Brie so versatile! Spread it on a cracker, bake it puff pastry with a varity of toppings

    695. Anne says:

      Brie! I love almost all cheese, though.

      My husband and I were just in Vermont for our honeymoon a few weeks ago. We got many of the same reactions (“Vermont? Why??”), but it was so lovely and peaceful. I’m glad you guys enjoyed your trip!

    696. Kimmie S says:

      Love the pics!! My favorite. Cheese currently is Gouda! However I haven’t met a cheese I could say no to!

    697. Erin Ott says:

      Sharp cheddar is my fave go to cheese!

    698. Jonna says:

      Smoked Gouda!!

    699. Jacqueline says:

      I absolutely love Manchego cheese. I am latinamerican and grew up savoring hams from Spain accompanied by this delicious cheese. When my family and I went to Spain to visit family/friends it was shredded over lentil soup and served at various tapa restaurant with a number of wonderful apperitivos.

    700. Pat says:

      Cheddar is my favorite – it is wonderful on everything. So glad you and hubby were able to have some alone time!

    701. Tracey says:

      Hands down…. Brie!!

    702. Becca says:

      It really is difficult to think of one cheese to be my favorite! :) I really do just love a good sharp cheddar cheese… YUM!

    703. Mary Fabian says:

      I don’t think you’re crazy at all! I love New England and would vacation there in a heartbeat! Also, I looooove cheese. I think that cheese shop sounds awesome.

    704. Mandy B says:

      Fresh mozzarella!!!!

    705. Mel says:

      Gruyere! Oh my. I love that smokey flavor.

    706. Kelsey says:

      Definitely pepperjack! Yumm

    707. Alissa says:

      It’s so hard to choose one, but I’d probably have to say a good aged gouda with all the little crunchy candy bits!

    708. Thia says:

      Well, if I had to pick just one it would be extra sharp white cheddar…I also love swiss, feta, and spicy pepper-jack :)

    709. Dana says:

      I cant pick just one! I have a tie between a good fresh mozzarella and a nice medium chedder

    710. Holly says:

      Havarti cheese, with apples :)

    711. Nikkee says:

      My favorite kind of cheese is Cheddar :)
      thanks for the chance to win ^^

    712. Kaitlin says:

      I think I must say brie. But let’s be honest, I love alll cheese.

    713. Kelly says:

      So hard to narrow down, but I do love a good sharp cheddar cheese!

    714. Ali says:

      I think my absolute favorite cheese Is feta. It’s just amazing. I’ll eat by itself with a little olive oil and garlic. Mmm :p

    715. Adrienne says:

      I would have to say Provolone…I love a wonderfully grilled Provolone & cream Cheese Sandwich! Yum. Vermont looks absolutely beautiful!

    716. Shirley S says:

      I love Cheddar, also love Muenster. I also love Vermont Maple Syrup!!

    717. Kim A. says:

      My favorite cheese would have to be the butter cheese we always get when we go to Shipshewana, IN. It’s so addicting.

    718. Annalise says:

      I accidentally commented on the wrong post. Whoops! But my favorite, if I had to pick, would be goat cheese.