As you know well, I make a lot of cut out cookies.  This means I have a LOT of cookie cutters.  (Not as many as some people who do this exclusively, but plenty to keep me busy.)  Recently, I wanted to make a batch of cookies and I went into the pantry to find myself staring at this.

All of my cookie cutters were crammed into this single container (where they used to fit easily, I might add).  You can see them balancing precariously on top and overflowing off to the sides.  Every time I needed a cookie cutter, I had to get out the whole thing and spread everything out to find what I was looking for.  If I attempted to carefully pull one out, they fell all over the floor causing much frustration and a few choice words.  Enough was enough.

I decided I needed easier access and more organization.  This empty space on the wall got me thinking…

So, I measured the empty wall space.  Then I headed over to the hardware store and had them cut a piece of pegboard to fit the space.  I also purchased peg board hooks.

I spread out all of my cutters and organized them as much as possible by category.  Christmas, Halloween, sports related, etc. etc.

I placed the hooks in the pegboard, hung up the board, and then hung the cutters.  This solution has been great so far.  I’ve been able to grab whatever cutter I need quickly with no problem.  I know this small board won’t hold my entire collection as it continues to expand, but I’ll probably make another board to keep in a different storage area in the future.  Just thought I’d share in case it might be useful to anyone!