I’m sharing these with you on a Monday so that you have all week long to be sure you obtain the necessary ingredients before Friday…or in the event that you have a major case of the Mondays today, well, these might help turn your day around.  Classic margaritas are pretty wonderful on their own, but one of my goals this spring and summer is to test several different variations.  Quite a worthwhile goal, don’t you think?    Strawberry was the first flavor I wanted to conquer.  I tried a version of strawberry margaritas last summer that was a big flop.  After I had looked so forward to them, that was quite a disappointment so the success of this recipe is doubly gratifying.  As with a lot of fruity frozen cocktails, these really aren’t incredibly potent but I’m okay with that.  I think the flavor balance is just right as is, and adding much more alcohol would really detract from the taste.  But of course, you should make them the way you like them.  It’s your drink, after all!

  • Yield 2 large or 4 small margaritas


1 cup frozen whole strawberries
6 tbsp. tequila
¼ cup frozen limeade concentrate
2 tbsp. triple sec
2 cups crushed ice


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    Place margarita glasses in the freezer to chill.  Combine all the ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth.  Pour into the chilled glasses and serve.