Earth Day is one of my favorite holidays.  That may sound silly to some, but I happen to think our planet is pretty great and I am all in favor of a day honoring it.  I’m not into New Year’s resolutions, but I think Earth Day is a time to make some changes that help care for our planet.

This year, my environmentally friendly resolution is something I’ve been working on for several months now.  Since a lot of my life is (clearly) centered around food, I am trying to make mindful choices about the foods we purchase and prepare.  I am working on buying local as much as possible, as well as buying organic foods and eliminating the majority of pre-packaged items from my grocery list.  (Bye bye, bottled salad dressing!  The next one to knock off my list will be chicken and veggie stocks.)  Two simple changes have made all the difference in working to achieve this goal.  First, I buy all of our meat, poultry and eggs from the local butcher shop (Moody Meats, for Indy area residents).  The Moody family is committed to sustainable farming practices and producing whole foods.  The quality of their products is fantastic and the service is always excellent and very friendly.  An added bonus of becoming a regular at Moody’s is their Carnivore Club cards – sort of like the old Subway stamp cards.  Each time a card is filled you can cash it in for a variety of free items, such as beef filets, farm fresh eggs, bacon, etc.

Second, I started using Green B.E.A.N. Delivery for almost all of our produce instead of buying it from the grocery store.  This service is similar to the concept of a CSA, but I prefer this because you can customize what comes in your produce bin each week, saving me money while I write out my newest btc casino guide for all the guilty pleasure seeker moms out there.  The service is available year-round, though naturally in the winter most of the available items are organic but not local.  (Winter is just not the growing season in Indiana.)  I’ve been using this service for just over a month now and I cannot say enough great things about it.  I’ll admit I had hesitations about it since I normally prefer to pick out all my own food, but no longer.  The quality of the produce has been excellent and the one time I received an item that I wasn’t happy with, my account was immediately credited.  (They are also happy to replace any item that is not satisfactory.)  Not to mention, receiving my produce this way has made my trips to the grocery store much quicker.  And for those wondering about the cost difference, our weekly grocery costs have been unchanged using this service versus buying everything at the grocery store.

In honor of this day I love so much, I am thrilled to be able to offer two giveaways, one for all US readers and one for those local to the Indianapolis area.  First up (open to all US residents) are the awesome RuMe grocery bags.  I have had mine over three years now and I love them to pieces.  They are still as good as new.  These bags hold up to 50 lbs. each, fold up to the size of a cell phone-ish, and look great with bright colors and patterns.  I just can’t say enough good things about these bags and of course, they are a million times better than wasting numerous plastic bags on every single shopping trip. I’m giving away two sets of three RuMe bags to two lucky readers (one set for each winner).

The second giveaway, available to Indianapolis area residents, is a gift card for a small produce bin from Green B.E.A.N. Delivery.  Two readers will win a chance to try this service.  If you are interested in what Green B.E.A.N. has to offer, here is your opportunity to try it out and see for yourself how great it is.  (For the record, I buy a lot of produce so we opt for the medium produce bin and I’m considering trying the large.  Produce normally makes up the bulk of our grocery list.)

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post telling me what changes you have made or plan to make to help care for our environment.  If you are an Indianapolis area resident and would prefer to win one of the Green B.E.A.N. delivery gift cards, please note that in your comment as well.  Otherwise, you will be eligible for the RuMe bags.  If you need some ideas of changes you can make, check out the suggestions from readers last year.

The Rules: One comment per person, US residents only, entries must be submitted before 10:00 pm on Sunday, April 24.  Winners will be chosen at random and announced next week.

Full disclosure: The RuMe giveaway is sponsored by yours truly.  I have no affiliation with this company but simply enjoy their products.  The Green B.E.A.N. Delivery giveaway is sponsored by myself in conjunction with the good folks at Green B.E.A.N.  I have no affiliation with this company other than being a very satisfied customer.

PS – Indiana and Indy residents: Need to know where you can recycle certain materials?  These websites have the info you need to know!

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (Recycling)
Indiana Recycles

    732 responses to “Happy Earth Day – and Giveaways!”

    1. Briezer2 says:

      Happy Earth Day!!! I am making organic baby food for my 10 month old twin boys instead of buying the pre-packaged stuff. It eliminates the packaging waste and lets me know exactly what my little lovs are eating. Plus they like it better than the store bought stuff.

    2. Gwen Bland says:

      I hope someday my blog can make other people smile the way your blog makes me smile. Seriously if the food you bake is a reflection of who you are, then you must be one of the greatest people on the planet. I’m happy to know you…even if it is only through the internet. :)

      I’m from Indy and I’d love a chance to try Green Bean and I’m always in the market for more reusable grocery sacs – even though the only ones I currently own are the plastic ones I get free from the store.

      This year to reduce…I’m switching to cloth diapers EEK!!!! I just got paid so I’m doing it today in celebration of Earth Day. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and due to my son’s sensitive skin issues and my desire to throw away less, I’m going to do it, Although that is probably not what people want to hear on a food blog…oh well, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…diapers are the reaction to our action of eating so there you have it WAY too much info. I’m going to stop now before you have to moderate my comment. :)

    3. Jamie says:

      I recycle snd reuse bags and containers for many different things. I love reuse them (jars and boxes mostly) and decorate with ribbons and handmade tags for gifts. They have that down to earth feel and are more heartfelt than just putting cookies in a container anyone can go out an purchase. BTW, I love your blog… it is one of my favorites. You keep me inspired to keep pushing the envelope in what I can do as far as cooking and baking. I used to be a box cake girl, not anymore though. I’m spoiled so only 100% homemade now :)

    4. sarah b. says:

      i just bought my first MINI composter! i live in the city, but am lucky enough to have a small amount of outdoor space with a container garden and finally did enough research on urban gardening/composting and went ahead and started this week. i love the idea of growing our own food, if only herbs and lettuces and a few other things AND reducing our overall waste. even in a small space! yay, happy earth day!

    5. Elizabeth from Indy says:

      What great timing, Annie! I’m scheduled to get my first Green B.E.A.N. bin delivered today! I’m very excited to try it out. I’m also a huge fan of Moody Meats (and have 2 full Carnivore Club cards in my wallet now…just waiting for an occasion to get my 2 free filets!).

      My 4 year old has been playing Earth Day games on the computer and they talked about it a lot during his preschool science class He is motivating me to do more! We already recycle (our church has a variety of recycling bins, so it’s so convenient). But Michael also asked me this week if we could stop at the neighborhood playground to pick up trash.

      Oh, and we are due with our second child on Monday! We’re going to use cloth diapers on this one.

      I’d like to be entered into the Green B.E.A.N. delivery drawing. Thanks!

    6. Alyssa McSpadden says:

      I’d like to Starr recycling glass and remember to take bags to the grocery with me!

    7. Shaina says:

      First of all … wow. Those cookies are beautiful! I would love to enter in your giveaways – I’m not sure if Green B.E.A.N. delivers to Bloomington (I might be a bit too southern), but if they do, count me in for that giveaway as well!

      Over the past year, I have switched to using cloth grocery bags, and I also never buy water bottles anymore – instead, I have a Nalgene I bring to work with me every day.

    8. Lindsay says:

      I’m trying a few things: using my reusable bags more often (although they are looking pretty beat up) and making sure nothing goes into the trash that could be recycled. Feels good to see our recycle bin full and our trash bin less than full.

    9. sara says:

      I love the idea of buying local. We shop at local farmers’ markets all summer! For Earth Day I plan to try to be more aware of where our food comes from and try to buy local more often throughout the year rather than just in the summer!

    10. Denise says:

      I plan on working harder to recycle, especially pop cans. I’m not in the Indy area, but hi from Bloomington! :)

    11. Jessica says:

      Living in VT I try to be as green as I can be. I buy things as local and organic as I possibly can. I make all of my sons baby food, hardly ever pre-packaged. I’ve also purchased two 95 gallon recycle bins and try to recycle EVERYTHING. I even root through the trash to see what my husband was too lazy to wash out and throw in the recycle! I love our Earth and want it to continue to be a beautiful place to live for my children and grandchildren.

    12. Theresa Connolly says:

      We are working with the children to learn about the importance of recycling and upcycling. Also, supporting or local farmers is big on our list!

    13. Liz says:

      I have started buying local when I can and organic when I can. When it’s a bit cooler out we shut off the air conditioning and open up the windows. But the biggest thing I’m working on, is using reusable shopping bags!

    14. Cheyenne Alspaugh says:

      I am going to use the produce I grow this year and make my own spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and salsa!!! I do live in the Indy area (Greenfield) and I would LOVE to have a gift card and try out Grean B.E.A.N. Delivery!!!

    15. Kati Wilfong says:

      I have already adapted many earth-friendly habits in my attempt to become as green as possiblee–I recycle everything, haven’t bought bottled water or drinks for several years (I use the Soda-stream system to make carbonated filtered water at home), make coffee at home instead of running to the coffee shop on a regular basis to buy it in singular paper of styrofoam (why are these even being made and used?!) cups, buy organic food whenever I can. This year, I would like to move towards making my food purchases more local across the board, and expand my home garden to grow many of the vegetables locally and organically myself during the summer season. I also need to continue influencing my husband and son to adapt more earth-friendly habits, especially related to recycling, and remind them to not forget to bring reusable bags when grocery shopping (for which the give-away would come very handy!).

    16. I’ve been using reusable grocery bags for quite a while now and love them. Also reuse gift wrap, tupperware, and jars quire a bit. This year, I’ve been focusing on carpooling more with family and friends – uses less gas and a little bit less pollutants going into the air.

      Happy Earth Day!

    17. Kristin says:

      I too have started trying to buy locally. My husband and I already get our beef and pork locally direct from a farmer. I have also started trying to buy produce locally, as well as I’m trying to reduce the amount of plastic bags we use. We are also planting a garden this year for the first time.

    18. Fran says:

      I want to recycle even more and start a compost pile. I plan to bring bags to the grocery store. I love farners markets!!!! Buying local is the best! I would love the Green B.E.A.N. or the bags!

    19. Julie says:

      Hi Annie – love the blog and have used several of your recipes. My husband and I are planting our first garden together this year and will buy all of our produce at local (Amish) farmers markets this season. There’s no recycling in our small town (I KNOW!) but I plan to start taking ours to the nearest town with recycling bins and work toward bringing recycling to our little ‘burb.

    20. Rachel T. says:

      Ohhh I love the idea of the produce delivery. We did a CSA last year, and while I loved parts of it, the cost just didn’t make sense. So this year we’ll just make our weekly trip to the farmer’s market instead!

      As for Earth Day, we’re pretty conscious about eating local as it is, so now I would say we’re working on eating less meat during the week. If we can cut meat meals to once a day or even only a few times a week, that would be fantastic. It’s the most expensive item we buy anyway, so it would be good for our wallets as well!!

    21. Amanda Cole says:

      What a great day to celebrate! As and Earth Science/AP Environmental Science teacher….I think one of the biggest ways I contribute to saving the earth is educating future generations about what they can do to solve Earth’s problems. In fact- we are talking about global warming and the ozone layer today in class!! I also recycle all aluminum, glass, paper and some plastics at my house. We use cloth bags at the grocery store. We just started using organic fertilizer, to keep dangerous nitrates out of our yard/groundwater. Next Saturday I am participating in a neighborhood clean up. Everyone was just going to trash everything…but I convinced them to let us recycle things that can be! Happy Earth Day!!

    22. Shanon says:

      I don’t eat meat…only seafood that’s on the “environmentally safe” list (there’s a great iPhone app out there for that kind of information). If I buy any kind of animal product, like eggs or milk, I only buy organic. I go for seasonal and local vegetables. In the summer, a farm down the road sells farm fresh eggs and veggies-I can’t wait to get those once the weather gets nicer. I’m in Indy. I really want to get this for my dad (who has now lost 13 pounds since I have been cooking for him! :) )

    23. Kendra says:

      Great giveaway! We’re a big recycling family and compost, too. I love not having to take my trash can down to the street every week the truck comes for pick-up. This year? I want to take advantage of pretty days and open some windows and not automatically flip on the AC.

    24. Jean says:

      I live close enough to walk to work, so I’ve started doing that this year. Car-free most days! I’ve thought about trying reusable grocery bags, and if I won, I’d definitely change that too!

    25. Siunna Baek says:

      I carry a handkerchief in my purse (as opposed to using Kleenex)and use my trusty cloth grocery bag when I make my weekly grocery shopping trips.

    26. Hezzi-D says:

      Happy Earth Day! For the past year I’ve been using my reuseable totes when I go to the grocery store, the farmer’s market, and on my shopping trips to the drug store. Not only does it help the enviroment, but I don’t have to find a place to store the plastic bags, and the reuseable bags are much stronger as well. At my school we’re recently put into place a recyclig program for paper, cans, and Capri Sun pouches. I wish we had something like Green Bean in my small town, it sounds like a great way to get fresh produce.

    27. sarah says:

      We started using a CSA during the summer (WI). I also started re-using plastic bags that I freeze my bread in. At work anytime we print an extra label for a label, a blank sheet if paper printed out that was being thrown away. I put out a box to save the blank sheets and now co-workers and myself take it home for our kids to color on and then recycle it! Your cookies are beautiful!

    28. Ryan says:

      This year we’re focusing on buying local/organic. With our baby beginning to eat solid foods, it’s very important to know that we’re feeding him the best foods possible! We already cloth diaper so hopefully we’re making an impact there too!

    29. Hilary says:

      Annie! I just love that you use Moody! My husband’s family been using Moody since as long as they can remember, we actually pick our own cows out and such and I cannot tell you what a difference it makes, now eating any other meat, I definitely tell the difference! I go to the local farmers market here in Broad Ripple every Sat morning and buy all my groceries for the week to supplement what I have canned from the garden from last year. You should try out Royer’s Farm that is at the market it is wonderful lamb if you love lamb like me:) I am an Indianapolis resident obviously and would LOVE to win the Green Bean Delivery. I have heard so many wonderful things and am dying to try it out! Here is to crossing my fingers!!!

    30. Tara Holcomb says:

      My husband and I will stop buying plastic water bottles!

    31. Cassie L says:

      I love that you are working on reducing your prepackaged goods. I have started bringing my own bags to the grocery store – it’s amazing how much more they will hold than the plastic ones! I do live in the Indy area, and with a little one on the way in 2 weeks would LOVE to try the produce delivery service. I have heard wonderful things about them from friends and family.

    32. Aly says:

      I have already started using reusable grocery bags, but once I move into a house this summer I plan to set up and pay for recycling pick up. In my state recycling is not enforced, and in an apartment complex it is near impossible…so I am looking forward to being able to start recycling!

    33. Sarah says:

      I think Earth Day is one of those holidays we often forget about, myself included. This post made me take a second to think about what I can do to help give mother earth a boost! I’m expecting a baby girl in a few weeks and have decided to make my own organic baby food for her when the time is right. I’m also going to be more mindful about the amount of trash we throw out. Making sure to only buy foods we need and will eat all of before having to throw it out.

      Thanks for the getting the ball rolling!

    34. Sam says:

      I am a recent college grad still living in my college town and it is clear that wastefulness is all around. I work in one of the dining halls and it is so disheartening to see the sheer amount of food being wasted during each and every meal! I have no doubts that it could feel a small country.

      Seeing this for the past four years has encouraged me to make some changes that I hope are helping the earth. About 2 years ago, I switched from plastic to reusable grocery bags. To me it’s a no brainer – they hold SO much more than the plastic bags! I never need to make a second trip back to me car. The second change I’ve made is to utilize public transportation during the week and only drive my car during the weekends when the busses aren’t running. It takes a little bit more planning but I can usually go about a month without getting gas =)

      Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Annie! Your food blog inspires me!

    35. Tara says:

      We’ve made more of an effort to support local, sustainable food.

    36. Vicki Mc says:

      My biggest changes are the simple ones. I clean mostly with vinegar and baking soda and remember to bring my rag tag collection of reusable bags to go grocery shopping with. We no longer use paper towels, instead using cloth napkins and rarely use paper plates, opting instead for the real deal.

    37. Kelly says:

      We have always been big recyclers, but I’ve made and effort to recycle at least twice as much as we throw away in the trash. Also, we try to donate or reuse as much as we can rather than throw things away in the landfill.

      I’m and Indy resident too- and would LOVE to win one of the Green B.E.A.N. delivery gift cards!

    38. I am far from being a tree-hugger, but I do my part in recycling and knowing how to feed/clean the earth. Walk instead of drive, cloth bags instead of plastic bags, growing veggies instead of buying them (focus on organic), filtered drinking bottle instead of plastic disposable bottles….

    39. Jenn says:

      Earth Day is doubly nice for me because it is also my husband’s birthday. We are lucky to have a recycling station right down the street from where we live, so its convenient for us to recycle. We also recently renovated our kitchen (which has really helped me enjoy cooking more and given me enough room to do it!) and in the planning we decided to go with a double pull out trashcan – one can for trash, the other for recycling.

    40. I am making a conscious effort not to use water bottles. I also try mot to create waste on a regular basis.

    41. Sandra says:

      I’ve made many changes over the years: canvas bags, reusable storage containers, less chemical cleaners, electric mower, compost, planting trees, gardens, and raising chickens.

      We are also building our house with thicker walls, more insulation, and solar panels.

      I hope someday to be less dependent on the grid.

    42. Emily says:

      This giveaway is so freaking awesome. I’m also very conscious about my food and what food I take home. I try and buy local and/or organic as much as I can and just started my own vegetable garden!

    43. Julia says:

      I’m going to start walking to work more… I have no excuse to be driving most of the time, especially now that the weather is so nice! I’d love to win the Green Bean Delivery. :o)

    44. Sarah says:

      We use cloth diapers, cloth napkins, reusable grocery bags, and we eat organic locally grown vegetables and fruits as much as possible. We’ve also started growing our own tomatoes and herbs this year!

    45. barbara says:

      We currently recycle and don’t use plastic water bottles any more. Our next step is to start to use the reusable grocery bags.

    46. Rachel Feyre says:

      I have been trying to cut out all of my processed foods (any premade products). I try to cook with the freshest ingredients to know exactly what I am putting in my body! Also, Whenever I go to the store and get plastic bags, we store them in a container in my house so I can bring them all back to the store where there is a recycling bin for them!

    47. Tristi says:

      I would like to cut out our use of plastic grocery bags altogether. During the summer I frequent the farmers market for local produce but would love to find something like Green B.E.A.N. in the Chicago area for winters.

    48. I love quick, easy and sylish ways to reduce my carbon footprint, these bags are too cute

    49. Ms. Amy says:

      We are reducing our use of paper towels by cleaning up spills with rags made of old t-shirts and sheets. I am also buying more secondhand clothing and choosing no-drive days. Every bit helps!

    50. Brooke says:

      Happy Earth Day Everyone! One thing that I have really been working on (especially lately!) with the gas prices getting higher and higher by the day, is to cut down on the amount of driving I do! Also, my morning iced coffee is VERY important to me. So instead of getting a plastic cup each day for my iced coffee, I have been bringing my own insulated cup for months now!

    51. Ashlee says:

      This year we are growing an organic garden and will hopefully be able to replace the majority of our grocery store produce purchases. Working in this large garden has given all of us a new appreciation for food, farmers, and the earth. Even if we don’t end up with the harvest we expect, the rewards already reaped will be far worth all the the work.

    52. Michele F. says:

      I take all my small appliances to the local recycle center in Noblesville. I also plan to reduce my use of plastic bags, so these bags will definitely help with that!

    53. Betonya says:

      I have really made a shift in the past few years to help with my share of taking care of the environment. I adopted a mainly plant based diet and also try to buy as much local produce as possible. I use reusable shopping bags and at grocery store and also when I shop for anything else (clothes)!! I reuse all my ziplock bags and also take an earth friendly reusable water bottle to work each day! It is so important to take care of the environment around us. If everyone chipped in and adopted one green habit, it would make a huge impact of the earth. Happy Earth Day!!!

    54. Tara says:

      My fiance and I already recycle, use recyclable grocery bags and use water filtered at home instead of water bottles. Once we move into our own apartment in a few months I plan to start buying more local produce and organic foods and will also always be looking for new ways to make our lives greener :)

      P.S. I love your blog.. and my fiance is a big fan of more than one recipe I have used from here.

    55. Kara says:

      I joined a CSA for the first time this year, and I can’t wait for the season to start here in Michigan! I also have cut down on disposable paper and plastic products substantially, using towels for cleaning and reusable containers for leftovers!

    56. Jen O says:

      We recycle and even our children help. We also have looked into using solar power. Happy Earth Day!

    57. Melissa says:

      I have been using almost solely recycled grocery bags! :)

    58. Jana Domyslawski says:

      My neighbor’s family and mine are planting a garden this year and we are excited about that! We walk to school, recycle and use recyled bags and try and do our part everyday! Happy Earth Day!

    59. Christina says:

      I tried a Food Co-op, but we got way too much food and too much my picky eaters just won’t eat. It ended up being more expensive than my regular produce bill, and also going to waste. I’m super bummed about it, but I just couldn’t get rid of the beets! LOL

      I’ve made a LOT of changes since my son was born in 2007. I only buy organic milk, and try as much as we can afford to buy organic produce (basically the dirty dozen as much as possible… peppers are SO expensive organic in the winter). I’m trying to find a local egg supplier, but in the meantime, buy cage free. I use earth friendly or friendlier cleaning products. My 1 year old is cloth diapered. I use reusable bags for my grocery shopping, even sometimes remembering to reuse the plastic produce bags. We have a compost pile, though it’s not working out so well. We use cloth napkins, and I have seriously reduced our use of paper towels (though I will never get my husband completely off them). I try as much as I can to buy fair trade coffee. We recycle everything we can (Lean Cuisine trays are!). We spent a LOT of money to replace all our windows to be more energy efficient, and I keep the temperature as low as possible (especially since I am on maternity leave and so home all day).

      Unfortunately, as our family has grown, we’ve moved to a large SUV. We went from two sedans to one SUV, though we replaced one of the sedans with a smaller, more gas efficient car in the hopes of balancing. It’s made me really think about how much I need to run errands (though it’s sometimes a necessity for me to get out of the house and walk the mall if nothing else).

      The biggie for me, though, has been getting hubby to make some of these changes too.

    60. Aska says:

      I use my old reusable bags for grocery shopping and recycle paper, plastic, cans, and cardboard. Since I live in an apartment and there are no recycling services, I drive to the neighboring town to recycle. I think it’s so important!

    61. Cory says:

      I LOVE those bags…I have started using reusable bags as well on shopping trips, but mine are falling apart already.

    62. Krissy says:

      Since I am a teacher, I talk a lot so I drink tons of water. I recently made the switch from buying bottled water to getting a Bobble. It is a water bottle with a built in filter. Now I can take it with me to work and wherever and fill comfortable filling up anywhere!

    63. Amy says:

      We’ve made several changes at our house to be more earth friendly…and they have also helped to be more budget friendly now that I’m a stay at home Mom! I make all of my daughter’s babyfood (this week we started chicken…and to my surprise she LOVES the chicken/veggie dinners I’ve made for her using homemade salt free broth & fresh veggies!!). I’m also greatly explanding my garden & starting my plants from seed. We’re also big fans of reusable bags for shopping/errand running. We buy our meats from the farmer who lives on the next farm over – all grass fed/natural beef, pork, and chicken! What produce I don’t grow & freeze on my own, I buy at the farmers market or from my neighbor listed above. It’s great to see over the past few years how communities are really pushing seasonal/local consumption! Yay Earth Day! :)

    64. Alicia says:

      I am currently in search of a new car and want a hybrid. Better for the earth AND my wallet!

    65. Heather says:

      I currently recycle and reuse everything I can. I always compost in the spring, summer and fall but plan to force myself to do it in the winter as well. I buy locally and organically as much as possible. I am hoping to start riding my bike to work this summer.

    66. Kerri Heinrich says:

      I plan on trying out our local farmer’s market when it opens this year and getting the produce specials each week. I would love to be able to do more but where I live I don’t have a ton of choices about what I can do. That’s small town living for you.

    67. Betsie says:

      We recycle everything we can. We also visit the recycling center when we need boxes. I use reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones. We also plant our own garden to grow our own produce.

    68. jen k says:

      We recycle whatever we can and i am going to start taking my own bags to the grocery store. We also try to buy organic as much as we can. Happy Earth Day :)

    69. Cara says:

      We’ve tried to do a lot of things in my family. We don’t buy any paper products any more but toilet paper. We plan on joining a CSA and enjoying more local foods.

    70. jacque says:

      Happy Earth day today & everyday. Plastic bottles not allowed in my house. I recycle over 90% of waste in my house and am trying to encourage my neighbors to do the same. We have a great recycle center in our area so there is no excuse not to participate. It is free and makes money for the community.

    71. Sheila says:

      I use reusable grocery bags, recycle cans and bottles, I reuse any containers that I buy food in (tubs, jars, bags, etc.), I used to have a garden for my own veggies but since I recently moved I haven’t had the chance to get that started up again. To reduce garbage, me and my neighbours share and trade things. Like small appliances or food or even toiletries.

      Happy Earth Day! (:

    72. Catherine from Indy says:


      I have been reading your blog for some time now – first of all you are an inspiration to me! I am a medical student at IUPUI and I’m amazed that you have time to be a path resident, have children, and still bake up a storm!

      To be more green this year, I also just started Green Bean Delivery (plus I don’t have to go to the store as often :)) and there is going to be an IUSM urban garden this summer! I will be gardening there and also at my home where I have a tiny little plot.

      Thanks for the inspiration,

    73. Jessica says:

      When I forget to take my reusable shopping bags to the store, I always reuse the plastic ones. They are the perfect size for the bathroom trash and for scooping kitty litter! I also use my reusable shopping bags for more than just shopping – I use them to take books to school, as overnight bags, and especially when I move…those giant IKEA bags are great for that!

    74. Nicky says:

      I have started a recycling campaign, for paper and other recyclables (cans, bottles) because people throw out a lot of recyclable items!

    75. We’ve always been big recyclers, but since the arrival of the screaming bundle of joy, we’ve found that it’s a lot harder to keep track of all of the bits and pieces of plastic that come with a baby. Everything is shrink wrapped and double bagged. So we have moved an extra recycle bag upstairs, behind a closet door where the little one can’t get to it.

      Second thing: Do you know what the number one cause of death for young Americans is? Car accidents. Number two isn’t even close. So we’re minimizing road exposure by planning trips to hit as many places as possible along the way. It’s easy with the various planners and organizers and Google maps on your iPhone. You look at your list, think about where you’re going, think about what else is nearby, and do it all at once.

      God bless America. Let’s try to save some of it. (Edward Abbey)

    76. Sylvia says:

      I’ve been doing farmer’s market food for awhile in part because it keeps sources local and food doesn’t travel as far. We’ve also started composting this year (so we’ll see how this looks next year!) Last, started my own veggie garden so that we can grow our own without pesticides – and show my children that food doesn’t have to come from a store!

    77. Kelly V says:

      I am trying to buy more local items, can’t wait for the Broad Ripple Farmers market to open in May!

      **local Indy resident for the Green BEAN giveaway

    78. Kathleen says:

      Happy Earth Day!! We no longer use plastic bags when we food shop. We purchased the reusable bags from Wegmans – but the RuMe bags are so much prettier :-)

    79. Meagan says:

      We have free recycling pick up which makes it so easy to recycle your cans, glass, paper, and plastics. I also use the re-usable bags for my grocery shopping 90% of the time-I do get the regular plastic ones some because I use those as bathroom trash bags, take my lunch to work in, etc. I also really like using reusable food containers for left overs and even reuse my plastic zip-lock bags when I can. HAPPY EARTH DAY!

    80. Meredith says:

      We recycle everything! We even try to conserve as much gas as we can. Not only for the enviroment, but b/c gas is expensive!!

    81. Katie Rose says:

      We have an organic fruit and veggie garden in the works for this year. Next spring we will be planting a dozen fruit trees and hopefully some berry bushes as well. Also, we buy things as unprocessed as possible which, among other things, means less packaging going to a landfill. And we are composting! Wow, I guess we are doing more that I thought :-)

    82. Annie P says:

      Hello Annie! It’s a fellow Annie – we have a mutual friend of a friend (Betsy King) – first off LOVE Green BEAN delivery – I have never been dissatisfied and love that I can skip the produce section at the store! They are a wonderful affordable delivery service and feel like I’ve become their pimp because I tell anyone and everyone about them. Yeah! There is so much I’m trying to do to make us a bit less of a carbon foot STOMP! I have two large raised beds and grow our own produce in the summer, I can what I don’t use, recycle like a mo-fo and use healthy and natural products in my home. I’m educating my kids on what’s out there and how to be responsible consumers. I do all my own bags – which are getting tired, so this beautiful set you have really caught my eye. Thanks for the post and HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!

      Oh and check out SnackTaxi’s – I’ve been using them for years and they are a wonderful alternative to sandwich bags in kids and hubbie’s lunches!

    83. Julie R says:

      I am plaaning on continuing with my CSA this summer.

    84. Allison M says:

      We are lucky to live in a small Jersey Shore town and we try to ride our bikes as often as we can. I also use reusable bags. And I have been recycling (thanks to my mom) since WAY before recycling was cool..or a law!
      Love your site!!

    85. Jennifer says:

      We do what we can, but are trying to do better about buying locally. We use cloth diapers, we recycle, and do other energy saving things w/lights and heat in our house.

    86. EG says:

      Man, I’m jealous of the Indy residents for this giveaway and great service in your town!

      This will be our 5th summer with a garden. We of course use reusable bags and recycle as well.

    87. Lauren says:

      We’ve stopped drinking bottled water and fill up our eco-friendly camelbacks now. We feel great about the change!

    88. Kristin says:

      Well, we already have a hybrid, my husband takes the bus to work, we’ve recycled, used reusable bags & composted for years…I’m trying to focus more on eating locally. I put ads directly in the recycling unless I need something…don’t want to be seduced into shopping! Oh…we are picking up trash along a greenway part of our road, & down into the woods along a stream. And my high schooler brought home all of the batteries for recycling when her math teacher changed them all out of his calculators. And after we pack food backpacks for school kids, we bring the cardboard home to recycle it.

    89. SandyN says:

      We recycle everything we possibly can. We grow as much food as we can, and cook and bake as much from scratch as possible, reducing the amount of pre-packaged stuff that we buy. Not only is it more healthy, but saves on packaging materials.

    90. Heather says:

      Hello! Well in our house I try to recycle everything and when I buy packaged items, buy mostly glass and plastics #1 and #2 so they can be recycled easily. I also use reusable grocery bags and my husband and I both drive low emission vehicles. I live in INDY so I would LOVE to win the Green Bean Giveaway! I’ve been wanting to try them out for a while. Thanks!

    91. carmen says:

      Things I’m working on improving is really being diligent about seeking local produce and products whenever possible. I am also hoping to reduce paper consumption at work by doing as much electronically as possible.

    92. Katie says:

      I am with you on the eating local and whole foods. I can’t wait until my garden starts producing and I can get all the fresh organic veggies I want. We’ve also planted our own fruit trees this year. Great Giveaway!

    93. alison says:

      thanks for the chance to win annie! happy earth day :) I make sure to recyle anything that can be recyled. I also store left overs in glass bowls and dishes instead of buying plastic. I also love brining my own re-usable shopping bags to the supermarket!

    94. Sara D. says:

      I’m trying more and more to recycle/upcycle everything. I use reusable bags when I got shopping and use a reusable water bottle all the time instead of plastic ones.

    95. Lauren says:

      Happy Earth Day! I’m working on the hygiene and cleaning products we use and trying to keep our home and bodies as chemical free as possible.

    96. Amy says:

      I started Green Bean a couple months ago and LOVE it; I am a recycling crazy! I would love either of the giveaways : )

    97. Annie H says:

      Having grown up in Santa Barbara, where the first earth Day was celebrated I too think this is a pretty awesome holiday. I have reduced the amount of waste in our lunches, no smaller packages of applesauce for our daughter or plastic bags or AL foil. I want to reduce it even further and make my own fruit leather (instead of fruit snacks or buying single servings of fruit leather with all the wasteful packaging). Wish me luck with that endeavor! Thank you.

    98. Megan says:

      Hi Annie! What a great post. I have been eliminating almost all processed, pre packaged foods from our grocery lists and buying local produce. I made all my own sauces, stocks, breads and dressings. Next on my list is to purchase only local meats. I do this from time to time, but my local butcher is not located in a convenitn location. I am cleaning out my freezer to buy loacl meat in bulk this Fall.

    99. Kaitlin Z says:

      I come from an incredibly earth conscious family. I don’t know life without turning off the water when brushing my teeth, recycling everything possible, walking to the grocery store with my reusable bags (DC charges 5 cents a bag if you don’t)! I use a reusable cup for my morning coffee. I love supporting local farmers, bakeries (when I of course don’t bake my own items) and stores in my area. I buy recycled paper/plastic products and limit the use of them. When I feel I don’t do enough for Mother Earth I watch amazing people like my mother who has always enjoyed gardening. She grows most of her own vegetables, bought organic long before it was a fad and taught me to truly respect this planet. I have an amazing friend who uses the umbrellas people discard on the street to create fabulous rain coats for dogs. For those of you in the Scranton/Wilkes Barre, PA area – my relatives own Everything Natural. They buy local on EVERYTHING they can and really focus on the community and our planet. I think Earth Day was chosen wisely, just look around you at the vibrant spring colors! Sometimes I forgot that a lot of people still treat our planet like a dumpster and I’m thrilled to read all of these comments from your readers!

    100. Gina says:

      I plan to start buying fruits and veggies from local farm stands and markets!

    101. Ashley says:

      I’m always trying to recycle more and be more diligent about only using electricity when I need it – no lights on if it’s light enough outside.

    102. Kate says:

      I use reusable bags the majority of the time (sometimes I get caught without them), and I plan to try out a CSA when we move to a new state in the summer. I also look forward to returning to the small farmer’s market in my city in May, a few local farmers come and I love to support them! I’d love some new bags, as mine are starting to look a bit worn. Regardless of the giveaway I appreciate the recommendation for the RuMe bags. :-)

    103. Susan says:

      I make all my daughter’s baby food–as previous person said, saves on packaging and is so much fun to do! We also recycle quite a bit and I try to remember my reusable bags when I shop.

    104. bekah says:

      We have switched to a much more non-meat based diet in the last year. We’ve switched to all cloth napkins and I try to remember to take reusable bags to the store. Oh, these tiny ones would be so nice to just have in my purse! Thanks!

    105. Kim Davis says:

      We have really started ramping up our recycling at home. We barely fill a trash bag a week at our house. Most of what comes out of the house goes straight to the recycling bins at church. We also have found great ways to reuse many things. (Did you know those large coffee containers with handles are perfect for screwing to the garage wall and storing screws, nuts, and bolts?) We also have started buying more things locally – not only produce and meats, but also gifts and clothes. We love our small town and patronize the local owned businesses as much as possible.

    106. Shawna says:

      We began recycling a couple years ago and we installed a Pur Water Filter to our tap instead of buying cases of bottled water, it’s saved SO much plastic!

    107. Leslie says:

      We have tried to do quite a few things lately. First up, we cloth diapered our babe for his first year. Then we eliminated paper towels and napkins by buying cloth napkins and bar mops. A little extra washing, but a lot less waste! Great giveaway! Thanks!

    108. Tempest says:

      We use cloth diapers with our daughter (And will with any future children!) And i’ve made an effort to stop buying pre-prepared items as well. I’m also planting my own vegetable garden this summer, it can’t get any more “local” than your own backyard!

    109. Katie says:

      I love the bright colors of these bags! This year we moved into a new house and are planning on building a compost bin. It will fit snuggly behind our shed and will be perfect for reducing our waste. Less waste and free compost? Yes please!

    110. Jen W. says:

      Happy Earth Day everyone! This past year, I started buying produce through a CSA that supports local farmers. I enjoy knowing all food is organic, affordable for my family, and most importantly, supports local business. I’m due in 3 weeks with my first child and am excited to pass on my love to recycling to him.

    111. Debra says:

      I try to reuse things like cards that I receive from others, tupperware for lunches, and support local produce by participating in a CSA every year. I would love those Rume bags! Thanks for the oppportunity!

    112. Michelle says:

      I make my own laundry detergent, have almost eliminated the use of paper towels in our house, recycle as much as possible, use recycled shopping bags, belong to a CSA and take public transportation to work.

    113. Kelly says:

      Thank you for the local info on recycling. We have Republic Trash service and they charge an arm and a leg for everything, including recycling. That would be one thing I would love to change.

      I live in the Indianapolis Area so this produce service sounds amazing!! Quicker grocery trips and no cost difference? SIGN ME UP! =)

    114. Bonnie says:

      Love those bags! I try to use the reusable bags whenever I can. We recycle as much as we can including composting in our garden. Starting to make the switch to rechargeable batteries.

    115. Tina says:

      I have also switched from pre-packaged food products to creating/making my own. I can’t STAND bottled salad dressing (it completely annoys me to go to a restaurant and I’m served pre-packaged salad dressing…it literally takes seconds to make!)…fresher is SO MUCH BETTER :)

    116. Dorothy Keesey says:

      We have cut down on driving by combining errands, we recycle everything we can, and use reusable totes whenever possible instead of plastic bags.

    117. Amy says:

      I use reusable bags at the grocery store whenever possible and if I forget them in the car or at home, I use paper. Instead of using multiple plastic spoons at work, I have one spoon that I use and wash daily. In our house, we’ve switched from incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent.

      Keep up the awesome recipes, my boyfriend and I love them!!

    118. Emily Frank says:

      We recycle, don’t use bottled water anymore, use reusuable grocery bags (ours are not that cute though (they are a mishmash of giveaways from different grocery stores. I am trying to work on educating my almost 4 year old, but really struggling on wasting water. I would love an idea for a great book if you know one. Thanks for the giveaway!

    119. Amanda L says:

      In my home, we do a lot of recycling as far as paper, cans and glasses. We also always use our resueable shopping bags whenever possible. We have a nice garden in the summer (since weather in Indy in the winter is unbaearable) which helps us use lots of fresh produce, YUM! It would be AWESOME to win the Green Bean Giveaway, I have been wanting to try a service like this for a while.

    120. I am trying to not use plastic bags from the grocery store. Also, we started recycling on our own, since our city does not have a pick-up service.

    121. fallon says:

      I need to use less plastic water bottles and find a reusable bottle for water!

    122. Anna P. says:

      My resolution is to start getting serious about recycling. Unfortunately, my city doesn’t make that easy but, it is possible. Thanks!

    123. Maria says:

      I have eliminated tons of wasteful packaging by using PlanetBox stainless steel compartmentalized lunchboxes for my kids’ lunches. I also have switched to stainless sippy cups and glass containers for leftovers. Organic milk and meats. Small steps that add up and make a difference! Searching the comments for more tips.

    124. Liesel says:

      I really wish I lived in a city big enough to do a produce delivery service. It sounds amazing. I try to always use reusable grocery bags. Mine a getting a bit worn so I would love these! I also try to buy all produce at the Farmers market in the summer as like Indiana, local fresh is rarely available in other months.

    125. Urban Wife says:

      My husband and I reduce our carbon footprint by recycling, carpooling, buying local, and use reusable shopping bags for everything!

    126. Kristin says:

      The big change I am making is to reduce the amount of meat my husband and I eat, and get the meat we do eat from local sources. Factory farms and concentrated feeding operations take a huge toll on our environment, as well as often mistreating the animals. Buying local pasture-raised beef, chicken and pork, preferably raised on organic feed, and eating it less often, can make an enormous difference on our environment. I encourage the rest of you to start doing this, too!

    127. Angela says:

      We have been trying to recycle more- (our area is not required to recycle ) In the summer I shop at the local farmers market for all of my produce. I am going to try and remember my REUSEABLE bags every time I go to the store not just the places that make you pay for the bags. Planting some trees this weekend.

    128. Emily says:

      I’ve been trying to buy local produce when possible (I can’t wait for our summer farmer’s market to re-open!) and I love the thought of starting to make my own salad dressings and sauces instead of buying them pre-packaged from the store. Thanks for doing this, Annie. I love your blog!

    129. Wendy says:

      We have starting recycling everything we can, buying products in bulk to cut down on packaging and using rechargable batteries. We would like to start composting and are planning on buying rain barrels very soon.

    130. Pauline says:

      Happy Happy Earth day! Just as a side note for anyone who doesnt know, Lowes is giving away free trees tomorrow! They are giving away 1 million trees so first come first serve!
      There are several small changes I have made this year and several more I plan to do once our baby is born in Sept. I am lucky enough to live in NC where we can grow a lot of produce ourselves. For the last two growing seasons I have been able to grow all of my own tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and all of our herbs! We also added a metal roof to our house which greatly reduces our electric bill and because it has a 50 year warranty, it will last much much longer than a traditional shingle roof.
      In prep for the baby (we just found out this week it will be a girl!!) we are using Benjamin Moore Natura paint which has 0 VOC. We also are stocking up on reusable baby wipes as well as a mix of cloth diapers and earths best diapers which a latex/chlorine free.

    131. Amy f says:

      We do so many things including eating a lot of organic foods but most recently started doing green lawn care and using vinegar for most household cleaning.

    132. Julie says:

      I live in an agricultural county in central Florida…cattle and oranges all around. Recycling has always been an obsession for me, but now that we live in this county, I’ve purchased rain barrels and a compost bin. Between the recycling and composting, we’ve decreased our garbage outbput to one kitchen bag per week!

    133. Stephanie says:

      I shop at stores that are devoted to lessening their impact and avoid processed foods (for health and environmental benefits!). My most recent attempt has been switching my cleaning products over to natural cleaning products.

      Super cute bags! Thanks for the giveaway and HAPPY EARTH DAY!

    134. Kristen says:

      I’ve been buying organic when possible, and buying all my produce at Farmer’s Markets not only ensures the freshest ingredients, but you meet really interesting and informative people!
      Louisville just got Green BEAN, so if I can win the gift card too, that’s be awesome. I’ve been dying to try it!

    135. Andrea says:

      I’ve made both my kiddos baby food from scratch using locally grown organic fruits and veggies. I cloth diaper. I use the brown bags I still have in my pantry to wrap presents (::Sings:: brown paper packages tied up with string. . . ) We are members of a CSA and hopefully soon will be purchasing eggs, beef and chicken from a local organic farm. These changes have been so easy and painless (and CHEAP!) I just love loving the earth too!

    136. Brenna J says:

      I recycle everything I can and drive a fuel-efficient vehicle!!

    137. Kim says:

      Wishing I lived in Indy…that service sounds wonderful!
      Among other things,I make Organic baby food for my baby. I also grow much of my own produce in the summers and fall. I use reusable grocery bags, recycle and my husband works for a green energy company. We try very hard to live a green lifestyle and encourage others to do so as well.

    138. Megan H says:

      Tomorrow I will be picking up and planting (not on my own! :0)) 70 trees that I ordered from our local conservation office. I also am planting my first garden this year and will be doing lots of canning/freezing so I am helping to self-sustain my family.

    139. Fraser says:

      I try to eliminate as much extra packaging/waste as possible (buying in bulk, using reusable water bottles for water/juice, drinking my coffee at the coffee shop or bringing my own to-go cup) living in Bozeman, MT it also is fairly easy to ride my bike most places to reduce the carbon footprint as well as buying local as often as possible, of course recycling as much as possible. I try to use reusable grocery bags, but the brands i’ve tried don’t seem to last as long as yours! i’ve had great luck with the large, very unpackable, mesh bags i bought from street markets in Mexico.

    140. Melissa C says:

      One big change I made this year is switched over to all reusable shopping bags. I love them not only cuz it is better for the environment but they hold so much more than those tiny white plastic bags. We have also started eating alot more organic and fresh foods. I would love to win the Green Bean Delivery prize pack. I have considered using them many times but would love to “try” it first.
      Thanks and Happy Earth Day!

    141. JIll says:

      We always recycle our paper, plastic, cardboard and glass. I also recycle my magazines by giving them to friends to read and encouraging them to do the same before we put them in the recycle bin as well :)

    142. annie shim says:

      Greetings! We’ve made some changes, small but hopefully helpful, to be more green. I pack my son’s lunch in a cooler with a reusable water bottle and his snacks go in tupperware so he has less trash to throw out. We also recycle at our house. My son’s school is very active in going green so they have Trashless Tuesdays, walk to school Wednesdays, and so forth. Each child who participates gets a little reward.

    143. This year, my husband and I bought out first home; it sits on quite a a big lot for our area and the yard needs a lot of TLC. Rather than take the easy road and using TruGreen, ChemLawn, or another company that uses nasty pesticides and other things to get lawns looking great, we’ve hired a local, family-owned business who does everything completely naturally to get our yard looking great! It might take a little longer than usual, but I’ll be worry-free knowing that our two dogs, and our daughter (who’s due in June) will be able to run and play in the yard without anything harmful (save for maybe the occasional rock or twig) underfoot … and paw. :) Great giveaway! Happy Earth Day!

    144. Angela Avery says:

      I love that you are doing this and I second that Earth Day is one of my favorite holidays, too! So what am I doing to help the planet? First and foremost, I try every single time I see something outside on the ground that should be in a trash bucket I try to pick that up and take it where it needs to go. We recycle at home – everything! It has at least split in half the trash bags we send to the curb each week. We recycle cans and bottles and cash in the money to buy fresh food at the store. We buy all local veggies and fruits when the farm store is open spring-fall. I take my son to the farm store with me to teach him about fresh foods. Last summer I made ALL of my son’s homemade puree baby foods. We had enough food in the freezer to last him months until he was ready to eat more things other than purees. We have a compost outside that we use for all food scraps. We are planting grass and trees, flowers outside, and having our one year old son learn the process also. Just two days ago I decided that I’ll no longer toss out my gum out the window when driving, because that, too, is something that the Earth should not have to deal with! I recycle at work, too. Nobody had recycling boxes, so we all got our own. A group of kids takes the recycling out each week. I tear up all old scrap paper at work to use for notes, as post-its, passes for kids. I also always use my reusable grocery bags at the store. It’s not everything, I am sure there is more we could do, but it’s a BIG start. The most important thing- I’m planning at least once a month to take my son outside to clean up, pick up trash, be nice to the Earth. I thought about this a few weeks ago as I knew Earth Day was approaching. I don’t want to just teach him the importance of this holiday on April 22nd, but also yearround. THANKS for getting me thinking! I feel pretty good about how green we are right now, and I know we can always improve.

    145. gayle says:

      We have just started using dish towels instead of paper towels, this also saves money. I have also just started making my laundry detergent so no more plastic detergent jugs. We are getting ready to plant a large garden and will be trying canning, can’t wait to try it. :) We also read the newspaper online.

    146. Ashley says:

      Happy Earth Day!! I use recyled bags for when I go to the grocery store or pharmacy. I no longer have any more magazine subscriptions, if I need to read anything I’ll get it off the internet! I started making my own salad dressings…..just finished the strawberry vingerette!! At some point in my life I will build a house and plan to use recycled material and reusable energy in the building process!! :)

      Happy Easter!

    147. Katie says:

      I use recyclable bags to do my grocery shopping & other shopping as well. I also bring a travel mug & water bottle to work so that I don’t have to use the paper cups there. I recycle like crazy too!

    148. sarah says:

      Oops, just re-read this after I had coffee. I meant when we print an extra label for prescriptions!

    149. Stephanie says:

      We’ve been using recyclable grocery bags for about a year now. When I do have to use a plastic bag, I try and use it 2 to 3 times before I bring it back to the store to recycle it.
      Since I live in Washington, D.C, I order from Washington Green Grocer ( on a bi-weekly basis to get fresh locally grown produce.

    150. Angela S. says:

      My roommates and I recycle anything we can, but I also started switching as much as possible to local and organic foods for my own personal grocery shopping.

    151. Willa says:

      Our main efforts are toward recycling. All possible paper, bottles, cans etc. If I am traveling and don’t see recycle bins, I drag every thing home with me.

      Also, we compost all veggie trimmings, peels, etc.

      Try to reuse, use up, repurpose, etc. Sometimes more successful than others.

      Enjoy your blog. thanks.

    152. Melissa ayers says:

      We have been trying to clean up the foods we eat at home and out. I am trying to buy organic meats and produce and use more natural cleaning products. I have been looking into Green B.E.A.N. Delivery. My friend has had nothing but great experiences with the service and I too like that you can customize your bins! I have also startedcusong Skoy cloths in replacement of papertowels. I have drastically cut down my paper towel usage with them!! My hope is that we can eventually be an all organic house!!!

    153. Angela Avery says:

      oops I forgot… I also buy diapers and things in bulk to avoid extra waste. I plan to go out once with several items on my list of places to go, to avoid going out a few times and hopefully save gas. A great one that is also cost effective is I save all gift bags to reuse. From my wedding and baby showers two years ago I am still using gift bags to give gifts to others!

    154. Jess says:

      I’ve made it a habit to bring reusable bags wherever I go, and to recycle everything possible. I also switched to grassfed beef and try to eliminate some meat from my diet in general – every little bit helps!

      Happy Earth Day!

    155. Jan says:

      I’ve recently started taking my own reusable bags to the grocery and I’ve been a long time recycler. I do miss the grocery bags for lining my trash cans but I can deal witht that :)

    156. Cara says:

      Hi from downtown Indy — I’ve been using my reuseable shopping bags for about a year now (they aren’t nearly as pretty as those RuMe bags though) and getting pretty good at remembering them every time, but when I do forget I have a hundred ways to re-use the store grocery bags. We are also lucky enough to have curbside recycling which makes recycling so easy that even my 2 year old little boy helps. I also buy at the farmer’s markets all year round now thanks to the winter market downtown.

      By the way — congratulations on your new baby!

    157. Sarah says:

      I am trying to be more Earth-friendly by using reusable grocery bags, and walking to the grocery store. I am really interested in the Green BEAN delivery, I’ll definitely be looking into that!

    158. Sarah says:

      With my husband’s profession being an “Energy Efficiency Engineer” you can imagine how we consciously think about bettering our planet. We turn off electronics whenever possible, use reusable bags/containers, and choose to ride bikes/walk whenever possible (my husband walks to work too!)! My personal goal this year is to start buying local and cutting back on the amount of meat we consume whenever possible. I hope we will leave the world in a better state for our future children!

    159. CJ Keenan says:

      Happy Earth Day! My family’s improvements for the year include exclusive reuseable shopping bag usage, limiting the amount of items I buy from Amazon that I could easily grab when out on another trip (I found that with my free shipping from there I was buying too much stuff that created unnecssary packaging), passing along all our magazines to friends and family once we read them for another ‘life’ to them before they get recycled, and we are going to be purchasing our first whole cow this summer from a local farm to ensure our beef is grass fed and not packaged excessively (and to cut down on trips to the store for meat). Small steps, but everyone helps to preserve our natural resources. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

    160. Thanks for the giveaway. I just purchased a Fiskars 6201 18-Inch 5-Blade Momentum Push Reel Lawn Mower and it is *awesome*! No harmful emissions or noise pollution and I get exercise to boot. Sweet.

      I also bought a Kindle so I can go green in my reading.

    161. Maja says:

      Happy Earth Day! Instead of throwing away plastic produce bags from the market, we save them and use them to pick up…you-know-what…when we walk our dog!

    162. Steph H. says:

      I love Earth Day as well. It is also my boyfriend’s birthday! Some of the changes I have made are I became a vegetarian over 6 years ago. I end up saving about 100 animals a year, and it also reduces the carbon output. I also am a HUGE recycler! I typically have a large bag of recyclables than trash every year. I also compost food scraps to help make my own fertilizer. The last thing I can think of is that I have changed all my fluorescent bulbs to CFLS.

      I am also an Indianapolis resident and would LOVE to win the Green B.E.A.N. gift card. I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile, but have just been hesitating.

    163. Melanie says:

      We joined a brand new CSA this season, and it requires participants to volunteer. We’re very excited about not only getting locally grown produce for 20+ weeks, but about helping to grow it ourselves! Our town purchased the land in an agreement to keep the old farm as open space instead of selling to developers. How wonderful is that?!

    164. Christi Davidson says:

      I think Earth Day is a great celebration, too, to remind us to make a difference however we can. We are planting a garden for the first time this year, and we are also reducing boxed goods. We buy organic whenever possible and especially enjoy farmer’s markets that are starting up again.

    165. Emily says:

      I have joined a CSA with a friend and I hope to be able to switch to buying strictly organic/local meat and eggs. Its cost prohibitive, but I also want to lessen the amount of meat I eat to make it affordable.

    166. Tiff says:

      I try to conserve electricity at home and use less gas by combining errands. Love your cookies!

    167. Alicia says:

      This past year, I’ve been eating more vegetarian meals each week. When it is time for some meat, I try to buy all of my beef, chicken, and eggs (in addition to veggies) from our local farmer’s market. Also, we drink tap water instead of bottled water. And I try to walk to the grocery store about once a week instead of driving–it limits what I can buy a bit, but it’s so environmentally friendly!

    168. Ellie Davis says:

      No more daily use of paper towels! With a toddler I tended to use TOO many each day so sponges/ washcloths it is! We also became vegetarian this year and more “green” conscious.

      Happy Earth Day AND Happy Birthday to my mom!!

    169. Beth W says:

      I use reusable shopping bags, make my own broth, and look for foods/items with minimal packaging. I also buy in bulk (less packaging) and freeze for later. I freezer cook so that I have quick meals on hand and am not tempted to eat out or eat packaged meals.

      Those bags are so cute!

    170. I never buy waterbottles, always use reuseable grocery bags, and use minimal ziplocs!

    171. Kristina says:

      Happy Earth Day! Our family is really working on the planet in our kitchen. We just joined a CSA to buy local. I’m making all of our son’s babyfood to be healthier and get rid of all the waste. We’ve cut down on our meat consumption. Next step: We are looking into buying a yogurt maker so we stop getting those plastic cups. Have a great day. Hope the weather is nice in your area so you can go out and enjoy the planet!

    172. Suzanne says:

      I have been doing lots of little things like buying local and using reusable bags. The biggest change I have made to help the environment is trading in my gas hog SUV for a small fuel efficent car.

    173. We try not to let anything go to waste, which sometimes makes for creative meals! We also try to use reusable bags for grocery shopping, and reuse or recycle those plastic bags or containers that we do end up with.

    174. jessica says:

      I bring my own bags to the grocery store & try to recycle as much as possible. I use Clean Kanteen water bottle and refill it throughout the day. LOVE it!

    175. Katie says:

      I always recyle everything. It’s just become second nature to me to do this. We also installed low flow adapters to all our faucets in the house to conserve water.

    176. Hi Annie, I love the cookies! God has given us a beautiful earth to live in, and I also believe it’s important treat it well! I have been using cloth diapers here and there with my second baby, but I just got a large number of them from a friend so I can really start using them. I also made all my babies’ baby food, although that was really more for their health. Funny how when something is healthier for us, it’s also healthier for the earth! Same with not buying pre-made or processed food! Thanks for a fun give-a-way!

    177. Tracy says:

      Annie – My husband and I have started to really do more for the environment. We have started a composting area for our yard and food waste. We are in the process of switching to energy efficient light bulbs. We started to recycle more than we used to and we are shopping as much as we can at our local farmers market. We live in St. Louis, MO. Happy Earth Day! Tracy

    178. Jennifer says:

      Our family has made lots of changes this year! We are eating less processed food, and making use of reusable shopping bags and buy local and organic when possible. We are being extra careful of water usage (not leaving the water running while brushing teeth..ect) and mindful of excess consumption. I am so happy to hear everyones comments! It makes me hopeful of a long lasting and beautiful earth!

    179. Becca says:

      Happy Earth Day all!! We try to have a ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ mindset in our household. We do the normal stuff like having the big recycle bin outside where we toss our newspapers, cardboard, etc. Also, this year I have gone through my closet and tried to repurpose my ‘old’ clothes. I’ve made a few updates to shirts and holey jeans and I’m working on a new purse!

    180. jen says:

      I’ve cut back on paper towel and plastic baggie usage by usuing microfiber towels for cleaning and re-usable containers for packing lunches. My husband also carpools with three other guys from his office.

    181. Brinna Boese says:

      First of all Annie, I ADORE your blog. It is just amazing and I can’t wait to try out all the fun cupcakes, cookies and every other food on here.
      The way that I help the earth is by recycling everything that I can, using paper grocery bags to put my fresh baked cookies on to cool (something my mom did too), buying organic and locally, using cloth shopping bags, and using green cleaners as much as possible. Thanks for the opportunity to win an awesome product. I can’t believe how you much still do with a toddler and a newborn.

    182. Heather M. says:

      I’ll be walking more everywhere instead of driving. Healthy and save the environment as well!

    183. Nicole says:

      Ooh, Ooh!! These bags look like a great way to be sure the typical “my reusable bags are in my car” travesty doesn’t happen again! Thanks for a great post, I too love Earth Day!!

    184. With baby on the way I’m definitely thinking about ways to help improve the planet! I would love to cloth diaper but I can’t get my husband on board, plus sending him to day-care in cloth diapers isn’t a possibility :( For what I can do though, I’ve stopped buying bottled water and require that we drink from the fridge. Also, at work I’m getting in to the habit of using real plates and utensils instead of easily accessible plastic products. Eventually I’ll start buying local and organic but right now the selection in my area isn’t that great.

    185. Michelle says:

      I have started recycling more and using re-useable bags

    186. Jessica L. says:

      I take my lunch to work every day in a lunchbox, and when I have a sandwich I use one of those reusable containers. I also really try to avoid bottled water unless I absolutely can’t help it. I use the heck out of my Brita pitcher!

      And I’m a new Indy resident, so I would love the chance to try some local produce!

    187. Amanda E says:

      This year, we’ve been trying to conserve more water. Like, we don’t just waste water while waiting for it to heat up. I catch the cold water in a bucket and dump it in my washing machine for when I do laundry. My family has also been eating more organic fruits and veggies. And one last thing that I’m proud of is that when I run to the local grocery store, now, I literally run there. I don’t hop in the car and drive a mile (unless it is raining). I either hop on my bike and go, or I walk. All these changes helped Earth and myself. I do laundry more regularly :), which my husband loves. We eat a lot of yummy veggies, and we have stopped eating meat for all but 2 meals a week and it has made us all feel better. And running and biking feels great. I’ve lost weight and feel like I’m not the stereotypical fat American couch potato. As if saving the planet wasn’t enough, a lot of green decisions can help you save yourself!

    188. Jey says:

      I try to use reusable bags whenever possible, but mine aren’t nearly as pretty as those.

      I’ve just joined a CSA and am looking forward to farmers market season. Buy local, reduce your carbon footprint.

      When it is warm out, we walk as much as possible rather than taking the car out.

    189. Stephanie Bower says:

      Every spring we have planted more of our own fruits and veggies. I use natural methods for preventing bugs from eating the produce before we do. Like eggshells and coffee grounds to deter snails and slugs.

    190. Whitney says:

      What a good giveaway!

      I have tried to buy fewer “packaged foods” to reduce waste and also have started drinking faucet water rather than bottled- cheaper and less waste!

    191. Darlene Miller says:

      Hi Annie, I would like to win the bags, as I am trying to cut the carbon footprint of my business. There are many different ways I have done this. 1) I am carpooling with local business to supply companies. We each shop for each other every week. We all save on gas, and trucking expenses. I try and buy as much product as possible from local farmers and vendors. Any product left over, is donated to a local food bank. ( I own a bakery) When deciding to open a bakery in my hometown it was a huge leap of faith, but one of the biggest reasons, was I am able to walk to work everyday. Hope this is enough to win me the bags!!

    192. Dani says:

      What gorgeous cookies! I’m in awe, as always.

      Thanks for the chance at the RuMe giveaway! I’ve been making changes around our home for a few years now, including replacing bottled water with a Brita pitcher, buying 2-Liter bottles instead of cans on the rare occasions we want soda so that there’s less packaging waste, recycling any-and-everything we possibly can, using more environmentally-friendly cleansers, and cutting back on our use of paper towels by stocking on hand towels and washcloths.

      My current goal is to change the way we eat. I’ve joined a CSA for the spring and summer and hope it will help kick-start my buying locally quest. I have a local farm from which to buy free-range organic chicken, but am still on the hunt for a convenient butcher for our (few and far between) beef purchases.

    193. Christy says:

      This year my husband and I have committed ourselves to recycling pretty much everything possible. We’ve also been trying to incorporate as many local/ organic fruits, meats and veggies into our diet that our budget can allow. It helps that we live so close to a fantastic farmer’s market!! Those grocery bags would be perfect for my trips to the market :)

    194. Ginny says:

      I’m going to attempt a garden this year, hoping to reduce our dependence on the grocery store (and reduce emissions!). We are also going to buy more locally through a farm club in our area.

    195. We recycle paper, cardboard, plastic and metal. We have made a compost for our flowerbeds. We use tupperware instead of throwaway bags. ANd most importantly, we are teaching these values to our children.

    196. Carolyn says:

      I would like to join a CSA (already reserved my spot), start composting all my leftover produce scraps (they take up so much of the trash!), and start canning more local fruits/veggies for the winter!

    197. Kim H says:

      We started a compost pile last year and are joining our first CSA this year. I also use reusable grocery bags and recycle paper. I also use reusable water bottles. I’m excited because I just got a fuel-efficient car and can stack my errands to all be done at once while using less gas at the same time! I’m an Indy reader and would love the Green B.E.A.N. delivery!

    198. Bree says:

      I have made several changes lately…cloth diapers, only use cloth napkins/towels, and am working on using only reusable snack/sandwich bags when we have lunch on the go. Next up, is changing to local meat and chicken!

    199. Melanie says:

      A few things we have recently been trying to do are: not have them bag things that don’t need a bag…milk, juice, produce already in a bag…and we are starting to do better at recycling other things.

    200. Maggie says:

      Yeah Happy Earth Day. Not only am I jazzed about the earth today too but I’m so excited to have found your blog and like many, feel it’s the best way to get into my work day, sipping coffee, lusting over tasty yums yums in between piles of paper and my little lappie at my desk. I digress (hey I’m only 1 cup of joe in for the day). I’m vegetarian and love Seitan. There I said it, wheww felt good ;) I have an intimate love affair with Seitan yet my pocketbook digs it’s heels into our relationship most times. So, with lemons I make the lemonade and make it myself. Saves some serious denero and I have broadened my repetoire of spices in finding tasty additives for the baked treat. Also purely out of necessity I have become a skilled dehydrator, soymilk maker, no-yeast bread fabricator and fingers crossed plan on adding cheese wizard to that list!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and keep up the sheer awesomeness of this blog.
      P.S. -I live in Buffalo so I’m checkin the grocery bags box.

    201. My fiance and I are doing a local CSA this year and we also shop local for all our food. We buy from a local butcher, a local fishmonger, and our favorite local organic market. My family and I have also planted a large veggie garden to be more sustainable! And I always have my reusable bags with me :)

    202. nicole says:

      Hi! We use some (very unpretty) reusable bags, and we’ve just started buying a lot more local produce- it’s a fundraiser for the big school I work at, so it’s a win-win! We also prepare most of our food at home, due to our daughter’s milk allergy, in addition to riding our bikes around our small community now that the weather is nice!

    203. Molly says:

      We’ve always been big on recycling and using Nalgene bottles instead of buying bottled water. But once our son was born last summer, we really amped up our earth saving efforts. Our little guy is in cloth diapers (and I can’t tell you how much I LOVE them!). I also make all of his baby food, mostly organic and local when I can. This year I am looking into doing a CSA for the first time (since I don’t think we have anything like Green BEAN in the DC area), and I’m also looking into a local butcher.

    204. denisa says:

      i use reusable bags (love.them!), refill water bottles instead of buying cases upon cases of bottled water, and this year i’m going to going to grow a container garden! granted, i’m doing more for my wallet but it’s a two-fold endeavor that it will help the environment too! :) happy earth day!

    205. Lena says:

      One small change I would like to make is to use reusable bags at more stores. I use them faithfully at the grocery store but would like to use them at other places so I don’t bring home so many plastic bags. I need some cute ones though so I hope I win one of the sets you are giving away!

    206. Renae says:

      I also use bar rags instead of paper towels and a re-usable/washable Swiffer cover. I also take my own jar to a local health food store to refill rather than buy already filled jars. Every year I do more and more green things.

    207. Molly says:

      You will love the cloth diapers! I swear by FuzziBunz and BumGenuis brands :)

    208. Ashley Inman says:

      I cut up old T-shirts that are falling apart to use as cleaning rags. I’m so glad you have been happy with Green B.E.A.N. delivery! Wait until you get the Indiana corn this summer. It is so good!

    209. Kalyn says:

      I am also working on using more earth friendly foods, and getting away from prepackaged ones. It also has great health benefits!

    210. Maja says:

      Happy Earth Day! Instead of throwing away plastic produce baggies from the market, we save them and use them again to pick up the…you-know-what…when we walk our dog.

    211. Trish says:

      Last year, my husband started a non-profit similar to KIB in South Bend. We’ve been participating in area events that are raising awareness of the small changes that people can make to positively impact the environment. For our family, this has included decreasing our meat consumption, going down to one car (trial run), and I just ordered cloth diapers for our newest little one. It’s actually been really fun to make these changes and I’m looking forward to the warmer weather so we can do more outside! :)

      Also, how cool is this??

    212. Jennifer says:

      My baby just started eating solid foods, and while I’ve never purchased organic foods for myself or my husband, I find the overwhelming NEED to make his food that way. For some reason, the extra expense seems totally justified when I think about nourishing my little boy’s body. :)
      So my resolution…. To buy more organic items– for everyone in our household! :)

    213. Andrea C says:

      I’ve been trying to recycle my plastic bags constantly and trying to print less papers!

    214. Kristen says:

      My husband and I are composting now. I cook, he does the composting. Good deal, hey?

    215. Rachel says:

      What a great giveaway! I’m entering for the shopping bags. My help to our planet is using a canvas bag instead of plastic for grocery store trips and I also subscribe to local produce delivery service for the DC area. :)

    216. amanda says:

      I have been using reusable bags for several months now!

    217. Michelle says:

      I LOVE the RuMe bags. I’ve been trying to find cute (and sturdy) bags to bring with me to the grocery store/farmers market and haven’t been able to find anything. My goal is actually to start BYOBags to the store as well as working harder on recycling.

    218. Marzipan says:

      I decided to cloth diaper my baby! No more diapers in the landfill…and I love it so much.

    219. Katie says:

      We’ve been gradually making changes to live more sustainably. This year’s change will be switching to cloth diapers.

    220. stephanie says:

      Last year, we joined a CSA, but weren’t thrilled with the results. (Unlike most CSA members I’ve spoken too, our problem was not enough vegetables for the cost, rather than too many.) This year, we’ve decided to take that money we would have spent on the CSA and go to the farmers market each weekend to get our produce and dairy. We have also started to buy a lot of grains and beans in bulk, although we could still improve in that area.

      Happy Earth Day!

    221. Eva says:

      I always being reusable bags to the grocery store and recycle our plastic, glass, alumninum and paper products and packaging. All this recycling helps cut down on our weekly trash!

    222. Michelle says:

      I’ve started getting most of my grains, spices, and beans from the bulk section at my local co-op. My next step is to eliminate all the plastic bags and bring my glass jars instead!

    223. Dana says:

      I buy organics when available, try to recycle everything that can be recycled, and I reuse paper bags whenI go to the grocery store.

    224. Reagan says:

      Happy Earth Day!! My family and I have been committed to recycling and reusable bags for quite some time now. The change I would most like to make is in my cleaning routine. I have started buying more environmentally friendly products, stopped using disposable cleaning pads for my floor, but need to get my paper towel addiction under control. That would be a major accomplishment for me. Thanks for the wonderful blog!

    225. Kelly says:

      We got rid of our car nearly four years ago and have walked/biked/taken the bus and train since then. We just purchased ‘the family car,’ aka a Madsen cargo bike, and I am so excited to put many miles on that bike with my daughter! Car-free living – it can be fancy, too :)

    226. Kyle says:

      Since moving to Bloomington, we have joined a CSA and used our cars less. Although we currently own both of our cars, we are hoping to sell one and just have one family car. happy earth day!

    227. Kristel says:

      I’m using cloth diapers and wipes for our second baby. Not only will it save us money but it will greatly cut down on our trash output. I got so sick of seeing how many diapers went into the trash with our first!

    228. Dana says:

      I reuse paper bags when I go to the grocery store. I also recycle, and buy organics whenever they are available. I live in Minnesota, so our Farmer’s Markets aren’t year round, but in the summer I try to buy most of my meat and produce from them.

    229. Kalliope says:

      Hello! Around my house, we use only fabric shopping bags. We also eschew Walmarts and the like in favor of locally-owned shops. We figure that putting our money back into the local economy is the best way to aid (in a small way) in economic recovery. We rarely purchase packaged foods, as I prefer to make as much as I can from scratch. I’m with Pollan on this one: if my great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as food, we probably shouldn’t be eating it. And, if I’m not in a hurry to get something done, I’ll take the bus. :)

    230. Dakota Campbell says:

      I always recycle, and have switched to reusable grocery bags to be more environmentally friendly!

    231. Leen says:

      My husband and I just bought our first home, and are very excited to have started composting! Not only does less waste get put into the landfills, but it produces rich fertilizer for our garden. This one small thing makes a HUGE difference!

    232. Elizabeth says:

      We went vegetarian partly for ethical reasons, but also because of the environmental effects of raising and moving livestock, compared to plants.

    233. Tiffany says:

      I have a bag by my desk at the office and everyone brings me their water bottles to recycle. =)

    234. Dana says:

      I have been using my reusable shopping bags!

    235. joann says:

      Use homemade cleaning products… my goal for 2011!!

    236. I use re-usable bags. We recycle tons of stuff. We use more environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions.

    237. Grace Gravelle says:

      I have decided to sell my car next month and rely only on public transportation. This is a huge step, seeing as having a car has always meant “freedom” to me. But, I am ready to experience the freedom that comes with connecting more with the environment by walking and biking, feeling the breeze through my hair and the sun on my face!

    238. Blair says:

      Interestingly enough our 6 year old daughter has brought things to our attention about recycling. With her suggestion (learning about Earth Day in school) we are sorting our garbage, turning off all our electronics when we leave the house and we are going to try a composter! Which will do nicely for our garden this year. Wea already shop our local farmers markets and use less boxed foods. So thanks you our little angel we are making some good changes. PS. Thank you for your time you invest into this site. Your recipes have become favorites in my little corner of the world.

    239. Jenn B says:

      I received three reusable bags (similar to the ones in this giveaway) as a gift a few years ago. I use them for groceries, as my purse, an impromptu diaper bag, etc. I love them and would love to have three more to cut back on a need for paper bags for large commissary trips. The paper bags that I do get are recycled into cards. I’ve been sewing collaged cards with fabric scraps, old thread, old prints, paper bags, tissue paper, etc. I got started back when I was having baby showers and I wanted to make my own thank you’s. I just saw a great idea in a magazine to use fabric for wrapping paper…that’s my next project. My husband and I also have been using cloth diapers and wipes for our new baby and I love them, they even work great on the go with the use of a wet bag! Thanks for putting on a great giveaway…it’s awesome reading other posts and getting more green ideas!

    240. Ashley says:

      I’m going to try and stop using paper towels altogether!

    241. Katherine says:

      I now take the train into work everyday. We also recycle our newspapers by taking them to the Humane Society. It’s a win for everyone.

    242. Natalie says:

      Happy Earth Day! I live in Boston, and living in a city apt can be hard to do things like recycle. Only bc of space issues. But Since January, we have started recycling all glass that we use. And of course, plastic grocery bags are a thing of the past.

    243. I’m certainly not as green as some of the other commenters, but I’m going back and taking notes on what I should be doing.

      The smallest chance I’ve made that I think will have a good long-term impact is to not use plastic baggies for lunch anymore. Instead, I pack anything that could go in a bag in a tupperware container, so it 1) won’t get smashed, 2) won’t result in me throwing away two plastic bays every day. The only downside is that I need to buy a new lunchbox because the tupperwares don’t fit well in mine, so I look silly carrying around a lunchbox and two more containers. =)

    244. Danielle says:

      Love the produce delivery, I will have to find one in my area =). We are expecting our first baby this fall, and we will be cloth diapering them.
      Happy Earth Day!

    245. Allison Smith says:

      I have been using reuseable grocery bags for over a year now and never leave home without them! Its too easy not to! LOVE a variety of them for different purposes and sizes! PLUS I use my camelback bottles at the gym instead of buying bottled water! HAPPY EARTH DAY!

    246. Lanette says:

      I’d love to start composting. I took a ‘how to’ class last summer and I think it’s something I could definitely manage.

    247. Melissa says:

      I have switched to CFL’s and we are using mostly reusable bags for grocery shopping (Still a few short to use all reuseable). We have also planted an apple and orange tree and a large garden of veggies so that we don’t need to use non-local stuff as much.

    248. Anne Marie says:

      Thanks for your post. I would like to be entered into the Green Bean delivery contest – that would be so nice to have fresh veggies delivered to our home! I currently use reusable bags and we recycle everything possible through our curbside recycling and special collection days.

    249. Michelle Welker says:

      My husband and I reuse our plastic grocery bags for more groceries until they become holey. We also use those bags as trash can liners in our home. We use cloth napkins instead of paper. Since we are students and use lots of notebook and copy paper, we find recycle all of our printed paper, which is made convenient through a campus recycling service. We don’t buy pre-packaged beverages, which only produce more waste. Our changes are simple enough that we don’t have to make extra time in our busy lives to be good to our planet.

    250. Sarah S says:

      I have been using reusable grocery bags for a few years now and they are totally falling apart. These bags look great! Also we just moved to a new city that recycles almost everything. They even require recycling bins in fast food restaurants. Our household waste is much less now that we can recycle so much more!

    251. We have been buying a lot more of our food at a local co-op, thus getting more local/organic foods. We are also hitting up the bulk bins a lot instead of buying canned foods.

    252. Katie T. says:

      We have been recycling everything possible. It feels good to know that we aren’t creating as much waste and trips to take the trash out are less frequent. Happy Earth Day!

    253. Amy says:

      I’ve been starting small the last few months – trying my best to buy only what we need – I feel that wasting food is one of the worst things and hurts the earth too! I try to make my own bread, buns and cakes as much as possible, reuse shopping bags and recycle the ones we have (I always forget to bring the few reusable bags I have), buying organic eggs, cooking as much fresh food as possible and not packaged.

    254. Jenna K. says:

      I now recycle all cardboard, cans, glass, and paper. I also stopped buying bottled water and pack a reusable water bottle in my husband’s lunchbox every day!

    255. Thea says:

      I have stopped using plastic bags and plastic water bottles this year. I am so excited to have the local Hudson Valley farmers start to sell their products again, on streets, fairs and stores. Farmers markets rejoice!

    256. Jaime says:

      I use a reusable water bottle, a lunch box, and I have stopped buying the individual yogurt cups (I buy the big container and scoop into reusable bowls) to bring it to work as my daily snack. I also have a brick in my toilet and shut the water off while I am brushing my teeth. I also use reusable grocery bags, and use my roommates plastic grocery bags as trash bags. :)

    257. Mollie says:

      We cloth diaper all 3 kids in my house and we use reuseable water bottles!
      babyfickas at gmail dot com

    258. Liz N says:

      We have a recycling service at home and I use my own coffee mug/water bottle at work. I avoid plastic bags at stores and keep foldable shopping bags in my purse.

    259. April Cremer says:

      I teach at a school where we were recently named “Kansas Green School” of the year. At our school we have incorporated composting and recycling into our everyday lives. As a result, I have started recycling and composting at home too. It is so fun to see my recycling bin vs. my trash can at the end of the week. We usually have 3x’s more in the recycle bin!

    260. Morgan says:

      I LOVE RuMe bags, too! Thanks for spreading the good word!

    261. Hattie says:

      I’ve eliminated disposable plastics, I only use heavy duty tupperware for my food, snacks and half-used cheese. It seals better and I’m not throwing away plastic bags.

      I also compost my kitchen waste, which in turn I use in my vegetable garden.

    262. BrendaB says:

      Hi Annie, I live in Indy so I’m interested in the Green BEAN giveaway as well as the bags. I love your blog, and congrats on the new addition to your family!! We recycle at our house, and I cringe whenever I see people throw recyclables in the regular trash! We use all energy efficient light bulbs throughout the house (outside too). I take my own reusable bags to the grocery because I hate the plastic bags the stores use. We’re trying to do more to eat locally, and I have lots of ideas to start using to become more ‘green’. Thanks!

    263. We recycle, compost, and buy organic food whenever possible. We also use eco-friendly kitchen and cleaning products, and re-use as much as possible.

    264. Sarah K. says:

      My family recycles and I plan on buying more of our food from our local farmer’s market this year!

    265. Kati B. says:

      My husband and I live on an Air Force base where recycling is pretty big. We make sure to always recycle everything we can. We also try to always get paper bags at the commissary (our grocery store) instead of plastic. And my husband rides his bike to work when the weather allows, instead of driving and putting emissions in the air. We definitely try to keep the planet healthy!
      Also, we’re an hour from Indy so we’d consider the gift card too, although the bags have my attention even more!

    266. Katie J says:

      I started recycling a couple of years ago and am in the process of purchasing a rain barrel and compost bin to start conserving more water and food waste!

    267. Bridget says:

      Happy Earth Day! I’ve started going (walking!) to the farm markets to buy my local fresh produce there instead of buying from the grocery store where it’s coming from the other side of the country or world.

    268. Reagan says:

      My family and I have been recycling and using reusable bags for quite some time now. I also have changed the way I clean. I have started buying environmentally friendly cleaners, stopped using disposable cleaning pads for my floor and using cloth or sponges in place of paper towels. I also try to donatate outgrown clothing to thrift stores or give it to friends so it doesn’t end up in the garbage. My goal to be more green is to reduce our paper by paying all our bills on line. Happy Earth Day!

    269. Jessica says:

      Wow girl… you are a genius with royal icing. :)

      This year I, too, am trying to buy most of my produce locally. I plan on hitting farmers markets whenever I can (luckily there’s one just up the street from my apartment!). I’d love to start buying more local and sustainable meat, but it’s not something we can fit into our budget right now. Maybe next year for that one! But I figure every little step in the right direction helps, so I’ll start with my produce and work my way up from there.

      I’d love to win some of the those bags… so cute!

    270. Tasha says:

      I buy as many grocery items from the bulk bins as I can to eleminate packaging waste, get our drinking water from an under the sink filtration system (the thought of all those water bottles from my past kills me now), and try to buy locally whenever possible.

    271. Katie B says:

      Happy Earth Day! I go to a college that supports sustainability in the construction of our buildings and serves local and organic food in the cafeteria!

    272. Rachel says:

      got my free cup of coffee at starbucks to celebrate earth day! Oh and we are sitting in the dark at work. No over head lights on today.

    273. Kami says:

      I love to recycle. Here in Houston, I have to pay to recycle, but I’m such a firm believer in it that I gladly pay. I am also in love with my compost bin. So between recycling and composting, I have very little garbage. And when I pull that gorgeous, black gold out of my compost and spread it on my garden beds, it’s like Christmas morning! I love your blog! Thanks for all the great recipes!!

    274. Christine says:

      I planning on getting a rain barrel soon. We also recycle, use re-useable bags, compost, and shop local.

      Happy Earth Day!

    275. Alison D says:

      I use reusable grocery bags at the store and we participate in our local recycling and food waste composte programs! Happy Earth Day!

    276. Sara Bunning says:

      For the past year or we we have started using only reusable bags at the grocery store and for any other shopping we do, recycling glass, cans and bottles as well as driving less and biking and walking more. Not only is it good for the earth, it is better for us as well.

    277. Linda says:

      We walk to the grocery store on nice days and use our own bags at the store. I also try my best to buy local produce and we recycle everything! We let our daughter use the paper we recycle for art projects and when printing things for our own use, we’ll print on the backside of other paper. It’s the little things, right?

    278. Mindy says:

      I just realized the other day that I have not bought meat from the grocery store in about 6 months! We have a local butcher shop that carries only local, humanely and safely raised meat, and we’ve been shopping there almost exclusively for our meat. I wish we had something like Green B.E.A.N. for those long winter months in central Kentucky! (By the way, I’m not that far from you…if you ever get down our way, let me know. We have a robust group of food bloggers here in Kentucky, and we’d love to meet a neighbor!)

    279. Jocelyn says:

      We recycle everything and I have even begun channeling some of my grandmother’s Depression era frugality by rinsing out Ziploc freezer bags!

    280. Jacki says:

      Hi Annie!
      I’ve been following for a long time, and I LOVE your recipes! The Shrimp Fried Rice is one of my go-to’s!

      Anyway, my husband and I have made a very conscious effort to be more green. While it may not sound like the “greenest” place in the world, Costco is a huge part of reducing our waste. I am able to buy products in bulk and then divide them up into smaller containers for individual use. They also do not supply grocery bags, which I am a huge fan of. It forces people to use reusable grocery bags. (Or, like us, nothing at all. We just pile it all in the back of the car!)
      We’ve also been sure to switch all of our household cleaning products to more natural versions, and in some cases, not even traditional cleaning products. I use lemon and cheap vodka to clean my bathroom now! (Thank you Kirstie Alley for showing this on Oprah!) The vodka is a disinfectant, and the cut lemon rubbed on the tiles makes water bead up instead of soaking into our grout. Speaking of cleaning, we have switched to towels (that can be washed and re-used) for cleaning, and for the occasional need, recycled paper towels from Whole Foods.
      As far as foods, we buy nearly everything from farmer’s markets. Just about everything that is normally bought in a package we make ourselves (including pasta and tortilla chips!) I store everything in glass washable containers and buy in bulk when produce is in-season here in NYC. Then I freeze everything for later use. One of my favorite go-to recipes that demonstrates this is Alton Brown’s “Frozen Blueberry Pie”. Google it. The man is a genius. We also invested in an Aerogarden to grow our own fresh herbs, which is always so much better and flavorful. During the summer, we also grow tomatoes and peppers, which are always in use at our house. If I could figure out how to grow mushrooms, I’d be set!

      I think that’s about it!
      Just remember everyone… Every little bit helps!

      And go to Lowes today! They’re giving away 1 million trees!!!!

    281. I love those bags! I’ve worn all mine out over the years. :{ Our big change this year (we usually focus on one big change a year) is to plant an organic garden. We have planted before but this year we are going to the next level and using seeds from seed savers. :)

    282. Ashley P says:

      We recycle everything we can – from cardboard boxes and junk mail flyers to bottles and cans. I don’t buy bottled water. We purchased a PUR water filter for our tap and use re-usable bottles instead. I recycle all plastic bags and use them for small trashcan liners or other misc things. I try not to use any plastic bags at all and have purchased reusable bags for grocery shopping. We buy and dine local as much as possible as well.

    283. Annette says:

      I’ve recently changed to ‘green’ cleaning products. Love them!

    284. Cami says:

      Happy Earth Day! I have been vegetarian since last April and I am in the process of joining a CSA for the summer and fall and I can’t wait!

    285. Natasha says:

      I am definitely trying to shop local and organic as often as possible. I am so excited for warmer weather because that means Farmer’s Markets! It makes me so happy to buy produce from the farmers that picked it that morning!

      Those bags are so cute!

    286. Sara says:

      Happy Earth Day!! We use reusable bags at the grocery. Although we live in an apartment now (with no yard), in the future I’d love to compost and start my own veggie and herb garden.

    287. Antje McClellen says:

      We recycle and dry our clothes outside. We drive one car and always use reusable bags. This summer i am working at a farm for a CSA share. I know there is a lot more to come!

    288. Tiffany P says:

      We compost and recycle. We live in SF and it is actually required now for every household but we were already composting for a while . It’s actually kind of funny because we company comes over they always ask what goes where. It’s really not bad once you start and the feeling you get from knowing you are doing such a great thing is awesome!

    289. Charlotte says:

      We recycle, compost, use the bus system, and have been using our grocery bags. We joined a community garden in our city and go to the farmer’s market and a local farm for meat and produce whenever we can! We plan on joining a CSA this summer and will likely begin biking to work come fall. What a lovely way to celebrate Earth Day! And cute bags :)

    290. Kate says:

      Currently I am trying to recycle more, a new single stream recycle bin is very near my house so no excuses! Also, as we are finally getting real spring weather and local farmers markets are near by I try to buy most of my produce (and dairy and eggs) from these vendors.

    291. Lucy says:

      This year I started using a lot less paper products – napkins, paper towels, plates, etc.. Instead we use towels, cloth napkins, etc.

    292. Christine says:

      Well, I only have one reuseable grocery bag and would love to use more! We’ve switched to reuseable water bottles and that has helped the environment and our wallet. I have a two year old son and am working on teaching him ways to take care of our earth so this beautiful place stays that way for him!

    293. Lauren says:

      We don’t buy plastic bottles for water–only filtered water in safe, reusable bottles

    294. Lori says:

      I am continuing to recycle where ever I can and I planon planting a garden and starting a compost

    295. Mrs. Tucker says:

      We started recycling about a year ago and are now teaching our little one about how its done. We hope to be able to put in a more efficient water heater in the next couple of months. Thanks

    296. diana says:

      We are committed to buying produce at the local farmers market this summer

    297. I have been trying to buy more eco friendly cleaning supplies. I’d love to win these bags! Thanks!

    298. Maria says:

      I never leave home w/o my Camelback! We recycle and have started getting our 3 year old in on it! He needs to learn about our earth and how we can protect it! I could use some pretty grocery bags to replace my ugly green store-issued ones!

    299. I’ve started using more natural cleaners in place of those with chemicals. I also try to walk whenever possible rather than driving – also saves money on gas!

    300. Elaine A says:

      I have tried to eliminate buying bottled water or even drinks, using a water filter to eliminate the things I want out of my water.

    301. Katherine says:

      We cloth diaper, compost, recycle and try to buy gently used items when possible to eliminate packaging waste (which drives me especially crazy when it comes to baby/kid toys).

    302. alex says:

      shorter showers!

    303. I always make sure to recycle, and I use a nalgene bottle instead of getting bottled water. I love using reusable bags; I just forget to take them with me a lot of the time! These bags are so adorable!

    304. Jennifer says:

      We just got 4 chicks to produce our own organic eggs. We also have been using more reusable packaging.

    305. Kimberannie says:

      We began recycling cans, plastic, cardboard, glass, etc. about 6 months ago and it’s amazing how much less trash we have! Not to mention how good it feels to do the right thing. These bags are a great idea! One more way to help Mother Earth!!

    306. Nicole G says:

      Great post and Happy Earth Day everyone!

      I have been using re-usable bags for a few months now (although I only have 2, so I could definitely use more ;) and have been eliminating processed foods as much as possible. I find that by making my own things, I actually spend less in groceries! How cool is that? I also like knowing that while my kids are still small and sometimes I have to give in to certain “child foods” on the menu, they can still be healthy and delicious!

    307. Melissa says:

      When I bring my lunch to work, I use a retro Orange Crush lunch box with a reusable sandwich box and other tupperware containers. This way I don’t have to waste brown paper sacks or sandwich bags. I also have a reusable water bottle on my desk at work that I try to fill several times each day!

    308. adrienne says:

      I subscribe to a CSA, only use re-useable bags, and buy items in bulk for less packaging.

    309. Meghan says:

      I started recycling (I know, a little late to the party) and using reusable bags. We also joined a CSA and have eliminated buying bottled water.

      I live in Indianapolis and would love to try out Green B.E.A.N.

    310. Jody says:

      I have eliminated almost all plastic bags from my preschooler’s lunch box. We now use a reusable one-piece container that is sectioned off. Super easy for me to put his lunch together, easy for him to open/close. WAY less trash!!

    311. Brea says:

      We are members of a CSA, use cloth diapers, make our own baby food, buy mostly whole foods and avoid packaged/processed foods, and are about to start composting!

    312. Kristyn says:

      I absolutely love Earth Day; any day that can help this world become a better place is remarkable. The changes I plan to make to help our environment are buying a Brita Bottle to take on the go – by doing so I’m replacing 150 plastic water bottles, with the one filter & it’s only $10! – I’m also going to walk, run, or ride on a bike to more places, thus using less gas. Hopefully this will not only help the environment, but help others in my life become inspired to be healthier & more earth-friendly!

    313. Josie says:

      In about a week and a half we are going to be moving. We’re moving to a place that has a walkscore of 95. I plan to walk to get groceries, go to the post office/library/bank/etc. I also plan to use the free city bus to get to work and back. And once we get settled we plan to sell our second car. :)

    314. I use entirely reusable bags when shopping now, and all lightbulbs in our house are CFLs. I also subscribe to a local organic vegetable & fruit service here in Santa Barbara, and I store all those fruits & veggies in reusable containers. Something I’m working on this year is reducing my paper waste – we still use a lot of paper towels and disposable products, so I’m working on that!

    315. Heidi says:

      I’ve been a member of a CSA for three years. My goal this year is to actually eat the (seemingly never ending) supply of lettuce they give me instead of foisting it off on my salad loving neighbors.

    316. Grace says:

      I, too, am working hard to reduce the amount of prepackaged food items that I bring into our home. My thinking at first was “Hey! Look at all of this recycling I’m doing! I’m awesome.” It is embarrassing how long it took me to come to the realization that almost all of that packaging could be eliminated altogether. That’s a true benefit to the earth.

    317. Merri says:

      I always try to use reusable water bottles and not the plastic ones.

    318. shannon says:

      our family has switched all it’s cleaning products to “green”. spring, summer and fall we line dry our clothes. we recycle and use re-useable fabric or recycled grocery bags.

    319. jpetroroy says:

      I recycle when I can and use reusable bags.

    320. Carolyn says:

      I bring my own PBA-free Nalgene bottle every where I go so I never have to drink bottled drink. I’ve also started using cloth napkins and reusable rags for cleaning to eliminate paper towel waste. Any my big change for the year – I now ride the bus to work! Saves a LOT of gas, even though I don’t live that far from the office. Who knew?

    321. Kat Gray says:

      I’ve been trying to get into the habit of riding my bike to school and work whenever possible.

    322. Christy says:

      I’ve started using reusable grocery bags. :) We recycle, try not to buy things we don’t want/need (reducing waste), reuse a variety of items… There are so many things to do and many things become automatic once you start.

    323. Bailey says:

      I have been making an increased effort to buy more locally grown products. I also try to use reusable bags as much as possible!

    324. Stephanie A says:

      We have started recycling and only buy our meat from a local farmer

    325. Whitney says:

      One thing I’ve already been doing is using reusable shopping bags instead of plastic.

      Something I need to change is buying more local and organic foods.

    326. Great giveaway, Annie! Let’s see, my husband and I use energy efficient bulbs, don’t buy bottled water and when we move into our new house this spring, we’ll finally start recycling! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful cookies, too!

    327. Nicole W. says:

      Happy Earth Day! We have been using a local food co-op to get all of our fruits and veggies called Bountiful Baskets – it sounds like its similar to what you have in Indy. We absolutely love it and its so nice to get the variety and utilize some of the veggies that I wouldn’t normally purchase at the store.

      I’ve also been making my own laundry detergent, it sounds weird but it really cuts down on all of the packaging waste and it saves a ton of money – plus it works better than any brand I’ve ever bought! :)

    328. Yudith says:

      I only use cold water for all of my laundry; take 3 minutes shower; buy local and organic if possible. And always turn off all lights at home and work when I don’t use them… and more ;)

    329. We use reusable grocery bags and our own mugs and cold drink cups (the starbucks double insulated cold cups are the best)! We also compost. And the newest thing is that we have a timer on our TV to turn off after 100 minutes for when the kids walk off and leave it on.

    330. Kaili says:

      Happy Earth Day!!
      I am adamant about recycling and would like to start composting soon. Everything little thing counts!

    331. domestic diva says:

      We use cloth in place of paper whenever we can: towels, napkins, bags, diapers, etc.

    332. Sarah says:

      Hi Annie!

      Happy Earth Day!!!! I love this day because it really makes people realize that we need to be informed and help our home! :)

      I live in Florida, and the beaches are dirty with trash. Every Sunday I go with a bunch of my friends(we kind of have an environment club) and we clean up the beach all over. It helps the water because then it doesn’t take in waste and helps the environment!

      My family and I are thinking to get a hybrid. At night we only use one light(and we are a big family) if we need more light, we use candles.

      Also it is hot in FL, right. but we always always have a monitored thermostat, and if we are hot, we drink ICE ICE water instead(btw it helps ALOT!).

      Basically, I think we should all help our Earth, our home. Its not just about what we are doing to it, its about respect of nature and its resources.

      Thank you! :)
      Have a great day.

    333. Eleisha says:

      I have started recycling most of our plastic, paper, etc. that we use on a daily basis in our home. I have also been trying to slowly cut out the pre-packaged and processed foods from our diet. I’ve started using essential oils in place of some cleaners with chemicals that I previously used, as well.

    334. Cassie says:

      Happy Earth Day!! We recycle our plastic, cans and glass and we also always use cloth reusable grocery bags.

    335. Andrea Watts says:

      I reuse my plastic grocery bags.

    336. I ONLY use green bags now and have for over 4 years. Whenever I find myself in a position to have forgotten my bags, I will simply have my stuff put back in the cart sans bags. Just like Sams or Costco. They think I am crazy when I make this request but I don’t care. :) My husband thinks I am loony about it! Those bags are great! I am going to look into them!

    337. April W. says:

      We buy all our produce from local farmers. I’d love to win these bags!

    338. Susan says:

      We are making an effort to teach our 3 kids to recycle. Also, riding bikes and eating fresh non-processed foods.

    339. Taylor says:

      Thanks for the opportunity to win! I currently reuse plastic bags I get from the store as trash bags and packing material. I tend to save and reuse plastic containers for crafting, and cardboard boxes for building play forts – I have a toddler who loves forts :) I also make baby food instead of buying it in the store, and I recently joined a food co-op to help save on packaging.

    340. JulieJ says:

      I recently traded by SUV for a smaller, MUCH more fuel-efficient car. I buy local and organic whenever possible, particularly produce, eggs, and meat. I’ve started making my own (salad dressing, spaghetti sauce, etc) instead of buying from the store.

      These are all small changes, but it makes me feel good to be doing something. Thanks for the aweseome giveaway…those grocery bags would add a bit of style to my weekly grocery trips :)

    341. Terri Howard says:

      We only use reusable bags now am in the process of building a rain barell. I’m located in Indy and would love to try Green Bean , that might be the push I need get my husband on board :)

    342. Kate says:

      I love the idea of Earth Day resolutions! I’ve been using my reusable grocery bags more, and I reuse all the plastic and paper ones I do get from the store for trash/recyclables. But the main thing I’ve done to cut down on my footprint is eat less meat. As in I probably only cook meat in my house once or twice a month. And when I do it’s always from our local butcher. Thanks!

    343. Colleen says:

      Since moving to Austin I’ve made a lot of changes in how I live to help save our planet. I now recycle absolutely everything I can (it’s amazing how my recycling bins always fill up before my trash), and use lights/AC/heat only when I absolutely need it. I’ve also started buying more local/in season fruits and vegetables, and I’ve limited the amount of meat I eat to 3 meals per week (and any meat I do buy I make sure it’s from local small farms).

      Happy Earth Day!!!

    344. Erin S. says:

      I have sold my car and either walk or take public transportation. I have started container gardens so that I have my own produce. I have never used bottled water and always bring my own bags to the stores and if for some reason I buy more than the bags hold I opt to buy the reusable bags vs the plastic(you can never have enough)Lastly, I work with the university campus’ community garden.

    345. Oh, we’ve made many changes recently. I have a rain water barrel to use for my garden. We moved a bin to the back door of the kitchen so that we can just put recyclables there and are recycling more. I made ALL of my daughter’s purees up until 1 year when she turned to eating real food so no waste there. We buy produce though something similar to your program. And we don’t buy bottled water. Oh, and I just bought my second reusable grocery bag, and a few more definitely wouldn’t hurt.

    346. Ashley B says:

      YAY Earth Day! I have started using reusable shopping bags. We also cloth diaper our son, Woo Hoo gDiapers! I make my son’s babyfood instead of buying store bought. We recycle anything we can! I walk to as many stores as I can instead of driving. My husband carpools for work. Love the giveaway!

    347. Lauren Douglas says:

      I try to recycle as many items as possible including the plastic grocery bags and water bottles. It has really cut down on my trash :)

    348. Hollee says:

      I use reusable bags every time I go grocery shopping. I want to get in the habit of using them at other stores as well. We recently changed our trash plan to include recycling pickup. Before I was having to use gas to drop off the recycling, and now it is much easier to fill the bin each week and set it outside. I have started reusing ziploc bags instead of throwing them away after every use.

    349. Kristin says:

      I use a Pur pitcher at home to fill up my reusable water bottle to take to work everyday. I also try to buy local foods when available. And I have a stainless steel coffee cup that got me free coffee today at Starbucks! :)

    350. Jessie says:

      We just got a new front load washer and I love taking my re-usable bags to the grocery…now if they were only cute. :)

    351. Happy Earth Day! One way I have started to be a better citizen of Earth is to make my own cleaning solutions using natural products such as baking soda, lemon, vinegar and peppermint oils. It really does get the job done and is so much safer for the environment.

      I also recycle paper and plastic, and reuse glassware. :)

    352. Jen T says:

      I’m definitely working on recycling more (my Diet Coke habit is pretty bad!), and was really excited that my office finally got recycling this year! No more carrying home empty cans! I also try to use reusable grocery bags, but would love a new set!

    353. Kate H. says:

      I am going to hang my clothes outside to dry, instead of using a dryer.

    354. Cara says:

      I have begun recycling glass, planting my own garden, and carpooling.

    355. Heather K. says:

      We rarely buy bottled water anymore, we use purified water from our fridge. We try to recycle as much as possible, and I shop at the local farmers market as much as possible in season for all our produce.
      I would love a new set of bags, mine are a mess!

      PS, I made your chocolate sugar cookies today with my daughter and decorated them for Easter. She LOVED them. She said they “are the best cookies in the whole wide world!”

    356. Christina says:

      Hi Annie!

      I’m glad to hear that you get your meat from a company that believes in sustainable farming practices!

      In the last year the conservationist part of me has “woken up” a bit. I used to drink only bottled water in throwaway battles and I’ve completely switched over to using reusable water bottles like Klean Kanteens and Nalgenes. In addition, I try to use reusable bags at the grocery store instead of their paper or plastic bags. I also am trying to phase out using ziploc bags by putting my lunch in reusable containers and using reusable food pouches instead.

      This year I hope to completely do away with using ziploc bags and I also hope to stop using paper towels entirely. I bought a hand towel that fits into a little mesh pack so I can clip it to my purse. That way I won’t have to use paper to dry my hands when I’m out and about. I also want to switch over to using natural cleaners.

    357. KristinaYellow says:

      I use cloth diapers for my toddler and made all her baby food. We also try to skip as much pre-packaged food as possible. And we try our best to reuse as much as possible. We use hand me down clothes for our toddler too!

    358. Holly says:

      Over the last 4 motnhs we have committed to buying our meat from organic, local or sustainable resources. We plan on starting to compost all that we can to cut down on what goes to a land fill. We are expecting our third child and will cloth diaper her (our first girl) for the same reasons. Yay Earth Day!

    359. alanna says:

      I’ve always tried really hard to not be wasteful in all senses of the word, but recently I’ve made quite a few changes that might be viewed as ‘extreme’. To me, it’s not just about refusing and reducing for the environment, but also about what we are putting in our bodies – the two things go hand it hand.

      1) I bring all of my own bags everywhere. If I don’t have a bag with me or the item I want is already wrapped in plastic (like the spinach I wanted at the market yesterday). I won’t purchase it. I can find it another time or somewhere else plastic free.
      2) I purchase all of my food from the local farmer’s market or from the bulk section of the grocery store and I bring my own containers. Local, quality food, and no plastic bags or containers, including milk, eggs, butter, and ice cream. It’s amazing how much ‘food’ in a grocery store comes wrapped in plastic and then stuffed in a cardboard box. My boyfriend thinks he’s doing great things for the environment because he recycles all the cardboard. I try to get him to see that he shouldn’t be buying it in the first place because it’s not even real food. Plus, It is so important to me to know that any animal products I consume were produced with respect to the environment, the farm workers, and the animals and local is the only way to ensure that. Just because it’s organic, doesn’t mean the item wasn’t shipped (with fossil fuels) for 3000 miles or that the animals were treated well. It’s so sad to me how much lying there is in our food industry.
      3) I make my own deodorant and toothpaste.
      4) I absolutely always 100% of the time have a metal water bottle with me. If not, I go thirsty.
      5) I compost everything possible.

      Surprisingly, I found was to make this lifestyle inexpensive as well – really important for this thirty and unemployed girl!

    360. Karissa says:

      We joined a CSA this year. We also planted our own garden. I am also working on making sure the lights are off in rooms we aren’t in. I love using my Klean Kanteen.

    361. Megan says:

      My biggest quest has been to cut down on the car usage. Hopefully now that MN winter is over (I think….) I can get back to biking more.

    362. Kelly says:

      Last year we built a small veggie box. This year, we plan to add two more larger ones to grow our own veggies for the summer (depending on the progression of our green thumbs!). We may also try and buy some reusable cookout cookware to eliminate the paper plate trash!

      Ironic as it, we have also talked about using reusable bags for a few months, but haven’t jumped in. Hopefully a cute bag will be some inspiration :)


    363. Mallory says:

      I ALWAYS make sure we have the reusable bags when we grocery shop, and we are about to start recycling plastic, paper and only recently became available to do where I live!

    364. Jennifer Myers says:

      We recycle everything we can, use CFC light bulbs, and try* to use reusable bags. Sometimes we get fresh eggs and local produce as well. I made most of my daughter’s baby food and a portion of the red meat we eat comes from my Dad’s personal farm and from hunting venison.

      *This is my Earth Day resolution this year: to keep some in the car! I always forget. If I win these bags that fold up I can stick then in my purse for when I need them. How great!

      I also decided this morning that I am going to try to remember to take a to-go coffee mug with me when I get coffee on the road.

    365. Gina says:

      Earth Day is my favorite too! I’m from Indy and have switched to greener cleaning products and I’ve been shopping the local farmers markets since last summer! I love going every Saturday and trying out all the different markets like downtown and Broad Ripple!

    366. Danielle Smith says:

      I recycle everything!! I am considering switching to cloth diapers and hoping to grow all of my veggies to last me at least 1/2 the year.
      I am always looking for better ways to be a steward to our nation that God created for us.

    367. Nancy L says:

      I would love to have a set of those bags!
      I don’t buy bottled water anymore. I walk or ride my bike to as many places as I can instead of drive. I buy locally produced food. And we recycle everything we can!

    368. valerie says:

      I am a recycling fool and would love a set of those bags!

    369. Jesse says:

      I am working on plans for this years garden and of course always recycle and/or reuse when possible. We have also recently adopted 5 chickens, so less styrofom packages and also my own little composters!

    370. Annie says:

      I’ve started recycling a lot more and being more aware of the wastefull trips I take. Every little bit helps!!

    371. Jacqueline says:

      My husband and I have actually started a recycling “business” for our apartment complex. When we moved here, there was no recycling available, so we found a place that recycles, and now we pick up people’s recycling once a week and take it to the recycling center. So far we only have 1 customer (plus ourselves) -but we’re hoping the bug will catch on!

    372. Becky says:

      We already recycle, but I want to use reusable grocery bags more as well as start a compost heap in our backyard to take our amount of trash down even more!

    373. Rebecca N says:

      I’d love to be able to compost and make a rain barrel. We are also really trying to upcycle more.

    374. Carolyn McCambridge says:

      We love planting our own vegetables and always bring our own shopping bags everywhere we go. We are also switching to more earth friendly cleaners and I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting to compost.

    375. Ashley says:

      My husband and I started a compost pile in our garden! By doing this we’ve significantly reduced the amount of garbage we have each week. We already recycled plastic, paper and glass, but it’s so nice to have a specific place for all the veggie scraps we have.

    376. Andrea E says:

      I am not buying plastic water bottles, and using refillable bottles instead!
      Also, congrats on your little girl! I am pregnant with my first (a boy) and its such an exciting time!! :)

    377. Inna says:

      We’ve stopped buying paper towels and are using white terry cloth towels for everything in the kitchen.

      Started using baking soda and vinegar for cleaning.

      Buying less processed food, making more from scratch with wholesome ingredients, buying more organic, locally grown produce.

    378. Traci F. says:

      Recycling as much as possible and not buying bottled water.

    379. Kristen B says:

      Happy Earth Day! I think it is super important to understand how lucky we are with the world around us and what we can do to make it better. We also do as little prepackaged food as possible and we are big recyclers! These are just a few of the changes we have made. :-)

    380. Rachel says:

      Using reusable bags or reusing plastic bags when I get them. I try to fill up our recycle bin more than the garbage can.

    381. stephanee says:

      This year I’ve conquered my fear of gardening. We have a tiny backyard that’s 90% shade, but we built a step system and are growing herbs and ground veggies in it, as well as tomatoes up the sides. I love it because we have it set up so we water the top and it flows down to the bottom, not wasting a drop of water. And the compost bin we set up last fall is now 1/2 full of awesome dirt that we used – no purchasing soils at all!!

    382. great giveaway! I love reusable bags…that’s actually one change I’ve made–bringing those shopping with us! We also use paper products as little as possible and I try to make things from scratch (bread, etc) as much as possible!

    383. Jenny says:

      We recycle, use reusable grocery bags, and cloth diaper.

    384. Vaishali says:

      We have been using reusable grocery bags, lot of cloth kitchen towels and ofcourse we RECYCLE and REUSE (glass jars for sauces, yoghurt containers for small herb potting etc..)

    385. Megan says:

      We recently purchased a Brita pitcher and it’s been the best thing since sliced bread. We love it. No more plastic bottles building up in the house. Also, I’m happy it’s getting warmer out so I can hit the farmer’s markets this summer and stay away from the produce section at the grocery store, as much as possible. Happy Earth Day!

    386. Traci says:

      I try to bike everywhere I can. Just got my bike tuned up, now I’m waiting for the weather to tune up! Happy Earth Day!

    387. Jamie says:

      It’s the little things that count, right? I, luckily, live in a city with a good public transportation system, so take it as much as possible. I take my reusable water bottle and own bags with me everywhere. This is such a great giveaway! Happy Earth Day to you.

    388. Kab says:

      My husband and I live in a green-certified apartment building – using 100% wind energy, walking to the grocery store and metro (haven’t had a car for 2 years), more ceiling fans so less AC, etc. Love it :)

    389. Sue Mikesell says:

      First off Love your Blog, great many of the recipes have graced our table with great reviews. Thank you.

      Now on to going green in the food department. I buy our eggs, flour sugar, spices and fruit and vegetables and once in a while milk and butter at our Local Amish Community store. They are fresh, fantastic, and buying in bulk is so much cheaper, so my trips to the grocery store have dwindled way down, so am saving gas, and money what could be better. I started Making my own breads, I have not bought canned goods and or packaged goods in over 6 months, and we can really tell the difference.

      Keep up the good work on your blog and the fantastic recipes.

      Sue Mikesell, Iowa

    390. Lindsay Mc says:

      i take my travel mug of coffee and my reusable water bottle instead of buying coffee and water places! i also take my own reusable bags and try not to get more plastic ones – i need more reusable ones though so this would help me!:)

    391. Elizabeth says:

      I would love these cute bags as addition to the odd ones we’ve collected over time. This year, we are beginning to can products that we grow in our yard and are using our composter more. I’m also hoping to start using all natural cleaners, including laundry soap.

    392. Our efforts have been starting a compost pile inside of a plastic trash bin with lid, using dishcloths and towels, and a big one for me, recycling. I now look at what people throw in the trash and am aghast at all that goes in the landfills. P.S. congrats on your new little one, I love your blog & check it daily.

    393. Deborah Gardner says:

      I wish we had a local butcher-sounds like such a great way to get all your meats. And I have been using reusable bags for a while now too(although these bags look much better than my bags!).

    394. molly says:

      I am a Texan who has lived in Monterey, California for the past 4 years and I have learned a lot about making the world a better environment living here. It really helps when the area you live in is all about being green and conserving.
      We compost, buy local fruit and veggies, recycle as much as we can-we have a 96 gallon toter and I seem to always fill it up-and conserve water as much as we can. We try to always poor empty glasses of water on the plants. We also collect rain water during the rainy season to use throughout the year to water outside plants.
      Love Love Love your blog! It is my absolute favorite one and there are a ton out there in blogland. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful recipes and thoughts. Congrats on your new addition to the family too.

    395. Claudia says:

      I love reusable bags and recycling. Lately I’ve been thinking of the little things, like making sure we’re not wasting energy by leaving lights/appliances on, or running the water too long. If everyone were to focus on the little things, it could make a big difference!

    396. Mrs. Smith says:

      I wish I were an Indy resident so I could register for both giveaways, and so I could try out this awesome service, but I would be happy with the RuMe bags too!

      We’ve completely replaced all our cleaning products with green cleaners, I pay for the recycling pick-up service in our area, we don’t buy bottled water, all our light bulbs are CFE, on and on. None of the changes are particularly difficult. Its all just about being making conscious choices!

    397. Karen says:

      We are doing something similar here. Joined our first CSA! I’m so excited for summer. We also plan on walking the 1.5 miles to the Farmer’s Market every week for fresh produce and some meat. Would love some new bags to tote home our goods!!

    398. Lisa says:

      Annie, you are my hero. How with a newborn do you have time to make sugar cookies? I know, I know – your answer is that you just do it. Still, you and your blog are an inspiration.
      To do my green part – I make my own laundry detergent. I have become mindful about putting all of the papers and coupon clippings in the recycling instead of the trash. In my classroom, we have recycling bins that give a profit for the school. I wash plastic containers and use them for leftovers.
      This year, I hope to grow a lot of my fruits and vegetables in my first ever garden. I also would like to stop having to use the plastic bags. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway.

    399. Emily Rose says:

      Living in San Francisco makes it easy to be green; mandatory composting and recycling and no plastic bags in grocery stores! For me, my weakness is coffee cups. I never seem to have my reusable one with me when I’m craving a cup on the go, so…my earth day resolution is to carry it with me more, but if I forget and need a cup on the go, I’m going to take a little time to enjoy that coffee in the cafe and use a ceramic mug. No more disposable coffee cups for me!
      My other resolution is to start buying in bulk more to reduce all the packaging we throw away.
      I also belong to a CSA and it’s the best thing I ever did! Love it!

    400. Mrs. Smith says:

      Oops… CFL bulbs. Not CFE. :)

    401. I take my reusable bags to the grocery store, and if I am buying just a few items I carry them out rather than using a plastic bag. One change I plan to make in the future is to start using reusable bags for my produce as well. I also plan to join a CSA this spring :)

    402. Jenny says:

      In honor of earth day this year, I want to teach my kids about the importance of the day so we are planting trees today :)

    403. Betsy says:

      We travel with our reusable water bottles. We fill them up once we get through security at the airport (or at the gas station from the fountain soda machine water setting). We save money and bottles and I never have to feel guilty. The next big thing for me will be trying to make more of my own cleaning supplies. I’ve seen so many great posts from Martha Stewart and others about how to make high quality cleaning products that are safer than those you can purchase. :)

    404. Jessica says:

      I’ve always been good about recycling and using re-usable water bottles and bags. But I would like to do more, so I plan on giving composting a try. There are already composting bins at my work, so it’s easy to do there, but I’d like to extend composting to my home as well.

    405. Kristin says:

      We already do a lot, but something I would like to start doing is composting. It would make so much sense, both in hopefully being able to go to a smaller garbage can, plus helping our garden. But for some reason, it seems so much harder to me in a neighborhood than it did growing up in the country!

    406. Lia says:

      We made some big changes since last year! We sold our second car bought bikes and now take the bus or train to work everyday. We use the car now only for out of area trips like to see his mother. I now make all of our pasta and breads. We shop at a local mart that has all Minnesota grown meat and veg. And as part of the neighborhood group we have monthly clean sweeps. We go through our neighborhood picking up trash and when we are done go have treats some of the volunteers made at the local park!

    407. Leslie F says:

      We recycle, use reusable bags, use reusable lunch containers, and we’re working on cutting out bottled water etc.

    408. Annie, I’m also a local Indy resident (Greenwood), and I’d love a shot at the Green B.E.A.N. produce bin. This year, we started buying my daughter’s milk from Oberweis dairy instead of buying the other organic brands. My resolution is to be better at bringing my shopping bags with me to the store. I have them, and somehow tend to make it there without them. I just need to leave them in the car!

    409. lisabella says:

      I recycle everything I can. Our apartment complex doesn’t have recycle pickup so every week I take our bins down to a center. It’s more work than it should be but totally worth it!

    410. Molly says:

      I take all my recyclable trash to a local recycling center because our building doesnt offer that service. Starting next week in honor of Earth Day, I’m going to provide a recycling bin for the students in my classroom. We produce A LOT of paper waste unfortunately. Then I can take it to the center with the rest of my recyclables!

    411. Lisa Jennings says:

      I love your local produce box idea from Green B.E.A.N. Still trying to convice my husband that something like that is a good idea. We do still buy local when we can during the months that stuff is being grown locally.
      Love the butcher shop idea too. Almost have hubby on board for that and after watching Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution I’d almost prefer getting meat from a local butcher where I can hope their practices are not like what Jaime has shown on the show. Chemicals in the ground meat makes me cringe!
      Anyhow, we’ve been doing reusable grocery sacks for some time now. Need a few more though because the ones from the local stores are cheap and falling apart. We do have a handful of handmade ones off Etsy that are holding up nicely. This summer will be our 3rd and hopefully best summer planting our own garden. First summer was a bust and we got one nasty yellow crooked neck squash and some so-so butternut. Nothing else grew. Last year we did a lot better but beans, peas and carrots still did not produce and tomatos didn’t do well either but did get a handful to use. Got some great elephant garlic, corn, pumpkin and butternut. The lettuces would have been okay had hubby thinned it out when he was supposed to. It did not grow right due to the lack of thinning. I also think had we not spent 8-days in the hospital with our son after he was born in early July that the garden would have faired better. My mom watered the front lawn but didn’t touch the garden. We have also been cloth diapering since last spring. Started trying stuff out on our daughter and have been cloth diapering our son.

    412. Julie says:

      I just joined a CSA! I can’t wait for my first box! I also always use refilable water bottles and reusable bags. But my current ones are totally dingy and I could really use a new set. :)

    413. Jill says:

      I recycle as much as possible. I would love to win a set of these cute bags :)

    414. Lisa Jennings says:

      Oh, forgot……we also recycle glass, cans, cardboard, plastics. Whatever they allow us to put in the recycle bin. Hubby is a pro now at breaking down boxes and wrapping them with twine how they ask that we do it. Same with old magazines. Instead of tossing out we collect a stack of old ones and once it’s big enough we wrap it with twine and toss it in the recycle box on trash day.

    415. anna maria says:

      I am also a huge fan of earth day! Am so excited to see Indianapolis so green today, too :)

      Things I’ve done this year to go green:

      1. Recycle! Sometimes this is a pain to have to sort through everything and make the weekly drop off but finally have labeled recycling bins next to the trash that make it easier and less likely for others to throw recycle-ables in the trash.

      2. Meatless Mondays. I don’t eat a lot of meat to begin with but making Monday a designated “no-meat” day has definitely made us more conscious when we do chose to have meat.

      3. Learning about the food industry. I’ve read Omnivore’s Dilemma (Michael Pollan) and Food Matter’s (Mark Bittman) to learn more about our food industry. Both books were great and I highly recommend them to any foodie out there :)

      Goals for this next year:

      1. Buy Local. I’ve been making some effort to do this during this past year but would like to do more. Green B.E.A.N. Delivery looks like an awesome place to start!

      2. Grow More. I have a few small herbs that I grow at home but would love to expand this summer.

      Thanks for the great earth day post, Annie! Mark me as an Indianapolis resident who would prefer the Green B.E.A.N. gift card. And Happy Earth Day!

    416. Melissa says:

      I use the reusable Giant grocery bags whenever I remember to bring them to the grocery store. This may partly have something to do with the 5 cent tax on bags in DC :) I also use reusable water bottles and a Brita, try to buy local produce, and try to take the bus or metro to work!

    417. Andra says:

      Try not to use bottled water, use reusable produce bags and grocery sacks, and recycling. I am trying to do better with my recycling!

    418. Natalie says:

      Happy Earth Day! My husband and I are making the commitment to use clothe diapers once our baby is born. Not only will it save us tons of money, it will also help reduce the number of diapers in a landfill!

    419. Dawn says:

      Recently our area started doing combined recycling. Since we jumped on the wagon our family has gone from 3 large garbage cans a week to 1. We have also started recycling plastic grocery bags. Many local stores take them, so I place them in my truck and whenever I am at the grocery store or Target I drop them off…it’s so much better than seeing them in trees!

    420. Christin says:

      I have really focused on recycling this year. The area I live in now gives us big recycle cans. I am proud to say that my family of three only has one to two kitchen bags for trash every week!

    421. Shauna says:

      I have been cloth diapering baby #2 for about 2.5 months now. Double bonus of saving the planet 1 diaper at a time and saving me lots of money (especially with #2 using the dipes that #1 used!!)

    422. Tricia says:

      We have a vegetable garden…bigger with each home we live in. We recycle. I have started canning…I guess that’s the newest addition to our earth saving. We drive as little as possible…the gas prices ugh. We live in not so sunny California.

    423. Ruthi says:

      I am also trying to buy more local organic produce and foods. Also I want to start taking my reusable bags to stores that I haven’t in the past, I used to always just only take them to grocery stores not clothing, etc stores.

    424. Kristin T says:

      I have stopped buying bottles water and I also return all our plastic bags to the grocery store to be reused. I hope to start using the bus more to get around town.

    425. Kim says:

      I recycle everything I can – paper, metal, green waste from grass and yard care. I have a compost bin for kitchen scraps. I also shop with reusable grocery bags – but I would love a chance to win a new one!

    426. marcy says:

      We love shopping at our local farmer’s markets! These bags would be very useful!:)

    427. Jen C. says:

      My trusty Nalgene water bottle, lots and lots of tupperware instead of ziplock bags, cloth grocery bags and eating less meat!

    428. Vanessa says:

      My husband and I make a very concious effort to recycle everything possible at our house. We’re always using reusable bags at the grocery store and now we’ve started to make a bigger effort at using less water.

    429. Leslie says:

      We’ve started recycling and don’t buy bottled water anymore. And we always try to remember our reusable bags when we go to the store, although we could use more for the days we make large purchases! We’ve been using reusable bags for a while, but we started recycling when my husband bought a Prius and we were inspired by that to be more environment-conscious ;)

    430. Susan says:

      My husband and I are trying to support locally grown vegetables by shopping at our regional farmer’s market this summer.

    431. Carolyn M says:

      reuse “Baggies” recycle, organic cleaning products, buy items in bulk

    432. Kelley says:

      I recycle and re-use as much as possible. I know I need to do better though!

    433. Chris L says:

      After hearing on the news this morning about the possibility of gas going up to $6 a gallon by summer, I resolved today to use less gas! That means less running around, and using the AC as little as possible.

    434. Katrina says:

      I try to cook with foods that come is little packaging. This means making things from scratch and buying in bulk. I can’t wait to have a place of my own again so I can have a compost and a small garden!

    435. Megan says:

      Happy Earth Day! We are using reusable bags at the store, but with groceries we never have enough. I would love 3 more bags! I hope to go all reusable soon! We are also trying to go more natural with cleaners and solutions around the house.

    436. We have reuseable water bottles and I am working on trying to take reuseable bags to the store when I go shopping

    437. Cheryl Newton says:

      I’ve been using resuable grocery bags for years now, and have my recyclables picked by a separate company than the one that picks up the garbage (which is contracted by the city I live in). I also plan on switching to organic milk, now that there’s a fat-free organic version of DHA-added milk. Oh, and I wash and reuse my reclosable plastic bags as long as possible.

    438. Libbi says:

      the entire beginning of our marriage we didn’t have a car (now we live in phoenix and don’t really have a choice).

      BUT as soon as we move into our new house we’ll be in downtown near the public market and lots of stuff within walking distance and will be getting bikes to join our neighbors in their “bike gang”. we’ll be able to most places that we need to via walking and biking. and we’re excited!

    439. Dana C says:

      Most of my changes have been started recently. I make my own baby food to prevent the waste of plastic containers. I also have just started using the re-usable bags at the grocery, I only have two though and could definitely use more so that I dont need any plastic bags at all. Then in a few weeks I will start up my vegetable garden for the summer.

    440. KC says:

      I helped implement green practices at my office. We have eliminated plastic water bottles and plastic ware. I created PDF form files for office use instead of paper and we recycle. It’s a small start!

    441. Miranda says:

      I have only used my reuseable bags at the grocery stores for the past 6 years. I love all the other new tips and ideas. Hi from sunny San Diego!

    442. Kristin H says:

      I am an Indy resident who would LOVE to try getting my fresh produce delivered to me!! My green goal is to develop my green thumb and start a vegetable garden of my own!

    443. Jess says:

      I’ve recently begun walking/running everywhere. I’m putting less polution in the air by using my car less, and I get to enjoy the bonus of a workout!

    444. Amber says:

      We do quite a bit to be responsible citizens. Composting and collecting rain water for our plants have had the biggest impact on our day-to-day lives.

    445. I have been (for the past year or so) using reusable bags when I get groceries. I love using them and would love some new ones!

    446. Linda M. says:

      I am considering moving closer to my work, which will save on fuel & emissions. But also my sanity!

      But until that happens, I need to be more diligent on using the reusable grocery bags. I keep a stash in the car, but always forget them! Sometimes, I will park my grocery cart close to the door & run out to my car (and hope noone moves my cart!).

    447. Julia says:

      My mom taught me at an early age the importance of recycling and not being wasteful. Now, at 30, I practically panic if I need to run into a store and don’t have a re-usable shopping bag or if I have to through cardboard in the garbage (instead of the recycling bin) because it has grease or food-matter on it. I *think* it’s a good thing that I’m this anal about it, but I believe so strongly that EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS. If everybody did a little, it would accomplish a lot.

    448. Megan S says:

      Hi Annie!!! I absolutely LOOOOVE your website! You inspired me to make a lot of the decorations for my sons first birthday. I made a cake stand and the photo banner (all with your help of course!) I also made the cake and cupcakes myself :)

      We have been trying to do our part by shopping at our local farmers market and being more sensible about the other things we buy. I have been making sure that I use up everything that I have in the fridge so we have less waste. My husband has, sort of, started a compost pile in our back yard. I also have been wanting to bring re-usable bags to the store when I need them.

    449. Lauren says:

      Let’s see, what changes have we made??? We use reusable grocery bags, installed low flow toilets, use a HE washer and dryer, use the low energy light bulbs, and we cloth diaper our 5 week old! I also buy local produce when available. We’re trying to incorporate more changes to our lifestyle all the time!

    450. loRI :) says:

      First off, I have to tell you that this is my new “go to” blog for SO many things. I love that you have tried and tested your recipes and give such useful information in every post. I seek, I find…it’s perfect. Which will mean a lot fewer trails and errors for ME. That’s greener living, right?

      What I really hope to do this year in the true green arena is plant my own organic garden and in the near future to have my own “urban chickens”. Waiting on a friend to try that out first and work out the kinks. :)

      Happy Earth Day! Keep up the amazing work!

    451. Joy says:

      We love our mother earth! She is so good to us. I started a large organic garden on our land last year. It was a success and I can’t wait to harvest even more delicious produce this year to feed my family!

    452. Tracy says:

      We now take our bags to the grocery store when we go. Might as well, and they give your money back for bringing your own bags!

    453. Kristen says:

      I believe my mom is single-handedly waging a war on waste, and she raised me that way her entire life. I think this must be why people consider me to be so environmentally conscientious (seriously, I actually got voted that in high school!), but to me it is just normal behavior. I know there are lots of ways I can improve, so I’m working that out on my own. But there are simple steps we can all take to at least help the environment in small ways that can add up. I love reusable shopping bags and use them *almost* all the time. I wish more people did because not only do most stores give you a 5cent credit(per bag) for doing so, but you can also earn extra “rewards points” for some store which means you’ll get more coupons from them as your points add up.
      Filtering your own water is also so simple and cost effective.

    454. Becky says:

      Drink less bottled water, bring a water bottle to work instead of using disposable cups there.

    455. Emily says:

      Those bags are SO much more beautiful than the ugly free reusable bags I’ve been collecting!

      I’ve committed to buying organic and locally–I live in Southern California so there’s NO excuse not to, since so much of the country’s produce is grown within driving distance of me. I’ve recently discovered a co-op just a few blocks from my house (I know, I know–but it’s in a direction I never go!) and it’s the only place I go now for produce unless it’s Sunday, then it’s farmers market time!

    456. Olivia says:

      My family and I have been long-time recyclers and composters. We put all the vegetable and fruit peels in our garden throughout the year, and when there are things planted there we have a compost pile. We also put leaves in our compost in the fall–better than lawn and leaf bags.

    457. Rachael Steinkopf says:

      We always take a bag for trash when we go for walks or bike rides, plant a garden every spring, we have also been extra carefull about our water usage while washing our hands, showering, brushing our teath, etc. All of these things are so easy to do and great for kids to learn early. All of the small things really add up. Happy Earth Day all!!! Enjoy.

    458. Kim says:

      I have been recycling since I was little and continue to do so. I also donate anything I can so that it doesn’t go to the landfill.

    459. Lin says:

      Hi Annie! Thank you for the chance to win :) This year I’ve:
      – joined a CSA
      – done a lot of research about sustainable meat/diet
      – make sure to always use up everything in the fridge
      – always bring my own filtered water when i’m out (except for seltzer… my favorite little splurge!)

    460. Lindsay says:

      We recycle. We also always take our cups when we are going to a coffee shop.

    461. lori says:

      I Have planted a garden and do lots of farmers market shopping!

    462. IndyRowerGirl says:

      I’ve started using reusable bags whenever I shop. In addition, I can’t wait for farmer’s market season! The fresh, local produce is the best.
      I’m in the Indy area and I’d love a Green Bean gift card!

    463. Maxine says:

      We have some reusable grocery bags that we take to go shopping. If I happen to forget, the plastic bags from the store are used to line garbage bins around the house.

    464. Sarah B says:

      We have started using a CSA when it’s growing season here in IL. And I’m a HUGE fan of my reusable grocery bags so would love to win more!

    465. Jennifer says:

      Love your site & Earth day! I’m in Indy and would love to try Green Bean! My Earth Day resolution is to stop buying pre-packaged pizzas and use the dough recipe I found that my family just loved! So much healthier & we all had fun punching the dough! Happy Earth Day!

    466. Kim says:

      We recycle and compost. I try to buy locally as much as possible and grow our own pesticide free vegetables in the summer. We are Indy residents and LOVE Green Bean delivery. We’ve been using them for almost two year. I would really like a small bin certificate from them!

    467. Christina C says:

      I have been thinking of way to reduce my carbon footprint. Instead of driving to work, I take public transportation. I’ve also stopped carrying plastic water bottles around with me and bought myself a cute little nalgene bottle :)

    468. Candy says:

      I’m expanding our backyard garden this year! Last year we had one 4×16 bed, this year we have 2. I just got a pressure canner for my birthday, so hello homemade tomato sauce. :D

      Also, we wind up eating out way more than we should, so, in addition to reducing the number of times we eat out & packing waste-free lunches for myself & my son, I’m going to start taking my own take-out containers. We use the Laptop Lunches sets and I LOVE them.

    469. Pamela says:

      Teaching my kids about recycling, gardening, composting, not wasting water, etc. Teach them while they’re young, and that’s what they’ll grow up doing!

    470. Erica says:

      We’re trying to be really good :) We buy locally, we use reusable water bottles, I take the bus, we recycle… and now we’ll start using recyclable grocery bags!

    471. Benita says:

      I always keep reusable bags in my car so I remember to bring them in to the grocery store (I would to win those cute bags!), and I bring my own reusable travel mug when I go to coffee shops. Another bonus: It keeps my coffee hot much longer than the paper ones. Also, ever since moving to a city with curbside recycling, I’ve noticed I have much less actual trash each week.

    472. Andrea says:

      Hope you are enjoying time with your little girl.

      I donated my car to charity, take public transportation, and I’ve reduced food waste. Saves a lot of money!

      Very cool giveaway. :)

    473. It is so wonderful that you have taken Earth Day and sort of gave it new meaning! I like that you use it to make changes as oppossed to New Year’s, which always feels so forced. We do our best to think about things in an environmentally-friendly way. But I’ll admit, it is my 7 year old daughter who keeps the rest of our butts in gear! She’s always tossing things in the recycling bin and yelling at us for leaving lights on or taking long showers.

      Annie, this is so inspiring!!!! I’m going to take a page from your book and make a change for Earth Day! :)

    474. Jenny says:

      I have been trying to compost more and more and also find more ways to recycle what we throw out.

    475. Jennifer M says:

      I got a stainless steel waterbottle so I could stop buying bottled.

    476. Katie Mast says:

      I have not done much about recycling, but would love to start. I also have started composting. I really would love these bags. Thanks for all your great recipes.

    477. Kimiko says:

      I love those RuMe grocery bags! I usually use reusable shopping bags when I go to the grocery store..but they’re not as pretty as those! I also try to make a trip to the local farmer’s market to buy my produce, and bring water with me everyday in a reusable container.

    478. Sarah says:

      Using cloth diapers ! The newer ones are easy and so cute!

    479. Ellan says:

      I’ve been recycling just about anything I can for some time now. I also do my best to avoid food packaging. Checkers at the grocery stores think I’m quite the pain since I never bag my produce. Can’t deal with all the plastic. I’m quite proud of my sons, who this year have joined their school’s Green Team, an club encouraging environmental awareness and good practice in their school. My husband and I will be building a garage, and plan on powering it with solar panels! I’m psyched!

    480. DebbieSutton says:

      Happy Earth Day! I have stopped using cardboard boxes at Costco and use my own bags when at the grocery store (until I run out! I really need to win these!) We recycle of course and have three big bins outside. The biggest change is switching the candles I use. No more wicks with wires! Only soy or beeswax for us now. :-)

    481. Jennifer McQueen says:

      I have started to recycle this year, our town doesn’t do curb recycling but we have bins and we take the stuff to the recycle center on Sunday afternoon. It amazes me how this has cut down on the garbage that we have, it is so much less( more than half) we probably don’t fill a half of trash can to put at the curb. I wished we would have started this a long time ago…..

    482. Amber B, says:

      I have recently decided to start recycling. Our old home had a recycle bin to put out every two weeks, but our new place does not so we throw everything away. I have now bought a second trash bin in our house that is used for recycle so we can take it to a nearby store and empty the recyclable contents. Also, since it’s warming up, my daughter and I go on walks and bring trash bags to pick up all the garbage we can find.

    483. Luciana says:

      Happy Earth Day! I have been taking reusable bags to the grocery stores to minimize the amount of plastic bags wasted. We also recycle all our trash! I live in the Southern part of Indiana (Columbus, IN), so I don’t know if I qualify for the Green B.E.A.N. giveaway or not…

    484. Sarah says:

      I always recycle and encourage family & friends to do so as well–when i was at my old office i would actually collect recyclables there and take them home to recycle rather than trashing them. I am hooked on my reusable bags (though i think i need a few extra) & use energy efficient appliances & light bulbs. My family always jokes that we were green before it was cool b/c we have always hated waste, donted items rather than trashing, and shopped thrift strores.

    485. Heidi A says:

      I’d love the re-usable bags! This is something our household does pretty well, but we can always use more bags!
      We also get a CSA box delivered!

    486. hippiemamma says:

      I recycle at our house. We use cloth bags at stores. I use cleaning products that are not harmful to the environment. We try to buy as many products as possible that are not full of chemicals that go into our bodies and earth.

    487. Shelley says:

      I am going to grow my own vegetables this summer (if it ever gets here!)

    488. Julie from Indy says:

      We are trying to buy more local and organic. Earlier this week, I signed up for Green Bean. my first delivery is next week! I hope it goes well because I hate to grocery shop! We are also making the move to reusable bags. The plastic store bags don’t work anyway.

    489. Jamie M says:

      This year I planted my first garden. I am nervous about keeping up with it, but am so excited to eat veggies I grew! We also recycle and try to buy local organic foods.

    490. Brandy says:

      We have started using our own reusable water bottles instead of buying the plastic ones. I’m from Indiana and love Green Bean Delivery. We were buying from them for awhile but when my husband lost his job, we had to cut the expense. I can’t wait to start back up again.

    491. Allyson says:

      Happy Earth day! Today I am actually planting a tree, japanese maple tree, in my back yard and am starting a compost pile!

    492. Laura says:

      -use reusable shopping bags
      -reusable water bottle
      -cloth napkins
      -recycle as much as possible – even when that means bringing something home with me!

    493. Jennifer says:

      We’ve really come a long way with recycling since getting married almost 3 years ago, and this past year we began using reusable grocery bags. I absolutely love them and hate the few times we have forgotten them.

      We are also looking into a compost box for the backyard. I’m really excited about that!

    494. Anna D. says:

      We do a lot of things that are earth friendly.

      We recycle everything possible. We bought a new refrigerator with a water dispenser so we could stop buying bottled water. My favorite thing to do is to wash baggies. Saves money and why throw them away after just one use! I would like to start composting. I will be starting that very soon.

      I am in Indianapolis and would love to try Green Bean Delivery!

    495. eve says:

      We go green by using reusable shopping bags. Would love to win some new ones!

    496. Sarah L says:

      I’ve been thinking about making the leap to reusable grocery bags for a long time and I’ll think I will start now. And I’m going be better about recycling. Thanks for the giveaway!

    497. Mellybrown says:

      I am terrible about recycling, so I am trying to be more conscious of that lately — especially regarding ziplock bags. It pains me to throw those out!

    498. Angie says:

      I go green by using reusable shopping bags, recycling, cutting down on plastic waste, and using cloth diapers. I would like to be entered in the green bean delivery giveaway since I’m an Indy resident. Thanks!

    499. Nikkee says:

      I made a couple reusable shopping bags, but could use a few more… As it stands I still end up taking home a couple plastic each trip… I’ve also started growing a few vegetables on my own. =)

    500. Mika says:

      We have a grocery store named Crest and I’ve bought 6 Crest reusable bags to take to market every week. I always carry them in but I’ve not noticed anyone else doing the same. I’ve been doing it for 3 years now and my bags are all ripped and dirty. I feel all depressed if I get to the store without my bags. I think everyone should carry reusable bags not only because they are “green” but because the handles make them SO much easier to carry.
      Happy Earth Day!!!

    501. Jill says:

      I love those shopping bags! I’m going to try using cloth napkins instead of paper napkings….I think we are pretty good at everything else.

    502. Alana Karl says:

      I shop with reusable bags all the time! I would love these ones, they look so cute and since they fold up, it would almost impossible to forget them.

      Also, we use the energy efficient light bulbs and never leave lights on in rooms we aren’t in!

    503. Mindy Olsen says:

      Going green is my goal…little by little. We do a lot or recycling in our house and reusing. Very little is thrown away!

    504. Just in case I might win… :)

      I am now composting and am growing more and more of my own vegetables for the summer/fall.

      I have bought more of my own bags and love my RuMe bags as well!

    505. Jen says:

      I keep to organic gardening practices, and make sure that I know where my food comes from (and wouldn’t it be lovely to carry it all around in some RuMe reusable bags) :)

    506. Breyanna says:

      I’m starting a small garden outside this year to grow some of my herbs and I use my Brita filter and bottles ALL the time instead of buying a bottle everytime I need a drink.

    507. Lauren Van says:

      I just watched “Bag it” a few days ago. Perfect for Earth day! So with that in mind I plan to minimize the amount of plastics in my house. I never realized how much I have…

    508. Tricia says:

      happy earth day! keep spreading the love of food. tonight on the list…your chocolate chip cookie truffles! mmmmmm.

    509. Leigh Ann says:

      Happy Earth Day! Our family loves recycling and even re-use well made containers for other projects. (Oatmeal containers make the greatest toys!) I’m also looking forward to beginning a compost pile in the near future! btw, love your blog. I love your perfectionism…I’m glad I’m not the only one :o)

    510. Kaitlin says:

      I have become a recycling maniac! And I am working really hard to only buy produce that is in season. I can’t wait til the farmer’s market opens up here in a few weeks!

    511. I’ve been doing a CSA box for about 2 months and can’t say enough wonderful things about it! Also, my husband and I sold our second car so I walk to work now. So wonderful all around -both for me and for the environment.

      Those bags are so cute!

    512. Abby says:

      Somehow, even though I’ve read your blog for 2 years, I didn’t know that you lived in Indy! I’m from IN and lived in Bloomington for 6 years while I was at school. Woo hoo for recycling in Indiana!

    513. Alissa says:

      This will be my third season using a CSA for most of our produce. I love it! We can also buy organic, hormone-free, humanely- and locally-raised meats through the CSA buying program. I compost my kitchen scraps, use reusable products as much as possible and take public transportation to work. I have cut down on the amount of processed food we consume and try to take full advantage of foods in season, including freezing what I can for winter.

    514. Janet says:

      We just planted our very first vegetable garden!! I am hoping it turns out well and my plants are productive!

    515. Laurie says:

      I have just finished writing lesson for a “green” planner so I’m excited that I’ve been able to share lesson plans with teachers who can inspire students of all ages to save the Earth and its precious resources!

    516. Shawna says:

      Very excited about this giveaway and love your blog! I have started my own vegetable garden for the first time this year and am using soil from my compost bin that we started several months ago. We also do a lot of recycling and my 2 and 5 year old are very involved with the recycling as well and always point out the recycle symbol when they see it!

    517. Sue Garavet says:

      I started by using re-usable grocery bags but they are getting pretty “ratty”. Sure would like to replace them!!

    518. Miriam says:

      I hate buying plastic bottles (I hate paying money for water) and I hate all the waste it creates. I also have made a goal this year to use the reusable grocery bags, I have been doing it, but I haven’t found any I like yet. They are all too big and bulky to carry all the time in my purse. I have even tried sewing my own. These look great!

    519. Andrea says:

      I’m an Indy resident and would love the chance to give Green Bean Delivery a try! My Earth Day resolutions: buy local, start using reusable grocery bags. I’ve made a few, and they are cute and I love them, but somehow I forget to throw them in my car when I’m on my way to the store.

    520. Love those bags! My Earth Day resolutions this year is to join a CSA, and to keep working on cleaner eating and ditching even more processed foods! We already compost, use re-usable grocery bags, and have our own garden.

    521. I have started using the reusable shopping bags. I also stopped buying waterbottles and bought a brita water filter and some camel back water bottles to refil everyday. I would recycle but you have to drive 20 minutes to the recycle place because they do not pick it up where i live! :( Love those bags and would love to add it to my few I have!

    522. Amanda says:

      Our family has really made a lot of possible changes in the last 2 years. We now recycle, reduce, and reuse, and compost everything we can, have a backyard garden, use green cleaners, and walk wherever it is possible. My dream is to install solar panels and be off the grid except for water and wastewater (if only we could win the lottery to pay for the panels and install).

    523. Paula C. says:

      I have started using a reusable cup at work and stopped using Styrofoam ones. I hope to have a small herb garden this year, we’ll see if the deer stay out of it. We wait as long as possible to turn our AC on and this past winter found that we can be comfortable with our thermostat at 68.

    524. Stephanie says:

      I am going to begin using vinegar/water solution to clean surfaces and I’m also going to attempt to make UNpaper towels for my kitchen.

    525. Laura Odom says:

      I too take my own bag to the grocery store. I have started a compost bin to help reduce our waste & to provide compost for our garden, also new this year.

    526. Crystal says:

      I started a Earth friendly club for students at my kids school this year. In our first year we have started composting at lunch and will be host an earth Fair next week!

    527. Chrissy says:

      I use reusable bags when grocery shopping! But mine are dying, so I’d love a new one. :)

    528. Nicole H. says:

      I try to take reusable bags to the store. When I do forget I always reuse the plastic or paper bags I have to take. I heavily use the farmer’s market for local meats & produce. Unfortunately my new area doesn’t have a good recylcing program like my old city but hopefully that will change soon. I would love some new reusable bags :)

    529. Jen says:

      Those RuMe bags look great! I’ve started using reusable bags from Trader Joe’s and while those bags are great and hold a lot, they don’t fold up like the RuMe bags do so they take up a lot of space in my house. I’d love to try the RuMe bags.

      Recently I’ve been looking into raising a few urban chickens in my backyard. Besides having chickens as cute pets and receiving their fresh eggs, having your own chickens means reducing fuel and electricity that would’ve been used for egg transportation and storage from the factories. Chickens also eat table scraps that would otherwise be thrown out, plus they provide manure for garden fertilizer or your compost! I’m hoping to be able to add a few feathery friends to my family this year!

    530. Neen says:

      As you may already know, I just bought my first home. I have already changed all the lightbulbs out to energy effcient ones. I have ordered a rain collection drum that I am going to install in the backyard so I can begin harvesting rainwater. Finally, I am excited to be able to plant my first veggie garden! Hope you and you family have a Happy Easter!

    531. Richelle Campbell says:

      We’ve been recycling for a while, but just recently started buying things in bulk to save on packing material waste. We’re also limiting our water consumption by watering the lawn less and only in the early morning hours so that it’s as efficient as possible!

    532. Carly Clark says:

      Well I am definitely checking where the produce comes from in my grocery store and looking towards going organic on more things; along with using possibly my new grocery bags(:

    533. Allison C says:

      We try to bring reusable bags when we go to the store, but the ones I have are in rough shape. I would love a new set.
      In the winter we keep our thermostat at 65 during the day and 58-60 at night. It can get a little chilly, but nothing blankets and a couple large dogs (my “little” heat machines) can’t fix.

    534. Stephanie says:

      I plan to be better organized with my recycling and begin to compost my scrapings.

    535. ATLKristen says:

      I use reusable bags to go shopping and stopped buying bottled water a few years ago. Love my water filter on the faucet!

    536. I now use a reusable water bottle rather than many many plastic ones!

    537. Kaylyn says:

      I just signed up for a CSA share–our first time! Very excited for next weeks delivery! Trying to do my part to eat locally :)

    538. Chelsea says:

      My fiance’s work location is moving this summer, much closer to our home, and directly on the way to my job. We have decided, that unless he has to go to work very early one day, that we will drive to his work, and then I will go to work from there, and pick him up when I get out, in an effort to save money on gasoline, and save the air and earth in the process. I’m hoping it goes well!

    539. Beth says:

      We’re part of a CSA for the first time this year, so we’ll be eating more local produce, along with some veggies that we hope to grow in our garden! Plus, we pack our lunches for work in reusable containers to eliminate waste. Oh, and can’t forget about taking water in Nalgenes rather than buying bottled, and using reusable bags at the grocery store!

    540. Evelyn R says:

      Our church has a coffee time after Sunday service, and we now encourage membes to bring their one mugs from home instead of using throw away cups.

    541. Lori S H says:

      I have been paying more bills online to decrease paper usage and save money on stamps. Additionally, I have stopped buying and using paper plates. Every little bit helps, right? Thanks Annie!

    542. Rhonda says:

      Happy Earth Day! I am a vegetarian, I recycle and I think the most important thing that I do for our Earth is teaching my children the importance of taking car of her. I also order my organic produce from a company called Door to Door Organics.

    543. Stephanie says:

      I use re-useable shopping bags for groceries and shopping purchases and I just started using a re-useable water bottle.

    544. Annie D. says:

      We faithfully recycle all paper products, plastics and grocery/plastic bags, glass and aluminum. I just helped my daughter with a poster for a school contest about recycling plastic bags – and using reusable bags for groceries! The poster made it to the Scarlet, Gray and Green Fair at the Ohio State University OARDC this past week!

    545. Danelle Manship says:

      I have started using cloth napkins instead of paper napkins at home to save on the waste.

    546. betsy King says:

      I just signed up for GreanBEAN today! Yay for it being in FW! (I can’t imagine your credit would work for fort wayne, but if so, that would be cool!)

      Well, we recycle and I’ve cloth diapered both kids. We drive as fuel efficient cars as we can and use earth friendly products to clean our home. I try to buy local as much as I can.

      Happy Earth Day!

    547. betsy King says:

      BTW, when I couldn’t leave a comment, I just tried a different browser. Firefox worked, Safari didn’t. In case anybody else has a problem.

    548. Kayla says:

      We bought reusable water bottles – one each for work and home. We were going through bottled water way too fast so it is really nice now not to have all that waste.

    549. Sara says:

      We recycle at our house – paper, cardboard, glass and plastic. We have a large plastic trash can we fill with all of our recyclables and then my hubby takes it when it starts getting full.

      I’d also like to start a vegetable garden this spring/summer. My mom had a large one when we were kids and I remember picking tomatoes and green beans out of the garden. There’s just something that tastes different about a fresh tomato out of your garden.

      I’m an Indy resident and would love the opportunity to try out Green Bean Delivery! :::Fingers crossed:::: :)

    550. Shannon S. in VA says:

      I use re-usable bags for all stores or carry it out without a bag and shop my local farmers market for as many things as possible. Recycle items or re-purpose items around my home. Try to do the best I can and enjoy what my kids suggest we need to do to make our earth a better place. Thanks for the chance to win these bags! Love the colors.

    551. Michelle says:

      We’ve gone as paperless in my classroom and use remote response devices instead! We keep the lights 1/2 off whenever we can. I also use reusable shopping bags and a reusable water bottle.

    552. Laura L says:

      I recycle my old clothing into quilts,”new” clothes, purses, other household covers,and bags, I’ve also cut then up into strips to use as yarn to makes rugs and baskets.
      As much as possible, I avoid buying products in packaging that is not biodegradable, if I must purchase something in other materials, I always buy from a company that uses recycled and recyclable materials.
      Table scraps, and biodegradable paper are composted for our flower and vegetable gardens.

    553. Sheree K says:

      Happy Earth Day and Happy Easter Weekend. I love your recipes (so do my children). This year I’m focusing on buying from local growers. I also want to recycle and reuse more this year. The RuMe bags look and sound wonderful. My two old cloth bags have been used so much the bottoms are about to fall out. LOL

    554. Annie says:

      Good to know, thanks Betsy!

    555. Hillary says:

      Happy Earth Day! I stopped using plastic water bottles and just bring my one water bottle to work everyday

    556. Christy L in CA says:

      We decided to use cloth diapers instead of disposables, and recently switched to cloth wipes from disposable. Disposables take 500 years to break down….ouch! :(

    557. about a year ago I bought plastic silverware to keep at work…now I bring it all home and wash and reuse it until they break; I recycle anything I can and have even brought my empty glass jucice bottles with me from my fave bagel store because they don’t recycle…and I can at home! Great giveaways-thanks!!

    558. Denise says:

      I recyle and avoid prepackaged foods. I would love to shop using those adorable shopping bags. Thank you for the chance.

    559. Alysha Dickson says:

      I recycle as much as possible and as an elementary teacher I work hard to instill in my students the importance of recycling, reducing, and reusing!

    560. Jess says:

      We compost and recycle and I’m trying to reduce the amount of paper rowels a

    561. I have switched over from plastic bags in the last few months. I use recyclable bags only! So I would love to add some more to my collection! I also never buy or drink bottled water – what a waste of plastic and money!

    562. Caroline says:

      I always make sure I have my reusable bags before I go to the store and now that the weather is warming up, I’m trying to walk or bike as much as possible.

    563. Happy Earth Day Annie! We do all we can to lower our carbon footprint. This summer we’re having a shredding and recycle party for our clients. At home we’ve switched to cfc lightbulbs, built and use a three part compost bin, turned down the heat and up the a/c, recycle like crazy and about anything else we can do. We shop the Broad Ripple and Binford farmers markets practically on a weekly basis. Kincaid’s is wonderful for meat. I’ve been going there since Mom took me as an infant :-)We’ve also joined a CSA out of your hometown – Life Farms. This is our third year being a part of a CSA and I’ve found it to be VERY cost effective. We got our first share today and I’m anxious to work with the kale, beets, greens, rapini and other goodies they included. Although sometimes it doesn’t feel like we’re doing enough, I am mindful of the fact that everything everyone does does indeed make a difference! Thank you so much for highlighting Earth Day. With your readership, it really does make a big difference.

    564. Meghan G says:

      We are buying more organic and cannot wait until our local farmers market opens in May!

    565. LaTanya says:

      My biggest goal is to eat food in it’s natural state, and buy organic when possible. I also try to avoid prepackaged foods and try to recycle paper and plastics. This summer I’ve bought a share in my local CSA for 20 weeks of local, naturally grown food (starts in 2 weeks–yipee!). Looking at buying a share in a farm for grass-fed beef for the fall.

    566. Melody says:

      Well, I am definitely into New Year’s resolutions and this year, one of them was to be more green and earth friendly. My husband and I have been recycling like crazy lately! I take some of my boss’ “trash” (junk mail, etc) and take it home to recycle. I am also trying to cut back on paper products (paper plates and paper towels). God created our earth for our enjoyment and I really feel we need to do a better job of taking care of it.

    567. Abby says:

      I am in the Indianapolis area and would LOVE to try the Green B.E.A.N Delivery. We have done a lot to be more green this year….we are trying to cut out all HFCS, I made my own fruit snacks, and now we are working on planting our own little garden.

    568. We recycle newspapers, plastic and glass. We donate yogurt containers to the local school. Composting is great for our garden. We just got a rain barrel so we can use rainwater to water our garden. I try to purchase sustainable materials and watch what comes into our home daily. When we paint, I check to make sure that the paint is No Voc paint because there is no need to put more chemicals into the air.

      Every little bit helps, even just carrying water in a refillable container is better than supporting companies which keep making the plastic.

      Today, I planted 36 little plants to make the place pretty and help produce more oxygen.

    569. Claire says:

      We recycle and decided to use cloth diapers when our baby comes in November!

    570. Karla says:

      Hi Annie! I’m in Indy, and I would love to try the Green BEAN delivery. My hubby and I compost, and recycle, as well as use eco-friendly cleaners in our house. (I make my own.) My favorite trick is cleaning the toilet bowl with vinegar and baking soda, as well as using vinegar as fabric softner in your laundry! I’m wanting to get a rain barrel this year to cut down on our outside water usage!

      Happy Easter! Karla

    571. Jessica S says:

      For about two months now, I’ve reduced the amount of meat I take it to about once a week, and I’ve stopped buying canned fish (because of depleting oceans) or fish from the market and just use the fish my dad catches. I try to buy organic in everything I can. In the coming months, when school isn’t in control of my life, I plan on using my farmer’s market more often, and when I move I want to grow tomato plants and herbs.

    572. Christine says:

      I make alot of my all-purpose cleaners, I re-cycle & I often use my own bags when I shop. These bags look really nice! What a nice giveaway.

    573. So proud of you for making these changes! It’s all about the small steps! I am in love with reusable bags, I probably have too many already, but these look so sturdy with the handles built into the fabric instead of an attached handle. These would make such a great addition to my back seat!

    574. Shannon says:

      Love those bags :)
      In the past 8-10 months, we have switched over to all eco-friendly house cleaners, detergents and hand soaps. Since my son was born almost a year ago, about 1/3 of our groceries are organic and that is all he eats. We also do as much as we can around our home to save and conserve :)

    575. Nicole says:

      My family is very focused on recycling. We’re trying to lessen our trash and increase the amount that we recycle. One example of a simple change I’ve made was to pack lunches with reusable containers instead of buying all prepackaged stuff.

      I’m not in the Indy area, but I heard that the Green B.E.A.N Delivery is thinking of expanding closer to me in the Fort Wayne area, which will be a happy day :)

    576. Stacey says:

      I use reusable water bottles and a Brita filter, and use reusable grocery bags. We also recycle and try to repurpose items.

    577. Annie says:

      Hey Karla! I would love more information on making my own cleaners. Do you have any good resources you can point me toward?

    578. angie says:

      We are trying to cut pack on paper and plastic products as much as possible, be more conscious of the quantity and quality of the food that we buy, and less lazy about recycling. cute bags!

    579. I use reusable water bottles and plastic containers for food storage (instead of plastic bags).

    580. Joan Roberts says:

      I have always taken long showers but, now I am timing myself attempting to decrease the amount of water I use.

    581. Lisa says:

      I take my reusable bags to the grocery store and especially Target(instant savings). I love shopping at our local Farmer’s Market.

    582. Andrea says:

      I have quit using plastic water bottles.the worst for our enviroment

    583. pearse says:

      well,I stay away from paper products like paper plates,plastic fork,spoons as much as possible.

    584. Amy says:

      hi Annie, Thanks for this opportunity! In the past year, the biggest change I made was to stop buying bottled water and instead filter my own. After my son was born and I started contributing to the “diaper landfill”, I felt like I needed to do something extra for the environment to make up for it!

    585. RaeDi says:

      Annie this is wonderful that you have given a post to this important subject. So many now realize that we leave carbon footprints and too many plastic bottles and such along the way. For years I would help to clean up different areas in the Seattle area, we then would use the trashed that was picked up for educating those that eat processed foods. Everything we buy and eat is organic, all locally grown during season. We have a remarkable Market here: Poulsbo Market that goes to where the produce and meats are raised and grown and brings only the best to its store, they are doing it year round. I was just in the process of doing a write-up/review on this market. Your offer has come at the right time, having used the cloth bags for years mine have finally worn out and was in the process of ‘thinking about getting new ones.’ Those at the markets and such where I shop I think they are starting to feel sorry for me, they joked the last time they would have to line it with a plastic bag next time, they know I would not want to use the plastic bag and hoping I get new bags before my next shopping trip….RaeDi


    586. SuzyQ says:

      We are good about recycling…all envelopes, thin cardboard boxes, etc are in a bag to be taken in when full. I avoid plastic water bottles and take recyclable bags to the store most of the time. We try to keep the heat and ac at slightly colder and warmer temps and adjust with clothing instead. Thanks for a great giveaway!

    587. Tammy says:

      Reduce.. reuse… and recycle. I have really focused on reducing what we use and make choices to buy things that are more permanent / disposable.

    588. Mary Hernandez says:

      I am new to your blog….it’s one of my favorites! I made your lime cheesecake with blackberry sauce for a dinner party last weekend, and it was a total hit! Thanks for the nice Earth Day post :o)

    589. michelle says:

      I use reusable bags, pack lunches in reusable containers, and grow our own veggies&herbs

    590. Susan says:

      I’ve actually been quite good at using reusable shopping bags most everywhere I shop! I would LOVE to win a set of the ones you love so much! :)

    591. Debbie Bray says:

      I have started tgo composte

    592. Jill says:

      We’ve eliminated paper napkins, plastic bags, and most disposables in our house, opting instead for reusable items. I’ve started trying to focus on organic and fresh items from the grocery store to cut down on packaging, and am super excited to be starting a compost pile!

    593. Christi P. says:

      Annie…I moved to Bloomington a few years ago from a very small town south. We are able to now recycle regularly and do small things like no more paper products used in the house. I would love to be entered in the Indy giveaway. My husband works in Indy! I love your blog and actually work with one of your old classmates Nina.

    594. Jo says:

      Traded the big suv for a jetta, planting a garden with my daughter and try to bring my grocery bags with me to the store instead of those awful plastic bags!

    595. Becky says:

      I’m currently trying to eliminate all non-natural cleaners and would love to see a post on this or maybe that’s not something you would do on a cooking blog :) I always use re-usable bags, but mine from Trader Joe’s are falling apart. We are now trying to buy organic and plan to start shopping at the farmer’s markets this summer!

    596. Susan Smith says:

      We use a PUR filter and refill water bottles. We use cloth diapers. I am also looking to start buying/cooking local, organic food and make more homemade cleaners.

    597. Tessa says:

      We ask for paper bags at the grocery store, we plant at least one new tree every year, and we try not to fill up our gas tank in the heat of the day.

    598. Maggi says:

      I am working on purchasing my second Toyota Pruis to replace our other non-hybrid vehicle. In addition, we just started a carpool program n our office!

    599. Penny Johnson says:

      I am a huge fan of shopping at Goodwill and other resale shops… not only for myself and my 5 kids but also for our three Grandkids. When I am finished with something that still has use… off it goes to Goodwill. My favorite hobby is recycling pieces of furniture that I have rescued form the curb or yard sale and paint/ refinish or re-purpose them fur use in our home or as gifts. I recently showed a friend how to change a treasure from the curb into a beautiful buffet for her home.

    600. Susan Smith says:

      We love BumGenius too!

    601. Kylie says:

      I re-use my same water bottle instead of buying plastic water bottles and I recycle :)

    602. Shirley Stroud says:

      I am carrying my reusable bags to the grocery store every week but they are not nearly as cute as yours. Would love to have a new set. We are growing some of our own produce this year in a raised bed.

    603. Jodie says:

      We are recycling and we also just stopped buying plastic water bottles!

    604. Sarah says:

      I feel like I am doing pretty good on being green. 90% of out lights in our house are energy efficient. I pack my kids lunches in 100% trash free. Just this month I stopped giving them juice boxes, and just give them water in a small water bottle. I also cloth diaper. I am planning on using cloth as soon as I come home from the hospital with my little guy in June. I also line dry my diapers…rather then use my dryer.

      I do many other things, but I want to do more. This year I am going to start a compost pile! I really want to do this, because I hate to get rid of all my veggie scraps. The other thing I want to do is to stop using paper towels. I am having a hard time with my husband. He really is having a hard time with the idea of this one. But I will work with him, and get it to work.

    605. I am switching to using only my reusable mugs when I go get coffee! If I don’t have my mug, I don’t buy my java. It’s saving the earth, and my budget!

    606. Debbie says:

      I try to always remember to take my reusable bags into the grocery store but I need to do a better job of remembering to take them into stores like Target.

    607. Jaylene Mosley says:

      I have been using Cloth diapers, it was a little adjustment but now that I am use to them it is no big deal :)

    608. Emily O. says:

      I’ve gotten my husband into the habit of recycling, even before we had curbside & I’d have to drive it to the recycling center. It helped that his favorite local brewery spearheaded a new initiative to recycle glass (which isn’t part of our new curbside program)!

    609. Jeana says:

      Usually my effort to help the planet involves recycling plastic bottles and things like that, but this time I have decided that I’m going to completely eliminate using those. I finally bought a reusable plastic water bottle that I will use, and I also want to stop using paper plates and paper towels and stick to using regular dishes and dish towels :) Basically anything that can be washed and used again!

    610. Philby says:

      I will try to recycle more and waste less water by taking shorter showers. Also will definitely always bring a reusable bag to the grocery store!

    611. Mindy says:

      I have decided (well awhile ago I did) to cloth diaper our new baby coming next month. that’s my biggest thing I’m doing to help the Earth :). I also tonight in the spirt of Earth Day FINALLY dug out all my reusable Target bags to keep in my car — I always forget them, so I finally found them all in our storage cart and put them in our trunk. No more excuses!

    612. Sarah L says:

      I have made many changes to help make Earth greener…I recycle everything possible (which, thankfully in my city is almost everything), I have my own veggie garden, and I try to use only household supplies that are planet friendly. I just recently bought a new Energy Star rated, front loading, Eco friendly washing machine to replace the old water hog that I had and this year (if it ever warms up here in Cleveland) I plan to ride my bike more around town to use less gas!

      p.s. I <3 Rume bags, and own one myself already…I'd LOVE a couple more!

    613. monique says:

      We bring our own water bottles when we leave the house, so that when we go to the Farmers Market and get tea, it is poured into our own bottles. We also bring reusable bags everywhere we go so we don’t have to ask for plastic bags.

    614. Betty says:

      Happy Earth Day! What beautiful cookies! You are truly an artist! I enjoy your blog and your food. Such a talent! Give that new baby a hug from us in South Florida!

    615. Bebe says:

      I always use my Bobble water bottle, and we never use paper towels or paper napkins anymore…and of course my reusable shopping bags go with me wherever I go!!

    616. Suzanne says:

      I’m originally from Indiana but now live in Michigan. Wish I could win the produce but guess the bags will have to do! My husband and I are recycling more and using our eco-friendly grocery bags. I also love to craft and cook/bake so I try to recycle by embellishing berry containers, tins, and other containers for food gifts.

    617. Jennie says:

      We are big on planting trees.

    618. Jade says:

      I became vegetarian in part to help out the environment. I’m not a fan of the negative effects factory farming has on the environment and chose not to support it. I also try to buy local and organic (although it was much easier living in California than in Chicago). One day, I want to grow lots of my own fruits and veggies (abut that will have to wait unil I live somewhere with a yard, and not a 1-bedroom apartment 41 floors up).

    619. Virginia J says:

      My family recycles and composts in addition to other earth friendly measurers like turning off lights and repairing leaky faucets.

    620. Amanda T. says:

      I love the reusable bag. Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

    621. Nicole says:

      My husband, daughter, and I all carpool to work/school each day, create arts and crafts with leftover materials/containers, and use plant-derived cleaning products.

    622. Natalie E. says:

      Donate, re-use, recycle, and shop at our local Farmer’s market.

    623. Patty Jensen says:

      I have been researching on the internet about making my own cleaning products and using them successfully. My goal this month is to stop using plastic water bottles (so handy) and use the reusable bottles. These bags look awesome. Thanks for the giveaway.

    624. Cait says:

      Hi Annie! I recently bought reusable snack and sandwich bags from Lunchskins. I love them – super cute and great for the environment. If you get more info from your readers about natural cleaners I’d be interested in it too. BTW – a belated congrats on the birth of your daughter. :) Happy Easter!

    625. Theresa says:

      What a fun giveaway! We do a lot of the standard stuff – recycle as much as we can, use reusable grocery bags, and don’t drink bottled water. We also use reusable produce bags and biodegradable garbage bags. We use freecycle to get ride of usable items we don’t want anymore and to get gently used items we need. I take home recycling from work. Recently MH and I started switching over to ecofriendly cleaning products and I couldn’t be happier. Vinegar is my new best friend!

    626. Meredith says:

      We started recycling through the city of Indianapolis this year and I religiously bring my reusable bags to the grocery store. I am an Indianapolis resident…sign me up for the gift cards!

    627. Dee W says:

      In my house we recycle everything, use the new energy saving light bulbs.

    628. Beth says:

      I’m only buying organic meat and going to start shopping at farmers markets!

    629. Rachel B. says:

      I try to be as “green” as possible, but I really want to compost. I also want to build or buy a rain barrel!

    630. Jaime says:

      Hi, Annie! I live on the south side of Indianapolis and I *love* your blog! I’d love to win one of the Green Bean delivery gift certificates. I’d looked into GBD before but it’s not quite in our budget right now…my husband’s finishing up his Ph.D. and we have to economize!

      We compost, we recycle, we turn off the water when we brush our teeth (baby steps!), and we grow our own tomatoes and herbs. :)

      Thanks for the great giveaway!

    631. I love your recipes and this blog. My partner and I are traveling around the country in a travel trailer. We are very conscious of leaving as small a footprint as possible so we:
      1. have solar panels on our trailer and try to use the solar batteries before we use other power sources.
      2. shop locally, like Rouse’s Market and C.J.’s who are local venders in the Bay St. Louis and New Orleans area of the Gulf. Both sell products they create from local farmers. CJ even makes her own sausages, pastas, salads and cuts the meat as you stand there! Her bodine is the best!
      3. decrease the amount of trash we create by avoiding over-packaged items and donating to local Good Will and Salvation Army sites.

      We are also ridding ourselves of as many possessions as possible utilizing downloadable library services, all bills paid online, ordering medications to be delivered quarterly rather than monthly, etc.

      Loving the green of spring as we made our way from the Gulf of Mexico to the shores of Lake Ontario!

    632. Sylvia says:

      We of course recycle, but we also like to repurpose things — a fun challenge to find new uses for items that are broken or no longer can do what they were meant to do. We also have been using an battery-operated lawn mower — great for the environment AND for our own health! No breathing in unfiltered exhaust from a gas-powered mower.

    633. amanda says:

      I am trying to buy more organic produce and purchasing more local/seasonal ingredients…..can be very hard living in a rural area, but doing my best.

    634. We have been recycling our soda cans!

    635. Laura Leone says:

      I am a RN, I pick up recyclables at my patients homes, and drop at recycling locations around the San Diego area. Most of my patients are too sick to do it themselves! Super cute bags!!

    636. Genn says:

      I’m with you Annie! I’ve been doing my best to shop local markets and I’ve been bringing my own bags and totes to shop with. Every little bit helps!

    637. Nicole P. says:

      To keep recycling top of mind, I purchased a garbage can which sits next to my trash can. It’s right there so no excuses; I havce to empty it at least two times a week. I also unplug appliances not in use and moved to a reusable water bottle instead of plastic.

    638. Amanda says:

      I’m working to increase my level of recycling, buy more locally grown products, and use less packaging as well. I already use re-usable bags, but mine can’t hold quite as much as the ones you’re giving away, so thank you for such a wonderful giveaway! I do love your blog, and congratulations on the birth of your daughter!

    639. Katie says:

      What a great way to celebrate Earth Day! I am pregnant with our second child and we are going to use cloth diapers this time. We’ll decide on a system that works best for us once the little one is born, all-in-ones or separate covers and diapers. Thanks again!

    640. Emma says:

      I love those Earth-friendly grocery bags! As for me, this summer I’m moving closer to where I work, so soon I’ll be able to walk or bike in every day (weather permitting in sunny Virginia). I’ve also started making my own lunches for work every day and carrying them in with reusable tupperware.

    641. For our family conserving our earth is very important and I am sure there are ways that we could improve. I am always bringing my own bags to stores, we recycle more then we have garbage and I am looking into shares now for produce and such. thank you for all your wonderful ideas!!

      Happy Earth Day and Happy Easter.

    642. Katherine Hernandez says:

      I recycle plastic bottles, and re use my plastic grocery bags in numerous ways!

    643. Amanda says:

      Thanks for the give-away! We recently starting recycling when we moved to a new area that offers it with trash pick-up. It has been an easy change to make, one that we will keep up with long after we move away from this area.

    644. kristin says:

      I think its great that you’ve made those changes- I would love to find something like BEAN in my area! I have also tried to eliminate all packaged items from our list- salad dressings/marinades/spice mixes are now all homemade- and taste better too! i actually just bookmarked some of your recipes in hopes of making some of my own bread for our freezer since we all eat differently in my home which means multiple packaged loaves.

    645. I bought a Silpat to reduce/eliminate my parchment paper and foil use. I like it so much better!

    646. anna winston says:

      I forced my husband to put timers on the lights in the house.

    647. Izzi says:

      I am carpooling to work now!

    648. Tracie says:

      Happy Earth Day! Last year, I planted a huge vegetable garden, composted, canned my own produce and gave away tons of great home grown vegetables. I am getting the ground ready to do it again this year! Still too cold in MN!

    649. SharonF says:

      I am planting my own garden. Nice to know nothing BAD is sprayed on it.

    650. T. Fox says:

      Have a greenhouse to start my own plants and use only natural pesticides after they are planted.

    651. I’m carpooling to work in order to cut down on both gas prices and fuel emissions. :)

    652. CF007 says:

      My wife and I can or freeze a lot of what we eat over the winter.

    653. Ashley Aylsworth says:

      I study at Starbucks frequently and use their coffee grounds, that would be thrown away, to improve the soil of my garden. While this is a little change, if everyone has their own way to improve our planet it will make a big difference!

    654. Corisa says:

      Recycling is an everyday habit to help the enviroment, but i would like to start not using as much gas and buy reusable water jugs instead of plastic bottled water !

    655. Erica says:

      I started my Earth Day resolutions early and have started to buy as much organic produce as I can afford. My next goal is to buy local. I’ve started buying grass-fed beef, natural chicken and cage free eggs. Having a one year old daughter, I’ve made sure the milk I buy is hormone free and try to balance local with store bought. I would love those bags pictured above since that is the one thing I haven’t switched over to yet when grocery shopping. I keep looking for something sturdy!

    656. Pat R says:

      Cloth diapers
      Homemade baby foods
      No bottled water purchases
      Recycle all paper, glass and plastic
      Use vinegar instead of commercial cleaning products.

    657. Helen says:

      We recycle, and I encourage others to recycle at my workplace as well. I would love to compost, and will as soon as we live in a house and not an apartment complex, we’ll start. :)

    658. Christine P. says:

      We have increased our recycling (thanks to our community’s new single-stream recycling program) and really focus on cutting down on excess electricity and water usage.

    659. Janssen says:

      We joined a CSA and I think that’s been a big step forward for us.

    660. Cindia says:

      We have been using reusable shopping bags for quite a while now. We also recyle paper & try to repurpose as much as we can.

    661. Melissa A. says:

      I am local – west side of Indy. Would love to try Green B.E.A.N., I have seen their vans in our area. I carry the reusable grocery bags and I reuse glass jars like crazy, for all sorts of things. An empty spaghetti sauce jar is great for left-over soups.

    662. laura says:

      I carpool to work most days and have started using green bags for groceries, target, etc. love your website!

    663. Sandra Jones says:

      I’ve been using my aluminum bottle for the past month and I love it. I also walk more. If a place is within 2 miles of my home I hike it.

    664. delia says:

      I love reusable bags! I use them when I buy groceries. It cuts down on my plastic bag collection, and at Target I get 5 cents back too. I wish I lived in Indianapolis so I could be eligible to win the produce too!

    665. Kate in OH says:

      I have been using my waterbottle and filling it instead of purchasing plastic. I used cloth diapers for my last baby this past year. And I try and remember to unplug any item we are not using to conserve energy. ie. coffe maker, radios.

    666. Katie says:

      I stopped buying bottled beverages and I either make my own tea to bring in a reusable thermos or water in my reusable water bottle!

    667. Nancy says:

      We belong to a CSA that allows customization. I choose exactly what we will use. Our local town has just started a small Farmer’s Market and I have been trying to support that also. We continue to pack lunches in reusable containers and try to remember our shopping bags every time…try to remember. The key is to get them back into the car after unloading after each trip!

    668. Martha E says:

      I try to keep driving to a minimum & am planting a bigger garden this year to reduce my carbon footprint her in Kansas.

    669. Emily C. says:

      I use reusable grocery bags and a reusable water bottle. Nothing original I guess!

    670. Kristen says:

      We try to shop at our local farmer’s market whenever possible. It opened this weekend, and we found lots of local produce and flowers. We also try to grow as much as we can.

    671. Jessica O says:

      I will aim to buy all veggies and fruits from local sources, such as farmers markets and CSAs!

    672. Christine says:

      After watching “Food, Inc” I definitely am starting to think about my food choices a lot differently. I thought I was a cautious and contientious shopper before, but realize now I NEED to make more better choices. I will continue to buy organic but will make more effort to buy local. I definitely will be getting meat from the butcher shop now and start ASKING QUESTIONS!!!

    673. Caroline says:

      I took an Environmental Science class this year and it educated me a lot about our planet and what we do to it. I’ve started using travel mugs instead of water bottles, unplugging electronics, recycling, all the little things that add up!

    674. Kat says:

      I love the fact that you are giving away environmentally friendly gifts for Earth Day! I’ve always tried to live a pretty green life, but living in an apartment can make some of it tricky. This year I finally took the leap to create a vermicompost bin for our balcony, despite what the neighbors say about any smell that might get created in the process of me balancing it out! I’m also organically growing more veggies and herbs on the balcony to cut down on what we buy from the store and all of the gas that goes into it. I also like that fact that I’ll only need to cut off how much herb I actually need instead of wasting away half a bunch. At least this way if I don’t need it, it’ll go to flower and all of the birds and insects will happily come pollinate it for free seed next year!

    675. Shannon says:

      I’m doing the same thing you’re doing. I no longer buy salad dressing and very rarely do I buy anything packaged. I am very much a from scratch cook. Not fancy just good. :)

    676. Christine J says:

      I love reusable bags. I’ve got my kiddo in cloth diapers now, and he’s had homemade baby food all along. I’m working now on buying more local foods at the farmer’s market. Next year I’m going to try to get in on a local CSA. Hopefully I can get on the waiting list on time!

    677. Adrianne says:

      I love that you’ve done this post! And I’m really excited to say we just recently began composting as part of a municipal composting community! Going green is just one more fun adventure in the kitchen.

    678. mich says:

      we have a compost bin that we use separately in our home so that all food scraps and biodegradable items go together.

    679. frank says:

      we haev began to use just re-useable bags for shopping! my girlfriend always talks about those foldable bags, but had never actually bought them for herself, and uses trader joe’s bags that are big and bulky. hoping i can win these for her!

    680. Claire says:

      I have started buying organic whenever possible and have limited my purchase of prepackaged items. I use reusable grocery bags and make my own cleaners (the lotus® system is awesome for this). I bought my own yogurt maker and enjoy making yogurt now in cute European style glass jars – no more plastic containers! I also belong to a similar produce delivery group called Door to Door Organics; it is a much better deal than buying organic produce at the store, and it saves so much time. Plus, they try to integrate as many locally grown items as possible.

      Thank you!!

    681. Andrea says:

      I’m planning on working harder at recycling!

    682. Elizabeth Jenkins says:

      I reuse and recycle ziploc bags as much as possible. My husband and I take as much as possible to our local recycling location.

    683. Joan L says:

      Just started my first ever composting this week!!! Hoping to put all those food scraps back into beautiful Mother Earth! Love those bags!

    684. KarenE says:

      I have been using reusable bags at the grocery store and we have been much, much better at recycling in our home!
      I live in the Indy area and have heard so many great things about Green BEAN delivery! My best friend uses them and loves it too!!

    685. Ana says:

      We’ve switched to cloth diapers. Today we participated in : – Guiness World Record Cloth Diaper Changing Challenge! A tree was planted for every participant.

    686. I take reusable bags to the grocery store.

    687. Lisa says:

      I have quit buying water in plastic bottles and have been using a reusable one. We have cut back on the number of prepackaged items we buy, and are planting a garden this summer to grow our own organic produce. Thanks for the chance to win!

    688. Barb Olt says:

      Thankfully our trash service provides recycling at no extra charge so we recycle everything that we can. I’ve also bought the reusable bags from the grocery store and use them all the time. I’m sure the RuMe bags are much nicer though and would love to try them! We live in the country so most of our produce scraps, peels, etc…..go to a spot out back for compost!

    689. Amanda says:

      What a great idea, Annie! I’m a columnist for my university’s paper and my contribution to Earth Day was to write a top five column of ways to conserve. I try to be humorous in my writing so that it resonates more in people, especially college students, and in this column especially it was successful! :) As for changes I’ve been trying to implement in my own life, I’m mostly focusing on changing from plastic bags to reusable ones. It’s difficult sometimes but I feel better when I do. :)

    690. Leanna says:

      I always use reusable bags. I leave them in my car so I don’t forget them when I goo the store.

    691. Anne says:

      I am planning to start walking to work with my son–I teach at the same school he attends. Not only will it be good for the environment, it will be good for our relationships!!! A good talk to go with a good walk!

    692. chelsea rose says:

      i make sure to recycle cans and plastic, and use reusable bags at the grocery store. just a little contribution but something :)

    693. Carole says:

      A couple of weeks ago I bought my first bike as an adult. I plan on using it for most of my smaller trips in town.

    694. Emilee H. says:

      Well…we are always trying to make a conscience effort, but we actually just bought a PRIUS! Yeah! And…we FINALLY found a local place that will recycle glass, so we are going to make a stronger effort to recycle such things (along with everything else we’ve already been recycling).

    695. Jenny says:

      I watched Food Inc. and it changed the way I think about eating meat, and the impact that the farming practices in the U.S have on the environment. When I can’t find humanely raised, non-factory farmed meat, I just don’t eat it!

    696. Regina Harper says:

      We been doing many of the things already listed, but this year we’re also putting in our own garden and have gotten several chickens to help produce our own fresh eggs.

    697. Alisa says:

      I LOVE Green B.E.A.N. delivery! We live in Ohio & have been using them since December, I just can’t tell enough people about them! My sister & sis in law use them too & love the service also. Green Bean is fantastic!
      I also use reusable shopping bags, mine look old & tired. Some new ones would fit it great & I could retire the old ones to hold recycling items in the garage.

      Thanks Annie! Love your blog!

    698. Stacy says:

      We have chickens which have been so much fun but they also enjoy all the kitchen scraps which help with the production of beautiful eggs and less garage heading to the landfill. We love the eggs and the quality and freshness, but mostly enjoy sharing too. We also enjoy our local farmers market to buy local produce and local crafted goods, local is better any day.
      I’m new to your blog and love love love your posts, your pictures are beautiful which makes me want to bake everything I see…I’ll be baking lots if I make everything you have posted.
      Happy Easter to you and your family

    699. Daphne says:

      I reduced my carbon footprint by switching to a vegan diet. (I confess — I was inspired by Oprah to experiment for a week. I really like how I felt and it’s been 3 months now and going strong!)

    700. Randi says:

      Instead of buying water bottles on a weekly basis, we use the same ones over and over when we need to take water places.

    701. Heather Hicks says:

      I use reusable bags at the grocery store and use glass for food storage at home. We also have a small garden.

    702. Andrea says:

      I plan to recycle more, be more aware of our water usage and use less plastic.

    703. DJ says:

      We use recyclable bags, drive a Prius, and have solar panels – in Louisiana. I get funny looks every day.

    704. HB says:

      LOTS of recycling since they come to my house each week! Reusable water bottles. Tupperware in lunch boxes instead of baggies. Reusable grocery bags. Lots of organic. Would love to find a Green BEAN type service outside the Houston area. Looked into CSAs just recently as well. My biggest room for improvement though would be less waste in the kitchen with food! I always have great intention with all that’s in my cart, however….:) Need to get better about menu planning!

    705. Libby says:

      I have two kids, we pack a LOT of snacks. This year I am committed to using Tupperware and reusable cloth snack bags instead of plastic baggies or individual portions packaging whenever possible.

    706. Nancy says:

      I am eating raw as often as possible. I buy produce only from Farmer’s Markets here in Southern California, and luckily that is year round. I have three meatless days a week and I juice every other morning. Being hit with breast cancer was a real eye opener for me.

    707. Lynn in AK says:

      I’m switching from paper napkins to cloth and will cut back on the amount of paper plates we use.

    708. Cathy says:

      I bring my gigantic reusable bag to Costco. I love it!

    709. For the past year I have changed the manner in which i purchase
      food. I’ve cut out most processed foods and only by fresh foods. Most fruits and vegetables are bought from local farms through our local farmer’s market co-ops. My health has improved tremedously.

    710. Sarah says:

      My change is to get all my milk, eggs, cheese, and produce from local farms. There is so much of that in Pennsylvania; I don’t really have an excuse not to!
      (There’s a lot more I’d like to do, but I’m finding that I have to make changes one at a time for them to “stick”!)

    711. We do a lot of recycling already, but with 3 teenage girls in the house I am committed to making sure that they take shorter showers and turn off electronics and lights when they are not in use.

    712. Mercedes says:

      I’m going to buy more grass-fed/organic meats and try to stay away from factory-farmed products, since factory farms have a negative impact on the environment.

    713. Amanda says:

      We recycle and we also always bring our own reusable bags when shopping.

    714. nutmegs says:

      We commit to recycling as much as we can and are starting a bigger garden this year. I buy seasonally as often as I can as well. I would love the bags!

    715. I am ditching my car and taking public transportation as soon as I graduate!

    716. Lisa says:

      I always ask for paper bags that I can either recyle or reuse for various projects around the house. I also started my own garden last year and am really excited to get it going again this year!

    717. Tami says:

      I just had a baby in December and we’ve been using cloth diapers, homemade cloth wipes and diaper solution in part because we didn’t want to contribute unnecessarily to landfills. Gotta take care of Mother Earth, she’s all we’ve got!
      Would be thrilled to win the reuseable bags!

    718. Rachael says:

      My family and I have started recycling in the last few months!! We also use reusable grocery bags whenever I remember to bring them along. I have just recently found your blog and love it!! Thank you for sharing with all of us and congrats on he new baby!

    719. Annie E says:

      I LOVE reuseable bags :) And I’d love to win some. I’ve stopped using plastic bags, though sometimes I just NEED a plastic bag…it is quite the dilema!

    720. Rebecca H. says:

      I take my lunch in a re-usable insulated lunch sack and use a BPA free water bottle to drink out of at work rather than a throw away cup. I take only re-usable utensils and containers to take my lunch food in as well. Would love to have those pretty reusable bags.

    721. Danielle says:

      I’ve become much more green after becoming a parent. We’ve started only using organic/chemical free cleaners, we cloth diaper and line dry, we use cloth napkins and towels, we use cloth bags, we recycle, garden and are starting to compost. There’s a few more things we do but that’s all I can think of now :)

    722. carly zeiter says:

      i have started using reuseable grocery bag and grew a small garden last year. I am trying to be ‘green’ a little bit at a time.

    723. Beth says:

      I do lots of things! I always bring my reusable bags to the grocery store, for one example.

    724. Jo says:

      I’d love to win a bag that will actually hold up. My family and I are walking to school more often this year- it’s all up hill and a great goal for us!

    725. Stephanie says:

      My new years resolution/go green goal was to no longer buy individual water bottles or get take out coffee cups when possible. I try to always fill my water bottle before I leave home, and to keep a clean travel mug in the car. I’ve not been 100% successful, but I’m getting better.

      Also, bringing your own bags seems to be a new concept to the cashiers at stores near me. They are not always friendly about it, but I try and shmoose them…some are loosing their “attitude” about it :)

      I wish we had that type of produce delivery service here…

    726. Andrea Hendrix says:

      I’m striving to become greener! A few years ago, with much resistance from my paper towel loving husband, we stopped using paper towels & started using cloth for everything. I use mostly cloth diapers- more water, but less diapers in the landfills & I’m working on cutting out everything in a box that we eat.

    727. Maria says:

      To become more earth friendly, we started recycling! I also try to take fast showers, since it would save a lot of water. We are also starting our first garden. Trying to go more organic, where we live there are no farmers market, but growing our own is much better and more exciting..Happy earth day!

    728. susitravl says:

      Love the RuMe bags. I keep my bags in the car now, because I was always running out to the store without them. We are crazy recyclers and donate or put in our garage sale what we no longer use so someone else can re-purpose those items.

    729. jackie says:

      Those are nice bags! In our house we recycle as much as we can. We use our own bags @ the market. I think the best thing we do is involve the kids, because they are our future.

    730. Danielle says:

      We use cloth diapers & I’ve also cut way back on our paper towel usage by using more washcloths & rags. Also in the process of switching to reusable grocery bags (right now I only have 3 of them).

    731. KarenK says:

      I’ve already been using re-useable grocery bags and have been looking into using the GreenBean service. I think they are new to the Cincy area so I would love to try it out with a gift certificate.

    732. Jebks814 says:

      We recycle in our house and we use the reusable grocery bags!