Spring is here!  Well, supposedly spring has been here for a few weeks but the weather hasn’t exactly been reflected that change.  This is normal for Indiana at this time of year, but it still doesn’t mean I’m happy about it.  Finally this week some of the trees are showing their first tiny leaves and blossoms.  I love this time of year – not as much as I love fall, but almost.  I have been itching to create some spring-inspired treats and these cookies have been on my mind for a long time.  Really, ever since I bought this set of butterfly cookie cutters a couple of years ago.  I’ve just been waiting for my royal icing skills to catch up to my imagination :)

These cookies were really fun to make, though more time consuming than a lot of cookies with royal icing simply due to the number of different colors of icing I needed.  I’m no entomologist, so I didn’t try to make my butterflies all that realistic, but if you know more about butterflies I’m sure you could take the detailing to another level. Most of the time with royal icing, people try to avoid letting the colors bleed into each other, but in this case I think it created a gorgeous effect in some of the butterflies (the purple in particular).  Making one of the flooding colors a thinner consistency than the other flooding color helps the colors to bleed together.

These would be a beautiful favor for a spring baby or bridal shower, or a little girl’s birthday party.  If you want to make your own, see my favorite sugar cookie recipe and my royal icing tutorial to get you started.  Also, I used a lot of marbling technique in these cookies and that tutorial is available here.  Happy spring, everyone!