In case you haven’t noticed, I have kind of a thing for cupcakes.  I just checked – there are 63 cupcakes on the blog so far.  Many of them are filled.  Not only does filling add an extra dimension of flavor, but people just get a real kick out of a filled cupcake.  Maybe because they think it is complicated to do, and it makes them seem fancier – I’m not sure.  But in reality, it couldn’t be much easier.

You don’t need much in the way of special equipment to fill cupcakes.  Shown here is everything you might need to fill a cupcake in one of three ways.  (By the way, these are the double chocolate raspberry cupcakes.)

One of the most common methods is known as the “cone method”.  All you need is a small paring knife to cut a cone out of the center of each cupcake.

Add some filling to the cupcake…

and replace the top portion of the cone, slicing off the tip to leave room for the filling.  (And yes, that extra tip of cake happens to be an ideal bite size.  Just saying :))

The second option is a variation on the cone method, but even easier.  Use a small round biscuit cutter to cut a disc out of the center of each cupcake.

Add some filling…

And replace the cake disc.  That’s it!  Frost as desired.  I like to use either the cone or disc method for more thick or solid fillings.  Of course, replacing the cake over the top of the filling is also optional.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.  It all depends on the type of frosting you are using and the effect you are going for.

The third method uses a pastry bag.  If the filling is fairly thin and totally smooth, as in this case, an injector tip works well.  Otherwise, a plain round tip as shown in the first picture works just fine too.  Just insert the tip into the cupcake and pipe in a small amount of filling.

Hooray for filled cupcakes!

Here are a few more of my favorite filled cupcakes:
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes
Guinness and Bailey’s Irish Creme Cupcakes
Fauxstess Cupcakes

And stay tuned – I’m posting another really fun filled cupcake later this week!

  • Ok, now just waiting for that recipe! ;)

  • thnks for this informative post,..

  • Tembo

    Ohh YUM!these are going on the list! – I made your red velvet cupcakes over the weekend and I have never seen a dozen cupcakes be devoured THAT fast in my life!! Total winner – cant wait to try these too:)

  • Annie

    The recipe is linked within the post :)

  • I haven’t tried making filled cupcakes, but you really do make it look so easy. May have to do some experimenting soon!

  • Wow you make that look so easy! I think I will have to try it

  • Great post! I definitely need to make filled cupcakes more. You definitely make it look easy!

  • Thanks for the How-to! They are always very helpful. I’ve been dying to try a lemon filled cupcake but have been a little afraid. This helps a lot!

  • I have never seen anyone use a biscuit cutter before. I think I like that way best since there aren’t any extra pieces of cake floating around being delicious.

  • Thank you so much for the tip! I will be referring back to this post a lot in the next little while I’m sure (until I can remember it myself)! :)

  • I’ve been wanting to try a filled one for so long. I’m anxiously awaiting your fun filled cupcake later this week. Oh, and the lemon truffles turned out beautifully!

  • Nina

    I cook everyday but I am a HORRIBLE BAKER! I mean horrible. I am trying to improve my skills every weekend for my little daughter. Yesterday was key lime pie disaster. :((
    She is going to have a birthday party in school and I was hoping to start making cupcake so they will be food-poisoning-free by June. What’s an easy cupcake recipe to make? I am looking for something simple that requires no nuts and little or no frosting (as per daycare’s instructions).

  • maddy

    Can you tell me which camera you use to take the food pictures..they are lovely. Do you use additional lighting?

  • Your filled cupcakes look so neat and pretty! Mine always end up lopsided or with filling everywhere!

  • Annie

    Everyone has a different definition of “easy”, especially in the kitchen. My best advice is to just browse recipes and read them carefully to find one that is doable for you. Good luck!

  • Annie

    This is covered on the “About Annie” page.

  • This is a great tutorial, Annie! I’ve never filled a cupcake before but with keep these simple methods in mind the next time I make them. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great post! I love your how-to’s. Those liners are super cute too!!

  • debi

    I use an apple corer – cuts out the perfect shape and then the cake piece pops right out for putting back to top or.. eating. :)

  • Mandy

    I love your cupcake recipes!! I made my first filled cupcakes – the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ones and they were a huge hit at my office! I didn’t know to put the extra tip of cake back into the cupcake bc the filling was so thick on that one, so my MIL and I ate all the tips!! YUM!

  • Also, Annie, I just wanted you to know that I made and re-posted about your oven fries today. I intended on leaving a comment on the fries, but no more can be created. Thanks for the wonderful recipe – they were perfectly crispy and definitely turned out better than ever!

  • R

    love your blog :) can’t wait for more cupcake recipes :D

  • My daughter’s birthday is coming up and I was thinking of having a surprise candy/cupcake bar for her. I think I need to make these! They look delicious and fairly simple!!!

  • Sarah

    I’ve just started making filled cupcakes…and now I don’t think I can ever go back to regular cupcakes! Thanks for the quick tutorial!

  • Hi Annie! Just found your blog! Everything it’s so delicious! You’re amazing!

  • I’ll be the first to admit I’ve avoided filled cupcakes out of fear. I know it isn’t hard, but I have a bad habit of breaking cakes when I try to fill them. I never once thought to use a biscuit cutter. Now I feel like I should make cupcakes tonight just to try it. Research and all.

  • Amanda Nelson

    I would just like to say that this is the best cooking/baking blog I have ever read.
    I love all of your cupcake recipes. They’re simple, delicious, and pretty!
    This one is especially cool.

  • Jenn

    Thanks for this post! I made the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes but didn’t fill them because I wasn’t sure how (they were still fabulous sans filling).

  • Annie

    Those are actually a bit different because the filling is baked in. The directions are included in that recipe – easy, really!

  • Great minds think alike! I just did a post on how to core a cupcake. I loved your run down on the various ways that you can fill a cupcake. The filling makes all the difference…YUM!

  • I’ve always wanted to know some ways to fill cupcakes!!! Thank you for taking the time to post this! It has helped me so much! :D


  • Debbie L

    Annie…I have just been introduced to your blog in the last couple of months and all I can say is WOW…I am Hooked! You make it all look so fun. I have tried about 10 of your recipes so far and they have been wonderful. Your tuttorials are very informative, now if you will just bottle some of the energy that you have to sell..I am buying! Keep up the great work.

  • I also use an apple corer sometimes. It works really well and pulls the plug right out.
    Thanks for sharing your tips!

  • Trix

    Dear Annie, if you fill a cupcake/muffin, doesn’t get the cupcake more soften or even something like wet? Or fill you the cupcakes not until you eat them? (Sorry for my probably bad english, it isn’t my native language – obviously). Thank you for your great blogging work anyway, you’re amazing!

  • Annie

    I’ve never had any problems with it affecting the texture of the cake.

  • aubrey

    hi, i just want to say i love your recipes and while reading this post i had a great idea i wanted to share and get your opinion on. i was going to make strawberry cupcakes for an easter get together but had an idea about Chocoate Covered Strawberry cupcakes. make chocolate cupcakes with a strawberry filling but i cant seem to figure out what to do for the icing that will work with the cupcakes but not over power them either? if you could give me any advice i would really appreciate it. thank you so much. and if it works out i’d be more than happy to share the recipe

  • Annie

    I actually have an idea for a chocolate covered strawberry cupcake too, though it sounds pretty different from yours. I’m not sure what sort of frosting would be best for yours. Good luck with that!

  • andrea

    I have also used an apple corer to make the ganache filled guinness cupcakes :) and I think a dark chocolate or white chocolate ganache top aubrey’s chocolate cupcakes with strawberry filling perfectly.

  • I’m glad I ran across this today. I am making a good friend blueberry vodka and lemonade cupcakes. I was talking to my husband after making the lemon curd and baked the lemon cupcakes (forgetting to put the blueberries in!!). I was planning on putting the lemon curd on top, but chose to use my mini biscuit cutter and put the curd AND the blueberries inside. Worked perfect. Of course I also doused it with Blueberry vodka and made a blueberry vodka and lemon curd buttercream frosting to go on top! :) (hope my typing is okay. I either have a sugar high or buzz from taste testing! lol)
    Thanks again!

  • Melissa

    Williams sonoma has a wondefful plastic tool that works amazing for filling cupcakes! I love your blog!! :)

  • Annie

    To me, that tool is really the same as the small biscuit cutter. I consider it a uni-tasker and generally try to avoid those in my kitchen :)

  • Cortney

    Thank you for the tutorial! When using the injector tip, how much does it actually fill? What is your preferred method?

  • Anonymous

    As I mentioned, I use different methods depending on the texture of the cake and the texture of the filling I’m using. How much the injector tip fills depends on how much you squeeze into each cupcake.

  • annieseats

    As I mentioned, I use different methods depending on the texture of the cake and the texture of the filling I’m using. How much the injector tip fills depends on how much you squeeze into each cupcake.

  • Christine

    I just took up baking as a hobby and its so exciting. I baked some cupcakes that didnt turn out wonderful although we ate them still, then I did a plain cake and was so proud of me. I am going to go at the cup cakes again though.

  • Elly

    Now do you just use normal frosting to fill cupckes?

  • Anonymous

    Any of the ways described here.

  • Diana Pietila

    what do you use to fill in the cupcake?

  • annieseats

    Anything you like. This is a method, not a recipe. There are tons of recipes for cupcakes with filling on the site, which you can find via the tabs at the top or the search bar.

  • amanda

    thank you for the help

  • Allyie

    I needed to do some cupcakes ahead of time and plan on using a thick banana pudding filling. How far in advance can I fill so that the cupcakes are not soggy? Any insight would help greatly. Thanks!

  • annieseats

    Please see the FAQ page. Thanks!

  • AEMama

    Can I ask where you bought your biscuit cutter and what size it is? Thanks!

  • annieseats

    I think it’s part of a set I bought at Williams Sonoma. I don’t know exactly what size this particular one is.

  • AEMama

    Yes, I saw a set like this at Williams-Sonoma – I assume you used the smallest one (1.5″) otherwise it would seem to big for a regular size cupcake. Another question…when you cut out the cake with the biscuit cutter, do you cut off any of the piece (like in the cone method where you cut off the tip) before replacing it on top of the filling? Thanks! Can’t wait to try this method. I had been doing the cone method before, but it just takes so long!

  • annieseats

    I try to specify in each particular recipe whether I remove a portion of the cone or leave it intact. It really just depends on the combination of cake + filling + frosting for me.

  • jincy

    Can you put a chocolate kiss inside the cupcake before baking or is that not good

  • annieseats

    You could, but I don’t think it would taste as good as an actual chocolate filling or really have a filling-like effect.

  • Christine Yoon-Taylor

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! Made some filled cupcakes yesterday following your lead. Gave you a shout-out, too! THanks a bunch! :)

  • Melanie

    Thanks you so much for all of your wonderful recipes! I wanted to let you know that the link for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Fauxstess Cupcake links don’t work. I suspect they link back to the original recipe, not the updated ones.

  • annieseats

    Fixed it. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Jenn

    If you use a pastry bag does enough of the filling get into the cupcake? It doesn’t seem to have any place to go.

  • annieseats

    As long as the cake isn’t super dense/heavy, it will expand to allow the filling into the center. I use this method all the time and have never had a problem with it.

  • Heather@BostonGirlBakes

    Thanks for sharing! I linked this post in my homemade hostess cupcake post!