Hooray!  It’s cookbook giveaway day!  As I mentioned yesterday, I jumped at the opportunity to review a The America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook.  Probably the best way to test a cookbook is to try out some of the recipes.  So, first I tried the fruit, yogurt and granola parfaits, and then these stovetop chicken fajitas.  I’m a fajita kind of girl.  I almost always order them at Mexican restaurants, and I make them quite frequently at home as well.  When I saw this recipe, I instantly knew it would be one of the first I tried.  I was very interested to see how a health-ified version would measure up to the others.  Of course, as always, I should know, the extensive testing behind all of the ATK recipes means that they will turn out well – even when they are made healthier.  I made these fajitas exactly as the recipe stated (except I used regular tortillas because we already had them on hand).  Honestly, these were just as good as any other fajitas I’ve eaten.  I really appreciated the ease and convenience of making these on the stovetop, especially since it is winter and the grill is out of commission for now.

Now, let’s discuss this cookbook.  As you may know from reading the blog, healthy recipes are not my primary focus.  Sure, I love them when I come across them and I do work to keep our diets well balanced, but I’m definitely one who subscribes to the “everything in moderation” philosophy.  So, even though this is an ATK cookbook, I wasn’t sure whether this book would really be my kind of thing.  Turns out, it is.  It’s an extremely well put together cookbook full of recipes designed with a focus on nutrition.  The book is divided into several categories:
Healthy Start (Breakfast)
Appetizers & Healthy Snacks
Soups, Stews & Chilis
Rice, Grains & Beans
Fish & Shellfish
Vegetarian Entrees
Stir-Fries and Curries
Pizza & Tarts
Whole Grain Rolls & Loaves
Quick Breads
Cookies & Bars
Fruit Desserts & More
Kid Friendly

I could go on for pages discussing the things I love about this book, but I’ll do my best to keep it brief in bullet form:

  • Nutrition facts for every recipe, obviously an important thing to consider in a cookbook with a focus on health.
  • Lots of lovely color photos.  This differs from the other ATK cookbooks I have, which contain very few pictures, and not many in color.
  • Numerous flavor variations for many of the recipes (for example, you see the variations of the omega-3 granola and the fruit yogurt parfaits).  I mean, four different versions of shrimp cocktail sauce?  Awesome!
  • In particular, the section on veggies has so many recipes and variations, it could make your head spin.  I can never again feel like I don’t know how to prepare an interesting veggie side dish.  There are just so many options!
  • Special features labeled “Makeover Spotlight”, which compare the classic version of a recipe to the health-ified version, highlighting the differences in the ingredients and the nutrition facts. (Example: Green Goddess Dip went from 210 calories and 22 g fat to 50 calories and 3 g fat per serving).
  • Various kitchen tips and important information peppered throughout the book – classic ATK style.
  • A symbol designating “fast” recipes (30 minutes or less).  I didn’t count, but I would estimate that somewhere around half of the recipes fall into this category.
  • Section divider tabs that make it easy to flip to whatever category you are interested in.
  • A ring binder interior, allowing the book to lay flat on the counter – no need for a cookbook holder (or weighing it down with some random kitchen item, like I usually do).

The nerd in me couldn’t resist working out the percentages, so I actually counted up the number of recipes in the book I would be very likely to make myself or would want to try if someone else served them to me.  The calculation worked out to just under 75% of the recipes.  Of the recipes I wasn’t interested in, the reason was nearly always an ingredient that I just don’t care for.  For a cookbook with around 500 recipes, wanting to try 3 out of 4 of them is pretty impressive in my opinion.

So, does this book sound like something you would like to own?  How about a copy autographed by Christopher Kimball, the publisher of several past self publishing companies and current publisher and editor of Cook’s Illustrated, etc.  To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite healthy dish to make. The Rules: One entry per person, U.S. residents only.  Commenting will close on Sunday, January 23 at 10:00 am, EST.  Entries that do not follow the entry requirements will not be considered.  One winner will be chosen at random and announced next week.  Good luck!

Full disclosure:
I received a free copy of The America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook in exchange for hosting this review and giveaway.  Though this review was sponsored, all of the opinions expressed above are mine alone.

  • Yield 4 servings


2 teaspoons canola oil
2 red bell peppers, stemmed, seeded, and sliced thin
1 red onion, halved and sliced thin
Salt and pepper
4 (6‑ounce) boneless, skinless chicken breasts, trimmed, pounded if necessary
½ cup freshly squeezed orange juice
¾ cup minced fresh cilantro
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
4 garlic cloves, minced
2 teaspoons minced canned chipotle chile in adobo sauce
1 teaspoon yellow mustard
1 tomato, cored, seeded, and chopped medium
3 scallions, sliced thin
8 whole-wheat flour tortillas, warmed
Cilantro, lowfat sour cream, and lime wedges, for serving


  • 01

    Heat the oil in a 12‑inch skillet over medium-high heat until just smoking. Add the bell peppers and onion and cook, stirring occasionally, until softened and well-browned, 5 to 7 minutes. Transfer to a bowl, season with salt and pepper to taste, and cover to keep warm.

  • 02

    Pat the chicken dry with paper towels and season with salt and pepper. Combine the orange juice, ½ cup of the cilantro, Worcestershire, garlic, and chipotles in the skillet. Add the chicken and bring to a simmer over medium-low heat, about 5 minutes. When the liquid is simmering, flip the chicken over, cover, and continue to cook until the chicken registers 160 to 165 degrees on an instant-read thermometer, 10 to 12 minutes longer.

  • 03

    Transfer the chicken to a plate and shred it into bite-sized pieces when cool enough to handle. Meanwhile, continue to simmer the sauce over medium heat until slightly thickened and reduced to ¼ cup, about 5 minutes.

  • 04

    Off the heat, stir in the mustard, tomato, scallions, remaining ¼ cup cilantro, and shredded chicken. Season with salt and pepper to taste, and serve with the pepper-onion mixture and warm tortillas.

  • 05

    Per Serving (2 fajitas): Cal 550; Fat 11g; Sat Fat 1g; Chol 100mg; Carb 57g; Protein 49; Fiber 7g; Sodium 670mg

1,477 responses to “Stovetop Chicken Fajitas and a Cookbook Giveaway”

  1. Jess says:

    Spinach! Sautéed spinach as a side almost anytime.

  2. Kristin says:

    Great giveaway, Annie! This cookbook sounds fabulous. My favorite healthy dish to make is black bean soup.

  3. Megan says:

    Great review – our favorite healthy dish is spaghetti squash with tomato sauce on top and a grilled chicken breast on the side…easy and healthy!

  4. Amanda says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is your asian lettuce wraps! So good!

  5. Happier Than A Pig in Mud says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this great book! My favorite healthy dish would be homemade veggie soup with lots of cabbage:@)

  6. Deb Hegler says:

    Annie, sounds like a wonderful cookbook. Your review covers all the information that I would like to know if I was going to purchase the cookbook. I especially love that it lists the nutritional facts as well as having photos of the recipes. I would definitely love to win this cookbook! Love your blog and follow you every day.

  7. Hezzi-D says:

    My favorite healthy meal is Cooking Light’s linguini and clams with a side salad. It’s so good you’d never know it was light!

  8. Katie says:

    I was just heard about this cookbook on the radio and was going to look at it at the bookstore this weekend!

    I like to make grilled rosemary and thyme chicken with roasted side veggies. Its healthy and delicious, even if it does use a lot of pots/pans.

  9. Annie says:

    Fajitas tend to be my Mexican restaurant choice, too. I’ll definitely have to try these!

    One of my favorite healthy recipes is just sauteed spinach with cannellini beans, a little garlic and lemon juice. It takes almost no time to come together, and is full of lots of green goodness.

  10. Jessica says:

    Oooh those fajitas look delicious! I love cooking healthy and reading your blog. I have made some of your recipes before and they always turn out fabulous. My favorite healthy dish to cook are different thai and indian curries. I think that if you are cooking healthy, you always need to have a good flavor and curries are loaded with flavor. My favorites are bharta (an eggplant, indian curry) and gang pah (a broth based, spicy red curry.)

    I am always looking for new ideas and would love to have the book!

  11. My favorite healthy dish to make is a healthier lasagna with lean meat and low fat cheese plus lots of veggies

  12. Teresa says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make? I would have to say Roasted Tomato Basil Soup…of course, it’s not so healthy when I cave and add a ton of cream at the end when blending :)

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Vegetarian Black-Bean Chili is our favorite healthy dish in my family. Packed with beans and vegetables, it tastes awesome!

  14. Debbie says:

    I would love that cookbook! My healthy dish would have to be my lowfat broccoli soup made with skim milk. It has lots of flavor and I love it!!!

  15. erin says:

    our favorite dish is chicken and red pepper stir fry over romaine instead of rice. yum.

  16. Eliza says:

    I love making roasted vegetables, especially if they’re “fries.” Yum.

  17. Kris says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is a simple tossed salad that I can top with grilled chicken or whatever I have around. Perfect for grab and go lunches.

  18. Amy says:

    Looks like a great book! My favorite healthy dish is your Chicken Gyros, everybody here loves them!

  19. sara says:

    I love making baked chicken parm! It is so easy and tastes just as good as the fried version. We also use low fat cheese when making this dish to make it even healthier. Yum! This cookbook sounds right up my alley, as I always try to put a healthy twist on my favorite foods.

  20. Kristen says:

    I like “everything in moderation” too! One of my favorite healthy dishes would have to be grilled pork tenderloin with a fruit salsa. Yummy!

  21. Hilary says:

    I absolutely love wheatberries and I have a delicious recipe that I adapted for a wheatberry salad. It is wheatberries, sliced strawberries, fresh mint, and a little goat cheese crumbles in while the wheatberries are still warm so it becomes creamy. Then put a little homemade cistrus vinegarette over it and it is amazing!!!! I would love to win because my husband and I are trying all kinds of new healthy recipes!! Thanks:)

  22. Nupur says:

    My favorite healthy dish: bean burritos. I saute lots and lots of colorful vegetables, then add kidney beans or black beans and some seasoning, roll it into a tortilla with just a sprinkling of sharp cheddar (a little goes a long way).

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Megan says:

    clear broth based soups are my favorite

  24. amy o. says:

    My favorite healthy meal is either vegetable stir fry or vegetable barley soup. Thank you for doing the giveaway and have a great weekend!

    PS – I LOVED the cookies you posted last night!

  25. Carina says:

    I make chili with lean ground turkey. It is low in fat, high in fiber, and has lots of added vegetables….tomatoes, peppers, onions, and corn.

  26. Reagan says:

    Annie- thanks for all the posting you do I love all of your recipes as does my family. We eat low fat low calories in general but our favorite is green chili enchiladas made the light way of course!! New recipes and ideas on keeping it healthy is always appreciated!

  27. Teacher Amber says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is chicken tacos, and this cook book looks wonderful!

  28. Emily says:

    Mmm, my favorite healthy recipe is your black bean soup. I don’t even feel like I’m eating healthy because it is so delicious!

  29. Drew says:

    I love making a quick and easy grilled chicken cesar salad. I lightly spray a heart of romain with some olive oil and either through it on the grill or into a grill pan. The char adds some flavor and sweetness. A grilled chicken breast over top with some freshly grated parmasean is all I need – I even skip the dressing.

  30. Susan P says:

    grilled or roasted veggies

  31. Danielle says:

    My recent favorite has been a Mexican-style quinoa with simple grilled chicken on the side.

  32. Alyssa says:

    I would bake egg rolls with some chicken stir fry. Lots of vegetables and amazing goodness.

  33. Bekah G says:

    Grilled Fish Tacos!

  34. I absolutely adore Greek salad – it’s so simple and delicious. Just chop up tomatoes and cucumbers, toss them with oil and vinegar, and sprinkle with feta cheese. Doesn’t get better than that.

  35. CaSaundra says:

    Ooo sounds like a cookbook I definitely need! My favortie healthy dish as of late is to make any sort of stuffed squashes.

  36. Melissa says:

    I love to make roasted cauliflower! It’s simple and tastes amazing!

  37. Macaire says:

    Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Salad with Chili-Lime Vinaigrette. The recipe came from the New York Times, and it’s really easy and tastes fantastic!

  38. Dunne' says:

    What a great giveaway…thanks for sharing! If nothing else, I’ll be going out and buying this book! My favorite healthy meal to make is lettuce wraps…I love how simple they are but can be transformed into such a diverse pairing of flavors!

  39. Gina says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is a recipe for turkey meatballs with whole wheat pasta!

  40. Liz says:

    My fave is mustard roasted salmon over wilted greens and bulgar. I could eat it everyday.

  41. sarah b. says:

    i love the eating well version of hamburger helper called “hamburger buddy.” this cookbook looks great!

  42. Kelly says:

    Healthy dishes I make include burritos, stir-fries and soups. Most of our main dishes would be considered healthy. I would love this cookbook! Thanks!

  43. My favorite healthy dish to make is my mom’s vegetable soup. It’s loaded with every imaginable vegetable. It takes the better part of a day to make with all the chopping then the long simmering. But, it’s so worth it to have containers of it in the freezer so I can just pop it in the microwave for lunch. Then, I’ve got a bowlful of goodness! Mom’s not up to making this any more so I surprised her on Christmas Eve with a pot of her vegetable soup. She was thrilled :-) I’m with you on loving Cooks Illustrated. They tell us WHY something works or doesn’t. I learn more from that magazine than any other cooking magazine.

  44. Andrea says:

    Chicken veggie lasagna is a favorite. I’m so excited about having another excuse to buy a cookbook!

  45. Betsie says:

    I love to make homemade soups and creamed spinach. The cookbook sounds fantastic, Annie! Thanks for reviewing it for us!

  46. andrea says:

    My favorite healthy dish…hmmm. One is the cinnamon rolls in the “cooks illustrated best light recipe” cookbook. They don’t use yeast and they are incredibly delicious. But for a main meal, black bean chili!

  47. Bonnie says:

    My favorite healthy meal is an eggplant sandwich.

  48. Sarah says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is my sweet potato casserole. It feels so indulgent but is so healthy because I use apples & a tiny drizzle of honey on the top to sweeten it rather than sugar and bake it for a long time in the oven. YUM!

  49. Cathleen says:

    Oh, I LOVE ATK and making recipes healthier is a great bonus. My favorite healthy dish to make is grilled chicken served with homemade mango salsa and brown rice.

  50. bekah says:

    Lentils and brown rice with carmelized onions on top. My kids gobble it up!

  51. Crystal says:

    I favorite healthy dinner is baked chicken nuggets. Cut up chicken breast
    Breaded with Panko and ground flax seed, an egg wash,
    On a stone( which helps make it crispy) drizzle of olive oil and bake

  52. M @ Betty Crapper says:

    My morning oatmeal.

  53. Tracie says:

    We love to do tacos with ground turkey and lots of veggies on top.

  54. Lindsey says:

    That sounds like a great cookbook! My favorite healthy dish to make is definitely curried chickpeas and broccoli over quinoa :)

  55. Shawna says:

    A bowl of skinny beans, rice and a smidge of salsa. Delish! And full of protein and fiber.

  56. Katie says:

    Anything with quinoa! I was more than a little bit skeptical when my mom first started serving it to us as a family, but now that I live on my own, I make it a lot! My favorite dish would have to be this stir fry variation with peppers and steak strips served on top of the quinoa. So good!

  57. Nikki says:

    I’m not sure if I qualify because I have an APO address, but I’ll give it a shot anyway.

    My favorite healthy recipe is a bulgur wheat salad with tomatoes and parsley.

  58. Amanda Gerber says:

    My favorite healthy dish most recently has been polenta lasagna. Yes it is incredibly odd sounding, and I am not a fan of corn meal mush. However, if you slice the polenta thin enough it somewhat resembles a lasagna noodle. I don’t make my own polenta, although I could, I purchase the kind in a tube found near the eggs at the grocery. I believe it has 60 calories per serving and there are 5 servings in the roll. It makes an 8×8 dish, which easily feeds 4-5 adults. SOmetimes I make my own tomato sauce and jazz it up with mushrooms and green peppers….then we sprinkle with mozzarella cheese and sometimes fresh basil. My husband, who is a somewhat picky eater, actually enjoys this dish too!

  59. Twin Mom says:

    I’m in Florida, so my favorite healthy recipe of course involves fish. In fact, it can be any type of white fish, though we prefer red snapper. I rub filets with a jerk seasoning, grill, and stuff them into some flour tacos. I top with a salsa/sour cream (light of course) mixture and my own vinegar based slaw. The slaw varies but typically it’s cabbage or broccoli with rice wine vinegar, a dash of olive oil, chopped scallions, and some salt & pepper. They are heavenly! Even my non-fishy husband will gobble them up. Which is ironic since he’s a fisherman. Go figure :-)

  60. Jeanne ODonnell says:

    My fav healthy dish is salmon baked in the oven with any kind of fruit salsa.

  61. Beth says:

    Annie I love your website!!! I check it daily. One of my favorite healthy recipes to make is roasted asparagus. I could it every day.

  62. Gena says:

    I like to make a meatless layered taco dip. I start with lowfat cream cheese; add a layer of black beans seasoned with cumin, chili powder, garlic, salt and pepper; then cheddar cheese; salsa; and lettuce, tomatoes, or guac as we have it on hand. My favorite is to dip with the lime flavored Tostitos, but multi-grain or baked chips might increase the health factor. YUM!

  63. Diane says:

    roasted asparagus

  64. Oh gosh, I love Cook’s Illustrated! My favorite healthy meal is homemade vegetable soup.

  65. sheryl says:

    I love making hummus served with toasted whole wheat pita wedges and veggies. Recently made a peanut butter version (replaces the tahini). Delicious!

  66. Jayne says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite healthy dish is Greek Salad. No lettuce is needed… just tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, capers and feta cheese. Thinking about it makes me wish it was summer.

  67. emily jean says:

    i love making a spinach salad with sliced strawberries and almonds! it’s one of the only veggies my husband will eat so i make it quite often!

  68. I love to make soups, espcecially rich hearty soups during the winter months.

  69. carly zeiter says:

    A stirfry with LOTS of veggies, chicken and brown rice. Very little fat, but lots of flavor

  70. Aly says:

    Thanks for another great giveaway opportunity! My favorite healthy dish is roasted cauliflower with extra garlic. And to think I grew up thinking I didn’t even like cauliflower – I didn’t know what I was missing….

  71. Katie says:

    I have so been wanting this cookbook! My favorite healthy thing to cook is an omelet with 1 egg, plus 2 egg whites, low-fat cheese and tons of veggies. Really filling!

  72. Dalia says:

    Roasted Broccoli in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil and a little salt and pepper served with salmon and brown rice.

  73. anita says:

    I love making the Healthy Pad thai!!! It is a big hit with my family, even my 3 year old loves it. We substitute whole wheat pasta for the white noodles and make the sauce from scratch.

  74. Jenny Smith says:

    Stop-the-clock curry over brown rice. Spinach, garbanzo beans, and onions, with tomato paste, curry powder and chicken broth. Fast, easy, and healthy.

  75. Michele says:

    My *newest* favorite healthy food to make is the white fish taco recipe you posted. Thanks so much!

  76. Christen T says:

    I love making lean protein with a lot of roasted veggies like broccoli and potatoes, carrots and brussell sprouts. So simple, and so tasty.

  77. Jami says:

    That cookbook and those fajitas look amazing! My favorite healthy dish to make is soup…any soup really. I love it! I make a big pot on Sunday and then have it through the week for lunch. It’s filling, warm and healthy :)

  78. Gwen Bland says:

    Diabetes fun rampantly in my family so while it would be nice to have a perfectly healthy diet, right now we just focus on the reduction of sugar and carbs. My favorite meal under this criteria, is a steak or chicken fajita salad -all the innards of a fajita over lettuce hold the rice, beans and tortilla)

  79. Andrea Watts says:

    My favorite is stir fry with vegetables.

  80. Nikki says:

    I love making my own lowfat, protein packed, low-er carb muffins. I have lots of variations that I rotate through the freezer for a quick grab-and-go breakfast

  81. Mary says:

    I make a dish with black beans, carrots, chicken, & tomatoes & I serve it over jasmine rice.

  82. keeley says:

    Those fajitas look yummy! My favorite healthy dish to make is a big pot of soup on Sunday to last for lunches most of the week!

  83. Ashleigh says:

    Absolutely LOVE ATK!!! They never disappoint!!! My favorite healthy dish to make is Bon Appetit’s Quinoa with Moroccan Winter Squash and Carrot Stew…yum-o!!

  84. Kristin says:

    I love to make a veggie dip. It’s so yummy!!

  85. carmen says:

    my favorite healthy dish is a roasted veggie minestrone.

  86. Val Halvorson says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is Annie’s fish tacos!! Often I make just the fish alone, it’s one of my very favorite recipes!

  87. Kristin says:

    This is tough, but right now I’m thinking it would be roasted cauliflower & garlic w/ lemon & a little bit of Parm. It’s especially yummy with some hummus…takes it from a side to a main.

  88. Jackie says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make a spinach and romaine salad topped with walnuts, strawberries, feta cheese and low fat raspberry vingarette dressing.

  89. Liz says:

    Brussels sprouts! Tossed with some grainy mustard, a little olive oil and either sautéed or roasted until crispy and delicious.

  90. Jenna K. says:

    I love to make a hearty soup packed with vegetables! I always have to get fajitas when I go to a Mexican restaurant too…can’t wait to try the new recipe!

  91. Angela says:

    I love to have a mixed green salad with grilled chicken breast using fresh vegetables from the garden.

  92. Jean says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is pizza. Pizza’s not healthy, you say? My thin crust at home with less cheese is healthier than restaurant I’m sure. :) I’m a pizza fanatic!

  93. Eileen says:

    My favorite healthy meal is baked tilapia with salsa! I’d love this new cookbook!! Thanks for this contest!

  94. Mary Beth says:

    Our current fave is your Chicken Fajitas (5/2010)- so much color and flavor! We enjoy it on whole wheat tortillas or on top of a salad, with just a little light sour cream and cheese. We served it for Sunday Lunch last weekend and our guests loved it!

  95. Lee Anne says:

    Right now my favorite healthy thing is super simple – roasted butternut squash. Even my three year old loves it!

  96. Kathleen P says:

    A big green salad with lots of colorful and crunchy veggies is always good!

  97. Tammy says:

    My favorite healthy meal to prepare is a low-fat turkey tetrazinni, served with a side of roasted broccoli. Thanks for the opportunity to win this cookbook — I’ve been lusting after it in the bookstore and just haven’t bit the bullet yet!

  98. Janet says:

    My favorite healthy meal is quick and easy. Saute onions, bell peppers, and garlic in a little olive oil. Add cooked diced or shredded chicken (rotisserie, leftovers, or broiled for 5 mins a side). Pour in a little chicken broth and a can diced tomatoes, and then add 1 cup of couscous. Cook for 5 minutes. Makes great leftovers.

  99. Nicole says:

    Lately, everything I make is healthy… I’ve recently lost 20lbs, but have another 30 or so to go. So this cookbook would be perfect… no need to calculate the calories in recipes!
    One of my favorite healthy recipes (which is on the menu for this weekend) is lean turkey chili w/ lots of beans and veggies. Super hearty and filling, without the guilt!

  100. Annie says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is a roasted butternut squash salad with chickpeas and tahini dressing. I think of making it often because it’s tasty, not because it’s healthy, but I’m glad that it’s both!

  101. Christine says:

    Favorite healty dish is a greek salad!

  102. DeDe in Guthrie says:

    Spinach and strawberry salad with low fat broccoli soup.

  103. JoVonn says:

    This cookbook sounds great! I love roasted seasonal vegetables.

  104. Katie says:

    I would love to have this cookbook! I love to make classic recipes healthier so that I can enjoy them more often. My favorite healthy recipe is turkey lentil chili. It’s loaded with veggies and lean ground turkey, and warms you up without weighing you down!

  105. Allie says:

    My favorite healthy dish is Chinese Chicken Salad.

  106. Rachel says:

    I’m feeling weighed down with warm you up, stick to your bones winter recipes right now so this cookbook would be awesome. And those fajitas look delish! I love taking fajita leftovers and making tortilla soup—that’s healthy, right?

  107. LM says:

    Right now I’m on a steel cut oats kick!

  108. Emily says:

    We LOVE fajitas! My two favorite healthy things to cook are broccoli soup (no milk or cream, potatoes to make it creamy) and turkey meatloaf (loaded with veggies and Granny Smith apples to keep it moist). Yummy!

  109. Those fajitas look wonderful!! What a fantastic giveaway prize..thanks for hosting!
    My favorite healthy dish to make? As easy as it it, I love just a simple grilled chicken..rubbed with some olive oil, seasoned with salt, pepper, and a little cayenne. A nice big side salad to go along with it! YUM!

  110. Courtney says:

    I’m adding these fajitas to our menu for next week. They look so delicious!

    My favorite healthy dish is sausage and fire roasted tomato soup. I never get sick of it, especially during the winter.

  111. Barb P says:

    I love your blog, Annie. My favorite healthy recipe is Spanish baked fish fillets with peppers, onions and tomatoes, seasoning with garlic, olive oil, lemon juice,s&p, and paprika.

  112. Annie B. says:

    We are big on stirfry around here and to top off a meal I have a tiramisu light recipe that is a hit. Very small portions of the dessert keep us happy.

  113. Bridget says:

    Healthy? LOL!!! I guess it is my whole wheat pancakes! I use fresh whole wheat flour from my mill, and I also mill dried northern beans into a white bean flour and thrown that in, too. That way the wheat and the beans combine to make a complete protein. The kids love these pancakes, and they don’t even know the bean flour is in there ;) They are also low in sugar ;) I normally just eat these with sliced strawberries and bananas!!

  114. Sarah R says:

    Oatmeal! I have it for breakfast just about every morning.

  115. Michelle says:

    My favorite healthy dish is probably a good piece of wild salmon and some sauteed brussels sprouts (or green beans). That cookbook sounds awesome and i’m going to be making these fajitas tonight, I needed a recipe and this sounds perfect!

  116. Anessa scott says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is marinated grilled chicken. My family likes to eat this many different ways. With fresh veggies and brown rice. I love to cook but honestly I need help with good healthy dishes .

  117. Megan says:

    Great post! My favorite are Thai Chicken Wraps!!

  118. JoAnne says:

    I love to roast asparagus in the oven with just a little garlic pepper sprinkled on top.

  119. melissa says:

    Falafels! Served with some couscous, hummus and pita- and we’re set for dinner! We love meat, but this is one vegetarian dish that doesn’t have us desiring something more.

  120. Chris M. says:

    My favorite is salsa chicken with a side of vegetables, usually broccoli. Thanks!

  121. Rachel R says:

    I love to make Oven Roasted Green Beans with Lemon and Toasted Almonds. It is so good and a very quick dish to make on a weeknight!

  122. Sally says:

    Sounds like a really neat cookbook! My healthy meal to make is baked salmon with a side of steamed broccoli.

  123. Shanta Watkins says:

    My favorite healthy meal would have to be grilled pork chops with grilled zucchini and roasted broccoli!! I love your blog and can’t wait to try your omega-3 granola recipe!!

  124. Amy says:

    awesome giveaway! my favorite healthy dish to make would be a “health-ified” ricotta and spinach stuffed chicken. but more often i make roasted broccoli with garlic, red pepper and olive oil and sometimes with shallots. this book looks wonderful!

  125. Lizzy says:

    I love a sausage and pasta soup…so delicious!

  126. Christina says:

    My favorite health recipes are black bean soup – from Williams Sonoma and a Lentil soup recipe from Cooks Illustrated. Gotta love warm soups in winter.

  127. i love making roasted broccoli. just a little olive oil, an oven & a sprinkling of good, coarse salt…..YUM!

  128. My favorite healthy meal is grilled shrimp over yellow rice with veggies.

  129. leigh says:

    I love to make a dish called easy asian beef and noodles. Super easy and delicious!

  130. Lori says:

    One of our favorites is a mushroom, spinach and tomato pasta dish. This cookbook sounds great!

  131. Willa says:

    Not sure…….but my husband’s favorite it a simple baked sweet potato. Does not take a recipe!

  132. LauraW says:

    I love making salads with big chunks of different veggies with a homemade lemon olive oil dressing.

  133. Laura says:

    One of my favorite healthy dishes is a chickpea salad that I think I found on Orangette’s blog, and have adapted to suit my taste. Roasted chickpeas, scallions or minced shallot, finely diced carrots, salt, pepper, lemon juice, a little olive oil – and a hit of sriracha for some heat! Simple and yummy!

    Thanks for the opportunity – love ATK!

  134. Jennay says:

    I love a lot of Cooking Light recipes, but one of my favorites is their beef barley soup. So good on a cold winter day like today!

  135. Mandy says:

    I LOVE your recipes! Your blog is my favorite source for new recipes, and great how-to tips. My favorite healthy recipe is a smoothie that is made with 3/4 cup soy milk, 1/2 of a banana, frozen strawberries, strawberry yogurt, flax seed, and as much baby spinach as I can cram into the blender. It sounds and looks a little odd, but you can’t taste the spinach at all and it’s a great way to incorporate more greenery into my diet.

  136. Carolyn H says:

    Fajitas are my favorite Mexican dish too! Can’t wait to try them. Latest favorite healthy dish = roasted veggie quesadillas!

  137. Megan says:

    I like to make soups that are chichen-broth based with lots of veggies!

  138. Sarah says:

    First I just want to say that I LOVE your blog! I found you a couple months ago and put you right into my google reader :) one of my fav healthy recipes is whole oats oatmeal cooked with fresh chopped apples, walnuts, vanilla and a little honey or sometimes I use splenda. Then just before serving I pour over a little skim milk. Comforting, filling and good for me!

  139. Sophie says:

    Hi Annie, I would LOVE to win this book! One of my favorite healthy meal is soup… lentil soup with vegetables! My family also loves vegeterian chili.

  140. Patty says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is lemony thyme chicken!

  141. Sally says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a good ol’ cape cod salad. Yum!

  142. elizabeth says:

    I love to marinate chicken breast in a balsamic vinaigrette , bake, then top goat chesse and a bruchetta salsa.

  143. jane says:

    love to make veggie filled stir fries to serve over brown rice. yum!

  144. Talar says:

    This book seems great! My favorite healthy dish is grilled salmon with roasted broccoli. Since salmon isn’t too delicate, I feel like it can stand up to strong flavors. Thanks for the giveaway!

  145. Jeannie says:

    My favorite healthy dish is salmon and roasted vegetables.

  146. Emilie says:

    My favorite healthy meal is baked oatmeal-so good and filling!

  147. Jamie Goldman says:

    Cheesy roasted vegetable and turkey whole wheat pasta! It’s the complete meal- good, slowly digested carbohydrates, lean protein, ton’s of nutrients from the veggies, and calcium and more protein from the light cheese! Add in some tomato sauce for phytonutrients, and it’s perfect. This meal gets rave reviews from everyone who tries it!

  148. Julia says:

    Spicy Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps

  149. Cindy says:

    The fajitas look great as does the cookbook! My favorite healthy dish: baked sweet potato with black beans with a little salsa for a kick.

  150. Fraser says:

    I have 2 favorites: a fresh fruit smoothie with organic valley’s vanilla “live yogurt” in the morning for breakfast. and a fresh vegetable pasta, using whatever happens to be growing in the garden at the time!

  151. Jennifer R says:

    I make a chicken tortilla soup that is very healthy and tasty – my husband loves it. This is a fabulous giveaway; I had several of their cookbooks on my Christmas list and managed to not receive any (?!). So sad – guess I’ll have to just buy them for myself :)

  152. Leigh K says:

    My favorite healthy meal is grilled chicken & vegetables. I think veggies taste their best when they’re hot off of the grill.

  153. My favorite healthy meal to make is turkey tacos with black beans. It’s definitely a staple in our house! What makes it different than others I’ve had is the mild curry powder. So, I guess you have to be a fan of curry to enjoy these tacos!

  154. Jen says:

    One of my favorite healthy meals to make for my family is my pasta bake. I use whole wheat pasta, fresh vegtables, ground turkey, low fat cheese. It’s wonderful, hearty and healthy!

  155. Kate says:

    Whether I win this one or not, I’ll be buying this cookbook, I know I’ll love it. And, no joke, just this morning I was dreaming of summertime, and the amazing ATK chicken fajitas on the grill, one of my favorite summer-time meals. I could be all the snow we’ve been getting, but thank you so much for posting this indoor alternative!! It will be on the meal plan next week!

  156. Jen says:

    The cookbook sounds amazing! You did a great job reviewing it! Our favorite healthy meal at home is turkey meatballs and whole wheat spaghetti. Found a great recipe for the meatballs recently and everyone cleans their plate! With 3 kids that’s a successful dinner!

  157. Lauren says:

    I love cooking tilapia with a wine/lemon sauce with some brown rice and veggies on the side!

  158. Kristina G. says:

    My favorite healthy meal is herb crusted tilapia – even my 3 year old loves it!

  159. Megan says:

    My fave healthy meal is grilled chicken breasts. Not too fancy.

    I think that I could use some inspiration!

    (I am going to make your toffee brownie torte tomorrow!)

  160. Melisa says:

    Fresh salads and vegetable stir fry are probably our healthiest meals. We try to keep everything in moderation.

  161. Andrea says:

    My fav healthy thing to cook is baked pumpkin oatmeal.

  162. Faye D says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is homemade chicken soup with lots of fresh vegetables in it.

  163. Heather says:

    I love to make fish. After eating everything in sight yesterday, it will be grilled fish and steamed veggies tonight.

  164. Jen says:

    My favorite healthy dish is boneless skinless thicken thighs with spinach and cannellini beans. I love America’s test kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated!

  165. Kierstan says:

    I am a huge fans of roasted veggies. Side dish or dinner, doesn’t matter. I also made a black bean quinoa salad that other day that was absolutely divine.

  166. My favorite healthy meal to make is grilled fish tacos. With cabbage, salsa and non-fat greek yogurt (in place of sour cream) as toppings, they’re full of flavor and low-fat/low-cal.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  167. I love making “healthy cookies” by sneaking in whole grains or pureed fruits & veggies (my little guy never knows!) Thanks for a great giveaway!

  168. Katie Rose says:

    I love my herb roasted sweet potato and chicken casserole. Sweet potatoes are so good for you, I need to come up with more ways to make them.

  169. Audrey says:

    My favorite healthy meal is broiled salmon with a veggie side!

  170. dan says:

    One of my most favorite healthy meals would have to be a mushroom, onion, and green pepper pizza that my wife and I make that is drizzled with olive oil. In our household it really is difficult to really just PICK ONE. I mean, food is food. It’s what I live for (literally).

    This book looks extremely great!!! On the weekends Liz and I always wait for Cooks Kitchen. It is literally the best cooking show one could see. They even go over consumer products and pick the best ones!

  171. Gretchen says:

    I love America’s Test Kitchen! Our favorite healthy dish is a chicken taco soup that we put over rice.

  172. Nicole says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a recipe in Ellie Kriegers cookbook. A ravioli pasta toss with spinach, tomatos, and roasted red peppers. So good! And thank you for the giveaway.

  173. Odmcpa says:

    grilled shrimp and veggies

  174. I love the America’s Test Kitchen books! Easy vegetable roasts in the oven are so simple and so chock full of good veggies!

  175. Erin says:

    I love making lentil stews…I think those are healthy!?

  176. Christine says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is a chicken pesto pasta dish with uses chicken broth to dilute the pesto, and includes cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and squash!

  177. Jessica says:

    I try to make most of my meals healthy, but my all-time favorite is a “healthified” French Toast with yogurt and fruit topping. It still feels indulgent, but it totally isn’t. I love the sound of this cookbook!

  178. Kristine says:

    I would love to own that cookbook! My favorite healthy dish is whole wheat pasta with vegetables, and sometimes some chicken sausage too.

  179. Kim says:

    My favorite healthy dish is roasted butternut squash! I usually eat half of it before it gets to the table!

  180. Awesome cookbook! My favorite dish is low-fat mac and cheese. It is better for you than the traditional mac, but it still tastes like home :)

  181. This sounds like a must pick up cookbook! Thanks for your wonderful review!
    My favorite lightened up dish is my version of shrimp and chicken jambalaya!

  182. Holly says:

    My most favorite healthy thing to eat doesn’t actually need cooking! Fresh tomatoes from the garden, eaten like apples. Yum! :)

  183. Jill says:

    I love turkey meatloaf. Satisfying, flavorful and not as heavy, fatty as the meat version. Would love some more healthy cooking ideas and recipes!

  184. Bianca says:

    My favorite healthy meal (that my kids will eat too!!) is a recipe with steamed kale, chicken sausage and white beans. It’s so good and so healthy!

  185. sara l says:

    I’ve been making tons of roasted root vegetables lately…no fat added and super delicious!

  186. Christy Rose says:

    I make a healthy dish of beans and rice which my whole family loves!

  187. Keeley says:

    I love roasted, sauteed, or steamed Brussels sprouts!

  188. Stephanie says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is turkey chili!

  189. Becky says:

    My favorite healthy meal is grilled chicken with a tomato and onion salsa drizzled with light italian dresing. It is so light and fresh – perfect for a summertime dinner out on the deck. I can’t wait for warmer weather!!!

  190. Caitlin says:

    What a great book! A favorite healthy meal at our house is a delicious white chicken chili. It warms us right up on a cold winter day! :)

  191. Elizabeth says:

    Whole wheat brownies and muffins. They make me feel like I’m being “good” and eating chocolate!

  192. CaLee says:

    Grilled salmon with lime wedges, mmm…!

  193. Sylvia says:

    I’m a fajita lover too! :) Favorite healthy meal is spicy vegetarian chili (Paula Dean recipe, believe it or not!) Favorite healthy side dish- Yellow squash and zucchini sauteed with a bit of olive oil, garlic and black pepper (occasionally nutmeg or parmesan to liven it up).

  194. My favorite healthy dish is sweet potato-lentil stew. It has a really clean ingredient list and is just amazing!

  195. ApexAngie says:

    I love Brazilian Shrimp Soup I found right here on your site, Annie!
    Congrats on your new little one :)

  196. Karen says:

    Ooh, it’s a tie between spicy honey brushed chicken thighs and mocha toffee brownies (they’re light I swear!).

  197. Toby says:

    I love making Pumpkin Turkey Chili – it doesn’t really taste like a healthy dish, but it is! Thanks for doing the giveaway… I would LOVE that cookbook!

  198. Becky says:

    The fajitas look great, we love fajitas! The cookbook looks really good as well. Our favorite healthy dish is stir-fry…loaded up with veggies and chicken…yum!

  199. Rita in mi says:

    I love making soups with tons of fresh veggies. yum!

  200. Amber says:

    a home made salad dressing that my mil shared with me that is served over fresh spinach salad with dried cherries/cranberries, cashews and cheese. It is the only salad that makes my mouth water. It is also is a great marinade for grilled chicken breasts.

  201. JulieA says:

    My favorite healthy meal right now is a roasted chicken in the crockpot. No oils added. Just some herbs and spices, some time and a great meal is waiting when you get home. Add some veggies or quinoa or something for a side, and you are good to go.

  202. My favorite healthy meal is tilapia with chili cream sauce. I found it out of a dieter’s cookbook and like it so much I make even when I’m not trying to be good. You’d never know it was healthy!

  203. Jackie says:

    I try to cook most everything from scratch because I focus on healthy all the time, even desserts. I like anything with spinach, fresh or frozen. Your blog inspires me, though because it’s so colorful and fresh looking.

  204. Lorraine says:

    Stir fry is my go-to healthy meal….lots of veggies, very little oil!

  205. Caitlin says:

    I love ATK, too! Thanks for the great review. My favorite healthy dish to make is chicken kabobs with tzatziki sauce.

  206. Charlotte Shopmeyer says:

    One of my favorite healthy dishes is also stovetop fajitas. I usually just put a seasoning blend on the chicken so this “sauce” looks good. Thanks for the entry!

  207. Leeann says:

    My favorite healthy dish to cook for my family is Salsa chicken- easy, fast and each person can fix it up their own way!

  208. Rebecca says:

    Really love your blog. Back when I used bloglines, I think I starred every recipe until I realized it was pretty much pointless to star EVERY ONE when I could just go on your blog and find it.

    I’d love a chance at this book.

  209. Jean says:

    Among my favorite healthy recipes is an older Cooking Light, easy-to-put-together, dish: Shrimp and Feta (with angel hair pasta).

  210. Steph says:

    Chicken stir-fry! It is loaded with all kinds of veggies. Yum!

  211. Josette McConville says:

    My favorite healthy meal is a salad with grilled steak or chicken. I bought The New Best Recipe at your recommendation &love it.

  212. Rebecca says:

    well, that was pretty dorky. Forgot to post the FOOD I like. Roasted asparagus. And HUMMUS. I *LOVE* hummus.

  213. Katie says:

    This cookbook looks fabulous! I am always experimenting when I cook and bake to find ways to make recipes healthier. My favorite so far has been “healthified” apple cinnamon quick bread, using whole wheat flour, egg whites, and applesauce!

  214. Lori Po says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a simple green salad topped with some grilled chicken and low fat ranch dressing.

  215. Molly H. says:

    I would just *love* to have this cookbook!! My favorite healthy recipe is a version of chicken and dumplings that I skinny down the fat content and ramp up the veggies. It turns into a nice, balanced, and very delicious meal – especially in the winter!!

  216. Melissa says:

    I don’t have as many go to healthy recipes as I probably should, but I love throwing together veggie pizzas.

  217. hillary says:

    Any healthy soup is a good.

  218. Gillian says:

    I love that this has a vegetarian section and tons of great vegetable sides! I’m a vegetarian but my boyfriend is not so it would be so convenient to cook from the same cookbook for us both! For me, my favorite healthy food to make is chickpea cutlets. They are so delicious with mushroom gravy! They also make a great replacement for a chicken parm and are even great to top salads with. I’ve recreated a ton of your recipes and made them veg-friendly and they always come out great!

  219. jodi says:

    edamame,wheat berry and black bean salad!

  220. Sarah says:

    My favorite healthy dish is salmon with sauteed spinach! Looks like a great cookbook!

  221. Cory says:

    My favorite healthy dish is black bean soup! Mmmm

  222. Allison says:

    there is a chickpea salad that i love

  223. Jessica says:

    Chicken Tortilla Soup. I got the recipe from Cooking Light. Yum!

  224. Shellie Larsen says:

    Turkey Chili :)

  225. Roasted broccoli is my favorite healthy dish, even for being only a side. Makes it easy to eat my veggies!

  226. Celeste says:

    My favorite is vegetable stir-fry with grilled chicken. So delicious and flavorful!

  227. Kelly Edm says:

    I think my favorite healthy dish to make is stir-fry. I love that you can mix and match so many vegetables with so many different spices and sauce flavors. It really isn’t as daunting to create as I once thought, and now I look forward to coming up with the veggie/spice mix. I also love a red lentil dish I recently tried, and it is so good leftover using blue chips to dip into it.

  228. Melissa says:

    My favorite healthy meal to make is acutally a chicken fajita salad. Topped with some yummy homemade salsa!

  229. Laura says:

    Cooking Light has this amazing goat cheese and caramelized onion stuffed chicken that is absolutely to die for with some roasted veggies. You would never know it was light!

  230. Chris says:

    Favorite healthy dish?! How can I pick just one?! Right now, my daughter and I are on an Egg White “Samwich” kick. Cook 1/3 cup egg whites (Egg Beaters), then put them on a toasted Sandwich Thin that has been slathered with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese. Add fresh spinach to the sammie, if you have it. Less than 300 calories and it keeps me satisfied until lunch.

  231. Andrea says:

    I love this Farro and Mushroom dish, I’m not sure it’s a true recipe (as it’s sooo easy) but it’s high in protein and veggies and my family loves it so that’s good enough for me!

  232. Amber says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this book! My favorite healthy meal is grilled chicken with roasted asparagus.

  233. Latina says:

    Fajitas is actually on of my favorite healthy meals! I also like stir fry or broth based soup.

  234. Angie says:

    I am a registered dietitian so I love finding delicious, healthy recipes (ALMOST as much as the desserts that I have made from your site!). My all time favorite healthy recipe is a 3 bean chili that is hearty enough to even keep the guys full. It is loaded with veggies, spices, and fiber filled beans!

  235. Renee says:

    Oooh – that cookbook looks amazing! It’s a tough choice, but I think my favorite healthy dish lately is a veggie black bean sweet potato chili – yum!

  236. Heather says:

    I love making fish tacos. So easy and simple.

  237. Sara says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is a panzanella salad filled with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.

  238. Tracy says:

    I’m usually not much for healthy cooking, what being from the south and all. However, crockpot chicken is super easy and very healthy. Put a whole chicken in the crockpot, with nothing else. Let it go all day and it is amazingly yummy.

  239. Sarah says:

    This cookbook sounds great! I really enjoy sauteed shrimp with onions, mushrooms, etc. over a cold salad. It is a great twist to the traditional salad with chicken or shrimp.

  240. Michelle says:

    I love a good grilled chicken salad with honey mustard dressing…mmm!

  241. Lauren says:

    I guess my go-to healthy, quick meal is wheat pancakes with blackberry “syrup.” My kid love it, but they do make a big mess!~

  242. tiffany says:

    My favorite healthy dish is black bean patties. That cookbook sounds great!

  243. Lindsay says:

    Sounds like a great cookbook! I love grilled chicken with a simple and tasty marinade and a fresh salad. I also recently made Cooking Light’s Kung Po Chicken which was excellent.

  244. Amy says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a quinoa salad with black beans, tomatoes, cilantro and lime juice.

  245. Jessica says:

    I just made a variation on Molly Wizenberg’s braised kale pasta with whole wheat spaghetti – delicious! Also love, love, love the miso-carrot-ginger salad dressing from goop.

  246. Stef says:

    Looks like a fabulous book! My favorite healthy meal is lemon whole wheat pasta. Really simple, but I could honestly eat it every day and never get bored!

  247. Stacy says:

    A black bean quinoa salad.

  248. Alice says:

    Hummus, hands down! We make a fairly healthy version (no tahini) and whole wheat pita at least once a week – even our dog enjoys it :)

  249. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE ATK cookbooks! Right now my favorite healthy meal is a green bean salad we make for lunch.

  250. Julie in TX says:

    That sounds like a fantastic cookbook! I, too, love fish tacos as a healthy recipe, but I also love a great chicken and veggie stir fry!

  251. Amanda says:

    I love to make rice and beans. Tasty and low calorie.

  252. Miranda says:

    I just love your blog Annie! I’ve made so many of your posted recipes now I’ve lost track. Like you, I also tend to overlook the health factor of recipes. The “healthy recipe” cookbooks I’ve tried before always seem to have me longing for something more in the flavor department, but my go to healthy dish is always Homemade Egg Drop Soup. Its so versatile as it can be made with an assortment of veggies. It’s always nice to come home and have homemade soup within the half hour.

  253. HiredRose says:

    A nice big egg scramble made with one whole egg and two egg whites and a lot of veggies. I made one the other day with leeks, mushrooms, and spinach. Hit it with a modest shaving of parmesan on top – Yum!

  254. Karen says:

    My favorite healthy meal to make is a big pot of lentil soup!! Delicious and hearty, but so good for you! Ps – the baking illustrated cookbook is my fave toooo :)

  255. I like to eat spinach salad with strawberries and pecans for a healthy recipe. This cookbook looks amazing! If I don’t win it then I’m going to have to put it on my wishlist!! Thank You for a great website and a great giveaway!!

  256. Amy says:

    Looks like a great cookbook! I’m about due for a new one. My favorite healthy recipe is baked salmon with sauteed asparagus and baked sweet potatoes.

  257. Megan says:

    There is a great kale salad recipe on epicurious – delicious and super healthy!

  258. Sara S. says:

    I’ve got a recipe for an avocado and mango chicken salad with a mango chutney dressing. I love making it in the summer for dinner. So good without being so heavy!

  259. Sounds like a cookbook I’d love! A family favorite in our house that is healthy is Stewed Chicken. My great-grandmother was Austrian and it was her recipe. She made it with tons of paprika.


  260. Amanda says:

    I have been waiting for this cookbook to come out and I’d love a copy! One of my favorite healthy dishes is lentil soup with kale and lots of veggies.

  261. This cookbook sounds right up my ally! We tend to eat pretty healthy, but right now I’m obsessed with arugula salads. Top with grilled chicken, and it’s just perfect! Yummy!

  262. Cindy Davis says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is Italian Vegetable Soup – lots of veggies, lean italian turkey sausage and flavorful broth. Perfect for cold winter days.

  263. Kristin says:

    Tilapia fish with steamed veggies.

  264. Debra says:

    I’d say my favorite healthy things to make are generally ethnic dishes, like a stir-fry, or a yummy salad. Anything heavy on the veggies.

  265. Crystal says:

    This cookbook sounds wonderful! My favorite healthy dish to make is a copycat recipe of Weight Watchers SmartOnes Sante Fe rice and beans. So easy and so delicious!

  266. Elizabeth says:

    This cookbook looks great… even if I don’t win, I’ll be sure to get one!
    I make my mother-in-law’s chicken curry when I want something extra healthy and delicious!

  267. I have the ATK Family Cookbook and love it…have to have this one too! Favorite healthy recipe: any grain based salad…quinoa is my fave.

  268. Nikki says:

    My favorite healthy meal is home made pizza- whole wheat crust, sauce, fresh spinach, zucchini, onions & tomato with mozzarella cheese.

  269. Chelsey says:

    My favorite go-to healthy meal is Forgotten Chicken. It’s an old family recipe and it is GOOD!

  270. Kelly B says:

    This recipe looks so delicious! My favorite healthy dish to make is minestrone soup, it’s packed with all kinds of veggies!

  271. michelle says:

    My favorite healthy meal to make is broiled parmesan tilapia and roasted asparagus! :)

  272. This cookbook looks awesome! I would love to have it. My favorite healthy meal to make is turkey chili with a lot of peppers and onions and the secret ingredient, hot chocolate mix! :)

  273. Gessica says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is homemade chicken noodle soup-and other broth soups…they fill you up without all the fat and calories!

  274. Vanessa Ferrari says:

    Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes! They don’t sound that healthy, but I took a Rachael Ray recipe and revamped it with whole wheat flour, ground flax meal, and non-fat yogurt … we have them on Breakfast for Dinner nights

  275. Jackie says:

    I love cookbooks!! My favorite healthy food to make is a spinach pesto chicken breast! It is delish!

  276. Kate says:

    i love a good vegetable stir fry too, but my favorite healthy meal is any kind of vegetarian mexican food – stuffed avocados, black bean burritos, or mushroom fajitas.

  277. Meryl says:

    I love making homemade chicken noodle soup. It’s classic and comforting!

  278. d.liff says:

    I think my favorite healthy dishes are soups. It’s so easy to incorporate a lot of veggies without a lot of fat.

  279. Jessica Y says:

    Alton Brown’s split pea soup. Grosses my husband out, but it is healthy comfort food. And easy. And cheap. And my kids actually like/tolerate it. Thanks for the giveaway. Love your blog!

  280. Jill says:

    The comments here are great for more ideas for healthy dinners! One of my favorites is white chicken chili in the crock pot.

  281. Diana says:

    one of my favorite healthy meals to make is tacos made of ground turkey!

  282. Katie Lew says:

    My own version of Hoppin John – brown rice, black-eyed peas, spinach, scallions and tomatoes all baked together with cheese on top!

  283. Fran says:

    I love the chicken taco recipe out of a somewhat recent Test Kitchen healthy recipes magazine I picked up at the store. I know I would love and use this book.

  284. Sarah Crosby says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is chicken broccoli and brown rice! It’s one of those meals I LOVE because it’s an all around balanced meal!!!

  285. Kris Evans says:

    Our favorite healthy food are big salads. We love piling on veggies (especially if they are from our garden) and all sorts of herbs. We’ve even gotten pretty good at making our own dressings!

  286. amber in NE. says:

    Homemade chicken noodle soup. I need some now! It’s so cold in Nebraska.

  287. Kismet says:

    I love to make a stir fry with all sorts of colorful veggies and tofu or chicken.

  288. MissyJ says:

    I love making a Quinoa salad filled with veggies and/or even some dried fruit. A great grab and go lunch that fills you up without weighing you down and packed with nurtients and protein.

    Thanks for the give away and the amazing blog, it’s one of my daily “must-go-to” sites.

  289. Anna says:

    Roasted veggies. I always forget them as it is so easier to “go to” a potato side but then I make them and it is yummy.

  290. Meredith says:

    A nice salad with a lot of veggies!

  291. Tiffani says:

    My husband and I make a stir fry that has chicken, bell peppers, squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and onion. It’s delicious, and I like to think it’s pretty healthy with all the vegetables.

  292. Nathalie says:

    My favorite healthy dish is anything with grains, especially ones that I haven’t tried yet. My favorite lately is quinoa!

  293. Stephanie says:

    Annie, i love your blog! We made your cilantro lime rice and queso blanco at our supper club last night! They were both delicious! :) The cookbook sounds great!! I love making a low fat pizza with lots of veggies on a whole wheat thin crust!

  294. Kasie says:

    What a great giveaway! I enjoy making lots of different healthy soups. Mostly veggie and seafood soups. I also love anything with egg whites!

  295. Heidi says:

    Wow. That looks like a great cookbook. I do try to eat healthy MOST of the time. My favorite healthy dish is grilled pork tenderloin kebabs with pineapple and onions. I make these with your sautéed zucchini!

  296. Melissa says:

    This book looks amazing! My favorite healthy dish has to be our classic dinner of marianted grilled chicken, fresh tossed salad and grilled vegetables from the garden. Just thinking about it, is making me excited for spring. :)

  297. RA says:

    My favorite healthy meal is a sort of makeover of fettucine alfredo from Cooking Light. The low-fat cream cheese is a great cheat for a cream sauce.

  298. melanie says:

    Baked lemon chicken!

  299. Annette says:

    I love to make Mandarin Chicken Broccoli Slaw. It is so good – and a nice, light meal.

  300. Corvus says:

    I make a pretty tasty Chicken Tortilla Soup that, served with whole wheat tortillas, is pretty healthy. I’d love to expand my healthy repertoire more, though.

  301. Cess says:

    hmm my favorite healthy dish would have to be salmon and kale yum!

  302. Liesel says:

    I LOVE Cooks Illustrated!! Favorite healthy dish? I’m not sure I have anything that qualifies. Like you, I’m more of a moderation girl. Although, we do eat a sausage tortellini soup that I sometimes cook with turkey sausage so I suppose that version would qualify.

  303. Rachel says:

    My favorite healthy meal is lentil soft tacos. They’re easy and delicious.

  304. Kelly says:

    My favorite dish to make is usually some kind of dessert. Sounds odd but I love key lime chiffon pie! Healthier, yet just as satisfying. =)

  305. my favorite healthy dish to make is a potato, chick pea, and pea curry over rice.
    it’s quick and easy to make and super filling.

  306. Maryam says:

    My favorite healthy dish is stuffed grape leaves. I reduce the rice and add extra ground meat. No fats, very little carbs, lots of healthy herbs and veg, plus it tastes fabulous!

  307. I love any kind of seafood. If I’m really on a diet I’ll usually eat tilapia with a green veggie and a little bit of cous cous or quinoa. I do love to adapt recipes though by substituting skim milk, low fat sour cream, etc, etc :)

  308. Rebecca B says:

    Since I love all things fried and dipped in ranch, I also subscribe to the “everything in moderation” thing too or I would go crazy! Anyway, my favorite healthy thing to make is probably baked ranch potatoes. We take new potatoes, cut them into chuncks, lightly drizzle with olive oil and dry ranch dressing mix, then bake! Probably not on ‘The Biggest Loser’ diet, but satisfies my craving and isn’t deep fried! Works for us!

  309. Erica says:

    Hi Annie,
    My favorite healthy dish to make is Baked Salmon with Wilted Spinach & Dijon Mustard Sauce.

  310. Jennifer Lusher says:

    Love your blog Annie! Especially all the cupcake recipes. It’s made everyone in my life very, very happy. :-) As far as a healthy recipe goes, we love maple slow cooker oatmeal. It’s made with steel cut oats, maple syrup, cinnamon and dried cranberries, pop it in the crock pot overnight and its ready in the morning, after you top with toasted almonds of course!

  311. Jenn B says:

    I really love this chicken, pear, spinach and blue cheese recipe that i found from whole foods…pretty simple but oh so delicious

  312. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait to try this cookbook! I have been trying to make healthy meals for awhile now, but my favorite healthy meal is actually a side-dish. I like to make oven fried zucchini sticks and dip them in marinara sauce.

  313. Erin says:

    My favorite heathy recipe right now is Minestrone Soup especially with how cold it is in the midwest!

  314. Kristen says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make at home is Chicken Lo Mein. It’s so much better for my boyfriend and I than the one from our local Chinese restaurant!

  315. Robin says:

    My favorite healthy dish right now is quinoa! I can’t believe I waited so long to try it!

  316. Adriana says:

    My favorite healthy meal includes brown rice with grilled chicken that has been marinated in garlic, pineapple juice, a little soy sauce, and red pepper flakes. Then I top that with mango-pineapple salsa! So delicious and good for you!

  317. Denise says:

    My husband and I are exercise fanatics, and we follow the Zone diet, so our meals are mostly all healthy and are balanced with protein, carbs, and fats. I love salmon with wilted spinach, tomatoes, garlic, and black beans.

    Your site is perfect inspiration for special events and cheat meals!

  318. Vicki says:

    I’m obsessed with roasted beets, for which I make a garlic balsamic vinaigrette. Occasionally I’ll top slices of beets with goat cheese, which is phenomenal!

  319. Niki says:

    Roasted chicken and grilled veggies! Yum!

  320. Thanks for the chance to win this yummy sounding book. My favorite healthy meal would be a spinich and chicken salad with a delicious vinegrette dressing.

  321. Blair says:

    Mmmm………..chicken and white bean soup. Healthy and hearty. Thank you for the great giveaway!
    PS The butterscotch pudding recipe IS fabulous.

  322. Megan says:

    My favorite healthy dish is one I just recently made for the first time. It is a chickpea curry with peas, carrots, cauliflower, onions and garlic. Super flavorful and high in fiber, low in calories. I served it over couscous. It was delicious and I really liked it! It was one of those recipes that just kept getting pushed back and kept appearing on my menu. I just never was in the mood to make it. I’m glad I finally bit the bullet and gave it a chance!

  323. Sarah says:

    My favorite healthy recipe to make is asian lettuce wraps…yum!

  324. Kabara says:

    I have a light french onion soup I LURVE this time of year – warms you up, tastes delicious, and no guilt!

  325. Cynthia says:

    My favorite healthy meal to make are your chicken gyros! YUM!!

  326. Denise says:

    Shrimp and seafood salad.

  327. Michele says:

    Quinoa bowls are my favorite (also an easy stovetop deal). You can definitely play with the vegetables and spices, but I usually saute sweet potatoes, onions, broccoli, and some type of green leafy vegetable with either a curry blend or chili powder blend, and then throw it over quinoa. I add black beans if I need extra protein/fiber.

  328. Mandy A. says:

    My favorite healthy meal is something I can always get my partner to eat: tofu stir-fry! As long as I coat the tofu with cornstarch (General Tso style), she’ll eat as many veggies as I put on her plate. Ah, picky eaters!

  329. JenK says:

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! My favorite healthy meal is a beef veggie soup that I make… my husband and I could eat it every week!

  330. Carla says:

    I can always stand to eat more healthy – so thank you for doing this giveaway! I really enjoy making salads at home. I kind of feel the possibilities are endless. Stir-Frys are delicious and fun to make as well.

    If you’re looking for a specific recipe. I make Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies and they turn out amazingly every time. My kids inhale them.

  331. Larkin says:

    My favorite healthy meal is broccoli peanut butter tofu stirfry. You can also do it with chicken, and the sauce is basically a homemmade version of Thai peanut sauce. Super yummy. This cookbook looks great!

  332. Carolyn says:

    My favorite healthy dish is sweet potato soup! You can never have too many sweet potatoes.

    Great to see you liked the cookbook! That was one of the books that caught my eye at B&N when I was browsing the other day.

  333. Jan V says:

    My favorite ‘healthy’ food is to just roast vegetables/potatoes. In the summer, just grill them.

  334. Heather says:

    My recent healthy addiction is Chicken Taco Salad. Yum!

  335. My favorite healthy dish: Mexican lasagna. Lots of veggies and low fat cheese, so delicious!

  336. Katie R. says:

    turkey chili with black beans and veggies! so good and healthy!

  337. Jenny says:

    Homemade chicken fingers for the boys.

  338. My favorite healthy dish to make is this Weight Watchers recipe I found for smothered chicken. It’s SO yummy and always a go-to for our dinners.

  339. Jamie says:

    That would be hands down classic homemade chicken noodle soup and a healthy sandwich to go along side with it. It is perfect for a quick meal and always makes you feel better when you are under the weather :)

  340. Elizabeth says:

    Currently it is a warm barley salad with vegetables.

  341. Kate says:

    My favorite healthy meal is probably spinach & black bean enchiladas. Mmmm!

  342. Karen says:

    My favorite healthy meal is pork tenderloin with roasted sweet potatoes and vegetables. Thanks Annie for the cookbook giveaway! I am a big fan of Cooks Illustrated too!

  343. Leslie says:

    one of my favorite healthy dishes would be a broth based soup with lots of veggies! perfect on a cold winters day.

  344. Marie says:

    I try to lighten up a lot of my dinners as I’m on weight watchers, but my absolute favorite is feta turkey burgers!

  345. Whitney says:

    My favorite healthy dish is parmesan tilapia!

  346. Cindy says:

    One of my family’s favorite is a makeover of fettuccine alfredo that I got out of Kraft Food and Family magazine that uses chicken broth and 1/3 less fat cream cheese. I serve it with steamed broccoli, and occasionally I’ll do grilled chicken with it.

    I always enjoy your blog, and I’m with you on the moderation aspect – if only I could get my husband to follow suit! ;)

  347. Vee says:

    My favorite healthy meal is quesadillas. Even though they don’t sound all that healthy, I never put meat in them (hello, Meatless Monday!), and it’s a great way to feed my husband a variety of veggies. I even slip some black beans in there sometimes!

  348. Kim says:

    I love making grilled fajita chicken – sometimes for in a tortilla and sometimes on a salad!

  349. Andrea C. says:

    Two Bean Minestrone soup!

  350. Carol says:

    I have a delicious vegetarian chili I love to make that’s filled with veggies, beans and whole grain goodness!

  351. Jocelyn says:

    Love your blog! Our favorite healthy recipe to make is spaghetti squash with marinara. YUM!

  352. Melissa says:

    Favorite healthy meal: A copycat version of the salad from Olive Garden with grilled chicken added on top. It’s wonderful!

  353. Brianne says:

    I love taco salad, it is easy to make and you can add all sorts of veggies in with it.

  354. Christi says:

    I love to make taco salad…a nice bed of lettuce with seasoned chicken, julienned peppers, black olives, and some light sour cream for dressing.

  355. Emily says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is a grilled chicken Waldorf salad with a mustard balsamic vinagrette. It’s fun to cut everything up and delicious! I would love more healthy recipes to try out though!!

  356. Jolie says:

    My favorite healthy meal to cook would have to be our black bean tacos with spinach tortillas! I’m a firm believer in the everything in moderation rule!

  357. Traci says:

    Baked chicken parmesan

  358. Rhondi says:

    Chicken fajitas are my favorite when we eat out! And I make them at home all the time, so I can’t wait to try your healthy stove top version. I like how you figured out the percentage of recipes you would make or eat. 75% is great for a cookbook! My favorite healthy dish I always make is grilled chicken tortilla soup. Tex-Mex is my favorite!

  359. Susan H. says:

    For my favorite, quick, healthy meal I throw a jar of heart-healthy tomato sauce, green pepper strips and some turkey sausage into a crock pot for a few hours then make some whole wheat pasta and mix it all together. Easy and yummy!

  360. Josephine says:

    Our family loves my whole wheat/oatmeal/banana muffins.

  361. Danielle says:

    What’s better than a book full of recipes that have been tested in a test kitchen?! I try to make 90% of our meals healthy but one of my favorites is a vegetable plate that I try to make as colorful as possible! I love oven-roasted veggies!

  362. Cathy says:

    I love vegetables! My favorite might seem plain, but I love steamed broccoli.

  363. Laura says:

    Fish Tacos! They are so filling, but so healthy. Yum!

  364. I love making healthier alfredo using pureed white beans! Delicious.

  365. Laura says:

    Cooking Light has a shrimp and grits casserole recipe that I have made for company 4 or 5 times. It tastes rich and indulgent, but it deceptively light.

  366. Kate says:

    In the winter my favorite healthy meal is turkey chili. In the summer, I like roasted shrimp and veggies.

  367. Melissa says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is a vegetable stir fry. And for something sweeter, making my own granola bars!

  368. Vegetable frittata, very easy to put together, tasty and super nutritious :-)

  369. Dana S. says:

    My favorite healthy thing to make would have to be super simple baked asparagus with just oliver oil, salt, and pepper. Easy and delicious!

  370. Jessica says:

    This cookbook looks awesome. I really enjoyed your review of it as well. If I don’t win, I might just have to go out and buy it for myself. I am really trying to be more healthy this year and making healthier choices. My favorite healthy meal to cook is either taco soup or grilled tequila lime tilapia with whole wheat rice pilaf and roasted veggies.

  371. Amy K. says:

    Can cookies count as a healthy dish? Bon Appetit’s Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies are made sans butter or flour and use only egg whites. Crunchy on the outside, brownie-like on the inside they just might be the best chocolate fix you could ask for. Plus, dark chocolate has lots of those yummy antioxidants we all need this time of year, right?

  372. thebookofarmaments says:

    I’m with you – I really love fajitas!

  373. Lori says:

    Chicken noodle soup or red beans with turkey sausage and brown rice.

  374. Joni says:

    My favorite healthy meal is sweet potato with black bean salsa. I mix some canned and drained black beans with tomato (or not, for my husband), and add cumin, coriander, salt, and pepper and warm it up. Then I put it on top of a cooked sweet potato, dot on a little sour cream and some cilantro, and dinner is ready. Fast, easy, and healthy.

  375. JessD says:

    Veggie stir fry over brown rice or the fantastic quinoa black bean salad my husband makes

  376. Deborah says:

    My favorite healthy meal is Marinated Grilled Chicken and Veggies.

  377. karen d says:

    I would really love to win this book! I’ve recently lost over 100 lbs. and am always looking for new inspiration in new recipes. One of my favorite “lighter” meals is a cross between an Alfredo and a carbonara. I use low fat cream cheese, skim milk, a little garlic, salt, white pepper, and Italian blend cheese (just a little goes a long way), frozen peas, and crumbled turkey bacon. Add it to whole wheat pasta and sprinkle with chopped tomato and chopped scallions. Very easy, good, filling, and not too many calories.

  378. Bekah says:

    We love to make chicken and veggie stir fry – yum!

  379. Marisa says:

    My favorite healthy meal is bruschetta chicken…a nice chicken cutlet with fresh tomato, onion, garlic, and balsamic vinegar over the top. YUM!

  380. Alycia says:

    Hope I win this! My favorite is a healthy turkey chili.

  381. Nicole W. says:

    Annie! You make this cookbook sound really amazing! My favorite healthy dish to cook is probably a veggie chili – especially in the winter

  382. Daniela says:

    My favorite healthy side dish is quinoa with red, yellow, green bell peppers, lemon juice, and goat cheese.

  383. Jennie says:

    My favorite “healthy” version of a comfort food is the stovetop mac-n-cheese recipe from Cooking Light. I love it…it’s creamy and tasty and has tomatoes added to it, so you feel like you’re getting some vegetables in the mix, too. Otherwise, I have several soups or salad recipes that are “healthy” that I love.

  384. Kalliope says:

    I love roasting vegetables. No matter the season, there’s always something yummy to roast… asparagus, squashes, cauliflower. MMmmm!

  385. Shannon Locklear says:

    Grilled chicken with with some roasted asparagus or zucchini!

  386. Team M&M says:

    Favorite healthy dish = this salad: cook up some onions, diced chicken, and corn. Season with cumin and lime juice. Put on top of baby spinach leaves. Add diced Roma tomatoes, diced avocado, and crumbled tortilla chips on top! Enjoy!

  387. Maria says:

    mine would be some homemade hummus

  388. Lisa in Fort Worth says:

    Mini Meatball Soup with ground turkey meatballs baked, then added to the broth and veggies with tons of fresh spinach!

  389. Lindsay says:

    We love to have a healthy mexican night of meat free taco salad. Yum! Thanks for the giveaway.

  390. amy says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is turkey spaghetti with whole wheat pasta!!!! Yummy

  391. Dani says:

    Those fajitas look and sound delicious! My favorite healthy recipes are simple sauteed spinach, oven-roasted green beans and roasted salmon. My husband and I often joke that we could just eat the 2# bag of green beans for dinner because they’re so tasty when roasted.

  392. Shauna says:

    I realized as I went to answer this questions that healthy dishes are apparently few and far between for me. Yikes! I’ll say that I really like to healthy-up our Mexican food by using a black bean and corn mixture instead of ground beef.

  393. I’ve been eyeing this book, and unfortunately didn’t get it for Christmas like I was hoping! Hmm… favorite healthy meal to cook? Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun with different flavor variations of Steel Cut Oats. Kinda boring, I know but I’ve been loving it.

  394. Abbey says:

    I love to make healthy thin crust pizzas with a whole wheat crust!

  395. Jacqueline says:

    Fish rubbed with Oregano and Brown Sugar, then grilled!

  396. Katie says:

    It’s almost too easy to count as a recipe, but I love roasted veggies like zucchini, summer squash, onions, mushrooms, peppers, etc. Just cut ’em up, spray on some Pam, and season with salt/pepper/garlic powder/whatever. Yum!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway, Annie!

  397. Hilary says:

    oops, I posted on the wrong blog entry. I love to make fajitas or shrimp tacos. They’re some of my faves too.

  398. brenda says:

    my favorite healthy dish to make is vegetable soup with any and every kind of fresh vegetable i choose at the time. but, always garlic, red and yellow peppers, haricot vert, onion with 1 lg can of kitchen ready tomatoes as the base…i also ike to add a tablespoon of cinnamon and a cup of quinoa…low cal, fat free and lots of nutrients..

  399. Donna Tanner says:

    I have recently discovered Quinoa. A healthy source of protein and low in fat.

  400. Laura Harbeson says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is savory garlic chicken. (I love your blog!)

  401. Breanne says:

    My favorite healthy meal to make is a grilled chicken breast, over lots of fresh veggies and spinach, topped with a homemade roasted tomato, garlic, balsamic vinaigrette. Yum!

  402. Scott says:

    My favorite healthy food I like to make is buffalo chili with black beans, onion, garlic, cumin, corriander, cocoa, cayenne and red pepper flakes, diced tomatoes.

  403. Julia says:

    My favorite recipe is one for Grilled Salmon!

  404. Kerwin Kolheffer says:

    I think my favorite healthy meal might be pan-seared tufo and vegetarbles with peanut-ginger sauce. the searing of the tofu gives it some textures and substance and veggies add a fresh, “healthy” feeling to the dish. Adding a creamy, ginger-y sauce brings the whole thing together in a way that makes it seem like a treat, rather than something one is supposed to eat to be well. (FYI, my sauce uses hot water, (non-sweetened -if you have it) peanut butter, fresh ginger, soy sauce, white pepper and maybe hoi-sin or fish sauce and sometimes celery seeds and green onion. I adjust it to fit what I have on hand.) I serve it either over egg-noodles (rice noodles would be better, but I rarely remember to buy those) or jasmine rice.

    I am excited about this cookbook and am enjoying these healthy recipes. I need some more of these after last weekend when I made BOTH the ricotta-lemon pancakes with blackberry sauce AND the dark chocolate, chocolate chip cookies (Read: I felt like violet in Willy Wonka)

    Thanks, Annie

  405. Erica says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is Taco Chilli! It is soo good, that it is hard to believe it is healthy! :)

  406. Mary Beth says:

    Homemade vegetable soup – very tomatoey (sp.?) with lots of green beans, potatoes and carrots.

  407. Sarah says:

    I love ATK! They have never let me down. My favorite healthy dish to make is a lighter mac and cheese with cauliflower and onion from Real Simple. The portions are huge and so filling.

  408. Megan says:

    I love to make grilled salmon, couscous, and veggies for a healthy and easy dinner for my family.

  409. Mrs. Smith says:

    Strangely enough, I think spinach salad might be my current favorite (it’s strange because I’m not really a big fan of salads). I add lots of veggies, fruit and nuts.

  410. LeighAnne says:

    I LOVE making broiled salmon with a greek yogurt sauce and grilled asparagus on the side. Yum, yum, yum!

  411. Rebekah says:

    Although it changes quite often, currently, my favorite healthy dish to make is your white fish tacos :)

  412. Julie says:

    I love Mexican Casserole and found a lighter recipe that my family really enjoys.

  413. Kristy D. says:

    The healthy dish I make on a regular basis is a “lightened” green chicken enchiladas. Make with just a few simple ingredients, they are fresh tasting and healthy!

  414. Sarah L.J. says:

    My new favorite healthy recipe is pretty simple. Take a boxed mix of brownies and add a can of black beans. They are rich, delish, and easy! The boxed mix is not the healthiest, but you can also sub a homemade brownie mix and use black beans as the liquid.

  415. Tish says:

    I love to make green smoothies, so refreshing!

  416. Susan Smith says:

    I would have to say one of the following: chicken gyros, salad, fruit salad, or chicken parmigiana (weight watchers’ version).

  417. Kate says:

    I always like to make a stir fry with lots of vegetables when I’m in need of a health boost. I love America’s Test Kitchen…and would love to get my hands on this cookbook!

  418. Jessica H says:

    My favorite healthy dish is the lower-fat blueberry muffins from the low fat ATK book. yummy.

  419. Emily O. says:

    We’ve been experimenting with rubbing chicken breasts with different Penzey’s spices and then broiling them – quick, tasty, and uses little to no oil. Thanks for the giveaway! The regular ATK cookbook is one of our favorites and this new one looks wonderful!

  420. Kristin says:

    I love making sauteed salmon served on a salad of spinach and romaine and whatever dressing I have on hand with roasted garlic & rosemary potatoes on the side.

  421. Tina says:

    I never used this cook book but wanted it because i absolutely love America’s test kitchen. Right now my fav. healthy recipe is Oven “fried” chicken from the Eat This not That cookbook. It’s delicious!

  422. Shawna Steffen says:

    See – I don’t know that I have a truly healthy dish, which is probably why I need a cookbook exactly like this!

  423. Brittany says:

    Spaghetti squash casserole!

  424. JessT says:

    Grilled buffalo chicken! Yum!

  425. Wendy Omiotek says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is a roasted nori wrapped meat dish. Marinate any type of meat, I usually use flank steak sliced extra thin and marinate with soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and garlic. Cook some rice, jasmine works great. First you brush nori sheets with roasted sesame oil, sprinkle with salt, then roast over a burner or grill very quickly just to toast it without burning it on both sides, set aside. Then I cook the meat either on a grill or saute in pan, then grill some red peppers.
    When everything is ready place some rice in the center of the nori topped with meat and roasted red peppers, roll up and eat. DELICIOUS, and healthy! I have used salmon, chicken, even tofu is good. I dip in ponzu sauce for an extra kick, my husband likes srirachi!

  426. Jennifer says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is lemon chicken with brown rice. Yum! My husband doesn’t care for it, but that means more for me ;) Thanks for the chance to win!

  427. Kim says:

    My favorite healthy meal is homemade chicken or turkey noodle soup. It is perfect for cold winter days as well as for a quick meal after a busy day.

  428. Sean says:

    This looks like a great cookbook. I have a recipe for low-fat corn chowder that is really great.

  429. Sue says:

    I would have to say that home-made soup (when I make my own broth) along with buttermilk wheat bread ( made from freshly ground wheat) is about as healthy cooking as I get! (I love the ATK cookbooks!)

  430. Emily says:

    I love making Asian Honey-Broiled Salmon. It is easy and healthy!

  431. Emily says:

    My favorite healthy meal to make is Roasted Caulifower and Tomato Tortellini. It is so delicious.

  432. Gwyn says:

    I enjoy making anything with fish, lately salmon!!

  433. Sasha says:

    Hubby and I love Mexican food, so our favorite healthy dish is Pillsbury’s pineapple and black bean enchiladas. It sounds like a weird combo, but even carnivore hubby likes it!

  434. Megan says:

    YUM!! I also love fajitas! My favorite healthy dish is black bean enchiladas with a side of avacado and radishes topped with a little olive oil. It’s such an interesting texture and flavor combination.

  435. Linda S. says:

    I love that the cookbook has nutritional information; I need low-carb alternatives. My favorite healthy alternative is roasted vegetables (onion, peppers, eggplant, carrots, mushrooms, etc.) with olive oil, rosemary, a little sea salt, and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

  436. Eva says:

    We make a fresh chicken quesadilla with spinach, red bell peppers, mushrooms and grilled chicken on a 100% wheat tortilla.

  437. Tricia says:

    Roasted Vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, and tomatoes) over whole wheat pasta. So hearty and healthy. I love it!

  438. Sarah says:

    I love a good veggie chicken stirfry!

  439. Anne W. says:

    My absolute favorite healthy thing to make is soup…all kinds the last one i made was spicy carrot soup. I added a little too much sambal but it was worth it, it’s so hot but i don’t care. :)

  440. Meredith W says:

    I love making chicken stir fry – It’s a recipe from the South Beach Diet but it is so good! I’d love to try this new cookbook, too!

  441. Kathryn says:

    I got this cookbook for my birthday and it is great! I loved it so much that I bought for a good friend and she also loves it. The chocolate chip cookies in this cookbook are so good that my kids actually asked me to make the healthy ones because they are so delicious. I have made the turkey tacos several times and they are great. Good for leftovers on a salad or in a whole wheat burrito the next day. The chicken parmesan is so good you will not even think you are eating a healthy recipe. The chicken enchiladas are equally as yummy. Using this book is a great way to lose some weight without depriving yourself of the foods that you love. As a self-professed foodie, this is the only way I could ever do it! So glad you featured this fabulous cookbook!

  442. Krista says:

    The cookbook sounds awesome! My favorite healthy recipe is one I just tried this week — whole wheat penne with white beans, spinach and sundried tomatoes.

  443. Emily says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is an island spiced pork tenderloin. I believe that you have a version of this dish on your site!

  444. Rebeca says:

    I love making my healthy version of arroz con pollow. Yum! These look great!

  445. Kathy says:

    I love making your Fish Tacos recipe.

  446. I love whipping up a pear chicken salad for a quick healthy meal. Thanks for the giveaway Annie!

  447. Jill says:

    My favorite healthy thing to make is white chicken chili.

  448. Suzanne says:

    I have been eyeing this cookbook for quite some time. The fajitas look delicious! Black bean burgers are my favorite quick and healthy meal.

  449. Courtney says:

    I’ve got a fantastic light recipe for gnocchi with spinach and pine nuts. One of my favorite meals of all time!

  450. Jess says:

    My family’s go to healthy dish is blackened venison caesar salads with homemade croutons and caesar dressing. I love ATK. The radio show is great too :)

  451. Jennifer says:

    I would have to say homemade chicken tortilla soup with extra black beans.

  452. Megan says:

    Ahh this cookbook looks great! I love new sources for things to make! (One of ) my favorite healthy recipe is spinach salad with mandarin oranges and simple chicken. Little bit of balsamic, little bit of feta. delish!

  453. Staci T says:

    Mine would be whole wheat penne with roasted tomatoes and shallots with cannelini beans in a lemon garlic sauce.

  454. Sara says:

    I love your blog and your recipes! Thank you.

    My favorite healthy dish is probably spaghetti with turkey meatballs. The meatballs also have pureed sweet potatoes in it so it’s healthy AND has a hidden veggie. I serve it on whole wheat pasta with a salad.

  455. Stephanie says:

    My favorite healthy thing to make always involves the grill! Definitely grilled chicken or fish with some citrus involved. Maybe I’m just thinking that right now because I’m longing for grilling season after a freezing Chicago winter!

  456. Beth G says:

    I love making a low fat vegetarian lasagna. It lasts for multiple meals, makes great leftovers and fills you up!

  457. Michelle says:

    Broiled Salmon w/red pepper powder and cilantro with Garlic Saute Chard and a small sweet potato

  458. Julie M. says:

    I love, love, love your grilled chicken fajitas!

  459. Katie T. says:

    My husband and I have come to love black bean burgers! The onion, cilantro, and jalapeno give them so much flavor without the fat of red meat. Baked sweet potato fries are the perfect complement!

  460. Sarah says:

    ATK is the absolute best! My favorite healthy dish is a quinoa salad with chickpeas and veggies in a lemon vinaigrette – yum!

  461. I love doing grilled teriyaki chicken over coconut rice! Or ground turkey breast tacos!

  462. April says:

    My favorite healthy meal is chicken lasagna.

  463. Megan says:

    This looks like a great cookbook to help with my new years resolution! My favorite recipe is grandma’s chicken noodle soup. Thanks!

  464. Jaimee says:

    I’m not so good at healthy either, but your turkey “Asian Lettuce Wraps” are up there. I just made them last week!

  465. Hanaa says:

    Lentil w/veggies soup and homemade whole wheat bread are one of my fav healthy dishes. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  466. Gary Soucie says:

    FRESH bluefish (in other words, very recently caught, and probably by yourself), filleted, the dark, bloody stripe removed, skinned, cut into finger-size pieces and eaten raw (sashimi)with a dipping sauce of soy sauce, lemon juice, and perhaps a little wasabi. Even if you think you don’t like bluefish, you will like this. As long as you like sashimi or sushi.

  467. Nicole G says:

    This sounds like a great cookbook! My favorite healthy meal right now would be Burrito Bowls! I love how I can get my family to eat brown rice (when usually they all hate it!) and we can pile on the veggies and beans and it is delicious!

  468. *S* says:

    My favorite healthy meal is a green salad with grilled chicken.

  469. Julie F says:

    I really like to make spaghetti with grilled chicken and zucchini and a little bit of parmesean!

  470. Amber says:

    Soups! All kinds, chicken con queso, white chicken chili, tomato. Guacamole is another favorite at our house, healthy and goes on everything!

  471. Barbara Youngren says:

    I roast all of my veggies and my husband (heart attack survivor) loves them! He says that’s the only way to eat them. I too believe in moderation but skip the fats whenever I can. I would love this book. ATK is the best!

  472. Jennifer says:

    Whole wheat pasta with grilled chicken and broccoli with lemon olive oil.

  473. Diane from Kansas says:

    My new favorite recipe is the “Black bean and salsa soup.” I tried it recently on a snow day. My family loved it and it was truly the easiest recipe I have ever made. Healthy and delicious– a win-win recipe!

  474. Marissa Taylor says:

    Favorite heathly meal is a Rachel Ray Thai Chicken noodle soup, it has peppers, onions, cilantro, chicken and noodles. Yummy!

  475. Lynn says:

    My best according to my kids is either a stir fry or fajitas! Really, they are almost the same recipe, just a few different spices and then served with rice or shells.

  476. Allison says:

    I love to make baked fish coated in egg whites, dijon mustard and panko bread crumbs! Living in Florida with a fisherman, I have a lot of fish to cook, and this is fabulous!

  477. Tan says:

    Turkey spinach meatloaf…it doesn’t sound *that* great – but it’s amazing!!

  478. Kenadi says:

    Thanks Annie! My favorite healthy dish to make (or at least the one I make most often) is oatmeal pancakes. (Is it still healthy if my husband makes me add chocolate chips? – ha ha!)

  479. Erica says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is Ina Garten’s Guacamole Salad. It’s a great salad that is perfect for summer BBQs and is super easy to make.

  480. Anne says:

    I recently made a delish pumpkin turkey chili with black beans.

  481. Allison says:

    I’m a vegetarian so I eat fairly healthy dinners (if you substract the desserts!). Recently I discovered farro and quinoa and I love trying new recipes with them. Deborah Madison’s curried quinoa with peas and cashews is awesome. Instead of stock it uses carrot juice!

  482. Shannon says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is vegetable pita pockets. You smear some low fat garden vegetable cream cheese on the inside of a whole wheat pita pocket, then fill it with chopped up veggies of your choice. I use carrots, cucumbers, red and green peppers, and broccoli, but you can use any raw veggies that you like.

  483. Christine says:

    I love America’s Test Kitchen! Our favorite healthy meal is terryaki chicken stir fry with brown rice. It’s filling and flavorful and my 2 year old loves it!

  484. Wendy says:

    I love parfaits! Lots of fruit, greek yogurt, granola and a drizzle of honey. YUM!

  485. Natalie B says:

    I don’t know if it’s my favorite to make, but it’s my families favorite to eat. We all love lemon pepper tilapia and steamed broccoli. Simple, healthy and yummy!

  486. Teslaca says:

    I love to make big salads with a large variety of raw vegetables. I may put some grilled fish or chicken on top or just beans and then use an avocado dressing. I’d love to win this cookbook!

  487. Laura says:

    Asian chicken salad with cubed baked chicken, fresh greens and sesame ginger sauce.

  488. April says:

    My favorite healthy dish is turkey meatloaf! Loads of veggies hidden in this bad boy. I hope I win. I want this cookbook!

  489. I’m like you – I just about always order fajitas when I go to a Mexican restaurant! I can’t wait to try these!

  490. Carly L says:

    Mixed veggies with salt, pepper, garlic, and a drizzle of olive oil, wrapped up in foil, and cooked on the grill. It tastes better when you use butter instead of olive oil, but you said healthy, so that’s what I do when I’m trying to eat well :)

  491. Lauren says:

    I love the South Beach crab cakes with zesty red pepper aioli. It’s SOOO yummy!

  492. Jenn says:

    I love to make Grilled chicken salads that are loaded with fresh veggies and a light balsamic dressing. I also make a veggie pizza and try to use only a small amount of cheese to keep it light!!

  493. Kate says:

    Black bean and goat cheese tostadas!

  494. Sarah W says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is bulgur burgers with tahini mayonnaise.

  495. Ashley C says:

    I would love to win this book, as I always love a good Cooks Illustrated recipe! My favorite healthy but delicious recipe is definately Asian Lettuce wraps, yum.

  496. Maria says:

    Annie, I have to agree… Moderation wasn’t in my vocabulary for a long time. But of course, new year, new me, right? Recently I have loved making hummus to eat with carrot and celery sticks. I also made some black bean burgers that were absolutely delicious on some whole-wheat buns, topped with more fresh veggies. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  497. Amanda says:

    I think my favorite healthy recipe is one I learned from Hungry Girl. Its a Pizza made with an english muffin, sauce, and laughing cow cheese. Its delicious!
    But my fiance and I also created a healthy dish we eat often. Its just a concoction of rice, corn, black beans, chicken, and avacodo.

  498. Samantha says:

    My recent absolute favorite healthy go-to dinner is Rick Bayless’ chicken tacos with roasted tomatillo salsa…so good! I thought that I hated tomatillos until I made this, and now we’re having it once a week at my house :)

  499. Katie says:

    I love to make grilled chicken salad with a homemade jalapeno/cranberry vinaigrette. Yum!

  500. Anna M says:

    I’ve been groovin’ on split pea soup lately because it’s so chilly in MN!

  501. Sarah says:

    I love the sound of this cookbook! As for my healthy recipe, I make a vegie lentil soup with moroccan spices. It’s easy and yummy.

  502. Chewie says:

    I just made mine last night…snow is falling and the temps are close to zero here, so I made a huge vegetarian pot of soup. There are so many veggies in there I defy a cold to make us sick! *grin* It is made with vegetarian broth and everything from carrots to cabbage to green beans and beyond. Delicious and very good for you.


  503. Mellisa W. says:

    Mango smoothies with greek yogurt. Thanks!

  504. Holly says:

    Homemade spaghetti sauce FULL of spinach, carrots, fresh tomatoes and herbs. Kids and husband eat up every single time:) Make a double batch for freezing while I’m at to keep on hand for a quick dinner.

  505. Annie says:

    My recent favorite dish is your turkey meatballs with cranberry sauce!

  506. Jamie says:

    My favorite healthy dish is buffalo chili with tons of veggies. Best on a snowy day.

  507. Ellie says:

    My family loves my dynamite Veggie Fajitas. The filling includes brown rice, along with onion, red and green peppers, zucchini and carrot sauteed in a homemade salsa then topped with a low-fat cheese. Yummy goodness.

  508. Stacey says:

    oh I would love to win this book! I love stir fries! Big salads and veggies with light dip.

  509. Christy says:

    My favorite is baked salmon with lemon!

  510. Megan says:

    This cookbook sounds great!! My favorite healthy dish…..probably my vegetable beef soup. It’s my mom’s recipe and I looooooooove it.

  511. Valerie says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a low-fat broccoli salad made with Splenda and low-fat mayo. It’s so good!

  512. Sabina says:

    My favorite healthy meal to make in the summer is Marinated Grilled Flanksteak over a super healthy salad. Salad dressing is olive oil, limejuice, garlic and pepper. thats it. Salad includes cucumbers, tomoatoes, avocados and romaine hearts. Avocades give the dressing a bit of a creamy texture. Yum – just thinking of it now makes me hungry!!!

  513. stephanie says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a variation on your chicken bowls with brown rice. SO many people have asked me for the recipe when we try it and my husband has a Chipotle obsession so he loves it too. :)

  514. Patty says:

    I love healthy cooking and have lots of faves, but last night I made roasted chicken breasts with chickpeas and tomatoes that was super easy and super YUM! It uses a spiced oil rub – olive oil, smoked paprika, cumin and garlic. You rub it all over the chicken, toss it with chickpeas and cheery tomatoes and add a little to Greek yogurt to serve on the side.

  515. My favorite healthy thing to make is grilled shrimp and veggie skewers. Shrimp is excellent grilled and adding a full array of colorful veggies (I like zucchini, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms) makes a great and super healthy meal!

  516. Matt says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a cassoulet loaded with vegetables.

  517. Beth P says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a fruit smoothie made with plain low fat yohurt and fresh or frozen fruit.

  518. adrienne says:

    Fish tacos with a fresh pico de gallo. Oh I can’t wait for summer again!

  519. Heather D. says:

    I really like the Weight Watchers Taco Soup in the winter time.

  520. Lanette says:

    I’ve actually checked this book out at the library. It’s wonderful! My favorite healthy dinner is my chicken tortilla soup. So yummy… and healthy too. :)

  521. My favorite healthy dinner is ground turkey lasagna.

  522. Jean says:

    Such a cool giveaway! My husband and I are healthy eaters (except when we indulge in sweets!) and usually stick with recipes out of Cooking Light or Eating Well magazines. I would love this cookbook! One of my favorite healthy recipes is a Chinese dish, ma po tofu (made with a spicy chili garlic sauce) with a side of brown rice.

  523. Megan says:

    I love the whole wheat pasta recipes from Cooks Illustrated. Our favorite is the Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Italian Sausage and Fennel. It is an interesting change up to have no tomato sauce on pasta, but it works soo well with the sausage and fennel. My hubby loves the sausage part and I love that it’s so good for you!

  524. kerry says:

    My favorite healthy meal is chili roasted broccoli

  525. Janine White says:

    I love the multi-grain pancakes recipe from this book. I love others too but we make the pancakes the most. they taste great reheated and provide breakfast options during the week when we are in a scramble. I admit I already have the book, but I’d love an autographed copy. :)

  526. Aubrie says:

    I can’t wait to try these fajitas, they look delicious!

    My favorite healthy meal to make is stir-fry, using whatever veggies we happen to have on hand at the time!

  527. Leigh Hensley says:

    Sweet potatoe hummus is the best healthy dish!!! So delish and you can eat it anytime of day.

  528. Lindsay @ Brownies For Brunch says:

    Currently I’m enjoying a recipe my mom showed me. It’s a Italian Shells dinner with a low fat ricotta, spinach, and whole wheat noodles. It’s fast, simple, and oh so delicious!

  529. Ashley says:

    Our favorite healthy meal is when we are able to make our first summer salad from the garden. We top it will grilled chicken and a little olive oil and red wine vinegar. It is the most amazing meal ever!

  530. Jaime says:

    I have a few healthy dishes I like to make for the family, but the one I have been enjoying for myself are poblano and mushroom tacos on corn tortillas for lunch. A little salsa, cheese, and lettuce on top, and you’ve got yourself and delicious and healthy meal.

  531. Kelli says:

    I love making homemade pizza with whole wheat crust and lots of veggies on top!

  532. Angela says:

    Healthy stuff? I really do like fajitas. I love quinoa with grilled chicken and roasted vegetables. I would love this cookbook, thank you for the chance!

  533. Rebekah Fitts says:

    I love to make healthy muffins with oats and wheat flour and either pumpkin or butternut squash.

  534. Sandi says:

    My favourite healthy dish would have to be gyros. I use whole grain pitas, low-fat or non-fat yogurt, extra lean ground beef, and tons of garlic and veggies! So much flavour, so little calories! YUM!

  535. Stephanie B. says:

    I would love to win this cookbook!! My favorite healthy dish is to saute’ sweet potatoes with a little sprinkle of cinnamon!

  536. Lori says:

    Homemade chicken noodle soup!

  537. Eryka says:

    We have been eating healthy in 2011. Favorite healthy dish..Mexican Chicken Soup!

  538. Whitney says:

    I love to make baked fish with stir-fry veggies! It’s quick, it’s tasty, and it helps with my hubby’s genetic cholesterol issues. Love it!

  539. Susan Crane says:

    Favorite healthy meal is egg white omelite with lots of veggies and low fat cheese.

  540. Chrissy says:

    I love making stir fry for my family! Funny story… I used to babysit Christopher Kimball’s children when they would come in town to visit his parent’s in San Francisco. I had no idea how cool he was!!!

  541. Heidi says:

    a salad of roasted corn, shelled edamame, a little red onion, salt, pepper, lime juice and cilantro – very refreshing and would be a good side with the fajitas!

  542. Joy says:

    To satisfy our sweet tooth and still be healthy we make vegan pineapple right side up cupcakes. Delicious pineapple glaze on top instead of frosting!

  543. Nancy says:

    My ALL TIME favorite healthy recipe is sloppy joes! Pile it on a whole wheat or multigrain english muffin and you won’t even realize it’s healthy! This recipe is always a winner and makes great leftovers. It’s also a great way to add in a bunch of extra veggies for those (me) who don’t love them!

  544. Sara says:

    As a registered dietitian eating healthy is very important to me. As a current medical student, my primary goal is to just make sure I have food to eat and it that it doesn’t take a long time to make. My favorite healthy meal is a Chicken Divan recipe from Clean Eating. The process is a little labor intensive, but it is so worth it, because this meal tastes amazing and is very healthy. Every time I make it, I cook up a huge batch and freeze it in individual portions.

  545. Franci says:

    I’ve been obsessing over Joy the Baker’s Kale and Sweet Potato Soup!! Super yummy AND pretty darn healthy!

  546. Jennifer says:

    Just wanted to say that I love your blog! Thank you!

    Our favorite healthy dish to make is a veggie and cheese quiche with a brown rice crust. It is a great way to use leftover rice. We always use sauteed veggies (usually spinach and mushrooms), 2% cheese, and skim milk. It is a go-to meal for my family probably once a week. We change up the veggies and may try meat with the veggies one of these days. Lean protein – whole grains – veggies – it doesn’t get better (or easier) than that!

  547. jamie says:

    yay for giveaways!! i would comment for the chance to win an autographed piece of cardboard by Mr. Kimball. anyway, :) my favorite healthful meal is one i make for just myself, as i’m home alone for lunch. skillet, black beans, coordinating veggies & spices, all piled into a tortilla. it’s almost embarrassingly simple, but so good and easy. i looove black beans!

  548. Krystal R says:

    This sounds like my kind of cookbook, and my fave healthy dish to make right now is chipotle chicken tacos. Spicy, tasty and oh-so delicious!

  549. Rebecca N says:

    My favorite healthy dish is the salmon we made last night, its grilled and covered with brown sugar and dijon mustard.

  550. Kathy H. says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is an apple, pear, and walnut salad that I keep in my fridge ALL the time. It’s got a little red wine vinegar and fresh orange juice, golden raisins, chopped apples and pears, walnuts, and olive oil. It’s yummy!!!!

  551. Lisa Frank says:

    I love Barefoot Contessa’s roasted red pepper & eggplant dip! So much flavor and so good for you, it’s a great party alternative to rich and heavy dips like spinach-artichoke. Don’t get me wrong…I love rich and heavy…but I’ll save those calories for dessert! :-) This cookbook sounds awesome!

  552. Cheryl says:

    My favorite healthy dish is grilled fish with roasted veggies.

  553. Katy M says:

    We healthified our favorite split pea soup, even adding a dollop of plain Greek yogurt in place of sour cream garnish = great!

  554. Mel F says:

    When I feel like cooking something more healthy but quickly, I love to simply grill a boneless, skinless chicken breast and pair it with some fresh veggies cooked slightly on the grill, such as zucchini, yellow squash, onions, red and green peppers. Just a little olive oil and some seasoning and you’re done! Just wish it wasn’t winter in Vermont right now, I’d love to have that for dinner tonight!

  555. Anna B says:

    I make a Pasta Veggie Vinegarette that is absolutely delicious as well as healthy!!

  556. Annette F M says:

    I Love ATK. As far as a my favorite healthy dish to make… Taco Soup.

  557. Laura says:

    White Chicken Chili is a family fav.

  558. Christina says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a simple salad! I love salads and enjoy topping them with cranberries, feta cheese, pecans, various fruits…the combinations are endless.

  559. Michelle Johnson says:

    I just recently found a new favorite, healthy dish to make. It’s Gnocchi with Zucchini Ribbons and parsley brown butter. Don’t let the butter fool you into thinking it’s not healthy, there isn’t a lot in the dish. It is so delicious that after I made it the first time I could not stop thinking about it for days! Even my husband, who is not a zucchini lover cleaned his plate and wanted more.

  560. Valerie Norris says:

    I’ve made a Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup that uses fat-free half and half, and actually liked it. I’m looking forward to buying (or winning) the Test Kitchen’s cookbook because so many healthy recipes either cut the taste or the portion size, or both. I can trust the Test Kitchen to come up with healthy substitutions that don’t ruin the dish!

  561. Serena says:

    My favorite healthy dish is spaghetti & meatballs made with whole wheat spaghetti and turkey meatballs.

  562. Kevin Gallaghwr says:

    I would definitely choose to make the stove top fajitas!

  563. Marsha says:

    I am new to your blog and love it. My favorite healthy dish to make is also fajitas. I julienne red pepper, green pepper and red onion, toss with olive oil and salt/pepper and roast and brown lean ground turkey. On a big platter, I layer the peppers and onion, the cooked ground turkey and sprinkle lowfat cheese on top. I serve with lowfat sour cream, salsa and diced avocado! Delicious and I don’t even feel like I am missing anything.

  564. Stacy Baker says:

    In general (aside from my unbridled passion and addiction to baking!), I try to cook somewhat healthy. One of my quick, go-to meals that all three kids will eat is Salsa Chicken. You take boneless, skinless chicken breasts and dredge them in a packet of taco seasoning mix. Lay the chicken breasts in a baking dish and top with your favorite salsa. Bake for approx. 30 minutes, topping with a little reduced-fat cheese during the last 10 minutes. So easy and made with ingredients I always have on hand. Serve with brown rice, vegetables and a crispy, green salad.

  565. Samantha says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is grilled chicken with fresh steamed veggies quick and easy!!

  566. Shirley says:

    My new favorite healthy dish is veggie lasagne with spinach and portabello mushrooms. I use part skim mozzarella, low fat ricotta and fat free sauce.

  567. John Wyzkiewicz says:

    Can’t wait to try this recipe! My favorite healthy recipe is a French Lentil Soup!

  568. Heather V says:

    I haven’t entered many giveaways lately, but I really like this one. One of my favorites is greek-style pitas.

  569. Laura says:

    My favorite healthy dish is an asian salad with a bunch of chopped veggies and light asian dressing.

  570. Dorothy says:

    I like making soups – they are (usually) pretty healthy.

  571. Christina says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make would be roasted green beans :] Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  572. Kirsten T says:

    The first meal that came to mind is my steel cut oatmeal that I make in a huge batch ahead of time. I take it as a mid-morning snack at work with nuts (pecans are my favorite) and fresh or frozen fruit it’s yummy! Or our black bean vegetarian chili, so easy!

    Also, why can’t more cookbooks come with tabs and in a 3 ring binder?! I love it!

  573. Erin K says:

    This recipe looks great! My favorite healthy dish to make is fresh pico de gallo served with shredded marinated Mexican chicken on tortillas. There is nothing better than fresh pico, and I serve it year-round!

  574. Jenny says:

    I have just recently started cooking things that are on the healthier side. One of my favorite things to make as a light snack is zucchini with parmesan sprinkled on top popped under the broiler for a couple of minutes.

  575. My favorite healthy recipe changes from month to month as I’m OBSESSED with finding and making new recipes! :)
    But this week, it has been all about black bean burgers. In fact, I just finished my last one. I’ve been eating them every day.

  576. BeccaSP says:


  577. Laura says:

    In the winter, there’s no more satisfying way to eat light than roasting veggies. As a side, an additon to a pasta dish, or a filling for a burrito, seasoned roasted vegetables are hearty, filling and delightful. (Just be sure not to be too heavy-handed with the olive oil! : )

  578. Mary says:

    Favorite healthy dish: grilled chicken with fresh veggies as a side. Oh, so yummy and healthy!

  579. Jill B says:

    My favorite healthy dish is grilled chicken with roasted vegetables. It’s healthy, delicious and easy!

  580. Katherine says:

    I love lentil burritos! Healthy but very easy and tasty.

    Great giveaway, thanks :)

  581. Estee says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is homemade breakfast granola!

  582. Tristen says:

    We love fajitas and I’ll will be printing this out to give it a try. Mt whole family, especially my 3 year old daughter LOVE America’s Test Kitchen:) Our favorite comfort healthy food is Sauteed veggies (red onion, bells, jalapeno, corn, spinach, and maybe whatever else I have on hand) with cumin and other Mexican spices, with black beans. All over steamed brown rice served in bowls. Yum Yum!

  583. Katie says:

    I love to make quinoa salad. Some yummy and easy.

  584. Sara H says:

    I love omelets made with lightly sautéed locally grown vegetables and raw milk cheese. Yum!

  585. Becky says:


  586. Karla says:

    White Chili – a recipe I got from Ellie Kreiger is so delicious AND healthy!

  587. Cynthia says:

    My current favorite healthy recpie is a fat free refried bean lunch. Top beans with lots of pico de gallo, low fat cheddar cheese and guacamole. No chips no tortilla!

  588. Tina says:

    In general I am trying more diligently this year to feed my girls (and husband) a rainbow of foods. I tend to go with greens and browns, but this year I want to throw in all sorts of new colors :)
    I’d appreciate this giveaway for that very reason! Thanks :)

  589. Stacy P says:

    I would love this cookbook! May favorite healthy meal is mustard lentils and salmon. Yum!

  590. Diane says:

    I love making a whole wheat banana bread that is mostly my own creation, tweaked over the years to let me feel like I’m eating the good stuff even though it has unsweetened applesauce instead of fat and very little sugar!

  591. Anne says:

    Butternut squash turkey chili. My absolute hands-down favorite. :)

  592. Beth says:

    Sounds like a great cookbook!! I make a healthified chicken pot pies. I can make 8 at a time and freeze them, pull them out when I don’t have time to fix something.

  593. Amber says:

    Whole wheat banana pancakes! My family lives them.

  594. Linda M. says:

    What a great cookbook giveaway! I love your blog!! My favorite healthy dish is grilled salmon from the bbq, it just tastes so smoky and yummy. Thanks for the chance to win, I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  595. Tanya Cook says:

    I love to make seared scallops with couscous and roasted asparagus.

  596. Leslie Parent says:

    Love stir fries with lots of veggies and brown rice!

  597. Amelia says:

    It’s so hard to pick my FAVORITE healthy meal. Since I am from Charleston, SC, I love any kind of grilled seafood, especially fish tacos!

  598. Melissa says:

    My favorite healthy dish is shrimp and pasta toss! I chop up some onion, cook it with spinach and shrimp and toss it with some whole wheat pasta and homemade tomato sauce. Yum!

  599. Eliza says:

    One of my favorites to make is simply grilled chicken salad.

  600. Jessica says:

    This cookbook sounds fantastic! I would love to own it. My current favorite healthy recipe to make is Chicken Chickpea Soup. It’s loaded with veggies and protein and is perfect for chilly days. jreese4peace{at}gmail{dot}com

  601. Lynda says:

    Really would love to add this cookbook to my collection. My favorite healthy thing to cook would be roasted homegrown root vegetables w/smoked sea salt. I also love a steamed chard with a bit of home-cured bacon and carmelized shallots.

  602. I guess I don’t think in terms of “healthy” vs. “not healthy” when it comes to my cooking, but I suppose my turkey meatloaf would be considered a lighter version of a classic.

  603. christyd says:

    My favorite healthy meal is by Giada; it’s turkey stuffed zucchini with an Italian flair. Everything you need in one meal; meat and veggies in one dish! It’s absolutely delicious!

  604. Stacie Ryans says:

    My favorite healthy recipe to make is seven layer salad.

  605. Ali says:

    I am drooling over those fajitas now…

    My fav healthy dish is a side dish. Cranberry Relish.

    Just take a bag of cranberries (I stock up & freeze), an orange & almost a cup of sugar & toss in a food processor.

    Chill overnight & its like bliss to me.

  606. Susanna says:

    Corn and Bean Salad- in the summer i was making this all the time- fresh, raw corn kernels, kidney or black (or whatever) beans, bell pepper, onion, cumin, lime juice- so refreshing!

  607. Caroline says:

    I love ATK! My favorite healthy dish to make is tofu stir fry over brown rice with tons of veggies and a splash of sesame oil.

  608. Holli B. says:

    I love grilled asparagus…well, I love baked asparagus too, and steamed asparagus. I guess I just like asparagus!

  609. Rebekah says:

    Ok, I want this cookbook. I don’t usually like cookbooks so much, but this looks like a keeper!

    My favorite healthy dish right now is your citrus black beans that I serve with brown rice, on a tortilla. Simple, cheap, and tasty!

  610. Michelle W says:

    My whole family loves coconut curry chicken, which I make with a little of Trader Joes red curry sauce and a can of fat free coconut milk. YUM!

  611. Karen says:

    I’m kind of stuck on pasta with broccoli and Italian sausage right now.

  612. Janis T says:

    Your sure got me with the fajitas-my favorite go to quick dinner. That was a great review of the cookbook, I’m putting it on my want list. I live on the coast so my favorite healthy meal would be fresh (caught today!) fish with vegetables and brown or wild rice.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  613. Nicole C says:

    My favorite dish is so easy, it’s almost embarrassing to post – my family loves asparagus light sprayed with olive oil cooking spray and spinkled with cajun seasoning, bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes or grill. Even my three year loves this!

  614. Christina says:

    I try and cook healthy meals a lot. I have found a lot of good WW recipes. My recent favorite is their version of Coq au Vin.

  615. Melissa says:

    These fajitas look like they could be my new healthy favorite!

  616. Lori says:

    I LOVE your blog! My favorite healthy recipe is White Chicken Chili (from Cook’s Illustrated, of course)!

  617. Cristin says:

    I love the ATK version of reduced-fat mashed potatoes. So good, and I can’t wait to see what else this cookbook has to offer!

  618. My favorite dish is turkey chili, got the recipe out of Men’s Health Magazine.

  619. Cara says:

    My favorite healthy meal is chicken taco stew. This looks like a great cookbook!

  620. Emily says:

    I love ATK! And I think this cookbook would be perfect for me and my family. One of my favorite healthy foods–spinach smoothies!

  621. Lisa says:

    I have recently been making fondue with a slow cooked homemade veggie broth. All of the food is boiled with no preservatives or oils. So good and so much cheaper than Melting Pot!

  622. Joan says:

    Shaker Bean Soup is my favorite healthy dish.

  623. Jennifer says:

    Lemon Pepper Chicken with green beans and brown rice.

  624. Mandy says:

    I would LOVE this cookbook!!! My fav healthy dish is usually Grilled fish with lemon pepper sauce… I can’t wait for warm weather again!

  625. The healthiest meal I make is a grren salad topped with grilled chicken and lowfat dressing. Simply and satisfying.

  626. Sam says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is black bean salsa. It’s delicious on a summer day.

  627. Leslie Herrema says:

    I made a healthy version of broccoli-cheese soup I found on the eatingwell website and my husband and I both loved it. I can’t wait to make it again.

  628. Cassie says:

    One of my favorite healthy meals to make is my turkey chili. It’s so filling and yummy!

  629. Ashley says:

    The absolute best is from Cook’s Illustrated’s 30 Minute Cookbook… a steak salad with a mustard vinaigrette. Very easy to make and very satisfying!

  630. rebekah says:

    fish tacos and frittatas with anything thrown in them!

  631. Rebecca H says:

    I’m not sure anything I make can be labeled as healthy. That’s why I need the cookbook! :) Okay, my favorite healthy meal is grilling chicken and asparagus in the summer!

  632. sarah says:

    Spicy Vegetable Soup or Baked Spaghetti Squash!!

  633. Natalie says:

    Shrimp Stir Fry is what I always make for dinner when we’re trying to eat healthy. PS. Love the new site.

  634. Jennifer I says:

    I like something my family refers to as “cheese on top”. It’s brown rice, creamed spinach, chicken, yogurt, and bread crumbs, with a little bit of cheese melted on top.

  635. gingela5 says:

    This cookbook looks awesome! My favorite dish to make is black bean/chicken burritos. They are delicious!

  636. Abby says:

    My fave healthy meal to cook is red wine basalmic chicken from Good Things Catered. So yummy and healthy especially when served with fresh veggies.

  637. Helen says:

    My favorite recent healthy recipe was chicken thighs, sweet potatoes, onions and mushrooms in the crockpot. Yummy!

  638. Kate H. says:

    One healthy dish I like to make is Pad Thai.

  639. Jeff S. says:

    My wife and I really like Pineapple Beef, a healthy recipe featured in another healthy family recipes book.

  640. Amy G says:

    This sounds like an AMAZING cookbook! I love to try healthy recipes. I really like a WW meatloaf – it has a great kick but my favorite is a noodle casserole with chicken, rotel tomatoes, veggies and cheese. It probably isn’t SUPER light (and could be made lighter with a few variations) but it’s easy to make and definitely falls under the category of “comfort food” for me – YUM!

  641. Kristi M. says:

    I would have to say Asian Lettuce Wraps. Time intensive but oh so worth it and good!

  642. Lisa says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is white bean soup. Sides would be baked sweet potatoes with thyme and nutmeg and wilted spinach with roasted tomatoes. Yum – this is a feast!

  643. Penandra says:

    I am a huge fan of America’s Test Kitchen and own several of their cookbooks. My favorite healthy food is homemade granola — what’s not to love, I know the ingredients that have gone into it, it’s healthy and it tastes good! (I’m eating some with yogurt while I input this comment! ;-) I’ve adapted David Lebovitz’s recipe which I really love (and enjoy sharing with friends and co-workers . . . almost all of whom ask for the recipe!)

  644. kellee says:

    My favorite healthy meal is a toss up between the super easy spicy chicken stew or eggplant spaghetti.

  645. Murphy Dwyer says:

    Broccoli and kale soup! I eat it with a little hot sauce and whole wheat tortilla. Simple, healthy and delicious :) this cookbook looks great

  646. Danielle Pontow says:

    My favorite dish to make is Pasta Salad.. I stuff it full of veggies and use cheese.. I love to make this and eat it all by itself

  647. Lauren says:

    I like to make something called a farmer’s skillet. It’s loaded with veggies and a little big of feta cheese for kick. Delicious!

  648. Shannon R says:

    Pork tenderloin with blueberry chutney. Very tasty, very healthy!

  649. Nancy O'Donnell says:

    My favorite healthy and easy dinner is rice and beans. You can jazz them up with seasonings, cheese, sour cream, etc., but it’s so easy to make and healthy and comforting to eat! I love ATK and own most of their books, just not this one YET!

  650. Andrea Fogt says:

    My favorite is your black bean and salsa soup recipe!

  651. Jen Kuck says:

    My newest fave is Rocco DiSpirito’s healthy remake of chicken Parmigiana. Oh my, it is soooo good and so easy!

  652. Sheri says:

    Braised greens (kale, chard or whatever else is in season) with white beans, garlic, sherry vinegar.

  653. Katie says:

    I have a healthy chicken verde enchilada recipe that is to die for. It’s requested by the family at least once a month

  654. Oh my gosh I would LOVE to win that book! My favorite healthy recipe to make is chicken stir-fry. Yum!!

  655. Dana says:

    My favorite healthy meal to make is – fortunately – my boyfriend’s favorite dinner to eat! It’s called Mexican Casserole, and it has tomatoes, red onions, cilantro, ground lean turkey, black beans, white corn, and seasonings, and then I cover the top with a simple corn bread mix and bake. It’s super easy and super healthy!

  656. Anna Was says:

    I love to cook and we have a variety of dishes throughout the week but one that I always come back to because everyone can make their own is Chicken Tacos. Some like beans, more vegetables, lots of sour cream..to each there own. It is perfect for my family! Thanks for the great opportunity!

  657. Stephanie C says:

    My favorite holiday dish is scalloped potatoes, it’s been my favorite holiday dish since I was a kid.

  658. Diane in MD says:

    I have a homemade low-fat granola recipe that I love to make for breakfast.

  659. natalie rodriguez says:

    I have to say that lately my fave is your fish taco recipe! I’m on weight watchers and it’s such a great meal, low in points and everyone here loved them! THx

  660. Kay says:

    A healthy recipe for me is Mediterranean Tuna Salad!

  661. Renee says:

    Cucumber, tomato, onion, feta and bulgar salad with a mustard dill vinaigrette.

  662. Maggie says:

    Kabobs – grilled chicken or shrimp with lots of veggies

  663. Krista says:

    I love my low fat peach crisp!

  664. Anne says:

    Mmmm, there are so many! I love making healthier recipes. One of my favorites has got to be healthier chicken pot pie. Tons of veggies and white meat chicken, creaminess (even though you use skim milk),and a phyllo dough topping instead of a heavy pie crust. Delicious!

  665. stefanie says:

    I love healthy cookbooks! :)
    My favorite healthy thing to make is baked sweet potatoes. I love to eat them plain with no butter, no sugar, just the potato :)

  666. Marie says:

    My family eats a lot of baked fish. I also have a turkey meatball recipe that turned out well. I love reading all of the comments – I feel inspired!

  667. Kelly says:

    I have a favorite dish that I make when we have guests over for dinner. It is grilled chicken with mango salsa. The salsa has fresh mangos, cilantro, red onions, and a bunch of other ingredients.

  668. Jenelle says:

    My favorite healthy go to meal is salmon poached in white wine, with garlic and herbs, sauteed green beans in olive oil with mushrooms, served over risotto. Mmm!

  669. Kimberly says:

    I am just starting to cook healthy and so far my favorite is Italian baked chicken and rice.

  670. Caitlin says:

    My healthly southwestern grilled chicken with stuffed grilled peppers is absolutely my favorite dish. It doesn’t help that my husband enjoys it as well!

  671. shannon says:

    I would love this!!!! My favorite healthy dish is Huevos Rancheros cause you can serve it any time of day, it’s healthy, cheap & easy.

  672. Melissa says:

    I enjoy a lot of healthy recipes, but my favorite would be Mango Black Bean Nachos. They may sound and taste unhealthy, but I know better. :)

  673. Jen says:

    My favorite healthy recipe…? Wow. I have about 8 million. But I love that banana brulee oatmeal recipe you posted. It’s delicious!

  674. Michelle says:

    My new favorite recipe right now is Margarita Chicken. It’s a simple and easy slow cooker recipe that is EXTREMELY healthy! Boneless skinless chicken, Margarita mix (non-alcoholic), garlic, dijon mustard, and honey. It’s sooo full of flavor and not bad for you at all. Even my 16 month old son eats it with a smile!

  675. Fallon says:

    I love making spaghetti squash topped with a fresh tomato sauce from diced tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil. Some ricotta and parmesan to top it off and you have a delicious and healthy meal!

  676. Lauren says:

    I love to make my own hummus, it’s so easy and I can change up the flavors.

  677. Amanda says:

    Salad! I love playing with “add on’s” and dressings.

  678. Denise says:

    I like to cook healthy meals using fresh seasonal ingredients. This winter, I have made tons of soup and stews. Warm and comforting with a healthy twist. This cookbook sounds like a great addition to my ever growing collection.

  679. Erika W. says:

    Right now I love Roasted buttercup (not butternut!) squash with just a drizzle of good olive oil and salt served with adzuki beans on top.

  680. Danielle says:

    I make this Spinach Feta Chicken that is yummy, and very healthy too =). This cookbook looks awesome!!

  681. anne says:

    I just made black bean soup for the first time and i think htat was pretty healthy! anne

  682. What’s funny is that I just blogged about one my healthy dishes – lentil tacos! It really makes you not miss the beef and keeps things healthy!

    I also love the ATK hummus – it’s my go-to recipe!

  683. Would LOVE this cook book. I am a HUGE ATK fan! :) I love to make home made granola with fruit salad :)

  684. Julie says:

    Yum! The fajitas look fab! My favorite healthy dish to make is a spinach/chicken/orzo salad that I love to whip up on a Sunday and then have for lunches all week.

  685. Amy says:

    Hmmm, hard to choose. Today it is Vegetarian Split Pea Soup.

  686. Eunice says:

    My favorite healthy food dish is this white fish with tomatoes and capers. The flavors are fresh with a citrus kick from a splash of fresh squeezed orange juice and you get all the nutritional benefits of fish!

  687. Suzanne G. says:

    Grilled chicken over yummy salad greens…which my kids call “weeds”. It is so good and filling:) Love your blog!

  688. Mandi says:

    My favorite healthy dish is grilled chicken with brown rice.

  689. J.Allen says:


  690. Kat says:

    Our favorite is burritos made with black bean & corn salad and homemade salsa with fresh tomatoes & peppers from our garden.

  691. Pamela says:

    Salmon and roasted vegetables.

  692. Lindsey says:

    Our go-to healthy dish that we make is Turkey Chili. It uses ground turkey and we serve it with brown rice. Healthy but delicious!

  693. Kelley says:

    A Weight Watchers chicken pot pie recipe from years ago. It’s easy, fast, adaptable to veggies on hand and everyone in the family loves it.

  694. Kaitlin says:

    Minestrone soup with turkey meatballs

  695. Becky T says:

    I absolutely love making chicken lettuce wraps! In fact, that’s what we’re having for dinner tonight!

  696. Angie Onufer says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a quick Ratatouille with peppers,zuchinni, tomatoes, fresh basil and parsley over Dreamfields Pasta or any wheat pasta. Its so yummy!

  697. Susan B says:

    Love to make chicken tortilla soup and garnish with avocado and light cheese. I don’t put but half a corn tortilla in it since I am watching my carbs.
    Thanks Annie for the opportunity-would love to win the book-and thank you for your exceptional blog! I always trust your opinions!
    Susan B

  698. Beth says:

    This book sounds great! My favorite is grilled stuffed zucchini with grilled chicken and brown rice.

  699. Tessa says:

    I love your site, Annie! I have made several of your recipes and have loved every one of them, so thank you for sharing. My favorite healthy recipe would have to be the Cooking Light version of Shrimp Po’Boys because they are so flavorful, which I think is important for healthy recipes, and my husband actually requests this meal!!

  700. Deborah says:

    I love ATK! The Healthy Family Cookbook would be a great addition to my cookbook library! My favorite healthy dish is vegetable beef soup with mushrooms, cabbage, turnips, carrots, onions, and whatever other vegetables I have on hand.

  701. Mariel says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a tofu curry with brown rice. It’s so easy to make and has just enough flavor and spice!

  702. JaneC says:

    Sure would love to win this cookbook. My favorite healthy meal is grilled chicken with a side of roasted tomatoes and a salad.

  703. Jeannine Q says:

    I love making soup. Any type of soup will do too.

  704. Leanne says:

    We always cook healthy meals by including things such as whole wheat pastas and breads, substituting quinoa for rice, and trying to go double-veggie or lean meat on meals that allow for it. We still indulge in our favorites, but it’s all about balance.

  705. Deborah says:

    I love asparagus but have never baked it. This sounds good…I’m going to have to try it…Thanks!

  706. Andreia says:

    I love making a low fat spinach artichoke dip! It’s especially awesome when I bring it to parties, people rave about it and I can proudly tell them that its low fat! As a side note, I will definitely be trying the fajitas because fajitas are my all time favorite!!! Thanks for the recipe!

  707. Jodie says:

    I love to make homemade granola bars full of healthy nuts and dried fruit.

  708. Nicolette says:

    Loved the review, Annie! My favorite healthy meal to make is quinioa salad or any type of salad really.

  709. Linda M. says:

    Glad to hear it has color pictures…I need that. My favorite right now is Veggie Chili. But during the hot months, I make a variety of salads.

  710. Bill Welch says:

    Garlic pepper chicken with roasted red pepper cream sauce

  711. Karen D says:

    Salsa and vegetarian shepherds pie are two of our favorites.

  712. wendy says:

    I generally try to cook healthy dinners.
    My fave has got to be shrimp tacos!

  713. Emily says:

    I love making stir fry because you can add tons of veggies and lean meat without a lot of fat or oil (non-stick pan) served over brown rice cooked in chicken broth. Fantastic and healthy!

  714. joey says:

    My favorite healthy meal to make is chicken wraps! Yummo!

  715. Tricia G says:

    My fave healthy dish to make is Grilled Fish Tacos!

  716. I love brown rice and refried beans. Healthy and comforting! :)

  717. Katie Flanagan says:

    Super giveaway! After a weekend of indulgence when I want something super healthy I always reach for salmon (wild caught only!). I like to bake it with just a drizzle of olive oil, s & p. I will also roast potato wedges and have some sort of steamed vegetable on the side. It is delish and uber healthy.

  718. Marissa B. says:

    I am SO excited about this cookbook – I live for America’s Test Kitchen and Cooking Illustrated. Chris Kimball is awesome and I love his bowtie – I’ve been trying to convince my husband to wear them but no dice!

    Alright, my favorite healthy recipe is double dark chocolate chip cookies…if only they were healthy…I would actually have to say wild salmon. Ina Garten has a recipe for Asian Glazed Salmon (I use low-sodium soy sauce) and I usually pair it with some steamed broccoli or asparagus. Simple as that and SO DELICIOUS

    Seriously I would LOVE this cookbook

  719. Kirsten says:

    My step dad taught me a chicken recipe that is my go-to and is pretty healthy! It’s chicken browned in olive oil, then seasonings are added (garlic, Chef Prouhomme’s (spelling?) Poultry Seasoning, pepper, whatever). Then add soy sauce (reduced sodium) and white wine or lemon juice (or both) and let the chicken simmer. Remove chicken, deglaze soy sauce/wine mixture and pour as a sauce over the chicken. Yum!

    I love ATK and Cooks Illustrated so I think I would love this cookbook too. Might have to go out and buy it if I don’t win it after your review!

    Thanks, as always Annie, for such a great website and amazing recipes!


  720. Lisa says:

    I love to prepare grilled Ginger Lime Shrimp. Nothing like fresh ginger & lime!

  721. I like to make homemade hummus to snack on with veggies!

  722. Beth S says:

    I love making taco salads for a quick healthy meal. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  723. Amberli says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is a kinda burrito. I cook black beans, some corn, and a black bean salsa. Then we serve it on a whole wheat tortilla with some brown rice and sour cream. It is yummy. Maybe I got the recipe from here!

  724. Joanne says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is…hands down, this version of zucchini crudo that I make with tons of lemon juice and capers. Addictingly good.

  725. Tamy says:

    Love Americas Test Kitchen!! My favorite healthy dish to make is Grilled Chicken salad! Especially in the summer when its too hot to cook inside! And all 3 of my kids love it.

  726. TheresaSea says:

    *WANT* this book so badly! My husband and I completed the South Beach diet last winter, and my fave recipe from their book was for buttermilk oat muffins. They were incredibly moist, very healthy, and kept well! :) Yum!

  727. Missy says:

    My favorite healthy dish is stir-fry with tons of veggies.

  728. Bridgette Rogers says:

    I just recently came across a new favorite this week! Mediterranean Soup. I love it because it is very easy to add your own spin to it.

  729. Kara says:

    I love to make a good grilled chicken salad, or salmon.

  730. Sarah L says:

    My favorite pasta salad with whole wheat pasta, capers, zucchini, sundried tomatoes, lemon zest, walnuts and olive oil. YUMM!!

  731. Justin H says:

    I’d have to say my homemade veggie pizza using homemade tomato sauce and part-skim cheese. As long as you’re light on the toppings and the crust is thin, it’s a surprisingly healthy dish.

  732. Mary says:

    I make a dish with black bean, tomatoes, carrots & chicken & serve it over jasmine rice!

  733. Dear Annie, My favorite healthy dish to make is turkey meatloaf with diced carrots, onions, and celery…. I even use whole wheat bread crumbs:) To my surprise with a little barbeque sauce my kids eat it up:) I steamed some broccoli for the side and they were happy!

  734. Jeanne says:

    My favorite healthy dish right now is a zucchini and tomato soup.

  735. twyla says:

    I like to make crockpot oatmeal w/ steel cut oats, barley, and wheatberries. Yum!

  736. Felicity says:

    I really make an effort to make everything I cook healthy. If it’s high in fat, calories or salt then it’s probably not getting served around here. Unless it happens to have chocolate in it, and then all bets are off!

  737. RubyKat says:

    I absolutely love ATK!! Love making salads and low-cal chicken salad on a bed of romaine lettuce or mixed greens.

  738. Adam says:

    Hey Annie,

    Black Bean and Corn Soup with Lime is my favorite healthy meal. It is great with a bit of avocado across the top. I make it for work lunchs. If you do not add tomatoes, it is great filling for burritos. This is a great give away.



  739. Christy says:

    I make a really good baked lemon pepper turkey breast that everyone just raves about.

  740. Right now my favorite is either a fresh salad with lots of great toppings or a really good soup. Both with lots of vegetables!

  741. Carmen Y says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter drawing! Would love a copy of ATK’s newest edition. One of my favorite healthy recipes is Black Bean Pumpkin Chili – lots of fiber and protein, low fat, high in taste! Always a winner at my house! You can make it with fresh or leftover squash (not caramelized, please!) or canned pumpkin. Served with some homemade whole wheat focaccia and a nice salad.

  742. Allison A says:

    Grilled Chicken Salad

  743. Jennifer K says:

    In the summer when fresh vegetables are at the market, I love making a super easy ratatouille that doesn’t require hours and hours to make. But lately I’ve been making a roasted turkey and baked sweet potato wrap in a whole grain tortilla shell. I drizzle the “guts” with a little maple syrup, fold up the wrap and stick it in the toaster oven.

  744. Tasha says:

    Any kind of warm grain based salad, especially if it has chickpeas and lots of veggies.

  745. Rachel says:

    Can’t wait to try this recipe!
    My favorite healthy thing to make is baked salmon with roasted asparagus. Simple, bit my hubby loves it!

  746. Bree Locke says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is probably taco soup. Similar to the black bean soup I just read on here!

  747. Kendra says:

    My favorite healthy recipe?? OH MAN! I would have to say my favorite snack EVER…cucumber salad. Consists of cucumber, tomato, a little olive oil, a little lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste and some green onion! SOOO GOOD and light. MMMMM ;)

  748. Libby says:

    Those fajitas look pretty good – and for a somewhat inexperienced cooker, I think I could tackle them! My fave healthy dish – broiled salmon and roasted asparagus.

  749. melissa says:

    grilled salmon!

  750. JennyG says:

    I make a healthy white bean and swiss chard soup that is delicious. The cookbook sounds great.

  751. Janssen says:

    I LOVE this recipe: http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/penne-with-grape-tomatoes-and-mozzarella

    Tasty, quick and great with whole wheat pasta.

  752. Maria says:

    It’s a toss up between a Weight Watchers Gumbo recipe and a Cooking Light Chicken Pot Pie…they are both sooooooo good!

  753. Paul Cotter says:

    I love to make my own hummus. I’m a food nerd. So I start with dried chick peas instead of canned. But I think it makes all the difference. A great filling, healthy snack…nothing like store bought.

  754. Angie says:

    Oooh! Me! Pick me! :-)

    My favorite healthy dish to make is roasted or baked salmon, usually topped with a fruit salsa. It’s a great meal, especially during the summer.

  755. Janelle says:

    I love my homemade Chicken and Brown Rice soup – especially during this time of year :)

  756. Christina C says:

    Balsamic Chicken with Green Beans. It’s yummy, doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, and very low in fat! :)

  757. Edie says:

    Looks great, I am going to try this. My favorite healthy meal is chicken chili. So good on a cold night.

  758. cindy says:

    I make this pasta dish with whole grain pasta turkey sausage feta and red pepper. Absoulutely wonderful.YUm!

  759. Jessica S says:

    Broiled Garlic Pepper Salmon with Roasted Parmesan Broccoli. YUM

  760. branny says:

    I adore a simple meal of brown rice topped with black beans, scallions, and diced tomatoes. Cheap and delicious.

  761. Sarah says:

    Spinach and Garbanzo Beans. :)

  762. Andrea M says:

    Ooooo… A family favorite is a greek quinoa salad with lots of veggies and an olive oil and lemon dressing. The perfect dish to stick in the fridge and munch all week! Super hit at pot-lucks, as well…

  763. maria says:

    Would your French Onion Soup qualify as healthful? I think so, and my husband made that last night. It was wonderful! Thank you, Annie!

  764. Lisa Y. says:

    I love Mexican food too! My favorite healthy meal would have to be my black bean soup. I cheat a little with a spoonful of sourcream…but it’s so yummy!

  765. Jessica says:

    I try to eat only healthy meals during the week so there are quite a few I love. Probably the tastiest is kale and white bean soup with tomatoes and Italian turkey sausage. I always forget how delicious (and easy) it is.

  766. Sylvia says:

    Strawberry Yogurt Smoothies — using non fat yogurt, of course. My daughter, who won’t eat strawberries is happy to drink them!

  767. Liz N says:

    I love making Asian lettuce wraps. Those are my go to recipe.

  768. Jennifer H says:

    Roasted chicken and steamed veggies!

  769. Kristen says:

    What a great giveaway! I think one of my favorite healthy recipes is barley soup.

  770. Camille says:

    I love to keep a bunch of fresh spinach in the fridge and throw it in to things — soups, salads, smoothies, chili, whatever. For whatever reason, my kids seem to never notice it!

  771. Kristyn R says:

    I just learned how to roast beets, so for now, my favorite thing to make is a roasted beet salad with homemade blood orange vinaigrette and goat cheese!

  772. This cookbook sounds great. I may have to pick one up even if I don’t win. Cooking healthy is something I do frequently. I normally splurge once a week or so with a not so good for you meal, but my favorite thing to make is a one-pot dish that I sort of made up with brown rice, some type of protein (usually chicken or shrimp), a little bit of olive oil, a little bit of lime juice, garlic, some black beans (for more protein), and sometimes i’ll throw in some edamame (for a splash of color). Of course the addition of something green on the side doesn’t hurt either. :)

  773. Emily A says:

    Definitely salmon and asparagus rice pilaf from a Cooking Light magazine. It’s a delicious one pot meal!

  774. Greg says:

    Nothing beats some fresh salmon for me. Done up pretty much anyway, baked/sauteed/poached. You hear alot about fish tacos…never heard of anything about fish fajitas. Would be good I bet with the right kind of fish and some fresh veg and salsa. Might have to experiment with that this weekend myself.

  775. Sabine says:

    my favorite healthy dish right now is Spinach tortellini soup.

  776. Rhi says:

    I have a great Tom Kha Gai recipe that is super healthy (and yummy)!

  777. Lyndsey says:

    The fajitas look fantastic! My favorite healthy dish is chicken, rice, and veggies. So yummy!

  778. Lacey says:

    My favorite health dish to make is shrimp stir-fry!

  779. Cammy says:

    I love breaded zucchini — I bake it vs frying and it is so good. It only requires a little bit of milk and breadcrumbs to coat. Thanks for the chance to win!

  780. ShelbyP says:

    I like to make grilled chicken salads. So easy and so fast and pretty darn healthy!

  781. Dana Marie says:

    *** Stir Fry *** I tend to use any fresh veggies from the farmers market even if they are not your typical asian veggie and I use fresh ginger, soy sauce or even a thai peanut sauce.

  782. Becky S says:

    Spinach salad with mandarin oranges, fresh strawberries, roasted walnuts, and dried cherries or cranberries… SOOO yummy!! :)

  783. ahh I would LOVE to own this! My favorite healthy dish? Roasted vegetables…esp roasted sweet potato slices! My favorite snack :)

  784. Jimena says:

    Hi Annie,

    I would say one of my favorite healthy dishes to make is a quinoa salad. I cook up the quinoa and add whatever veggies and/or beans I have on hand. This week I made a version inspired by a rice pilaf Whole Foods sells. I added cranberries, onions, parsley and a little bit of light sweet vidalia onion dressing. Yummy!

  785. Tess says:

    My favorite is roasted butternut squash soup – I got the recipe from a cooking class I took and I could eat this all year long.

  786. Rebecca H says:

    This book sounds great! I like to make fruit salsa. :)

  787. Bridget says:

    One of my favorites is Braised White Beans with Zucchini, Tomatoes, and Potatoes.

  788. Amanda L says:

    This cookbook would be amazing to win! My favorite healthy dish? Spicy Turkey, Sweet Potato, & Kale stoup. Its wonderful on a cold day like today. :)

  789. Lindsay Sterling says:

    I adore making fish tacos in the summer. It’s light and refreshing….we eat them at least once a week.

  790. Laura says:

    Thai lettuce wraps

  791. JoAnn says:

    Forgot to inclde my favorite health food. My morning oatmeal with fresh stawberries, blueberries, cinnamon, walnuts, almonds, and flax seed (or any freah fruit!)

  792. Inna says:

    Grilled Basil Chicken with Whole Wheat Couscous. Delicious!

  793. Lauren says:

    I make a delicious salmon salad with boiled red potatoes, tons of veggies, and honey dijon vinaigrette.

  794. Dani says:

    My husband makes this amazing honey glazed salmon…oooooooooh my gosh. In an effort to make it healthier (which, in his mind, means less messy for him to clean up) he’s been playing with blackberry glaze and next week it might be blueberry. Gotta love me some fish and fruit!

  795. Brittany says:

    This book sounds awesome! Especially the veggie section, I feel like I never know what to make for sides.

    My favorite healthy dinner is actually chicken alfredo! I just modify the classic recipe by using baked or grilled chicken, whole wheat pasta, light/low-fat sauce (and only using 1/2 the recommended amount). Add a bit of garlic and maybe some olives or mushrooms & voila!

  796. Carlie says:

    My most recent healthy fav. is BBQ ranch salad. Keep the dressing light and cram in the veggies. YUM!

  797. Tracy says:

    My fave lately is the Cooking Light recipe -Baked Goat Cheese and Roasted Squash over Garlicky Fettuccine

  798. Jen O says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a spinach salad with mushrooms and tomatoes. I don’t feel so guilty later when I indulge in those Giant Double Chocolate Cookies—boy are those good!

  799. Chris says:

    My fave healthy dish is definitely salmon over a great green salad with corn cut fresh off the cob, tomatoes, avocado and green peppers with balsamic dressing. YUMMO!

  800. Leanna says:

    I love vegetarian Indian dishes. Vegetable korma, chana masala, curried lentils and sweet potatoes, etc.

  801. Carolyn McCambridge says:

    Our favorite meal is turkey pumpkin chili. It is full of yummy veggies like bell pepper, tomato and jalapeño, has the lean protein and gives you an extra vitamin A kick with the pumpkin. A few dashes of cinnamon make it a hearty and filling dish perfect for chilly evenings!

  802. Jenny says:

    Cajun Chicken Salad….Yum!

  803. Joan C. says:

    Baked honey mesquite salmon with steamed broccoli – 210 calories

  804. Andrea Appel says:

    Hi Annie! Love, love, love your blog. My favorite healthy recipe is minestrone soup. It’s full of delicious veggies and really hits the spot on cold days.

  805. susan says:

    I love roasting veggies and grilling chicken! I checked out this book from the library and would love to own my own copy!

  806. loretta says:

    I love making healthy soups and stews and would love a copy of the cook book!

  807. Samantha S. says:

    My favorite healthy meal would be grilled or blacked tilapia with vegetables roasted with garlic and olive oil!

  808. Fajitas are definitely one of my go-to healthy meals. One of my favorite ways to get veggies in.

  809. Shannon says:

    my fav is a low fat minestroni loaded with veggies and whole grain pasta and beans.

  810. Jacqueline says:

    My favorite healthy thing to make is… Wow this is a lot harder than I thought it’d be. It seems like all my favorite things to make involve baking! But I guess if I had to pick one it’d be Halibut provencal! Very summery with fennel and lots of veggies!

  811. MaryBeth says:

    Fish tacos with a tomato, avocado, cilantro and lime mixture! Ooh so good! I LOVE ATK!!!

  812. Marilyn Corona says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is chicken temale casserole

  813. Jackie says:

    My favorite healthy dish is quinoa with chicken, mushrooms and asparagus!

  814. Jeanne says:

    I make a marinara sauce based on a Giada de Laurentis recipe that my husband loves. The sauce has celery, carrots, garlic, crushed tomatoes and onion in it all things my husband wouldn’t eat if they were served alone. Served over a 100% whole wheat spagetti, the sauce makes a meal he thoroughly enjoys and is really good for him which makes me happy.

  815. Deborah Gardner says:

    I’m not a lover of healthy foods normally, but I do love turkey chili with kidney and black beans and garden fresh peppers and tomatoes-no canned tomatoes for this.

  816. jamie z says:

    Roasted veggie pasta with fresh mozzarella.

  817. My favorite healthy dish to make is a spinach salad topped with grilled chicken and fresh berries. Yum!

  818. Erin says:

    Spinach and black bean enchiladas! I got the recipe at a heart-healthy cooking demo years ago, and it’s still one of my favorites.

  819. Kim says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is vegetable soup. It’s so easy to make and it taste delicious.

  820. Lindsay says:

    What a great giveaway, I’d love to win this cookbook. My favorite healthy dish I make is vegetable minestrone soup.

  821. Cindy W says:

    We make fajita quite a bit, but we sometimes will substitute tofu with the chicken to really make them healthy!

  822. Maggie says:

    I would have to say black bean dip with fresh-baked tortilla chips.

  823. Mailyn says:

    My favorite health dish would be chicken stir-fry lettuce wraps. : )

  824. Céline says:

    I enjoy lentil garlic soup. Healthy and so so delicious

  825. Urban Wife says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is couscous topped with sea bass covered in fresh, diced tomatoes. I believe the recipe is in my Cooking Light 2002 Annual Recipes cookbook.

  826. My favorite healthy thing to make is Soy Glazed Tilapia with Pineapple Scallion Rice.

  827. Caitlin says:

    I know it is easy but I love a balsamic grilled chicken salad. YUM!

  828. Toni Black says:

    My favorite healthy meal is whole wheat blender pancakes. I love the taste and texture and are best when topped with fresh fruit!

  829. Gayle W says:

    My favorite healthy dish is mashed cauliflower as a substitute for mashed potatoes. Our family really loves it.

  830. Hannah V says:

    I love making frittatas with a whole lot of veggies (and just a liiiiitle cheese!)

  831. Lindsey says:

    Pork, kale, and white bean soup with tomatoes, wine, and herbs/spices.

  832. Tara says:

    My favorite healthy dish is greek salad.

  833. Jen G. says:

    Thanks for reviewing the book–it looks like a good addition to my library.

    My favorite healthy dish to make is a Thai Peanut Satay Sauce over brown rice and tofu. Every single member of the family loves it which is saying something!

  834. mrsshukra says:

    Light fettuccine alfredo!

  835. Carly says:

    My favorite healthy dish right now is butternut squash, roasted, in a soup, whatever. Tasty!

  836. Melissa says:

    Cook’s Illustrated is also my FAVORITE!!! I have 14 different titles. My favorites are “The New Best REcipe” and “The Best Make-Ahead Recipe.” I would definitely love to have the LIGHT cookbook! My favorite light dishes are stir-frys with brown rice. You can do SO many different things with stir-frys!

  837. Brenda says:

    Balsalmic Chicken and Asparagus salad. (A Washington Post recipe)

  838. Jessica C. in Minnesota says:

    I like grilled chicken on the BBQ and blueberry muffins made with oatmeal and applesauce!

  839. Laura R. says:

    My fave is definitley salmon with garlic and lime plus veggies and quinoa.
    Had it for dinner last night – awesome!

  840. My favorite healthy dish is probably oatmeal. I love cooking old fashioned oats on the stove for breakfast, and then adding in healthy additions such mashed banana + blueberry, pumpkin + a few chocolate chips, peanut butter + banana, etc, etc! The best part is I can do it one morning, but make a double or triple batch, and eat it for breakfast a couple days in a row. This is good because I’m often in a hurry to get out the door.

  841. kvossler says:

    Navajo Stew from Simple Suppers by the Moosewood folks. I just made it again last night, but I’ve been making it ever since I got married four years ago. The recipe takes the following ingredients that are growing here in Austin right now: sweet potatoes, onions, potatoes, and also black dish, peppers in adobo sauce and diced tomatoes. It’s a comforting food for cool (or cold if you don’t live in TX) winter nights and has a bit of a kick to it. Serve with plain yogurt or sour cream to soften the punch. Serve also with whole wheat pita, tortillas or naan to scoop up its goodness. Mmm-mmm…too bad we had company so we didn’t have leftovers this time!

  842. Sharla says:

    One of our favorite healthy meals is vegetable stir fry with lots of colorful peppers & broccoli.

  843. Becca J says:

    My favorite healthy snack is plain old hummus with lots of lemon and garlic. We all love it, especially my 1-year old. Fun giveaway!

  844. Monica says:

    My favorite “healthy” dish isn’t really all that healthy but I like to tell myself it is. It’s your pasta with roasted garlic, white Cheddar & gine sauce. TO DIE FOR!

  845. cara says:

    Hi Annie,

    I love your blog! My favorite healthy dish to make is baked oatmeal.


  846. Sara says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is bison meatloaf. I use bison since it’s low in cholesterol and fat and high in protein. And I puree anywhere from 5-10 different kinds of vegetables and mix them with the meat. It’s an entire meal (with sides) in one dish!

  847. Melissa says:

    I love to make recipes with oatmeal. Be it a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, or some oatmeal muffins it is always a winning ingredient!!

  848. Lisa says:

    The fact that this book includes nutritional info makes me want it! It is so frustrating when cookbooks don’t include that info!

  849. Katie says:

    My new favorite is a spinach salad with pears, craisins, walnuts & a vinegarette! This cookbook looks amazing & would love to have it. I am always looking for good food to make my husband eat healthy.

  850. Melissa says:

    Oatmeal. Any recipe with oats is a winner!

  851. Brittany P. says:

    I absolutely adore making soups! Soup is such an easy meal to make healthy w/o loosing all of the yummy flavor. My most recent fav: Spicy Chicken & Roasted Poblano Soup. YUM!

  852. Laura T says:

    My favorite healthy thing to make is a Skinny Chili recipe I got from a fundraiser cookbook put together by my daughter’s school when she was in middle school. She’s now 36. :) Great tasting chili with very little calories.

  853. Natalie D. says:

    My favorite go-to recipe for healthy and tasty eating is chili. I can use up all kinds of veggies and use lean gr. beef or turkey. I usually make cornbread with it and shred carrots and/or zucchini into it. Tasty and healthy too! This cookbook looks awesome!

  854. Mary says:

    Since it is cold outside right now (current temp…5 degrees) my favorite meal is turkey chili. Healthy and yummy on a cold winter day-so I’m making it for dinner tonight :)

  855. Rosie says:

    sweet potato and black bean burritos!

  856. Nicole Zace says:

    Hi Annie! Wow…this cookbook sounds amazing! My favorite healthy food to make is a crock pot taco soup (I think it started as a weight watchers recipe). It is so delicious and most people don’t even know it is a healthy food!

  857. Anabele8 says:

    I would love a copy of that cookbook! I desperately need to expand my cooking skills! :) my favorite healthy meal is middle-eastern inspired: tabbouleh, falafel, and tsatsiki in a pita! Yum

  858. Marcia says:

    I love to make Puerto Rican rice and beans. Love it, plus it’s healthy!

  859. Sherrie says:

    My favorite healthy winter dish would have to be your white chicken chili (reduced amount of sour cream). Everyone loves it and is the perfect winter meal!

  860. Michelle T. says:

    Racking my brain to come up with something, I just realized…I don’t HAVE any healthy dishes that I make! Not a single one!! (Not that what I make is particularly UN-healthy…just none of them are overly healthy!)

    I do make a pretty darn good salad though, usually with some kind of fruit, like apples or pears, red onion, avocado, feta cheese…

    I really DO need this cookbook so I can start giving my regular cooking a healthier makeover!!

  861. AnneS says:

    Thanks for the review of the cookbook. I would love to win it. My favorite healthy recipe is an old one from Cooking Light. It is a summer garden frittata. It has zucchini, eggs, seashell pasta and a tomato and balsamic ving./basil topping. Great with fresh tomatoes from the garden!!

  862. Beth says:

    I like to make a healthy version of Taco Rice, using brown rice, ground turkey, organic tomatoes and black bean.

  863. Katie says:

    I have been using spinach in everything lately, and substituting quinoa for any other grain in our recipes to pack more healthy protein into our diets!

    The book looks great – thanks for doing a giveaway!

  864. Maggi says:

    Roasted broccoli with garlic. Easy and delicious way to get in your veggies!

  865. Alyssa says:

    Hi Annie! Love the blog and I love that you’re on facebook :) My favorite that you’ve shared is the Snicker’s cupcakes, but that’s not healthy.

    My favorite healthy meal has to be chicken salad on whole wheat bread with baked Lay’s as a side. I like to mix it up between sweet with grapes and cranberries and savory with onions and celery.

  866. Lydia says:

    My favorite healthy recipe? I love a good stir-fry!

  867. Kim says:

    My husband is a personal trainer and avid fitness buff, so I’ve had to learn to cook accordingly. We love to make breakfast burritos (or is it burritoes?) with egg whites, corn, black beans, salsa, and a little low-fat cheese. Mmmmmm…

  868. Annette says:

    I LOVE roasting vegetables in the oven with a little olive oil and seasoning. It is a way for me to eat vegetables, lots of them, and love it!

  869. Mrs. Smith says:

    I love to try out new healthy recipes so this is tough! I’ll just pick one: I love almond-encrusted tilapia with sauteed spinach and mashed sweet potatoes.

  870. kate C. says:

    Veggie chili – chock-full of healthy veggies and so tasty too!

  871. Anna says:

    My favorite healthful dish to make is Ina Garten’s stewed lentils and tomatoes. We eat it at least once a week for dinner and the leftovers for lunch the next day. It is delicious!

  872. Laura P says:

    I have to say I think crock pot lentil soup might have to be my favorite but a close second is defintely baked oatmeal!

  873. Christin says:

    Tzatziki! It goes with a lot of meals, even on bread or as a dip or my favorite, on a Doener. It’s really healthy, too… Hmmm….

  874. Chris E says:

    I love salmon – grilled or poached or in with pasta!

  875. I love to make grilled veggie sandwiches with roasted red pepper spread.

  876. Brooke says:

    One of mine is defiantly baked cranberry apple oatmeal… mmmmm such a great way to start a day!

  877. Gail says:

    The healthy meals I make generally revolve around beans–black bean soup, spinach & black bean lasagna, bean burritos. I think I need to expand my menus!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  878. Kari says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is Mediterranean Chicken with Rosemary Orzo – a recipe my sister-in-law made for me when I had my baby. Thanks!

  879. Amy says:

    chinese chicken salad. yum.

  880. Probably 17 bean soup. So tasty!

  881. Heather says:

    I like making pretty much all our meals healthy…

    We eat a lot of soup and my chicken veggie soup or one of the many bean soups I make would definitely fall into the healthy, eaten often category at our house! This sounds like a great book. Thanks for the giveaway.


  882. MaryBeth says:

    I like making nice, fresh salads loaded with lots of vegetables! Mmm!

  883. Chelsea M says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is tomato and pesto griled sandwich! There is nothing better than tomatos and basil fresh from the garden! YUM!

  884. lynne says:

    I love edamame! It’s healthy and delicious!

  885. Catherine says:

    My favorite healthy dish is sauteed kale and portobello mushrooms. Thanks!

  886. Steph says:

    Minestrone. Yum!

  887. AMANDA K says:

    My kids favorite healthy dinner is a recipe my mom created, she calls it Green Bean Soup… it has whatever veggies you have on hand with potatoes and sometimes ham or sausage, with a vegetable broth base. So yummy and the only thing my kids ask for seconds of!!!

  888. Terri from NC says:

    Oven roasted vegetables of any kind!

  889. Jen T says:

    I love stirfries! I also really like grilling- dinner about three times per week consists of some sort of grilled lean protein and veggies.

  890. Esther Soffer Roberts says:

    My favorite healthy meal to make for my family is ATK beef chili, but I sub in ground turkey and add two extra cans of beans. My family LOVES it!

  891. Kimiko says:

    Whenever my boyfriend and I feel the need to eat something healthy for dinner, we usually end up making a quick meal using salmon, whole wheat couscous (I always have a box on hand!), and some type of vegetable dish/salad.

  892. Yula T says:

    My favorite healthy dish would have to be quinoa taco salad-crunchy, flavorful goodness! Love your site, Annie, and congrats on your soon-to-be here baby girl!

  893. Melanie says:

    Definitely a spinach and strawberry salad. Love those flavors together!

  894. Sara says:

    My husband and I love to cook with seasonal ingredients that we harvest ourselves, be it fresh chantrelle mushrooms, venison, turkey, salmon, ling cod, and a multitude of organic fruits and vegetables from our friends’ gardens. We enjoy spending the time together making something we know is good for us that came right from our neck of the woods! So, I can’t pin down any one favorite recipe, but maybe a new cookbook would help!

  895. Lindsey says:

    This cookbook looks like a lot of fun! My favorite healthy recipes usually involve granola–I love a breakfast apple granola crisp with barely-sweetened granola crumble on top, served with yogurt! Yumm!!

  896. Lindsay says:

    Mmm.. now I’m thinking about my favorite healthy meal, and getting oh-so-hungry! I love faro, cooked with chicken stock instead of water for extra flavor. Topped with light crumbly goat cheese, sliced avocado and some oven roasted beets. For an extra kick, a little preserved lemon vinaigrette. So filling and so many nutrients, I never feel deprived!

  897. Bethany says:

    Mine would have to be my vegetable soup! I love soup for the winter, but I have to say that even in the summer I’m craving vegetable soup. I just love how I can get all those yummy vegetables in one bowl. Yummy!

  898. Erica says:

    My favorite healthy go-to meal is grilled chicken or fish and a nice heaping salad. Baby Spinach mix, chopped walnuts or pecans, dried cranberries, a sprinkle of blue cheese and topped with oil and vinegar! So simple and so delicious!!

  899. Leela says:

    I like ATK’s lighter chicken parm recipe. Super crispy, it’s hard to believe it’s not fried.

  900. Maureen says:

    I like gazpacho soup. While not so wonderful in the cold months it is a great soup to enjoy on a hot summer day. It is mainly fresh veggies that are all good for you.

  901. Julia says:

    Super exciting giveaway!!!

    I love to make hummus for an easy and healthy snack!

  902. Callie says:

    I love to make roasted brussel sprouts!

  903. Beka says:

    This cookbook looks fantastic…I recently moved back to the states from some time in Scotland and Turkey. While I was there I learned to eat a lot healthier because the produce was so cheap. I found out that healthy stuff can actually be yummy (Don’t get me wrong, though, it didn’t stop me from consuming a huge cheeseburger my second day back)! Anyway, this cookbook would be a great help for some of my healthy eating adventures.
    My favorite healthy recipe is probably Egyptian Red Lentil Soup with a side of toasty whole grain bread!

  904. Lana says:

    Roasted broccoli with garlic, red pepper and parmesan. It’s so quick, so easy, so ridiculously delicious that the only reason I don’t eat it every single day is… I actually have no idea. Should fix that.

  905. Kim says:

    My favorite healthy meal is a green smoothie with a salt and peppered fried egg! So light and easy.

  906. Paula C. says:

    I have been looking at that cookbook. I’m glad to hear it has your stamp of approval. My favorite healthy recipe Giada De Laurentiis’s Roasted Vegetable Primivera.

  907. Jennifer says:

    I made lentil loaf last night, and it is quite tasty. I love that it is completely meatless and that my whole family loves it… and that takes a near miracle.

  908. Debby says:

    I have found so many wonderful, healthy meals from Cooking Light magazine. My favorite would have to be a gazpacho panzanella salad.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  909. micaela says:

    My favorite healthy meal…a fruit smoothie made with any flavor Greek style yogurt, a little milk, frozen fruit (blueberries,strawberries etc..) and a swirl of honey! Can’t get any healthier than that! Although..I may add some wheat germ to the next fruit smoothie!

  910. Ashlee says:

    I have been drooling over this book at Barnes and Noble. I love roasted root veggies with rosemary and olive oil.

  911. Jessica W. says:

    Switching up from the traditional breakfast every now and then is always fun. My favorite healthy dish to make is a veggie fritata using egg whites. Yum! :-)

  912. Erin says:

    This sounds like an amazing cookbook! My favorite healthy dish is fish tacos — I bake tilapia or red snapper with some cumin, chili powder and cayenne (I like it spicy!), and eat the fish in a small corn tortilla with shredded cabbage and a little bit of crema with green onions, cilantro and lime mixed in. YUM!

  913. astrid says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is the Test Kitchen’s low-fat chocolate chip cookies. They were in a magazine a while back, and included chopped dates. Sounds weird, but they come out really yummy!

  914. Peggasus says:

    I love Vietnamese spring rolls made with fresh vegetables all year round, I make them at least twice a week!

  915. Sonya says:

    Those fajitas look yummy! can’t wait to try them

  916. Scott McCambridge says:

    My favorite Healthy recipe recently is roasted sweet potatoe wedges. Wash and cut the sweet potatoe in wedges, toss in a little olive oil and salt, crack up the oven tur a few times to your liking.

  917. Thanks for the cookbook review! The cookbook sounds awesome :)
    My favorite healthy dish to make is black bean burgers surved on a bed of leafy greens, yum!

  918. Sarah says:

    I like making couscous with fresh herbs! It’s a great side dish.

  919. Liza Cryder says:

    I love to make a light version of Pei Wei’s Ginger brocolli with chicken. Yumminess!

  920. Sandy says:

    My favorite healthy meal is grilled chicken “taco” salad..MMM!

  921. Ali says:

    Tons and tons of roasted veggies as a side dish always makes the dinner healthier.

  922. Jenni says:

    Sweet and spicy turkey meatloaf loaded with veggies, YUM!

  923. Erin says:

    I’m not the cook in our house (I’m on clean up duty) but my most favorite healthy meal that my husband cooks are turkey burgers. Makes me wish for summer and grilling outside!

  924. Lauren O. says:

    Eggplant lasagna with low fat cheese!

  925. Stephanie says:

    I make a honey curry chicken with edamame dish that my husband and I love! It’s simple, easy, and full of flavor.

  926. All my dishes are healthy! ;) But when I really want something light I’ll usually go for a veggie soup or simple stir fry. Can’t beat em!

  927. Amanda N says:

    Definitely just a simple tossed salad is my favorite healthy meal. Especially when I throw some grilled chicken in there too, yummy!

  928. Christine says:

    Thanks to you, Annie, a healthy recipe I make all the time is some variation of your herb-rubbed grilled chicken with creamy orzo. Seasoning a chicken breast with herbes de Provence and pan-frying is now my preferred method of cooking that protein!

  929. Emily Harding says:

    My favorite healthy recipe to make is spaghetti squash with marinara sauce. Sounds boring I know, but I love spaghetti and as a college student it works great!

  930. Michelle says:

    my favorite healthy dish is lentil soup- you can use up all the weeks leftover veggies.

  931. Michele K says:

    I love cooking! Right now, my family is on a smoothie kick. I love a great salad, though.

  932. April W says:

    Very cool. ; My favorite dish to make is my Granny’s Veggie soup. It’s delicious, full of veggies, and fills you right up!
    – April W

  933. Lindsey Dean says:

    I love making Asian Salmon and brown rice with red bell pepper and onions!

  934. Larissa says:

    My favorite healthy dish, and one my girls like to eat with me, is pretty simple. We like to grill up a couple of chicken breast, dice them up and put them on top of a salad loaded with veggies. They even eat light dressing without complaining! :)

  935. Tracy says:

    I would have to say that as of today, my favorite “healthy” thing to eat would be what I made for dinner last night. It is Guiltless Alfredo from the Best Bites website. So good!

  936. Kristin says:

    I love lettuce wraps, with beef or chicken, shredded carrots, cabbage, a little rice and some sauce…yum!

  937. Lindsey says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is Ina Garten’s Chicken Chili…especially on cold Midwestern days like today!

  938. Claire says:

    Kale! It is so good.

  939. I have a vegetable ribbon pasta recipe that was inspired by a recipe in my “Great Taste, Low Fat” cookbook. Delicious!

  940. Danielle says:

    Steamed dumplings and a jar of kimchi :)

  941. Jaclyn says:

    My favorite recipe is from the P90X cookbook. It’s a roasted pork tenderloin with a spicy rub. Delicious!

  942. Chrissy says:

    My favorite healthy dish is Sauteed Green beans with Roasted Garlic. Easy to make and delicious.

  943. Brooke Hill says:

    I LOVE being healthy by drinking plenty of water. I also love low fat yougart with some granola, or a nice hearty salad with some meat added. My favorite!

  944. Kanishka says:

    I’ve had my eye on this cookbook! My favorite healthy recipe is a grilled portobello and eggplant sandwich.

  945. Kimberly says:

    Sounds like a great book. My favorite healthy meal is a nice sauted piece of fish on a bed of wilted garlic spinach.

  946. chelsea rose says:

    A nice, hot bowl of Tomato-Roasted Chicken Chili with this great Jalapeno Cornbread recipe I have from Cooking Light. Delish!

  947. Gloria C says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is Grilled Tuna with a Balsamic Glaze

  948. Mellybrown says:

    I’m really loving quinoa lately. My husband doesn’t care for couscous or rice, but quinoa is okay so I’ve been trying different variations. Love it!

  949. josie says:

    The Fajitas sound delicious! My favorite is your chicken gyros, I eat them at least once a week!

  950. Kaili says:

    I have my own little healthy concoction I love to whip up in a hurry: chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and some spinach. Hits the spot every time and no guilt!

  951. Linda L says:

    I make a kind of Greek style salad w/quinoia and romane lettuce that I love!

  952. Karen Miller says:

    Roasted Vegetable Minestrone with Kale

  953. Samantha says:

    My favorite healthy meal to prepare would have to be Parmesan Tilapia! Its quick, easy, and delicious!! I love ATK!!

  954. Samantha says:

    My favorite healthy meal to prepare would have to be Parmesan Tilapia. I love it because its quick, delicious, and healthy! I love ATK!

  955. Frances says:

    I love making yogurt!

  956. Crystal says:

    I love boiling carrots in half water and half lemon juice. Delicious.

  957. Margaret says:

    My favorite healthful recipe is a Green Monster — a smoothie with banana, flax, soy milk and spinach. Delicious!

  958. Stephanie Coleman says:

    I love your chicken gyros!

  959. Sarah says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is Greek salad with tzakiki made with nonfat plain yogurt.

  960. I really like to make asian salads, with mandarin oranges and grilled chicken — yum!

  961. Aska says:

    I’m a nutrition grad student and my labmate introduced me to your site. I LOVE your blog and after I shared it with my friends, they are hooked too! My favorite healthy dish is the Cooking Light version of chili. It’s low-cal, hearty, and perfect for a college student!

  962. lisa says:

    my favorite healthy dish to make is hummus

  963. Beth says:

    My favorite is a healthier version of a chicken pot pie!

  964. Kim says:

    I love making Ina Garten/pickycook’s Orzo with Roasted Vegetables!

  965. Amber says:

    My favorite healthy thing to eat is just 1% cottage cheese with a few sugar free sliced peaches on top. It is a great quick and esasy breakfast.

  966. AmyNLily says:

    Steamed green beans with a little salt pepper and garlic salt

  967. Janice Jung says:

    Straight up grilled chicken. Love it!!

  968. Kaitlin says:

    My favorite healthy recipe to make is a simple grilled chicken salad with tons and tons of veggies!

  969. Nikki P. says:

    My favorite dish is homemade pizza with pesto sauce, feta cheese and grilled veggies…great clean out the fridge dish.

  970. Karen says:

    Veggie enchiladas!

  971. Heather says:

    I love to make a stir fry with in season veggies and sliced chicken breast.

  972. Linda says:

    Roasted veggies with whole wheat pasta. Yum!

  973. LeAnne says:

    My favorite healthy side dish to make is roasted broccoli with soy sauce, garlic and evoo! So delicious!

  974. Rachel Schnitz says:

    Oops, I got so excited that I forgot to post my yummy healthy recipe. I invented a pecan crusted sammon recipe that I just love. I usually make it with a side of your yummy ceasar salad recipe. :)

  975. Melody says:

    In college, I sauteed some mushrooms and through them in some scrambled eggs/egg whites and threw in some tomatoes and baby spinach. So good!

  976. Jen says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is veggie enchiladas. Full of flavor and healthy, a win-win!

  977. Traci says:

    You had me at “ring binder.” What a great feature- I hate it when books snap closed on me when I’m cooking!
    I love making soups. It’s the best way I know to get lots of healthy stuff into my boys…and they love soups. Pumpkin and black bean is one of our favorites. Another favorite- spaghetti squash with chicken meatballs and sauce.
    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  978. Megan says:

    I need more healthy recipes! My fave is just plain ol’ grilled chicken and veggies. :)

  979. Jaime says:

    My new favorite healthy meal is my homemade whole wheat pizza crust with carmelized onions and roasted butternut squash on top. So fun to make and my husband loves it!

  980. Krista says:

    My favorite healthy thing to make is breakfast! I love to use whole wheat pastry flour to make healthy pancakes, muffins, and dutch pancakes.

  981. Sarah says:

    I love your chicken gyros. I use low-fat greek yogurt since it also has less sugar than regular yogurt (and you don’t have to strain it!) and I make the pita with half wheat flour.

  982. Ashley says:

    My favorite healthy dish is salmon with a spiced rub!!

  983. Maureen says:

    My husband and I love roasting veggies with olive oil and spices…carrots, parsnips, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, jerusalem artichokes, etc.

  984. Toni says:

    This book sounds great. I love how they explain the science behind why certain techniques either work or don’t. I have such a hard time picking favorites, but right now it would be chicken chili or pretty much any roasted vegetable. In the summer, grilled chicken with mango salsa! Thanks so much!

  985. Shannon says:

    My mom’s chicken vegetable noodle soup! Good for the body and the soul!

  986. Brittany C. says:

    I love making bruschetta chicken so good and healthy. Yum! That cook book looks awesome! Right up my alley. My fingers are crossed.

  987. Mindy says:

    In the winter, my favorite healthy food is a soup that I make that is full of veggies & lentils with tons of flavor. Yum!

  988. Rachel T. says:

    I love making turkey meatloaf. It’s a great combination of comfort food and healthy adaptations, so it’s still wonderfully moist and tasty with less calories and cholesterol!

  989. Katie Mast says:

    I love smoothies and salads. would be fun to try some out of this cookbook

  990. Lexi says:

    My favorite healthy dish would have to be my families taco salad, yum.

  991. Jeannie says:

    I make a chicken white bean chili that is healthy and yummy!

  992. Meredith Duncan says:

    My favorite is lentil soup with turkey italian sausage and lots of veggies.

  993. Nancy Anderson says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is veggie soup with lots of veggies.

  994. Autumn Bock says:

    Baked oatmeal, love it!

  995. Katie says:

    Berry Smoothies

  996. Michelle B says:

    That cookbook looks great! I’d love to win it. My favorite healthy dish would have to be roasted veggies with quinoa. And if I’m making for my boyfriend, I’ll add some grilled chicken. It’s healthy and tastes great too!

  997. Emilee H. says:

    I have a healthy version of Shrimp Scampi that I LOVE to make! It’s so yummy!

  998. Erin C says:

    I’m type 1 diabetic — I have lots of favorite healthy dishes! My favorite this time of year is polenta with an olive and rosemary tomato sauce, finished with smoked gouda cheese.

  999. deb in sc says:

    Favorite healthy recipes start with tossing veggies with olive oil and sea salt and then roasting them in the oven. then they can go on top of pizzas, inside wraps, tossed with pasta and many other things. They’ve made a veggie eater out of my hubby! I have several ATK cookbooks and would love another, especially of healthy recipes.

  1000. Taylorbunch says:

    Spinach Black Bean Pasta. My 3 & 5 year old daughters love to eat it with me! Thanks for the giveaway! I was trying to figure out dinner tonight and I think these chicken fajitas are the answer!

  1001. Angela says:

    My fav healthy food to cook is taco salad. I know, it doesn’t sound too healthy, but I swear it is and it’s oh so yummy. It’s my Mom’s recipe :)

  1002. Lesley says:

    My favorite healthy dish for both hubby and me is taco salad. My solo favorite dish is stir fried zucchini from the garden. I can eat a whole zucchini for a meal. Yum!

  1003. One of my favorites this time of year is roasted vegetable minestrone – very healthy and a great way to get your veggies in!

  1004. Penny in Texas says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is spinach cheese noodles from Jane Brody’s cookbook circa 1990. Simple to make and kid friendly.

  1005. Cara says:

    favorite healthy dish is definitely a good salad!

  1006. Marcy says:

    I make a ton of healthy meals by just performing swaps for certain ingredients. My fave is sweet potato and lentil soup.

  1007. Eleisha says:

    My new favorite healthy recipe is your Black Bean Soup!

  1008. Liv says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is chicken noodle soup!

  1009. Jessica M says:

    I LOVE to make healthy enchiladas. This looks like an amazing cookbook!

  1010. Melissa says:

    My favorite healthy dish? Oh, that’s a hard one! Right now I’d have to say granola. I actually was just going to buy this cookbook on Amazon, but I think I’ll hold off…just in case! :)

  1011. Rebecca H. says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a whole wheat cous cous salad with pine nuts, dried apricots, slow cooked onions, feta cheese and lots of parsley. Perfect combo of light, salty, sweet and fresh.

    The book looks great!

  1012. Christie Wingo says:

    The “Lighter Everyday Cinnamon Rolls” from the ATK Healthy Family Cookbook (I gave 2 copies as Christmas presents and would LOVE one of my own!).

  1013. Brittany says:

    I just moved into a new apartment and would love to add this cookbook to my kitchen. My new favorite healthy dish since moving is flatbreads topped with shrimp, evoo, roasted red peppers, fresh herbs, ricotta, and any veggies I got hanging around.

  1014. Brooke says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make? I suppose it is usually something of the soup variety. You can get a lot of creamy yummy texture without a lot of calories! Makes me think some roasted butternut squash soup might need to get on the agenda….

  1015. Michelle says:

    Veggie Soup

  1016. Laurie says:

    I like turkey and pumpkin chili. And winning this cookbook would be great. I’m a big fan of ATK.

  1017. manizor says:

    i love chickpea tacos! so so good! my husband can’t get enough of them – they are the only vegetarian meal he’ll eat. YUM!

  1018. Michelle says:

    My favorite healthy dish is beef kabobs with roasted vegetables.

  1019. Carol G says:

    I love to make roasted vegetables…….whatever I have on hand.

  1020. Jenny says:

    We love grilled chicken tenders that have been marinated in a cilantro pesto, and grilled artichokes on the side – yum! Or, a spinach salad with strawberries, walnuts, and feta cheese!

  1021. OTA Mom says:

    Grilled chicken and veggie kabobs :)

  1022. MCD says:

    I love grilled salmon. Had that for dinner last night!

  1023. Steph nelson says:

    lettuce wraps!

  1024. Mistie Barfus says:

    I’m always trying to find healthy recipes to feed my family. One of our very favorites is a tortilla soup with zucchini in it. It’s packed with veggies and lots of good for you stuff and my kids gobble it up!

  1025. Sue G says:

    To be honest I dont have many healthy recipes–that’s why I would really like to win this cookbook!! I do make a pan-fried Tilapia with a parsley lemon sauce that’s pretty healthy and delicious.

  1026. lindsey says:

    my fav healthy dish is black bean soup! super easy and packed with flavor AND nutrition ;)

  1027. Margaret says:

    As a healthy side, I love grilled vegetables.

  1028. Erica says:

    My favorite healthy meal is quinoa, black beans and feta cheese with a touch of hot sauce and cilantro. Yum!

    Or hummus. With vegetables.

  1029. Susan says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is Chicken soup. I make a day ahead and skim the fat off. I save all my drippings from chickens and a skim off all that fat as well. Very flavorful!

  1030. Anne Weber-Falk says:

    Pizza! I make it from scratch, except for the cheese. I have complete control over how it’s made, what goes into and onto it. I usually make a simple crust and then use fresh tomato, peppers, onions, mushrooms, just a touch of cheese and a bit of olive oil. Oh so good! I also like Pioneer Woman’s super thin pizza with fig, procuitto and arugala, one of my new favorites to cook. Best of all when I make and eat the pizzas, NO GUILT.

  1031. Amanda Cole says:

    Although it’s quite simple, I think my favorite healthy thing to make is pico de gallo. I make it simple with tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lemon juice. That’s it! It’s so bright and colorful and anything with cilantro/lemon is a big plus in my opinion. Served with some baked tostitos you can’t go wrong.

  1032. Lori says:

    My favorite healthy food is probably my corn relish in the summer. Unfortunately I probably negate the healthiness by scooping it up with Fritos :)

  1033. Kalyn says:

    My favorite healthy meal is a good vegetable fruit smoothie. Yum.

  1034. Lorie H. says:

    I LOVE ATK! I like taking a regular recipe and trying to change it to make it healthier. Not sure i can pick a favorite!

  1035. Megan says:

    My favorite healthy dish is probably a baby spinach salad. Yum!

  1036. Anna D. says:

    I like to make a healthy eggplant lasagna. YUM

  1037. Jenny says:

    Quinoa and Black Bean salad!

  1038. Marc T. says:

    I like to make a quick, easy and delicious vegetable stir fry.

  1039. Kathryn says:

    I love to make the white chicken chili and southern cornbread from the Best Light Recipe cookbook from ATK

  1040. Kathy says:

    This cookbook sounds great. Thanks for a chance to win it. My favorite lately has been a Cooking Light recipe for Seafood Fettuccine…yum!

  1041. Dawn says:

    I love roasting veggies in a little bit of olive oil and kosher salt. Green beans, broccoli and cauliflower are family favorites.

  1042. Betsy says:

    My favorite healthy meal to make is whole grain pasta boiled where you toss in fresh broccoli for the last couple of minutes. Drain and toss with 1 Tbsp (for about six servings worth of pasta) of olive oil, a pinch of cayenne, and a handful of shredded Parmesan. Incredibly light and easy.

  1043. Jessica in WA says:

    Bean soup. Yum! I’m thinking all the cheese and sour cream might negate most of the healthiness but oh well!

  1044. Katrina says:

    I really enjoy watching the TV show on PBS. My favorite healthy meal to make is a big salad of whatever I have on hand, with some bread and pesto.

  1045. Renae says:

    Vegetarian chili from South Beach Diet book. I make it a lot because we like it even though we aren’t dieting.

  1046. Jean says:

    Favorite healthy recipe: taco soup (black beans, corn, diced tomatoes, ground turkey and your homemade taco seasoning). YUMM-O!

  1047. Debbie says:

    Love….Love….Love…Butternut Squash Soup

  1048. Kristen says:

    For Christmas I love to bake all kinds of cookies, and then try to give them away before I eat them all! For some reason my usual favorite is peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies, as well as raspberry lemon thumbprint cookies.

  1049. Stephanie says:

    Homemade split pea soup! Nothing beats it! I love freezing single servings so I can have a great lunch whenever.

  1050. Marie says:

    I’d love to check out this cookbook :) My favorite healthy dish to make is eggplant marinara! Yum!

  1051. Emi says:

    I love stuffed acorn squash! healthy, delicious, and filling

  1052. mlj says:

    it’s a toss up between nancy silverton’s bran muffins from david lebovitz’s site and a curried lentil and veggie stew. love cleaning out that veggie drawer, and it’s dang good to boot.

  1053. Mindy says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a salad with chick peas, onion, celery, cilantro, champagne vinegar, rice wine vingear and EVOO. It is so good, especially in the summer with grilled fish or chicken.

  1054. Jesse B says:

    Hi Annie, love your blog. Hope I win the cookbook! My favorite healthy dish to make is baked chicken breasts and rice pilaf.

  1055. Shirley Stroud says:

    My latest healthy favorite thing to cook is Chicken Queso Burgers that Emeril made recently on Good Morning America. I actually used turkey instead of chicken because I can not find ground chicken in the small town where I live. These burgers are very tasty and my picky husband even loved them. I would love to win the cookbook and find other healthy dishes to try.

  1056. Jan Bakke says:

    The first thing I’d make would be Healthier Beef Stew since it’s record cold outside!

  1057. Rachel says:

    Mmm I’m going to have to try this! My favorite healthy recipe is balsamic grilled chicken breasts with garlic roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes. Yum!

  1058. Regina says:

    My fav healthy dish is a grilled chicken salad…boring but yummy.

  1059. mandi says:

    baked or bbq’d salmon with guacamole topping & a salad. mmmm.

  1060. Tammy T says:

    I love your site- check it everyday! I love to make homemade salsa and guacamole. They are great fresh with no added preservatives.

  1061. Irene L. says:

    I love making a big dinner salad with fruit and nuts! Yum!

  1062. michelle says:

    creamed cauliflower is my fave

  1063. Lindsay says:

    These look delicious! :) Can’t wait to try them! My favorite healthy dish was adapted from a Curried Chicken Roll recipe – my family calls them Thai Chicken Tacos! They’re SO fantastic and a great dish to bring to a potluck, everyone always loves them!

  1064. Sharlene says:

    I’m not usually a fan of “health” food either but if there’s an ATK guarantee it tastes good then I’m pretty sure I’ll love it!

  1065. Tristi says:

    My favorite healthy dish I make is my grilled chicken bruschetta…grill chicken brushed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, topped with a mix of roma tomatoes, red onion, and basil all in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. So yummy!

  1066. Heather says:

    My favorite healthy meal is Moroccan Chicken Thighs from Cooking Light. Easy and really delicious!

  1067. Amy D says:

    My favorite healthy and easy side dish is steamed zucchini. What a great giveaway!

  1068. Renee says:

    Recently, a favorite healthy food are lean turkey burgers made with nonfat greek yogurt and topped with grilled peppers and onions. Delish!

  1069. Desiree says:

    Black Bean Couscous with grilled lime chicken. Yum!

  1070. Great giveaway, Annie! Thanks for hosting this. My fav healthy meal has to be sauteed red snapper with tomatoes, olives and onions… I just posted about it, so feel free to take a look for yourself!

  1071. Erin says:

    Lentil barley stew….toss in lots of good veggies and some rosemary, serve with a slice of crusty bread….so good!

  1072. My favorite healthy meal to cook is plain and simple, sauteed onions and peppers with black beans, and then I add some fajita seasoning to the veggies. It’s amazing – however . . . I have a feeling that once I try the parfaits you posted yesterday, I’ll have a new favorite!

  1073. Patricia says:

    My favorite healthy dish is marinated grilled shrimp.

  1074. Vicki Mc says:

    I just made WW friendly spinach manicotti from skinnytaste.com. They were so good!

  1075. Ally White says:

    Well we are huge Taco eaters in our house, so we really love chicken or fish tacos in a corn tortilla for a light meal. Yum!

  1076. Tyler says:

    This sounds like a great cookbook! My favorite dish is a simple salad with oil and vinegar dressing topped with grilled chicken breast. It’s so simple but I never get tired of it!

  1077. Ame says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is black bean nachos. Ingredients: chips, refried black beans, cheese. It’s vegetarian. And it has calcium *and* protein. And I always feel so happy after I eat them so there must be some sort of endorphin-raising ingredient in them. Nachos are better than exercise.

  1078. ShellyK says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is grilled chicken parm – no breading, grilled instead of fried, and covered in low-fat cheese and fresh tomatoes served over spaghetti squash. Hmmm… maybe that’ll be dinner for tonight!

  1079. AshB says:

    OOOOO I love this! My favorite healthy meal is chickrn stir and tons of veggies or the Island Chicken from your blog! Oh most definetly the Island Chicken!

  1080. Kathy Hardy says:

    Homemade pizza!

  1081. Amanda says:

    My favorite is from Cooking Light: spicy corn chowder.

  1082. Marisa says:

    I discovered the ATK books, through your love of the New Best Recipe and love them – Thank you! As for a favorite healthy dish…mmm. I could eat a mango avocado everyday for breakfast – YUM!

  1083. Amanda says:

    spicy corn chowder! yum!

  1084. melissa says:

    my fav healthy dish is cx pasta primavera! decadent and you’d never know it’s healthy!!

  1085. Rachael says:

    My favorite healthy menu item is shrimp! As long as I can avoid drenching them in butter and garlic, that is!

  1086. Tammy Fisher says:

    I love healthy fresh fruit smoothies in the morning! I add a little cold pressed flax seed oil to get a boost of those Omega 3’s!

  1087. jpetroroy says:

    Salmon, definitely! This book looks simply fantastic!

  1088. Breeana says:

    We love Fish tacos and tortilla soup. Mmmmm.

  1089. Amanda says:

    Your white fish tacos with your favorite salsa is absolutely my favorite healthy dish to make now! I even made it tonight but with shrimp instead of white fish. Absolutely delicious! Thank you for the recipe.

  1090. Fran says:

    zero point soup
    Any veg you have
    (corn, green beans, carrots, onions, leeks, cabbage, celery)
    v8 juice
    chicken stock

  1091. ATLKristen says:

    Roasted turkey legs with veggies. Great winter meal!

  1092. Courtney says:

    I love books like this!
    My favorite “healthy” meal to make is Chinese Napa Salad (lots of veggies and protein from cabbage and almonds!)

  1093. Chris says:

    Just about anything you make at home is healthier than you will get out side, but I think my current favorite, especially this time of year, is split pea soup made with homemade chicken stock.

  1094. Jenn R says:

    Cayenne Grilled Chicken Breast with Avocado Salsa and brown rice…YUM!

  1095. Meryl says:

    Whole Wheat Pita stuffed with tomatoes, chickpeas, sweet onion, red bell pepper, cucumber, feta, shredded lettuce, etc., with a yogurt/cumin dressing.

  1096. My favorite healthy recipe is Honey Baked Lentils on Rice. Taste just like baked beans but without all the brown sugar. Its also very filling=)

  1097. Barb says:

    My favorite healthy things to make are shrimp tacos, and white chicken chili. This cookbook looks great!

  1098. Lou says:

    Vegetarian Tortilla Soup with black beans, zucchini, corn, tomatoes, garlic, and cilantro.

  1099. BethG says:

    Healthy recipe? Hmmm, I’ve made these awesome oatmeal cookies with dried cherries. I’m HORRIBLE about making healthy food. It would be great to get this cookbook to help me out.

  1100. Chrissy C. says:

    I love any kind of roasted veggies, but my favorite are asparagus and eggplant. Thanks for the blog and the giveaway!

  1101. Lori says:

    I like to make fresh sauteed broccoli and garlic and put it over pasta

  1102. Mary G says:

    I love making roasted vegetables! We started the South Beach diet and this recipe calls for roasted eggplant, I never, ever had eggplant, let alone roasted eggplant or roasted sweet potatoes…oh they are delicious!!!

  1103. Hannah says:

    I like to make an asparagus and green bean salad with a simple home made orange dressing. It’s easy and flexible-can be made with lemons instead of oranges, or white wine vinegar. It can be served cold in the summer or hot in the winter.

  1104. Chrissy says:

    My favorite healthy dish would be grilled veggie wraps.

  1105. Joan says:

    One of my favorite healthy dishes to make is Devin Alexander’s Stuffed Shells.
    joosbornenc at yahoo dot com

  1106. Stephanie says:

    My favorite healthy meal is grilled chicken with a pineapple salsa. It is perfect for a hot summer day!

  1107. Beth says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is a fall vegetable soup. I also like roasted cauliflower and tomato with ginger.

  1108. Donna says:

    This looks so good. Would love to try some of the recipes in this book. My favorite healthy dish is stir-fry over brown rice. I throw in all different kinds of veggies and usually chicken. Great blog..

  1109. Jill says:

    Love ATK. My favorite healthy dish are turkey burgers made with a can of green chiles mixed in and served on whole wheat rolls.

  1110. Soup! When we need something healthy, more times then not, I’m pulling out my jumbo Dutch oven and making a huge pot of soup.

  1111. Lauren W says:

    oooohhhh! what a fun giveaway!

    my favorite quick and healthy dinner: diced roasted eggplant, whole wheat pasta, tons of garlic, a can of fire roasted tomatoes, goat cheese and fresh basil YUM YUM!

  1112. Kimberly M. says:

    Black Bean Chili

  1113. Mary Lynn says:

    My favorite healthy thing to make is spicy vegetable bean soup!

  1114. Lisa says:

    Oh I really want to win this. I am a foodie who needs to lose weight but doesn’t think that there is such a thing as healthy food that tastes good. That being said… hmmm… my favorite healthy food is salmon. :)

  1115. jillian says:

    My favorite healthy dish is probably oatmeal with coconut milk, almonds and cinnamon.

  1116. Ann says:

    I also subscribe to the anything in moderation theory. That being said my favorite healthy meal to make for my family is baked haddock prepared with a light stuffing.

  1117. Amanda says:

    My favorite healthier meal is chicken tacos.

  1118. Heather A says:

    Our favorite healthy dish right now is marinated salmon.

  1119. Kelsey says:

    Sugar Snap Stir fry! So easy and sooo yummy! This cookbook looks awesome :-)

  1120. hmm..it’s not really a meal, but we lovee roasted veggies

  1121. Jessi A says:

    I LOVE roasted broccoli!!!!

  1122. Deborah says:

    Broccoli cheddar soup made with fat free half and half and chicken broth. Just made it tonight!

  1123. Jeremy Cox says:

    I love sushi!!!!!!

  1124. Kimberly says:

    Grilled halibut with bell-pepper relish (from Cooking Light). So good. I would love this cookbook! :)

  1125. Amy says:

    I love to make a big pot of turkey chili with lots of veggies!

  1126. Wendy C says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a lentil vegetable soup from Ina Garten. I never knew I liked lentils (or was really willing to give them a chance) until I made that soup.

  1127. Jennifer says:

    I love making all kinds of soup. Soup is an easy way to squeeze in a variety of different vegetables, it usually keeps very well in the fridge, and as recipes go it is very forgiving!

    Love your site Annie. It’s always one of the highlights of my day!

  1128. Chelsea says:

    We live in Southern CA and the weather is usually warm enough grill year round. I love grilled veggies (like zucchini and peppers) seasoned with balsamic vinegar served with grilled chicken. Yum!

  1129. Christina Madison says:

    I would have to say my favorite healthy dish to make is stir fry. So flavorful and so filling for so few calories!

  1130. Katie says:

    Roasted brussel sprouts are definitely my favorite!

  1131. I think my healthy chicken tortilla soup is my favorite. I’d love to win this book!!

  1132. Atour says:

    I love everything ATK and would really like to win this book. I usually make vegetable soup with sourdough bread and butter for a quick healthy meal.

  1133. Elizabeth E says:

    I love roast broccoli with a drizzle of olive oil and garlic until it becomes a bit crispy on the edges. YUM!

  1134. Cara says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is grilled chicken and grilled vegetables – yummy!

  1135. Izzi says:

    mmmmm. vegetarian posole! yum.

  1136. Hands- down, favorite healthy recipe is scrambled eggs!! Easy, cheap and naturally delicious!

  1137. Juli says:

    I don’t know if this is a dish, but my new favorite healthy thing to make is pita chips. I like to crumble a few over salad and use in place of croutons.

  1138. Abby says:

    I love making (and eating) black bean soup!

  1139. KarenE says:

    My husband makes an excellent rub that we put on chicken to grill (during the summer months!). We usually serve it with skewers of grilled veggies!! Love!

  1140. Sue says:


  1141. Kim says:

    Whole wheat banana pancakes!

  1142. Michele says:

    I love to make pizza on the grill in the summer. A bit of olive oil, and lots of fresh veggies from the garden. And sometimes we’ll add grilled chicken.

  1143. Anne Wright says:

    I enjoy roasted cauliflower, peppers and other veggies plus a nice garden salad.

  1144. Claire says:

    Balsamic bbq salmon with steamed veggies and garlic rice pilaf!

  1145. Tanya says:

    Initially I was a little stumped thinking about my favorite healthy dish which is probably a sign I need to make more healthy dishes. And then it came to me – my favorite healthy dish is an edamame arugula soup. It’s simple and delicious. And I’m pretty sure it’s healthy. And if not – well then it’s just fun to say edamame.

  1146. Kristie says:

    Bee Bim Bop which is a combo of sauteed veggies, rice and any cooked protein (my fave is a fried egg). The sauce is a mixture of garlic, brown sugar, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar. This is a great dish to make using whatever veggies and protein you have on hand!

  1147. Lauren says:

    grilled salmon with a light dusting old bay and 1 tsp of brown sugar. the sugar melts, giving the salmon a delicious sweet and savory crust.

  1148. Kate Gallimore says:

    I have found it difficult to get tons of veggies in while being pregnant. Mostly just craving Cheetos and Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs (since they are out so early now)… but I have managed to make an outstanding – heart healthy – Minestrone soup with big chunky vegetables that makes me feel so good about growing a baby! Would love the opportunity to explore MORE healthy recipes :)

  1149. Frances Lenz says:

    Favorite healthy recipe is a tomato salad with onions and greens.

  1150. Jennie says:

    I love using the recipes in the book Sneaky Chef-because it’s a great way of getting extra veggies into our diet. I especially love putting sweet potatoes into mac and cheese.

  1151. Rachel says:

    I love to make burgers (chicken, turkey, or beef) from Whole Foods on my countertop grill. They come premade with lots of yummy ingredients in them so they don’t even need a bun or condiments. Just bought a beef one today with swiss and portobello mushroom!!!

  1152. Marilyn says:

    A Portobello Mushroom and Almond Pesto Lasagna sounds really weird, but its one of my favorite recipes.


  1153. Amber B, says:

    wheat penne pasta with baby tomatoes, garlic, white beans, olive oil, Parmesan cheese

  1154. Diane Hatch says:

    Roasted veggies!!

  1155. Shannon S. in VA says:

    Roasted Veggies, ie asparagus, various peppers, onions with brown rice or quinoa.

  1156. Jan says:

    My favorite healthy recipe to make is spinach, orzo pasta and chicken salad.

  1157. Stephanie says:

    Love ATK! My favorite healthy meal has always been a big green salad with lots of veges (carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc) and a homemade dressing. A boiled egg is good in there too.

  1158. Carol Wegner says:

    Brussel Sprout Hash from Epicurious

  1159. AmyK says:

    A long-standing fave is a Dean Ornish roasted red pepper sauce over whole wheat pasta. Yum!

  1160. Rachel says:

    Salsa chicken!

  1161. samantha says:

    Salad with grilled sirloin, shreeded parmesan and cherry tomatoes. :)

  1162. I love making a healthier version of orange chicken. We made it for dinner tonight!

  1163. Brenna says:

    Favorite healthy dish is definitely sushi. So tasty and not too many calories! YUM!!! :)

  1164. Maggie says:

    I love roasting sweet potatoes and other veggies and pairing them with just about anything — egg whites, tortillas for tacos and my favorite Southwestern turkey burgers!

  1165. Erika says:

    Grilled chicken over a salad with lots of veggies.

  1166. Lisa says:

    One of my favorite healthy dishes is grilled fish tacos!

  1167. Anne Marie says:

    I also think everything in moderation is key. I love to cook and I love great food. If I could find more great recipes that also happen to be healthy, everyone wins. Though I’m not giving up orange chicken and potpie, in moderation of course :)

    My favorite healthy dish is a warm pasta salad made with bowtie pasta, shrimp, lemon, and spinach. Yum.

  1168. Christy says:

    My favorite healthy meal would have to be sliced chicken breast seasoned with Asian seasoning and lots of fresh veggies sauteed and then put over brown rice. Yum!

  1169. Ruth Darms says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is my moms enchilada recipe! Black beans, salsa, plenty of cheese-pepperjack and cheddar, grilled shredded chicken, homemade enchilada sauce, peppers and spices galore! All wrapped in whole wheat tortillas. of course. Nutritious and delicious.

  1170. MrsWheel says:

    Giant salads for dinner with homemade croutons made from leftover whole-grain bread. With only two of us in the house, it’s easy to have leftover bread, and thankfully MrWheel loves salad as much as I do.

  1171. Kimberly Anderson says:

    I make a yummy 5 spice turkey cutlet recipe that is super low fat and delicious!

  1172. Danielle says:

    I love Cook’s Country’s balsamic glazed salmon. Easy and healthy!

  1173. Emily says:

    I love to make mexican chicken in the crockpot–chicken breasts, salsa, frozen corn, diced onions, chopped peppers, taco seasoning. It’s delicious!

  1174. Kimberly says:

    Sounds like a great cookbook! I love green salads with strawberries and nuts and yummy dressing!

  1175. Becky says:

    tacos with ground turkey & veggie toppings

  1176. Jen says:

    My favorite healthy meal is Strawberry Spinach Salad. Absolutely delicious!

  1177. Amanda says:

    Well, I try to modify all of my recipes to be healthy but I guess my favorite healthy meal is Caprese pasta (using part skim mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and whole grain pasta). Simple and tasty!

  1178. Marzipan says:

    A big old bowl of miso soup with a poached egg.

  1179. Adrienne Yancey says:

    Anything with vegetables, but I do love to make chili in the winter with lean beef or turkey!

  1180. Erica says:

    I looooove steamed artichokes, with red pepper aoli :) My favorite!

  1181. Kathleen says:

    I make ice cream using dried milk powder instead of cream…delish!

  1182. Sarah Jane says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. Fajitas are one of my favorites to make. I am going to have to try this recipe though, it looks great.

  1183. Patty says:

    simple grilled chicken and veggie kabobs

  1184. Cheryl says:

    I love to make broccoli mushroom quiche, reduced fat cheese, cut down on some of the whole eggs by sustituting some egg whites, adding garlic and pepper and using tortillas for the crust. Yummy!!!!

  1185. Erik says:

    I love to make this pasta and spinach dish that our whole family loves. It is easy, fast and healthy.

  1186. Erin T says:

    I love these oven baked chicken meatballs from elenaspantry.com. They are full of carrots, zucchini and some yummy spices. Pair that with some wheat spaghetti noodles and some homemade sauce and it is healthy and so delicious!

  1187. Peggy says:

    My favorite is Soup. A can of low salt,low fat broth and vegies,pasta,rice,noodles and a great imagination will get you a very tasty meal in no time.

  1188. Stephanie Bower says:

    My favorite healthy dish would have to be grilled chicken with a fruit salad.

  1189. FireMom says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make? Hmm. I like to make this really great chili with turkey (or venison, which is also way low fat). Lots of veggies (added peppers, carrots, celery) and beans (good for the heart!) and general heartiness. Plus? My kids love it!

  1190. Kathy says:

    Chicken Caesar salad

  1191. Adrienne says:

    I LOVE stuffed shells so when I found a healthy recipe from “Cooking Yourself Thin” I was ecstatic. I make the whole recipe (about 40 shells) at once and freeze them for many quick and delicious meals in the future :)

    This cookbook looks right up my alley!

  1192. Courtney says:

    My favorite healthy dish is grilled chicken, couscous, and mixed veggies. The whole family can enjoy this quick healthy meal.

  1193. Sara says:

    My mother in law gave me a recipe for lentil tomato soup when we got married, it is so simple and delicious I make it weekly. You always have the ingredients on hand and it is really healthy!

  1194. Intisar says:

    Grilled chicken, it is so versatile!

  1195. brandy says:

    My favorite dish is the Turkey Burger recipe from P90X. They are soooo good!

  1196. I love a delicious quinoa and black bean salad. Fresh and yummy!!

  1197. Brenda says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is tomato-cucumber-red onion salad at the peak of tomato season.

  1198. Carolyn says:

    My own version of Greek salad…basically chopping up every veggie I have and adding some feta :)

  1199. I love anything fresh with lots of fruits or veggies.

  1200. Janelle says:

    Our favorite is quinoa and black beans. Our 2-year-old, 3-year old and 4-year-old all love it, which makes it that much better!

  1201. Jennifer says:

    I enjoy making quick and healthy meals when possible. I love to pull the meat from a store bought rotisserie chicken from Whole foods and pour over some yummy spicy bbq sauce (adding some local honey to the sauce sweeten it slightly) and serve on toasted buns. Served with a side of carrots or baked chips ….Yummy!

  1202. Elizabeth says:

    Stir-fry. Easy,flexible, and tasty!

  1203. Rose says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is oatmeal, but not the instant kind, or even the kind made with quick cooking oats, only the kind made with steel cut oats. They take longer to make, but they have a nutty flavor and a chewiness you cannot get with any other kind of oats.

  1204. Christine says:

    My fav healthy side dish is roasted broccoli.

  1205. Tabitha says:

    Humm so hard to choose a favorite when I LOVE food.. But I would stick with my classic whole wheat spaghetti with homemade sauce and turkey meatballs :)

  1206. David B. says:

    Our favorite healthy dish to make is a fat-free/sugar-free version of the classic broccoli salad.

  1207. Debbie Bray says:

    My favorite healthy dish is chicken soup

  1208. Kristin M. says:

    White Fish Tacos from your site! YUM!

  1209. Jenn Williams says:

    Crock pot chicken tacos! Yummy!

  1210. Ruthanne (in Seattle) says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this -I love America’s Test Kitchen! Oatmeal is the first thing that comes to mind of my favorite healthy thing to cook!

  1211. Leah says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is all-veggie chilli :)

  1212. liz says:

    I love to make nectarine or mango salsa with black beans, jalepeno, purple onion, cilantro and pile it on grilled chicken or fish.

    Our family favorite is also your sans salt taco seasoning with ground turkey breast piled on salad with salsa, onions, tomatoes, avocado, and cheese!!!

    I want this cookbook sooo bad-they had it at our Costco and I should have bought myself one. My sister bought one for herself and she uses it all the time!

  1213. My favorite healhy dessert is yogurt pie. Mix light cool whip and your favorite flavor of yogurt. Pour into graham cracker crust. Refrigerate or freeze. Very good!

  1214. My husband and I love making lemon rosemary chicken with sauteed veggies. We love the ctirus of the lemon flavor and the way the chicken cooks up so tenderly.

  1215. Emily Kelso says:

    Baked brown rice with green chiles, cilantro, onion, and red pepper. The recipe is actually from the Cooks Illustrated magazine.

  1216. Kassy says:

    Turkey burgers with baked sweet potato fries.

  1217. Totally weird that you posted this recipe today. Your grilled chicken fajita recipe is my husband and I’s favorite! We both had a major craving for fajita’s today and I attempted to look for an “inside” recipe that was also light online. I couldn’t find one I liked so we ended up going out instead, but now I know where to find one when the craving strikes again! First time commenting, but I love many of your recipes! Keep them coming!

  1218. Amber says:

    I’ve got a goofy crockpot recipe for pasta e fagioli soup which I always make with ground turkey breast and oddly enough, no pasta!

  1219. Linda V says:

    Steak salad- It has lots of veggies and just a small amount of grilled meat over the top.

  1220. Irene says:

    I actually made my favorite healthy dish tonight! It’s a lemon-thyme quinoa that’s very easy to modify. Tonight I added some parsley, paprika, diced Roma tomatoes and feta cheese!

  1221. TESS says:

    Looks like a great cookbook My favorite heathly meal is baked tilapa bake potato and cooked carrots makes a quick and awesome meal bcause it all can be put in the oven.

  1222. Peklet Mom says:

    I would absolutely love this cookbook. I LOVE ATK! My favorite health food would have to be brown rice, it just about everything that calls for rice. Thanks for the giveaway!

  1223. Valerie says:

    I love pasta dishes–and adding vegetables to these dishes is a delicious way to increase nutritional value. I especially like fresh spinach wilted in with a simple pasta. Asparagus goes great with pasta, too!

  1224. DJ says:

    I love the recipe you posted for herbed turkey meatballs!

  1225. Beth W says:

    Lately, my favorite healthy breakfast has been whole-wheat pancakes. I make an extra big batch and freeze them. Then, in the mornings I can just pop one in the toaster, smear a bit of peanut butter on it, and be on my way!

  1226. christina lynch says:

    My favorite healthy thing to cook is grilled carrots and sugar snap peas with garlic and ginger. yum.

  1227. michelle says:

    My favorite healthy meal is baked asian mahi mahi.

    I love ATK recipes and this cookbook looks great.

  1228. Amy says:

    We love to make a healthy spin on homemade granola bars – with a touch of peanut butter chips for the sweet tooth!

  1229. My favorite healthy dish is a turkey broccoli slaw asian wrap that I make! Yum! These look good too, thanks!

  1230. Suzan H says:

    My favorite healthy meal is broiled salmon with rice or quinoa and steamed vegetables. I make a soy sauce glaze for the salmon (simply soy and honey).

  1231. Amy says:

    We love to make a healthy spin on homemade granola bars! With a touch of peanut butter chips, it’s the perfect combination of healthy and satisfaction for the sweet tooth.

  1232. kimberley says:

    My favorite healthy meal is one big pot of veggie soup! Especially on a cold day like today! :) **Great giveaway, Annie!

  1233. Rina says:

    Well darn, I don’t think I have a “healthy” dish haha. We always have one or two “bad” ingredients. I would say our healthiest is teriyaki salmon (homemade sauce) and rice with steamed vegetables.

  1234. I love any vegetable roasted. I also enjoy chipotle two-bean chili.

  1235. Jeana says:

    I love getting a whole wheat pita bread and spreading hummus on it, then putting slices of cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, and any other fresh vegetables I happen to have on hand, then sprinkling it with feta cheese and some lemon juice. Yum!

  1236. andrea d says:

    I love ATK and have been experimenting with lots of their stir fry sauces in the cooking light edition. Helping get more veggies in the mouths of my kiddos.

  1237. Paige Ruggles says:

    Any steamed or grilled veggie is always a favorite healthy dish in our family!

  1238. Sandra Jones says:

    I love shrimp stir-fry.

  1239. Jen says:

    My favorite healthy dinner is grilled chicken and veggie kabobs! Chicken fajitas are one of my favorites too… but I normally put cheese and sour cream on them so it makes them not so healthy! ;)

  1240. Donna says:

    Freshly caught fish – baked with lemon, cumin, salt and pepper. YUM!

  1241. Jrnn says:

    fish tacos with cilantro lime crema from cooking light!!

  1242. Dana says:

    Your island chicken- on the grill…………. Delish!

  1243. Lillie Mae Stone says:

    I love making a salad on days that I need to eat something healthy. A good salad with fruit and nuts, and a delicious dressing.

  1244. Hope my fruited granola counts, because I probably couldn’t survive without my morning serving of it with a bowl of yogurt! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  1245. Marlis says:

    My favorite healthy meal is my black-eyed peas salad. Even my 10 year old daughter and husband love it! Black-eyed peas, cucumber, bell peppers, tomators, left-over grilled chicken and a lime and cilantro based vinaigrette and voila, healthy food that looks as good as it tastes.

  1246. maria says:

    My favorite healthy dish is probably just a basic green salad with a red wine vinaigrette. Yum!

    Followed closely by some all natural bacon.

  1247. marybeth says:

    This recipe looks SO tasty and the cookbook so awesome! My absolute favorite healthy recipe to make is an egg white omelet with peppers and onions. Yum =)

  1248. Jenn J. says:

    My favorite healthy meal is sesame noodles with stir-fried veggies and chicken. So tasty!

  1249. Katie says:

    Chicken breasts in stewed tomatoes with onion and garlic. Served over brown rice.

  1250. Holly says:

    Those fajitas look great! I’m definitely looking forward to trying them.
    Recently I am really into broccoli! I never liked it as a kid, but now I am just loving it.

  1251. Stephanie says:

    Great giveaway! My favorite healthy dish to make right now is your black bean soup. I omit the chicken stock to make it a bit thicker, and it’s delicious!

  1252. Mindy says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is just a simple baked chicken breast with rosemary with a side of broccoli and brown rice. It’s my “go to dinner” when we’ve had heavier items the days before. It’s delicious, but simple enough to give my stomach a break.

  1253. Annie says:

    I love cookies and WW has these amazingly tasteful ‘like’ chcoclate chip cookies that use ground up quick oats in place of some of the flour! I like people telling me how good they are then me telling them how healthy they are

  1254. Karen says:

    We love fruits and veggies. So, it is hard to choose but my kids would probably say chicken cabbage salad. :)

  1255. Sandy says:

    My favorite heakthy dish is roasted asparagas with olive oil and balsamic.

  1256. Ynaffit says:

    I love to make carne aside with pico de gallo!

  1257. Freya says:

    Healthy dishes arent frequently made in my house (not necesarily a good thing), but when they are, we like to enjoy chinese chicken lettuce wraps. It has a light shoyu sauce with finely shopped water chestnut and shitake. Its delicious!

  1258. Katherine says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is a spinach salad with almonds, dried cranberries, and mandarin orange segments with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing. It’s very quick to make and can accompany many main dishes.

  1259. Misty says:

    I’m from Hawaii, so my favorite healthy recipe has got to be Furikake Salmon. Delish!

  1260. Debbie says:

    Chicken tortilla soup. So tasty and good for you!

  1261. Jane says:

    Grilled salmon. Very lightly salted and peppered. My two little ones will go to town with this dish over rice. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful recipes!

  1262. dawn says:

    I simply love par boiled broccoli or green beans…yum, i enjoy eating them plai with a tiny bit of garlic salt – ooh also love grilled eggplant and portabelo mushrooms

  1263. My favorite would be my Pumpkin Tortilla Soup recipe. It’s awesome!

  1264. Jessica says:

    I love strawberry spinach salad. Healthy and easy meal!

  1265. Lynn says:

    My latest favorite is sauteed Kale with onions and mushrooms. DELISH!!! And I wasn’t a Kale lover until I made this!

  1266. Ingrid says:

    Black bean burritos are my favorite!

  1267. Faith says:

    I usually turn to grilled fish tacos for a favorite healthy meal.

  1268. Jennie says:

    I make a smoked salmon dish with low fat yogurt and low fat sour cream. A little indulgent and a little healthy, but a big hit around here.

  1269. amanda says:

    Grilled talapia and roasted veggies

  1270. Nicole T. says:

    This sounds like a fabulous cookbook! If I dont win the giveaway I will certainly be running out to get this! My favorite healthy dish would be a varitey of soups, especially this time of year. I love to make a turkey artichoke panini to go along with my soups of choice for the day!

  1271. Naomi says:

    Refried Beans without the Refry. Just as good as the real thing but so much healthier!! :)

  1272. Nic says:

    Giada’s Pasta Primavera made w/whole wheat pasta. YUM!

  1273. Kathy says:

    I make a lentil sauce over bowtie pasta. Thank you for the opportunity to win the cookbook!

  1274. ljmh says:

    my favorite healthy dish is a veggie salsa – great for baked chips or as a topper for chicken or fish

  1275. Katie says:

    I like your black bean and salsa soup the best.

  1276. Sarah Wheeler says:

    Hmm, favorite healthy dish? I think right now I’m really into roasting veggies in order to get more of them in our diets. I’m kinda in a healthy recipe rut right now so I’d love to win this cookbook and find a few more to try!

  1277. Beth says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a simple lemon garlic grilled chicken with veggies. Yum!

  1278. Jan says:

    I think my new favorite for this winter is a chicken tortilla soup. Fresh, hot, and relatively simple. What more can one ask for? :) PS. Can’t wait to try your version or fajitas! They look yummy! Thanks for sharing your little corner of the world with us.

  1279. Cristina B says:

    I love to make salmon with quinoa and steamed asparagus on the side!

  1280. Sarah says:

    Spelt cooked with beef broth, sweet onions and peppers is my favorite dish!!!

  1281. Emilee says:

    I love ATK so I’m sure this cookbook is amazing. My fave dish to make is roasted veggies. The caramelization that happens when they roast makes everyone love them, even my toddler who claims to not like veggies :)

  1282. CC says:

    I have been looking for a good healthy cooking recipe book, my daughter is in college and just getting into cooking, this would be perfect for her!!

  1283. Kim K. says:

    I love roasted cauliflower. Simple and healthy!

  1284. Mattie says:

    Thank you for a beautiful website!! My favorite healthy combo is spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, and turkey meatballs!! Maybe tonight, or maybe your fajitas?

  1285. Jennifer says:

    A healthy dish I can get my hubby and daughter to eat, chicken tacos. I have just started to attempt to cook and bake recently, and have enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks!

  1286. Amy C. says:

    I love a good salad with Ina Garten’s vinagrette recipe (olive oil, champagne vinegar, garlic, dijon, salt & pepper). It’s great with spring mix lettuce, cucumber, tomato, artichokes, hearts of palm, garbanzo beans, & my favorite cheese, feta!

  1287. Anne Marie says:

    My favorite healthy meal is grilled Chiavetta chicken, tomato salad, sauteed zucchini, and steamed corn on the cob. When our garden is in bloom, we just eat from that and it is so healthy and so heavenly!

  1288. Cindy says:

    I love watching the show but have never used their cookbooks-sounds like this one is a winner!

  1289. Cindy says:

    I love watching the show but have never used their cookbooks-sounds like this one is a winner! My favorite healthy recipe is Brown Rice and black bean casserole.

  1290. Denise P. says:

    My favorite healthy is a Mediterranean inspired fish dish. A white fish with tomatoes, olives, fresh herbs, a touch of feta cheese. Served with quinoa. Yum!

  1291. i love making salads with spinach, homemade dressing, and tons of veggies!

  1292. Denise P. says:

    Sauteed kale is wonderful with a little high quality balsamic vinegar drizzled on top.

  1293. Ilona says:

    Ground turkey sloppy joes!

  1294. Lydia says:

    I love making roasted vegetables, loaded with fresh, in season veggies. :)

  1295. Jessica says:

    I love to make a quick easy pasta (whole grain, of course) with fresh tomato, garlic, mushroom, and grilled chicken finished with fresh basil. It’s ingredients I nearly ALWAYS have laying around and I usually toss in some cayanne pepper for an extra kick!

    -Also, my boyfriend can’t get enough of Chris Kimball and America’s Test Kitchen/Cooks Illustrated. We pay a zillion dollars a month for all the fancy cable channels and most of the time we end up watching cooking shows on Create, namely ATK/CI. He’d love this cookbook!

    Annie, you’re amazing as well. I read every blog-post and I always make your Oreo cupcakes for my niece’s/nephew’s birthdays. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  1296. Annie,
    I love to make smoothies anytime of the day. They are healthy, simple and delicious. My favorite combination consist of:

    Maria’s berry Smoothie

    1 cup almond milk
    1/2 cup plain yogurt
    2 tbsp whey protein
    1 cup frozen mixed berries
    1/2 cup frozen spinach
    1/2 medium banana

    Blend all the ingredients together place in bowl and top with 1/4 cup granola and 1 tbsp nut butter.


  1297. Julie says:

    My latest favorite is a Buffalo Bleu Cheese Salad from Devin Alexander (Healthy Decadence). And I don’t even like bleu cheese! Gotta try some variety though because I am a PREdiabetic and need something other than plain chicken. It’s awesome.

  1298. cindy says:

    it’s not famcy, but we love grilled chicken salad with all the fixings- red/green/yellow pwppers, celery, broccoli, onion, cukes, carrots, etc

  1299. K Blue says:

    The fajitas look wonderful!
    Our health food of choice is salmon.
    I love making baked salmon. You can vary the flavors you add, but it’s always simple and tasty.

  1300. Trudi says:

    I love spaghetti squash for a healthy meal!

  1301. Brenda says:

    My “revised” mandarin chicken salad. Eliminated the sugar from the toasted almonds, less oil all around and what I use is EVOO. Like a bit of summer on a cold day. Never met an ATK recipe I didn’t love.

  1302. Brooke says:

    One of my favorite healthy meals are paninis with lots of good stuff- whole wheat tuscan bread, eggplant spread, avocado, grilled chicken, portobella mushroom, mozzarella cheese, and anything else that is healthy to put in :)

  1303. Jennifer B. says:

    I love grilled salmon or chicken with stir fry veggies and a side of brown rice!

  1304. Sounds like a great cookbook!! I LOVE making a healthy eggplant parm dish.

  1305. Lisa says:

    What a great giveaway! My favorite healthy recipe is roasted broccoli. It’s so amazing! :)

  1306. Jan says:

    my husband developed heart problems a few years ago… he thought for sure he’d have to give up pizza… I now make a healthy pizza… and he says… “its far better than the unhealthy version!” it is now my favorite healthy recipe… mostly because he loves it so much!

  1307. Allison B says:

    I love a good salad, topped with lots of red wine vinegar for lunch

  1308. Gretchen Naso says:

    Our favorite healthy meal is marinated, grilled pork tenderloin with grilled vegetables. It is always a hit!

  1309. Michelle K says:

    These fajitas look so good. I cant wait to try them out. My favorite healthy dish to make is probably roasted veggies with a few herbs. Especially in the summer when they are veggies from the garden.

  1310. Elisha says:

    I really love making vegetable soup, especially on cold days like today!

  1311. Denise says:

    We are fish lovers and my latest favorite fish dish is Baked Lime Tilapia. Healthy, quick and delicious! Thanks for the cookbook review!

  1312. Lindsay says:

    Roasted vegetable soup – yum!

  1313. Caroline says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is chicken salad. I bake my chicken breasts first and from that point on, I fly on a whim! There can be anywhere between 3 to 8 other fruits/vegetables that I throw in there. My recent batch was on the experimental side so I threw in roasted pumpkin seeds! GLORIOUS! And I don’t use mayo. I use either a low fat plain yogurt or low fat light ranch dressing mixed with mustard.

  1314. Courtney says:

    Last week I made chipotle bean burritos that were fantastic! You can’t beat a recipe that is healthy and inexpensive to make!

  1315. Blythe says:

    My favorite is a Turkey and Tofu stir fry from Cooking Light.

  1316. Liesal says:

    I love making goulash. I know it doesn’t sound that healthy at first, but I make it with lots of veggies and herbs, and whole wheat pasta. Yum!

  1317. Elainen says:

    pineapple cake – angel food cake mix and a can of crushed pineapple – that’s all.

  1318. Cya says:

    I love ATK! My favorite healthy dish to make is oven roasted turkey breast with cranberry-pomegranate “sauce” (“sauce” usually turns out to have the consistency of a chutney which works great on leftover turkey breast sandwiches the next day).

  1319. Natalie says:

    I love lettuce wraps! My husband requests them almost every other week! Easy and healthy!

  1320. wnewcomer says:

    I love lettuce wraps. Yummy!!

  1321. Meghan says:

    Lentil Veggie Burgers!!

  1322. Dawn says:

    Great review – sounds like a cookbook I need to add to my collection! One of my favorite healthy meals is Tosca Reno’s “eat clean” Brown Rice Turkey Meatloaf…my whole family devours it! Close match with hearty vegetable minestrone, though…

  1323. ms ellie says:

    I love this grilled salmon. The recipe is from The New Basics Cookbook by Rosso & Lukins (Silver Palette).
    Try it!
    In a saucepan: 1 stick butter, 1/3 cup honey, 1/3 cup ,packed brown sugar, 2 TBLS fresh lemon juice, 1 tsp liquid smoke (I know, I know)and 3/4 tsp crushed dried red pepper flakes. Cook over med heat til smooth, about 5 minutes. Cool to room temp.
    Pour over a whole 2 ll center-cut salmon filet. Let stand 30 min. Grill skin up 5-7 min. flip, cook another 5 min. So Good!

  1324. Ginger says:

    I love sauteed brussel sprouts with grilled pork chops!

  1325. Maria says:

    OUr favorite healthy dinner is seared ahi, which we can have lots of because hubby loves to longrange fish and brings home tons of yellowfin tuna.

  1326. My favorite healthy meal is homemade vegetable soup, but those fajitas look pretty darn good!

  1327. Jessie says:

    Favorite healthy dish? Pork or turkey tenderloin- there are so many good ways to prepare it!

  1328. Tobie says:

    I love making jambalaya with lots of veggies…my family loves it too! Cookbook sounds fabulous!!

  1329. Sarah says:

    Anne – I absolutely love reading your blog. It’s an inspiration to me to be creative and enjoy cooking even when I feel like I don’t have time to. Please keep the posts coming!

    My favorite healthy meal to make is chicken breasts baked with 1/2 cup salsa, with sides of brown rice and steamed veggies. YUM! Cheap and healthy :)

  1330. My favorite healthy dish is fruit salad. Cut up fruit, a squeeze of lime and a dab of honey makes this a dish even my picky eater will enjoy.

  1331. Annie says:

    I love America’s Test Kitchen! And I’ve been wanting this cookbook too! My favorite healthy meal is grilled salmon and asparagus.

  1332. Jamie M says:

    salsa chicken! Its just chicken breast covered with some salsa and baked in the oven. yumm

  1333. Lori says:

    One of our favorite healthy meals is the crispy baked chicken from the Steamy Kitchen cookbook.

  1334. Sarah K says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is homemade turkey meatballs and marinara. My sauce is so quick and easy and I have meatballs for months! =)

  1335. Brianna says:

    recently my favorite healthy dish is herb crusted pork tenderloin. I do Weight Watchers and it’s only 3 pts a serving! :) It’s super yummy and husband approved!

  1336. Daphne says:

    Love your site and trying many of your recipes. My favorite healthy dish would have to be a flavorful & juicy grilled chicken breast with some roasted onioned potatoes and mushrooms. Nice side dish of ripe sliced tomatoes…yum!

  1337. Alicia says:

    This cookbook looks amazing! One of our favorites is strawberry salad. Spinach, sauteed chicken breasts, avocado, strawberries and shaved parmesan. Mmmmm….

  1338. Phyllis A. says:

    Love panzanella salad.

  1339. Kelley says:

    Annie!! I love reading your blog for new ideas, especially when I find amazing suggestions like this cookbook. Sometimes looking for a cookbook can be a little overwhelming but this sound just like what I am looking for! My favorite healthy dish to make is Salmon and veggies on the grill. So easy and always tasty! Thank you for taking the time to keep your fellow cooks/bakers inspired :)

  1340. Carm says:

    Favorite healthy dishes normally include lots of Farmer’s market veggies and chicken. Most recent favorite is Brushetta chicken with fresh totmatoes and basil. Chicken marinted in Sun Dried Tomato vinigrette from The Girl Who Ate Everything. Love it!!

  1341. Jennifer says:

    We love chicken tortilla soup!

  1342. Amanda Thompson says:

    I love it in the summertime when my husband grills meat and veggies ~ zucchini, summer squash, eggplant, etc. So yummy!

  1343. Stephanie says:

    I love to make homemade granola, chock-full of fruit and nuts. It’s so much better than store-bought granola and is really simple to make.

  1344. Amy says:

    My favorite Weight Watchers recipe is a ground turkey and black bean chili. Its low fat and the black beans are a great alternative to kidney beans!

  1345. Anna says:

    My favorite healthy side dish to make for my family is balsamic and honey glazed carrots. They love it!

  1346. Erin says:

    This cookbook looks awesome. I am on WW so nutrition facts are perfect, but it looks like they are recipes my family will eat too. My favorite (and my family’s) is Chicken & Broccoli Stir Fry. Served with some brown rice it is very healthy.

  1347. Amy Webber says:

    Spinach and Chicken Pasta Salad~
    Chicken, Spinach, English Cucumber, Grapes, Green Onions, Celery, Sugar Snap Peas, artichoke hearts, and Pasta in a wonderful vinaigrette.
    A perfect summer salad!

  1348. Erin says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks! I love to make a heartly turkey chili. Perfect for these cool days.

  1349. Elisheva says:

    I love making my own vegetable bouillon and keeping it on hand in the fridge. Much better than that processed stuff!

  1350. Meghan says:

    One of my favorite healthy recipes is Rigatoni with Turkey Sausage and Peppers. Great giveaway! I would LOVE to have this cookbook :)

  1351. Rianne says:

    My favorite healthy meal to make is Grilled Rosemary Chicken, with a platter of roasted veggies and potatoes seasoned with oregano, salt and pepper. Yum.
    I’ve been eyeing this cookbook at B&N…I looove ATK!

  1352. Linda Jividen says:

    It wasn’t until the continued use of root vegetables on Bravo’s Top Chef, did I realize the delicious complexity of parsnips & turnips. My favorite new healthy recipe is a brimming bowl of “Potato, Parsnip, & Turnip Stew”. Rustic & delicious!

  1353. Traci says:

    Our family loves a sweet potato and turkey soup during the cold months. I’m also looking forward to homemade baby food as my daughter is getting ready to start solids.

  1354. Terri says:

    Cheesy chicken enchiladas!

  1355. David H Sundwall says:

    Grilled chicken with rice and steamed veggies

  1356. Donna Roucoulet says:

    I am always looking for new healthy ideas for my family and me. This would be a great cookbook to have!!

    My favorite dish to make, is one that I haven’t made in a while (I think it’s time to get the ingredients and make it this week!) It’s a Weight Watchers recipe for chicken enchiladas. Now I’m going to have to go dig it out and get to planning! Thanks for reminding me of it!

  1357. Jenny Lunsford says:

    I’d love to win this book! I LOVE America’s Test Kitchen! My favorite healthy meal is making crepes with wheat flour for my kids’ breakfast! :)

  1358. Alysa S says:

    Spinach salad with garlic and goat cheese! yum!

  1359. I love to make pasta primavera as a healthy recipe.
    Two ounces of any pasta and all the veggies you want! toss with a spot of oil or some non fat marinara and it is so good.

    The book looks great and so does that recipe!

  1360. Jenny says:

    I love to create vegetarian pastas!

  1361. Elizabeth says:

    I like to make chicken noodle soup. It’s healthy and yummy.

  1362. Melanie G says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is Nori balls with brown rice. I learned to make them from my dad who is on a macro diet. Some people think I’m crazy when I eat it but it’s a great comfort food to me :)

  1363. Lisa says:

    my current favorite healthy dish is some whole wheat spaghetti tossed with some lightly sauteed garlic, onion, tomato and spinach. sprinkle with a little crushed red pepper and its perfect!

  1364. jen says:

    roasted cauliflower is a yummy and healthy side!

  1365. My favorite healthy dish to make is white chicken chili. Beans, chicken, salsa, and some cheese – doesn’t get much better than that!

  1366. Shawna says:

    Portobello mushroom burgers!

  1367. Donna says:

    i would total use this book – i love cook’s illustrated products

  1368. courtney m. says:

    I love broiling fish using different spices and then adding a few healthy sides!

  1369. Cathy A. says:

    My favorite healthy meal is anything to do with fish. Whether it be Salmon, Tilapia, or Bass. Steamed along with some steamed vegetables and you have a great and healthy meal.

  1370. Lily H says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is a spinach, cheese, and onion stuffed calzone. There’s something simple, elegant and delicious about the combination of spinach with cheeses. It’s a healthy dish that even my husbands brother (who won’t touch vegetables) will eat.


  1371. My favorite healthy recipe is homemade granola with lots of nuts and dried berries over some greek yogurt! I make it with applesauce instead of oil, so it’s extra nutritious. The aromas it fills your house with make it so worthwhile!

  1372. Stacy says:

    My favorite healthy thing to make is gazpacho in the summer with whatever is ready to harvest out of our garden on any given day. Thanks for the chance to win a great cookbook!

  1373. Ann Richter says:

    I’m not great at making healthy dishes, because I am first and foremost a baker and I believe in your mantra- everything in moderation. However, I always try to have steamed vegetables with every dinner for my family. My favorite “healthy” baked good is definitely my Monster Cookies that have oatmeal and peanut butter as their main ingredients. I have four boys and I always make them as snacks for their sports teams when they are competing. They are very popular!

  1374. I am actually watching America’s Test Kitchen on T.V. right now as I am reading this post! My favorite healthy meal is my shredded pork tacos. I use a pork loin and trim off the very little fat it has and serve in corn shells with fresh salsa. That’s healthy right?

  1375. Liz says:

    Picadillo…it’s filling, but I make it with ground turkey to make it a healthier dinner!

  1376. Alyssa says:

    I love to make lentil soup with sweet potatoes and kale. It is so yummy and flavorful — my kiddos even love it!

  1377. Tamara says:

    My favorite healthy dish is called Wendy’s Pasta. We don’t even know what its really called but our friend Wendy made it for us and gave us a delicious vegetarian recipe. It has whole wheat pasta and veggies topped with a red sauce that has lots of wine in it! super yummy!

  1378. Mestebla says:

    Right now, my favorite healthy dish to make is homemade whole wheat pasta. So good!

  1379. Dominique says:

    I just made the white fish tacos Annie posted and they were amazing! They were so light and healthy, thanks for sharing!

  1380. Mary S says:

    Any kind of roasted vegetable

  1381. Jenny says:

    One of my favorite healthy recipes is sweet potato tacos.

  1382. Krista B says:

    My favorite to make is Pumpkin Muffins – my girls think they are delish and have no clue that there is no butter in them or that I sneak spinach into the batter! :)

  1383. Hannah says:

    I like a zucchini lasagna loaded with other veggies. Instead of ground beef I use a combo of ground turkey and firm tofu. I love ATK!

  1384. Kendra says:

    Roasted eggplant with diced tomatoes sprinkled with parm. Good as a side or an entree.

  1385. Stephanie Gates says:

    I like to make grilled chicken wraps, very good and something that the whole family enjoys.

  1386. Michele says:

    I cook lighter meals most of the time. One of our favorites is “Pulled Chicken Sandwiches” from Cooking Light.

  1387. Rachel A. says:

    I love making oven-fried chicken with a side of roasted root vegetables!

  1388. Rose says:

    I love to cook just about anything. I love trying to “healthify” any recipe. I am a dork like that! My favortie recipe to make is healthy strawberry wheat muffins. Super Yummy and much healthier than a regular muffin!

  1389. Kadee says:

    I love making big batches of veggie-heavy stir fry. :)

  1390. Eileen says:

    I love to eat brown rice with a dash of low sodium soy sauce, white chicken and jalepanos!

  1391. Barb Olt says:

    I like to make black bean vegetable soup!

  1392. Sheryl in AZ says:

    I love grilled salmon. Wrap in foil. Topped with fresh lemon juice, chopped garlic and sliced red onions. Yum

  1393. Karly says:

    Lentil tacos!

  1394. Jessie says:

    I love the Sneaky Joes the Foodie Bride has posted about in the past. I’ve adjusted her recipe to add whatever veggies I have on hand and LOADS of them. I love them b/c they are sloppy joes and feel like you are being bad, but really they are so jam packed full of veggies, they are good for you.

  1395. Amber says:

    I love to make a simple grilled chicken salad with a balsamic vinaigrette when I’m craving something healthy and easy.

  1396. Kristin says:

    My favorite healthy meal to make is black bean and salsa soup!

  1397. Richelle Campbell says:

    We love a good veggie stir fry over brown rice!

  1398. Kathy H. says:

    My favorite dish to make is a grilled chicken pasta salad that my family loves and love even more to take to school and work for lunch the next day!

  1399. Ruth says:

    I like making a chicken rice casserole.

  1400. Monica N. says:

    My favorite healthy dinner lately is a homemade soup with some veggies, lentils, and spinach. No real recipe just whatever I have on hand to throw in that day!

  1401. SuzyQ says:

    My favorite healthy dish is tortilla soup…so spicy and filling that you forget it is lowfat!

  1402. MeghanM says:

    I love cookbooks, and my favorite healthy food is your Island Chicken. I just wish it was nice enough to get out and grill some!

  1403. April says:

    I enjoy making healthy homemade pizzas with whole-wheat flour and leftover veggies.

  1404. stacey says:

    Grilled lemon chicken salad is one of my familys favorite healthy meals.

  1405. Kelly K says:

    My go to healthy recipe has to be grilled chicken salad. This I learned from my Dad growing up, we had it often and especially during the summer when the grill was always ready for cooking! A little grilled chicken, mixed greens, veggies, egg and homemade mustard vinaigrette, yum!

  1406. Joanna says:

    I love lentil soup with kale! Or any veggie soups, non-cream based.

  1407. HJ says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is Greek Panzanella Salad!

  1408. Maggie G says:

    My fave healthy recipe to make is hummus – I actually use your recipe!

  1409. Becca says:

    Those fajitas sound delicious; thanks for posting!

  1410. Cara Cox-Steiner says:

    Spinach, black bean and chicken enchiladas!

  1411. Emily says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is homemade vegetable soup with some whole wheat bread to dip in it! I also really love Vietnamese summer rolls :)

  1412. Emily says:

    Can’t wait to make these! I try to make many healthy dishes, but in this cold weather I especially love to make chili with turkey or lean ground meat, kidney beans, black beans, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and corn. I can’t get enough of EXTRA veggies and beans for fiber.

  1413. dukesda@gmail.com says:

    Tilapia and spinach

  1414. Neesha says:

    My favorite is a summer pico de gallo/salsa of sorts. Fresh tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and avocados diced and mixed with black beans, corn, cilantro, and lime. Delicious with fresh tortilla chips, baked potatoes, whatever!

  1415. Chrissy G. says:

    Our favorite healthy meal is a chicken and broccoli dish that my grandma used to make!

  1416. beccaB says:

    Black Bean Burritos!!!

  1417. Megan says:

    I love making any type of healthy soup, especially in the winter!

  1418. Kelsey says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is guacamole and homemade whole wheat chips!

  1419. Megan says:

    A sliced apple. So simple. So delicious. But it must be sliced.

  1420. protein smoothie :)

  1421. I love to take classics and make them healthy. I love healthy vegetable lasagna.

  1422. Wow…talk about comments galore! One of my favorite healthy recipes would have to be hard-boiled egg whites, avocado slices, and tomatoes on a toasted baguette. It has to be just right and when it is, it’s amazing!!!

  1423. Jessica Eubanks says:

    i love making everything healthy! i especially like whole wheat pasta with grilled shrimp, teriyaki sauce, and lots of veggies…mmm!

  1424. Kara says:

    I love to make chicken gyros – they’re easy, quick and healthy!!

  1425. Dawna says:

    My favorite healthy dish is a bib lettuce salad with a homade basil garlic vinegrette dressing that has cooked seasoned asparagus, red pepper, red onion, and avacado…

  1426. Sara says:

    This cookbook sounds awesome! My latest favorite healthy dish is chicken and broccoli stir fry over brown rice..so good!

  1427. Angela says:

    I LOVE ATK!! I watch it every time (well almost) it comes on! My favorite healthy dish is whole wheat pasta with florentine vegetable sauce! You can’t get any better than a pasta sauce made with carrots, tomatoes & spinach!

  1428. Jenna says:

    Yosanabe – thinly sliced beef cooked instantly in hot boiling water with tofu, green peppers, then served with a sauce of miso, soy sauce and some other things. Japanese home cooking!

  1429. Niki L says:

    The healthy dish I prepare are turkey burger salads. Great review!

  1430. KarenK says:

    My favorite healthy meal is turkey meatballs and fresh tomato sauce (a Cooking Light recipe). Would love to try out some recipes from this cookbook – LOVE ATK!

  1431. Leigh says:

    Roasted root veggies!

  1432. Jenn says:

    Love ATK! This looks like one I need to add to my library!!

  1433. Janet says:

    I like making a good healthy and easy veggie fritatta with tomatoes and zucchini!

  1434. Debbie says:

    I love to roast okra in the oven with just a touch of olive oil, salt & pepper. I can eat them off the baking sheet like candy!

  1435. Kelly says:

    Spinach salad with goat cheese crumbles, balsamic dressing, and strawberries. Bowls and bowls of green!

  1436. Dierdre says:

    My favorite healthy dish is scrambled eggs with cauliflower. It is nice to be able to give my 3 & 5 year old a healthy start to the day with something they love, but don’t realize is super healthy for them!

  1437. Jennifer says:

    What a nice giveaway! My favorite healthy recipe to make is stir-fry!

  1438. Jordan says:

    My favorite healthy food to make is Spinach Turkey Lasagna. I found it on All Recipes and its my favorite thing to make! It’s made with whole wheat pasta (or rice pasta for the GF girl/boy!) Its soo yummy and a favorite by everyone who makes it! I love your blog, thanks for the awesome recipes! You inspire me to write my own!

  1439. Sharon says:

    I love to make my own applesauce. I can control the amount of sugar–and no additives. Yum!

  1440. Rebecca W says:

    So my very favorite thing to make that is healthy is turkey burgers. You dice up mushrooms and red onion finely and add it to the ground turkey with some of this and that kind of seasoning. Some time on the grill or under the broiler and yummy juicy burgers are ready to eat! This looks like a great cook book, I almost picked it up at Costco today, now I will wait and see if I win it first.

  1441. Jo says:

    My favorite healthy dish to make is no fat banana muffins…well, except the chocolate chips I throw in.

  1442. Kylee says:

    We like chili with turkey subbed in for beef, and adding a lot of beans.

  1443. Jamie says:

    Lentil Chili has been my favorite healthy dish since I discovered the wonderfully hearty lentil about a year ago. It took some sly trickery to get my family to try it [served regular chili first, then offered to get seconds in which I ladled in the lentil chili I made for myself] but the consensus was that the meat was not missed one bit!

  1444. Heather says:

    Variations on a spinach salad, hold the meat please. Pump it up for Miss Annie’s blog and new cookbooks!

  1445. My favorite healthy recipe of late is muesli. I make a big batch and then the kids and I eat it for several mornings in a row. It’s nice warmed up during these cold winter mornings.

  1446. Carrie says:

    I like to make a lowfat broccoli soup with evaporated skim milk and minute rice used to thicken. You blend it up and it is think but still lowfat. Top with grated parmesan cheese.

  1447. Melissa K. says:

    Broccoli! Just with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper. So good!

  1448. Shannon says:

    We love sweet potato & black bean burritos.

  1449. Michelle says:

    My fav healthy dish…it is so hard to decide!! Either chicken tacos (made healthy!) chicken is cooked in crockpot with salsa and shredded and served with corn tortillas with lettuce tomato and avacado. Or oven roasted aspargus with a sprinkle of goat cheese and cranberries and some fish

  1450. Stephanie says:

    Oatmeal with ground flaxseed and blueberries

  1451. I love to make a healthier version of chocolate chip cookies w/ flax seed and walnuts. It really is so good!

  1452. Nicole says:

    I make a Spicy Peanut Chicken dish that is one of my favorites. It is a lot healthier (and more flavorful) than any of the comparative dishes at Chinese restaurants. And, it’s also a huge hit with the husband! I serve it over brown rice and have a complete balanced and healthy meal. Yum!

  1453. Brittany says:

    I love making my own granola bars. They are so filling and full of great sources of fiber. And I know there’s not any high fructose corn syrup or any other weird chemicals.

  1454. Lindsey says:

    I don’t think any of my go-to recipes can be considered healthy! I’m hoping this cookbook will change that :)

  1455. Laurelin says:

    I love using ground turkey instead of beef to keep meals healthier. I love annies turkey burgers!

  1456. Bailey says:

    Hummus!! I also love these cranberry/banana nut muffins from a “Healthy Heart” cookbook I picked up from the bargin book isle!

  1457. Charlotte says:

    Roasted vegetables and chicken breasts.

  1458. Wendy says:

    Mmmmm I love me some fajitas!! :) Those look fantastic!

    Some of my fave low fat recipes are hummus, a garlic, rosemary and white bean dip and I love veggie stir-fry!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the cookbook. It looks and sounds really wonderful!


  1459. Grace says:

    Tamale pie with lots of veggie and tofu.

  1460. laura d says:

    I found this great light corn soup recipe, which has been amazing during this cold weather. Loving it, and your review!

  1461. I would love this cookbook – my favorite healthy meal to make is a low fat sheperd’s pie recipe that I have.

  1462. Bonnie says:

    Bittman’s Cassoulet with Lots of Vegetables! Great flavor, flexible recipe, very fulfilling.

  1463. Susan says:

    My favorite healthy recipe is your Red Chile Chicken and Rice with Black Beans recipe. yum!

  1464. bebe says:

    My very favorite “healthy “recipe is a recipe i got from a weight watchers book/site?? i really don’t remember where it came from just that it is a weight watchers recipe.
    It is a Chicken with tomatoes and feta, i am sure i have added/ taken away and changed it over the years. And i doubt my version is quite as healthy as the original.
    Sprinkle chicken breasts with salt pepper and oregano, and cook on stove using olive oil.
    set aside and keep warm.
    in same pan add one full container of grape tomatoes roll around in remaining oil until they are soft. Add two generous scoops of minced garlic to pan and cook another 3-4 minutes.
    Pour mixture over chicken breasts and then sprinkle with feta cheese.

    Always a sure thing… so yummy.

  1465. Lindy says:

    I love grilled chicken that has been marinated in a lime marinade. Grilled corn-on-the-cob and green beans! Yum!

  1466. Sarah says:

    Pulled Pork or Hearty Italian Chicken Chowder!

  1467. Brandy says:

    My favorite healthy dish is baked chicken marinated in light italian dressing. I serve it with fresh steamed vegetables.

  1468. pat sloan says:

    I am just getting into finding healthy recipes.. my best is a chicken soup with fire roasted tomatoes and lots of veggies. Love your blog!

  1469. Ran says:

    I adore cous cous with roasted butternut squash. I make it on Sundays and have it for lunch for the week.I also LOVE roasted brussel sprouts. I could eat them all day long!

  1470. Teressa H says:

    I don’t have a lot of healthy recipes,so i really need this book. But steamed broccoli is one of my favorite healthy foods.

  1471. Vanessa says:

    I made these three nights ago and added mushrooms, removed the chipotles and am making them again tonight. A HUGE hit in our house! Thank you for another wonderful recipe

  1472. Anna Maria says:

    I used leftovers from this meal to make a wrap the next day for lunch – I added to the wrap a little rice, shredded cheese and a dollop greek yogurt then just the left over diced pepper/onion/chicken mixture. So good :)

  1473. Elizabeth says:

    Just made these fajitas last night. Followed the recipe exactly and used high-quality organic ingredients. They were good, but (surprisingly) the flavor was very mild all around. Will need to jazz it up somehow next time. Worth making though!

  1474. Erin M says:

    made these for dinner last night and they were AMAZING!!!!!