Welcome to the new and much improved Annie’s Eats!  If you read this site through a feed reader, you will need to unsubscribe and then resubscribe in order to follow the new feed.  This update has been in the works for quite a long time so it feels amazing to have it finally going live.  Take a look around and navigate the new site.  It has some features I think readers will enjoy such as an updated search function that sorts based on relevancy instead of chronologically, as well as easier access to the archives.  I also get a lot of questions about what sort of kitchen equipment I have, so now you can see a lot of cookbooks and kitchen tools I have (or similar versions) in the Amazon store.  Of course, with this transition there are still minor tweaks to be worked out, but in general things are ready for action.  I hope you enjoy the new site as much as I do!

Thanks to everyone who has helped us with this transition.  But most of all, thanks to my totally rockin’ graphic designer Ryan of 2nd Street Creative.  I never, ever would have been able to do this without you (and now having worked with me, you know just how true that is :).)