I simply can’t let a holiday pass by without making decorated sugar cookies, especially in the case of Halloween!  There are just too many possibilities and fun designs.  I really loved the cookies I made last year but I also had lots of new ideas.  I ended up making a couple old favorites as well as some new designs.

The mummies are definitely my favorite of this year.  They were so easy to do and I loved the end result.  (I used a Wilton #45 tip to make the bandages.)

Of course, the spiderwebs were the popular favorite last year so I had to make them again.  Ben still thinks they look like something I bought at the store and stuck on the cookie, so this year I made him watch me so he could see that it is, in fact, made of royal icing.  See this step-by-step photo guide on making your own spiderwebs.

I couldn’t resist doing a black cat cookie since my wonderful cat Zoe is a black cat.  (I already have more black cat ideas for next Halloween.  I really do have a problem.)

The tombstones are a good example of being resourceful with your cookie cutters.  I didn’t want to purchase new cutters for this Halloween(and also didn’t have time), so I went through my collection to see what I could use.  I found one that is supposed to be a gift tag with a pretty scalloped edge and used that as a starting point.  Then I just cut off the edge to get the mound at the top of the tombstone.  I did most of these with cracks in the stone but I also did one with a cobweb.  I like them both ways.

The pumpkins were easy and added a pop of color to the overall cookie display.  Plus Andrew had a ton of fun watching me sprinkle the orange sugar on, and then “coloring” with the leftover icing bags on a paper towel :)

Hopefully these provide some fun cookie inspiration if you are searching for ideas.  My go-to sugar cookie recipe is here, and my step-by-step royal icing tutorial gives the basics on decorating cookies.  Enjoy!