Hello, Halloween!  I see you just around the corner and I can’t wait.  I’ve been baking up some festive Halloween-inspired treats for a couple of weeks and I hope this week’s posts provide some inspiration if you need some.  I’ve seen quite a few variations on ghost cakes and cupcakes similar to this one many times, and I think they are all equal parts impressive and adorable.  This was the first thing on my baking list for this year.  (Speaking of which, I’ve already started planning my Halloween baking for next year.  I think I may have a problem.)  My biggest problem was deciding which of the gorgeous variations to try.  Finally I settled on this one and I am so glad I did.  The finished product was visually stunning and everyone who saw it displayed throughout the day was commenting on how cool it looked.

I’m not even going to post a specific recipe for this cake because really, you could make it a gazillion different ways.  I opted for a chocolate cake with raspberry filling, frosted with vanilla buttercream and glazed with dark chocolate ganache.  Finally, I made the ghosts with a marshmallow frosting and made a black powdered sugar glaze for the faces. (I used an Ateco 809 tip for the larger ghosts, and a smaller unlabeled round tip for some size variation.) With all the cake, filling, frosting, etc. this is obviously a sugar overload so a very small piece is plenty and even then, I scraped most of the ghosts off.

Though I didn’t try it this time around, I think this similar cake from Martha Stewart is really cute and would be even easier than what I did since it uses full marshmallows rather than frosting for the ghosts.  I have also seen mini-cupcakes with a single frosting ghost on top.  Both ideas are super cute variations.  I do think a tube of black decorating gel would have been easier to use than a homemade glaze applied with a toothpick (what I did), so next time I would go that route. If you have any sort of Halloween party or pitch-in coming up and you want a dessert to impress, this is a great choice.

Source: inspired by I am Baker

    55 responses to “Boo-tiful Ghost Cake”

    1. what a fun and delicious looking cake!!!

    2. I love it. So festive and fun!

    3. Rosa says:

      Soooo cute! Your cake is perfect.



    4. Amanda says:

      Great job! It looks exactly like mine!

    5. Meaghan says:

      So adorable!

    6. Annie says:

      Oh my gosh, I wish!

    7. This is adorable!! So festive!

    8. I LOVED Amanda’s cake, too! It definitely was BOO-tiful! Maybe next year I’ll get around to recreating it, or trying to anyway! Yours looks great!

    9. KMont says:

      This is too adorable! Made me laugh and smile.

      Love your site! New fan here. :)

    10. crustabakes says:

      This has got to be the CUTEST cake ever. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing

    11. Damaris says:

      yum and fun! perfect combination.

    12. hahaha i love the title for this cake!! The recipe looks lovely too of course :)

    13. Phil says:

      Love this cake. Halloween is my most fav holiday. No you don’t have a problem for already planning your baking for next year. I start planning my costume Nov. 1 every year. LOL. BTW I have loved every recipe of yours that ive tried. Thanks for this wonderful blog.

    14. These ghosts are as precious as ghosts could possibly be. AMAZING job on this cake, Annie! You really are quite the talent in the kitchen!

    15. Jenn says:

      That cake is so adorable!

    16. Bridget says:

      Super cute! I thought the ghosts were meringues at first. I wonder if that would be more and less difficult? Probably more, since you’d hav to bake them. I think the chocolate ganache is key for maximum ‘spookiness’ – something about the drips down the side just remind me of night-time scary evilness.

      Hmm, now I really want to do this. I’m thinking it would have to be cupcakes so I could share them at work, but I don’t know how I could get those fun ganache drips down cupcakes without making them too messy to eat.

    17. patsyk says:

      That is the cutest ghost cake I’ve ever seen! I love the fun treats this time of year, too!

    18. Julie says:

      I absolutely love it!! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas. I love your recipes and we have them often.

    19. Josie says:

      So adorable, Annie!! Can’t wait to see what else you’ll be posting this week!

    20. awesome cake, and perfect for halloween! you are so creative!

    21. Wow, this is absolutely adorable!! Pretty sure I could never achieve this, but happy to see others who can :)

    22. LOVE this cake! Great job. I left something for you on my blog. Check it out! http://cuckooking.blogspot.com/

    23. So freakin’ cute!

      I actually picked up marshmallows to do the same thing for a party this weekend!

      Twins ;-)

    24. Trish says:

      I just found your website and all I have to say is WOW!!! Your site is wonderful. I’ll definitely be back for meal planning inspiration!

    25. Planning for next year, already? That is a good problem to have.

    26. this is adorable! it is far too cute to be scary. I love it!

    27. Now, Martha’s is nice, but yours is so much better

    28. What an adorably spooky cake!!

      I’d love for you to submit one of your beautiful photos, and a link to your post, to my new food photo gallery showcasing beautiful baking and desserts.

    29. Ashley says:

      This is amazing! You inspire me, maybe I’ll do something Halloweenish for my students this Friday. :)

    30. This is by far the best Halloween cake I have ever seen!! Bravo!!

    31. Tara says:

      I looked at Martha’s cake and your cake is in an entirely different (higher to clarify) class. The cake is gorgeous. Love your site and that you are such a successful woman, it’s truly inspiring. <3

    32. This is so fun! I wish I could get into my kitchen this week to make something fun like this!

    33. this is so totally cute! I adore halloween, and I too, have a list a mile long for next year!!!!

    34. Camille says:

      So Cute! I’m making this for a Halloween party! thanks :)

    35. This is the cutest cake ever! I love how festive it is! Your photos and recipes are always so inspirational! Thank you!

    36. bigFATcook says:

      Heyyyy!! How cutee!!! I just LOVE it, love it, love it!!!!

      Greets from BFC !!!

    37. These are so great! Well done!!

    38. This is adorable! Congrats on Top 9

    39. WOW this cake is amazing!!! And the flavors you chose sound perfect, I can’t even imagine anything better than raspberry, dark chocolate, and vanilla. I think after reading this I need to go buy some cake decorating tools. I definitely want to try and make this cake asap!

    40. Debbie says:

      This is the cutest cake I have ever seen!!! And of course, I wish I could just eat up those little ghosts, lol! I’m sure most kids would love devouring this as well. The dark chocolate ganache dripping down the sides also adds a nice touch on the scary factor.

    41. How very cute!! Makes me want to celebrate Halloween even though Aussies are not that into it here.. :)

    42. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!!!!

    43. I love that all the ghosts are different shapes and sizes! Very cute. Kids love marshmallows (I hate them) so mine would certainly go bonkers over this cake. They can eat the frosting, I’ll take the rest of it! Congrats on the Top 9!

    44. Maranda says:

      That cake looks awesome!

    45. I really like this a lot, and would make it next year for my Mom’s Halloween birthday. My treats this year are here: http://lake-breeze.blogspot.com/2010/10/cake-pops-cake-balls.html

    46. Sarah says:

      so adorable! i love the faces on the ghosts :)

    47. Lorie says:

      I made a version of the Martha Stewart cake that you linked two years ago for my daughters birthday. It was okay, but I think Amanda’s cake is a cuter design than Martha’s. Plus the marshmallows just don’t look as fun in person as they do in the picture. I like the frosting ghost idea because they are all one piece!

    48. Natalie says:

      Cute!! I fell in love with this cake when I first saw it on I am Baker…she’s so creative! You did a great job re-creating it!

    49. Jenny says:

      Martha might have done the original but Amanda really made it POP – I missed her post and so glad to have seen it here – I love all the different expressions on the ghost face and the chocolate ganache really highlights the ghosts – Martha’s original wouldn’t made me say WOW – this version does. You both have inspired me to make a ghost cake – I get better busy – I got to do it today!

    50. Jae says:

      When I saw this cake on IAMBAKER I knew it was one I wanted to attempt to recreate! You did a great job doing that! You both rocked it!

    51. scarlett says:

      IAMBAKER designed this cake flawlessly. It looks far better than Martha Stewart’s ghost cake. Love seeing your recreation of it. I also like your suggestion of using chocolate cake with raspberry filling!

    52. Ashley says:

      Oh wow this is so awesome!!