I’ll be honest – I’m completely out of my element here.  I don’t know the first thing about Star Wars.  I’ve seen all the episodes (I think), and still have little to no understanding what they are about.  My most vivid Star Wars memory is someone at my high school dressing up as Darth Mal on Halloween and scaring the living daylights out of me.  However what I do know is, Ben loves Star Wars.  He has since he was young, long before we were together.  Williams Sonoma recently came out with this set of cookie cutters and I thought they would make a great surprise for Ben.  It’s not easy to surprise the person you live with by giving them cookies that require a few days of work and covering your kitchen in nine different colors of icing.  Eventually I just showed Ben the cookie cutters, which was surprise enough on its own.

Of course I had to have him explain who each of the characters were and whether they were good or bad (no worries, I knew Yoda and Darth Vader).  I do think it’s a little disappointing that the ratio of bad to good guys in this set is three to one.  I think a Chewbacca cookie cutter would have been a nice addition to the set.  I’m guessing there are enough characters that they could come out with a second set.  I hope they do, because this was a fun project!

Due to my total lack of Star Wars knowledge, I had to keep the cookie cutter box next to me the entire time I was decorating to get the designs as close to correct as possible.  One small change I did make was to do all the detailing on Darth Vader in black instead of gray.  I tried both options, and preferred the look of an all-black cookie – more menacing, you know.

The great thing about these cookie cutters is that since they make perfect impressions in the cookie dough, really no decorating is required and it will still be obvious what each cookie is.  In fact, I did make the impressions in my cookies but because of using royal icing and flooding some of the cookies completely, it was not really necessary.   I made sure to share them with a few of my friends who also love Star Wars and they were totally stoked.  Whatever way you choose to decorate them (or not), these are a certain hit with any Star Wars fans you know.