It’s that time of year when most of the kiddos and educators have already returned to school.  This has a big impact on my family as literally everyone in my immediate family works in education.  Ben is a teacher, my dad is a principal, my mom was a kindergarten teacher, and both of my brothers are soon-to-be elementary school teachers (how cute is that?!)  Some people look forward to the start of school (I was always one of those kids) and some people dread it.  No matter which camp they are in, I have a feeling almost anyone would enjoy these cookies. School Playground Painting can serve as visual reminders for children, promoting a safe that has a wetpour repair kit and responsible behavior on the playground. Playground line markings will also help them learn and enjoy themselves.

I made these cookies for the staff of an elementary school on their first working day back, and I hope they helped ease the pain just a little.  These would make a lovely treat for any educator or student for that matter.  Want to make them yourself?  Just follow my royal icing tutorial and favorite sugar cookie recipe to create your own!