Andrew turned two a couple of weeks ago.  Um, what?  How is that possible?  It’s truly amazing how time has flown since we were blessed with our little man.  It’s also mind boggling to see how much he has changed in that short time, and how quickly he is learning.  It’s impossible to describe what a lively boy he is and what a huge personality he has, but I’ll just say we feel unbelievably lucky to have him as our son.

Of course, being the planner and party thrower I am, I was very excited to plan this event.  This year I went with a Dr. Seuss theme because Andrew really likes a lot of the Seuss books and he loves the movie “Horton Hears a Who!”  Here are some pictures from our very fun day!

As always, I feel the invitations really set the tone for an event.  These were easy to make and I loved how they turned out!

I printed out some of my favorite quotes from Dr. Seuss books and hung them in the entryway with red and blue streamers to help set the fun atmosphere of the party as soon as guests walked in.

I couldn’t get a good shot with all of the quotes in the same picture, but there were seven of them.  It was tough to narrow it down!

I’ve seen this birthday banner idea popping up all over the place.  I just couldn’t resist making one myself!  It was fun and easy to make and guests loved looking at it.  So did Andrew!

So, I’ve been positively dying to create a sweet table or dessert buffet, and I thought the red and blue colors would really pop.  Boy, did they!  It was difficult to get a good shot of the whole table so I took a few different pictures.   Here is what was included on the sweet table:
Red velvet whoopie pies
Oreo truffles with blue candy coating
Marshmallow pops with blue candy coating
Sour cherry candies and berry blue Jelly Bellys
Pretzel rods dipped in red and blue candy melts with sprinkles
Red and blue rock candy
Strawberry pops
Caramel corn (you know I can’t resist it)
Coke in glass bottles with red and blue striped straws (I love Coke in glass bottles – it’s an obsession)

I made this little banner to hang above the sweet table.

Instead of making a birthday cake large enough to feed our 30-some guests, I opted for cupcakes with a small 6-inch cake at the top of the tower.  Turns out, making a cupcake tower is easy as can be and it makes for a really nice presentation.

I made “Thing 2” cupcakes using red velvet cupcakes, cream cheese frosting, and blue cotton candy for the “hair”.  I thought these looked really cute and everyone seemed to get a kick out of them.  One thing to watch out for with the cotton candy topping is, as you probably know, cotton candy dissolves in contact with liquid – and frosting.  Thank goodness I did a test run early in the day and found that it dissolved after 30-60 minutes, so the topping was the very last thing I did before guests arrived.

Of course I just could not resist doing green eggs and ham for the food, so I went with green deviled eggs and ham and cheese sliders.  People loved it!

Wow!  These sliders were so awesome.  I loved them and I’m not usually much of a ham person.  They were devoured quickly.  I’ll be sure to share this recipe in the future!

I kept the non-sweet food table pretty simple.  Other than the green eggs and ham, we did a veggie tray, fruit skewers, and potato salad (not pictured).

The birthday boy had a fantastic time, and really loved the cake (can you tell?)  I had ordered him a cute “Thing 2” t-shirt to wear but the Etsy seller I ordered from shipped it the day before the party (despite assuring me she had shipped it one week prior.)  Fail.  This shirt seemed to work though!

Our living room was positively covered in toys, wrapping paper, boxes, etc.  Andrew dove right in.

Of course I had to make some favor cookies for the guests.  I made the little “thank you” tags with a stamp and red embossing power – cute and easy!

Oh, how I love this boy.

Vendor Information
Bake It Pretty – red cupcake wrappers, red and blue striped straws
Paper Source – thank you stamp, red and blue polka dot papers
Oh! Nuts – red and blue rock candy, blue cotton candy