It’s time for the first ever giveaway here on Annie’s Eats!  I’m usually not that into giveaways on blogs because they tend to detract from the content I’m really interested in.  I’m making an exception though, because it is the time of the year to give, and I just love my readers so much I decided I needed to give at least a small token of my appreciation.  So, I’m giving away one copy of Baking Illustrated from the editors of Cook’s Illustrated magazine.  Why this book?  Simple – because it is my favorite cookbook that I own!  It is the source of my absolute favorite ever chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, and pizza crust, just to name a few.  I have made many fabulous things from this book with still many, many more I want to try, and I want to share this awesome book with one of you!

To enter, leave a comment on this post telling us what food is a holiday tradition for you.  Is it a cookie you bake every year, a candy your grandmother made, or maybe some special pancakes a parent made on Christmas morning?   Or, if you aren’t quite at the point of having set traditions yet, what food would you like to make a part of your traditions in the future?   One entry per person, comments will close on Friday, December 18 at 10:00 pm, EST.  One winner will be chosen at random and announced next week.  Good luck!

Edited to add: Will ship to U.S. residents only.

    792 responses to “A Holiday Giveaway!”

    1. Alex says:

      My family makes pusharatas. It’s a Croatian dessert, and the best way to describe it is that it’s similar to a donut hole. It has all sorts of yummy extras in the batter. It has a glaze just like a donut hole. My family only makes them for Christmas, so they’re a special treat every year. Yay for the holiday season!

    2. Shannon says:

      Peppernut cookies are a long-standing tradition within our family. My Mom even shipped them to my brother when he was in Iraq over Christmas two years ago!

    3. Kari says:

      My mom’s cinnamon rolls! She makes them every year on Christmas morning.

    4. Jayne says:

      I have moved away from my parents who live in NC. Whenever we are home visiting them, whether it is for a holiday or not, we must have bbq. Since introducing my NY husband to the wonders of Carolina bbq, he has bought a smoker so he can make his own. For our holiday party this year, we made pulled pork sliders in honor of my family, who we will not be able to see this Christmas. Have a happy holiday, and thanks for the offer!

    5. MichelleC says:

      It isn’t Christmas without my Moms thumbprint cookies with homemade strawberry jam from the summer. They are so delicious!!!

    6. Heather says:

      Because we had our first child this year, my husband and I will spend Christmas at our home for the first time ever! We’ve always spent the holidays traveling from one family to the next (me being a “child of divorce” – so dramatic!). I’m so excited to start our own family traditions now, and one thing I’d like to do is have pumpkin pancakes on Christmas morning. I don’t know yet what I’ll be inspired (or have the time) to bake, but it’s like a whole world of possibilities has opened up to me. I can’t wait!

    7. Lisa says:

      In my family, the tradition is the italian cookies we make, just like my grandmother made. Now that I am married, my husband and I get our hands dirty together making them each year!

    8. Susan says:

      peppermint cheesecake

    9. Amy says:

      Chocolate crinkle cookies are a must in our family for Christmas. They aren’t exactly a Christmas cookie, but we only make them during the Christmas season so it makes them extra special to us!

    10. mmeccles says:

      My husband making his “secret ingredient” Alfredo on Christmas Eve!

    11. diana says:

      Spinach Dip! A Must Have before the big dinner….doesn’t really “go”…but my kids LOVE IT! Jingle!

    12. Marcy says:

      We decorate sugar cookies this time of year. We haven’t found a favorite sugar cookie recipe yet, but we’re getting closer.

    13. heather says:

      Christmas for me has always included frosted sugar cookies…it is just not Christmas morning without eating the leftover cookies from Santa’s plate. Growing up my mom would make sugar cookie and gingerbread cookie dough each year on the 23rd of December and we would decorate the cookies on Christmas eve day. Lots of frosting, lots of coloured sugar and tons of M&M’s for decorating cookies. Such fun!!

      It is a tradition that I have started with my children and they will tell you that the sugar cookies are the best part of any holiday!!

      My husbands family always has Christmas morning breakfast that is filled with decadent food. Gingerbread waffles with cinnamon cream, baked stuffed french toast, fruit salad, fresh juices, cranberry muffins, fresh dates and then the egg pan (with my mother in law making any type of egg you desire), as well as bacon and sausage. Everyone in expected in their new Christmas pyjamas and food is not available until the stockings are opened. Christmas morning breakfast is almost better than Christmas dinner!!

      Wishing everyone a yummy holiday!!

    14. Kim S says:

      My Grandparents and family have been making Aunt Bill’s candy every year since I was a little girl. It takes 4 adults in order to stir the candy, but it is well worth it!!

    15. Megan says:

      Peppermint Pie with a chocolate crust! I’m not usually a fan of peppermint but I make this pie every year. It’s a tradition from my childhood and my family loves it.

    16. Nina says:

      My family always requests my meringue cookies. I make at least one batch every year.

    17. Willa says:

      Traditional for me is pound cake with candied cherries, dates and pecans added. Some years I have made dozens of varying sizes. So far this year, I have made not a single one!

      Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    18. Beth says:

      Ice cream pie. Oreo crust, coffee ice cream, layered with homemade hot fudge, topped with meringue topping and into the oven to brown the topping. Yummy!

    19. Carina says:

      Tamales. Every year my aunt makes a batch of tamales that lasts the family a whole year. There is just so much work that goes into them, and each year I help my aunt construct them.

      Merry Christmas!

    20. Tracy says:

      Definitely my mom’s mashed potatoes! It’s NOT Christmas without them!

    21. LOri says:

      I love to bake white chocolate dipped ginger cookies every year! I only make them at Christmas and seeing the satisfaction of the recipients eyes is worth it every time!

    22. thepricelife says:

      Wassail. Nothing says Christmas like warm spiced cider!

    23. Natasha says:

      Peppermint bark is our tradition! We make it every year and share with friends and family.

    24. Leigh says:

      Hi Annie! Thanks for the great giveaway, and website… I’m a new reader but I’m very inspired! My family always made my grandmother’s anise seed cookies, they are simple and fun and very yummy. I hope to keep it up with my family someday!

    25. Nikki says:

      We have a few – making the molassas cookies my grandmother made, cranberry jello and pistashio marshmallow salad with ham dinner on Christmas Eve, and homemmade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning with my husband’s side of the family.

    26. Oh my goodness, we have lots of holiday traditions within my family! Everything from opening a new pair of pj’s Christmas Eve to wear the next morning to everyone getting their own unique ornament from Grandma to hang on the tree each year! The biggest tradition of all for our family involves baking! All of the women (young and old) get together a few weeks before Christmas and make homemade sugar cookies (homemade from top to bottom). Grandma always mixes the dough and my Mom and Aunts take turns rolling it out and cutting it into shapes with some of the oldest cookie cutters we know (they’ve been around in the family for many, many years and have been handed down to us from our Great Grandma). Once they’re baked and out of the oven, Grandma mixes up the homemade frosting with a little bit of Anise in it (giving it a unique flavor) and my Mom and Aunts then help frost them as the rest of us look on waiting anxiously to start decorating! I’m always standing there looking over the different shapes and trying to come up with fun and fanciful designs in my head to make them original! We use everything from colored sugars, to sprinkles, to cinnamon candies…you name it, we’ve got it! It’s so much fun and always a treat every year at this time!

    27. Susan says:

      Cool giveaway! I just posted about my annual Cranberry-Pecan Bars!

    28. Mandy A. says:

      Our holiday traditional food is sandwich loaf. People who marry into our family normally find it unappetizing, but the rest of us love it on Christmas eve! Now I make a vegetarian version (think cucumber sandwiches).

    29. Heather says:

      My sister and I make chocolate covered pretzels and buckeyes every year. It’s a nice tradition because she lives in another city so we don’t see each other as often as we’d like. So we make a day out of it – drink wine, make a mess, play Christmas music, and enjoy the company!

    30. diane crowther says:

      Fudge was always the sweet my grandmother made and we all fought over it!

    31. Carolyn says:

      I make and decorate sugar cookies with my three kids. We’ve been doing this since they were toddlers and they still ask to do it every year (and they’re teenagers!).

    32. Kristin says:

      If you ask my kids, they’d have oodles of cookies that are traditional, but they’d also say my grandma’s rolls. Delicious! And if you double the recipe, you can make great cinnamon rolls the next morning.

    33. Robin says:

      My mom has always made no-bake cookies for Christmas…this year I guess I am making them for her.

    34. Toy Lady says:

      I’m de-lurking to comment that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cook’s Illustrated!

      One of our favorite holiday baking traditions is my baklava – we only do it once a year, and people start asking about it early in the fall. . .

    35. Michele says:

      Oyster Stew!

    36. Erika says:

      My favorite tradition is potato soup in bread bowls on Christmas Eve. Yum!

    37. Katie says:

      My family tradition is frosted cutout cookies. My dad is actually the best baker in our family, and every year he tries to perfect the cookie beyond last year’s success. This year I made my own and used your royal icing recipe. My dad looked at them and said that there was no way that I could have made those, because the frosting looked too perfect! No matter who is making them or how it is done, these cookies are always my favorite during the holidays!

    38. Erin says:

      My nana always made these candy cane cookies that seem almost like shortbread, and now that my cousins and are I grown, we have a much greater appreciation for them because they are hard to make!

    39. Lauren says:

      We make a duck every Christmas- a delicious tradition!

    40. Ange says:

      It’s not Chistmas without homemade bread. It’s my grandmother’s recipe and my aunt now makes it. Don’t get me wrong, I love that bread, but it is so dense and bad for you—it has lard in it! But it’s delicious. We have breakfast every Christmas Day with the entire family and use it for toast.

    41. Ann Mao says:

      Cinnamon Rolls X’mas morning is our tradition!! Happy Holidays!

    42. Ashley H. says:

      It is a family tradition of ours to make Butter Cookies. They are delicious but they take a long time to make delicious because they get better with age. I’ve never been patient with waiting for cookies. My mom would hide the big batch of cookies kept in a big orange bowl in random places around the house so that we would not eat them in advance.

    43. Debbie says:

      Candy cane cookies! These are my MIL and we look forward to them every single year. Delicious :)

    44. Amy says:

      My Mom makes breakfast egg casserole every year for Christmas morning. It’s perfect to eat while on a break from opening presents.

    45. anita shaw doskas says:

      There are too many to list them all but we make gingerbread houses and have the kids invited friends over. This year I made 26… The kids have such a wonderful time…

    46. Jessica says:

      My grandmothers homemade custard. Its like egg nog, only its custard. I know it sounds weird, but that is what reminds me most of her during this time of year. She is getting older now and her memory is failing, but I hope with a little help she will still be able to make it this year! I also have fond memories of baking all kinds of cookies, candy, and cakes with her this time of year. And on Christmas morning we always have breakfast casserole and stay in our pajamas all day long!

    47. Jen says:

      Our holiday tradition is monkey bread on Christmas morning. I dont ever remember a Christmas without it. I learned to make it with my mom when I was about 10, even before that I would roll the biscuits in cinnamon and sugar. Last year was my first Christmas that I spent away from my parents house, but I made monkey bread for my husband.

    48. Cara says:

      My favorite Christmas tradition is breakfast Christmas morning at my grandparent’s house. We all meet for a big breakfast and open gifts together.

    49. Kelly says:

      In my family (and when I say “family” I mean my new family with my husband) I have made it a tradition to try something new each year. Somehow I always go back to my grandmother’s apple pie. I blogged it, too, and it has to be one of my better pictures. I love it!

    50. Deirdre says:

      I’d have to say sugar cookies – it wouldn’t be christmas w/out them! Love your blog! Thanks for all of your recipes & tips!

    51. Meghan says:

      Since marrying my husband, adding buckeyes to our cookie tray has become a tradition. His grandmother always included them and since we moved from Ohio they have become even more of a special treat! Thanks for hosting the giveaway – great selection!

    52. Celeste S. says:

      Our holiday isn’t complete without my family’s turkey dressing. It’s delicious and peppery and just writing about it is making my mouth water. It’s one of my favorite things about Christmas!

    53. Sarah R says:

      Annie–you blog is one of my favorite. It’s always so well written with great pictures. My mom always makes her cranberry scones on Christmas morning. They are absolutely wonderful!

    54. Liz says:

      The only real holiday tradition my family has is also my favorite pastime… baking cookies! Said cookies become lovely gifts when packaged in festive boxes and tissue paper & are enjoyed by everyone.

      Thanks for the giveaway! :)

    55. Jennifer S says:

      I have 2 small kids who are just starting to create our own traditions. My mother died a few years ago so I don’t have a lot of her recipes which she did not write down. This year I am experimenting to find the perfect sugar cookie and frosting for the kids to use. It is fun to see the different kinds of frostings and the effects they create. I am sure I can find something perfect!
      On Christmas Eve we always have tapas. Fun, easy, and my favorite kind of dinner!

    56. Christine says:

      Making and decorating christmas cut-outs! I’m excited to now have a niece that can join in on the tradition. :)

    57. Carly says:

      For me it’s not really just one food, but rather, Christmas morning breakfast. My mom make a delectable spread with great breakfast food and we eat it before we open presents. I have also started a new tradition of making homemade marshmallows that we enjoy as well.

    58. Megan says:

      Your sugar cookies with royal icing! HA! I am addicted to those things!!! No seriously though – cheesecake. I know, it’s odd. (And not so cheesecake like…) but it is tradition. Love ya!

    59. Andrea says:

      Pumpkin roll and cheeseball are holiday foods for my family. Plus I love that I can make them all in one day and both freeze well. The tradition I am planning on starting is homemade cinamon rolls on Christmas Morning.

    60. Kim says:

      Hmm…This is our first Christmas together as a married couple, so we’re in the process of creating traditions. I have discovered a love for baking, so I know that our tradition is going to revolve around decorated/decorating sugar cookies. Both for us and for others.

    61. Mayra W. says:

      Our family tradition is to make pineapple empanadas that are rolled in cinnamon and sugar straight out of the oven. They are a labor of pain and have always involved the entire families help so i have tons of found memories.

    62. Erin says:

      My mom always spends all of Christmas Eve baking my grandmother’s pound cake. It takes all day to make because you have to start with a cold oven. She usually has it timed so well that when we head to church for the Christmas Eve service, the last batch is still warm. After the service, we hand them out to all of our friends. It’s become a very neat tradition. It’s amazing how our tradition has turned into our church’s tradition.

    63. Sarah B says:

      Nothing says holiday like my mom’s homemade caramels.

    64. Lindsay says:

      Ohhh baby. My mom’s sweet potato casserole is a staple at all of our family holiday gatherings. And I’m even beginning to like the actual sweet potatoes and not just the brown sugar topping!

    65. elizabeth says:

      My favorite tradition as a child was opening my present from my grandparents on Christmas Eve. They always gave all the grandkids a new set of PJ’s to wear to bed Christmas Eve.

    66. thelushers says:

      We do a nontraditional tradition! When I was growing up, my dad did a lot of traveling to Alaska for business. He found this awesome seafood place, and every year, for our Christmas Eve dinner, he gets king crab legs shipped from there. They are HUGE and delicious and I look forward to them all year!

    67. Niki says:

      Our holiday tradition is a lamb and pasticio (Greek lasagna) for dinner. no other meat is allowed and we always have to have pasticio. when my grandmother passes (sometime after another 20yrs, she ain’t going anywhere!!), that will continue to be my tradition b/c xmas wouldn’t be the same w/ out it.

    68. For us, a holiday food is my mother in law’s peanut butter blossom cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar. It isn’t Christmas in her house until there is a plate full sitting out on the counter, refreshed on the hour.

    69. Kimberly says:

      Apple Salad is a traditional holiday food in my family. Although many people on my mom’s side of the family look at us crazy when we bring it, the rest of us love it.

    70. Rachel says:

      For the past two years it has been Rich Chocolate Toffee Bars! YUM! I’m making it a tradition.

    71. Angie says:

      Inside-Out Oreos a.k.a. Oreo truffles have become a holiday tradition for my family… I am always expected to bring them :)

    72. Logan says:

      My family has the tradition of baking a cake a day or two before Christmas and eating that on Christmas morning while someone reads the Christmas story from the Bible. We do not have one specific cake that we bake each year, because we try to do something a little different each time! Somehow though, the cakes always seem to incorporate significant amounts of chocoate!!!

    73. Hannah says:

      For as long as I can remember, we have always had spaghetti on Christmas Eve. It’s my favorite meal of the year!

    74. Lisa S. says:

      Every year my family makes homemade horseradish for the ham on Christmas Day! Your eyes burn and you end up crying everytime, but it’s always a good time and the outcome is delicious.

    75. Megan says:

      My favorite holiday food is a traditional Norwegian cookie, Fattigman (or Futtiman). As a child I remember gathering in my grandmothers kitchen every year around Christmas to make this simple fried dough cookie. My grandfather would roll out the dough and cut it into the diamond shape. My grandmother would fry them in lard or cooking oil. I would dust them in powdered sugar. Now, we get together with my dad every year to make a batch of these treasured cookies.

    76. Natalie says:

      Our favorite tradition is to pick the most rich, moist, and decadent holiday cake from Southern Living and enjoy it with Christmas lunch. Past winners were the Bourbon Praline Cake and the Cream Cheese-Coconut-Pecan Pound Cake.
      A new favorite tradition the past 2 years has been Ella’s Sugar Cookie’s with Royal Icing :)

    77. Mine is a snack mix made with cocoa puffs, chex cereal, peanuts, and pretzels. My mom has made it for as long as I remember and now my little one loves it!

    78. Jessica says:

      Every year we make a Jewish coffee cake… and only during Christmas… I look forward to it every year!

    79. Gretchen says:

      The smell of my mother’s blueberry muffins on Christmas morning is my favorite holiday food tradition. And my job since adolescence of being the designated apple peeler for the apple pie!

    80. Kelly says:

      Monkey bread! It’s our christmas tradition to have it for breakfast before we open gifts.
      It’s the only time of year I get it!

    81. Cee Cole says:

      Our family tradition is to have cheese toast on Christmas morning. Slices of medium or sharp cheddar on bread and then baked in the oven until the cheese bubbles up so pretty.

    82. Amelia says:

      Springerle, definitely. My mom and I love the traditional anise flavor, but my sisters prefer lemon, so we often make two batches. The rolling pins can be hard to find, but we each have one now.

    83. Abby says:

      We always make sour cream cookies. It’s my mom’s recipe and it sounds kinda gross but they are awesome. They are a delicious, moist cake-like cookie and always put me the holiday spirit.

    84. Lorie says:

      I make this apple pie baked french toast for Christmas morning. It’s super yummy!

    85. Erica says:

      My husband’s family has a number of Christmas cookie traditions, one of which is his grandmother’s yo-yos — soft sandwich cookies with a rich molassesy center (that’s really just Smuckers apricot jam). All of the bakers in the family have tried to replicate the yo-yos, with historic failures – cookies hard as bricks, too crumbly, too bland, whatever. Apparently mine are the only ones that have ever come close. Now, every year, I get the urgent, expectant phone calls about whether I’ve gotten started on the yo-yos yet.

    86. Kathy says:

      Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning….It’s the only time of year I make them!

    87. Danielle says:

      We have lots of “traditional” foods in my family, but my Grandma’s pecan bars are my favorite. They’re perfect, and even better than pecan pie because of the pecan to crust to filling ratio.

    88. Scott says:

      Ever since I was a little kid, my family, or someone in the family, has made swedish amomonia cookies. My aunt used to make them every year, but as she lives in a nursing home now, I make them. They are the texture of a pecan sandy, but they have a slight earthy flavor to them. Ammonia Bicarbonate, bakers ammonia or hartshorn, can be purchased in pharmacys. Try old swedish neighborhoods if you really want to make the cookies.

      This is the recipe :

      The ammonia salt is the Ammonia Bicaronate.

      Warnings for baking and eating…** from personal experience **

      1) DO NOT stick your head in the oven when they are baking. The ammonia smell will be strong and it will knock you on your butt.

      2) DO NOT eat the cookies hot. Let them cool and rest for a day at least. The warm cookies have an ammonia smell and eating that is not good. But once they rest, they are AWESOME cookies.

      3) Limit yourself to two of three cookies in a sitting. I, myself, get a numb tongue if i eat more then three at one time. However, my father can eat a dozen in a sitting no problem.

    89. Lisa says:

      Wow- we also have so many traditions. I think the one I most enjoy now, because I can do it with my daughter, is making her daddy’s favorite peanut butter ball cookies. We travel away from home every other year, but even on the years we travel, we still find time to make the cookies and she loves seeing her daddy’s face while he enjoys them!

    90. Banana bread… with walnuts, chocolate chip cookies, and maraschino cherries. My mom made it every year growing up, and now I make it!!

    91. Abby says:

      I love Cook’s Illustrated. Our holiday tradition is spritz cookies and almond puff pastry. They are a must!

    92. Katie says:

      A definite tradition that was passed down from my Grandmother to my Dad to me is sour cream coffee cake. They would always make it so that on Christmas Morning, while opening presents, we would eat some with our tea or hot cocoa. Another tradition that my Mom always did during the Christmas holiday would be to make dozens and dozens of sprintz cookies, which I now do…I love my cookie gun! Christmas is so special for so many reasons, especially all the nice traditions!

    93. Beth R. says:

      Once upon a time when I was a young wife and mother I baked dozens of different cookies and homemade candy for the holidays. I was the girl in my group that everyone called for help, advice & recipes.
      Fast forward 25 years ( that sounds awful, am I THAT old?) divorced and my one & only daughter is a now a grown woman living on her own, BUT the one tradition that I continue without fail are my christmas cut outs. I get requests every year. This year my finace’s daughter said all she wants for Christmas are my cookies! Gotta admit they start out all pretty but after multiple dozens they barely get spinkles! No one seems to mind , and I still LOVE baking them.

    94. Alice says:

      Every year my mom makes the best gingerbread cookies! We just made a big batch Sunday and they’ve disappeared :) And every year on December 26th we have a big gathering of friends and family over for tamales and all the trimmings. Everyone is kind of sick of the normal holiday stuff and they look forward all year to “tamale night”!

    95. Adrienne says:

      My family’s from Arizona, and we have tamales every Christmas!

    96. Melissa says:

      I still make sugar cookies to decorate, although my sons are all in their teens now. They love the tradition.

    97. Amber says:

      My Mom makes the best cinnamon rolls every Christmas Morning! Thanks for the chance to win this great cookbook!!! :)

    98. kimmerbean says:

      Cupcake cookies are a family tradition in our home!

    99. My Mom and I host a neighborhood ladies tea at Christmas time with all sorts of favorite goodies – scones and clotted cream, cheese tart primavera, shortbread, almond cream bars, truffles, cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, spinach nuggets, cream puffs, etc. We (and our neighbors!) look forward to it all year long!
      Thanks for such an incredible blog, Annie! Whenever I’m looking for a recipe for something new I want to try, I always check here first because I know it will be good. :-)

    100. Nikki says:

      Fondue! A few years ago my sister brought swiss cheese fondue to christmas dinner and the family loved it so it has become a yearly tradition that we all look forward to having as an appetizer!

    101. LeRae says:

      Every Christmas morning we have chocolate gravy! Yes, chocolate gravy. My grandfather learned how to make it as a cook in World War II and my family eats it once a year as our special tradition.

    102. Mishelle says:

      Decorated sugar cookies have been a tradition for as far back as I can remember. In the last 15 years I always have lots of requests for my cashew brittle so I guess that is becoming a tradition too. It is so good and just melts in your mouth. What a fun post! Thanks!

    103. Amy says:

      I am converting to Judaism and starting all new traditions. Tonight we will be hosting or first Hanukkah dinner, with latkes, homemade apple sauce, briskets, hummus and doughnuts. I plan to make that a tradition!

    104. Molly H says:

      We make white chocolate peppermint bark and also cinnamon sugar spiced pecans. Both are great for just having out and munching on all day!

    105. Kerith says:

      What fun reading about all these Christmas food traditions! Homemade pizza is always served for our Christmas Eve meal- simple, just before the big day!

    106. Rebecca says:

      Really?? I have to pick just ONE?! Oh gosh, then I’d have to say my favorite tradition is crab legs on Christmas Eve! YUM! Of course I also love chocolate chip shortbread cookies and making homemade pizzas with everyone!

    107. Mary Beth says:

      Our tradition is laying around in our pajamas all day and having a giant breakfast of cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, and other baked breakfast treats while watching Christmas movies, I look forward to it all year long!

    108. Liz says:

      I make a gingerbread house made out of real gingerbread that I cut out in patterns and construct with royal icing. I love it!

      I love this blog, by the way. Some of my favorite recipes are ones I’ve found on here! Thank you!

    109. Laura says:

      My top would be the elaborately decorated sugar cookies that we eat for breakfast each year on Christmas morning. Lots of coffee too, since the children wake us early! Merry Christmas!

    110. Anna says:

      Double-decker fudge and chocolate covered carmels. That is all I need for Christmas.

    111. I make sweet spiced almonds to give as gifts and to have in bowls around the house. Everyone expects them from me now. They are roasted almonds coated in sugar, salt and cayanne pepper. Yummy and addictive.

    112. Ann Russell says:

      My grandmother’s eggnog recipe. We make it the old-fashioned way (lots of liquor). I have helped make this since I was a little girl and absolutely love it. It is nothing like the store-bought stuff, but instead have more of the consistency of whipped cream and is eaten with a spoon. The aroma is also wonderful!

    113. Sarah says:

      My mom always makes lemon cheesecake bars. Yum!

    114. Erin says:

      We don’t have any long standing Christmas day food traditions, but my mom always makes Chinese New Year cookies during the holiday season (usually after Christmas, but before New Year’s Day). I love these as they are perfect for a chocolate lover- such as myself.

      Merry Christmas to all!

    115. Kathryn says:

      Amaretti – my family first had them on a trip to Italy a few years back – and have made these almond cookies a part of our Holiday tradition ever since!

    116. My mother makes pounds of her famous fudge and toffee – I always make extra spicy gingersnaps with cayenne pepper.

    117. My grandmother makes baked eggs every Christmas morning. It is one of my favorite meals- cheese, eggs and bread all in one dish!

    118. Every year I make gingerbread men and sugar cookies to decorate. This year I’m going to carry my pumpkin cheesecake from thanksgiving to Christmas!!

    119. Toby says:

      I made a Challah Bread Pudding for my aunt’s Chanukah party this year, and I think it will become a tradition since it was a huge hit! I think we’ll be bringing it to my BIL’s for Christmas Eve dinner as well.

    120. Eliza says:

      Cinnamon rolls my mother makes every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve dinner… everyone looks forward to them.

    121. Brandi says:

      Every year I make gingersnaps with local sorghum. I’m actually required to make them. My mom always makes what we call Christmas tree cookies that are really almond cookies that she tints green and uses a cookie press with the tree plate. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

    122. Rachel says:

      My mom always made “Apple Flopjes” (Dutch version of fritters) every New Year’s Day. Now that I don’t live at home any more, the new year never seems to start on the right foot without them. They are so delish–especially with LOTS of powdered sugar! :)

    123. betchacanteatjustone says:

      Every year my family gets together on Christmas eve adn we always eat the SAME thing! My mom makes potato salad, my aunt and uncle make a try with cheese and deli meats, my uncle makes a cabbage salad, my sister makes tiramisu, I can’t usually commit to the same item every year as I like to switch up but I love that I can expect the same meal year after year, it’s just become part of the tradition.

      I couldn’t have Christmas without making whipped shortbread. My mom used to always make it when I was little and I love it!

    124. Eva says:

      We used to make hrusciki- a Eurpoean, melt-in-your mouth puff-pastry type of cookie…sprinkled with generous amounts of icing sugar. It was a favourite and I will continue the tradition with my expectant new addition!

    125. Elizabeth says:

      I’m not the greatest cook, which is why I’d love to win a great cookbook! But, I can manage to make some peppermint patties that are pretty good :)

    126. Cathleen says:

      My grandma’s Christmas cookies! They are very soft with lots of icing. I love America’s Test Kitchens and would LOVE this cookbook.

    127. annie says:

      The food that says holiday to me is calamari. My family is Italian, so on Christmas Eve we have the Feast of the Seven Fishes. This will be my first year with my boyfriend’s family for Christmas, so I’m hoping to find calamari somewhere–otherwise it wouldn’t be the holidays!

    128. Tiffany says:

      Growing up we would have bagels and lox for Christmas breakfast. Go figure ;)

    129. Nicki says:

      My mom always makes Ritz peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate. Yum!

    130. Crystal says:

      Homemade Dumplings that I now make for every christmas but my grandma taught me how many years ago!!

    131. Jen says:

      One of my favorite Holiday Traditions is making Chocolate Covered Pretzels with one of my best friends, Katie.

    132. Lori says:

      As a kid we always made Christmas sugar cookies. I always loved that and can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to make them with me.

    133. Angie says:

      A holiday tradition in our family is that one weekday all of the women in my family (there aren’t many) go out o breakfast and then to my mom or aunts house to spend the day baking and decorating cookies. We also do a cookie exchange since you can only bake so much in a given time! I’ve always taken a vacation day because this day is so special to me!

    134. Brigid says:

      Our family tradition is apple pies! I love making them and the smell just reminds me of holiday season.

    135. Meghan says:

      Homemade swedish potato sausage. It’s bland, but it’s a tradition!

    136. It wouldn’t be a holiday without Grandma’s dressing!

    137. Kelly says:

      We love to eat puffy pancakes (or German Pancakes) every Christmas morning. They are quick and the kids favorite breakfast.

    138. elicia says:

      my dad cooking christmas morning bacon outside in the cold. hahaha. mom won’t let him cook bacon indoors, so we get to watch him tenderly care for the bacon through the sliding glass door.

    139. Jancis Short says:

      Our tradition is my grandmothers pies! Apple, chocolate, pecan, and pumpkin.

    140. Sarah says:

      We make red velvet cake every year. YUM!

    141. Alisha says:

      Well I tried to start a tradition this weekend by baking your sugar cookies with royal icing. What a commitment! It might end up being just one batch a year. While my husband and 15 month old enjoyed them, the treat was showing them off to by book club friends.

    142. Polly Klenda says:

      I make caramel brownies and Christmas chex mix to give to my friends!

    143. Julie F says:

      We always have a crushed cranberry, pecan and pineapple jello salad for the holidays! Yum!

    144. Lisa says:

      Christmas is about the meat–fish for christmas eve with prime rib for christmas dinner. I’m not a big meat eater in general, but this is how things are.

    145. Coreen says:

      Sugar cookies! We use my Great-grandmother’s recipe, the whole family gets in on the decorating, and the entire container of red hots, without fail, gets spilled every year. Such fun!

    146. Danelle says:

      Favorite holiday food tradition: making (& eating, of course) buckeyes!!! Grew up making them with my mom, & am excited to be able to carry on the tradition with my new daughter.

    147. Danelle says:

      Favorite holiday food tradition: making (& eating, of course) buckeyes!!! Grew up making them with my mom, & am excited to be able to carry on the tradition with my new daughter. I’m known as the buckeye-maker now. As a matter of fact, I didn’t make them last year b/c I was too sick while pregnant, & I had some disappointed friends & family members!

    148. Michele says:

      My mom always makes fudge and caramels every year and I still live close enough to her that she always shares with us so I don’t usually make my own. We also love egg nog in our family. We drink it straight up, without diluting it with anything. I think we’d all drink it out of the container if we didn’t have to share! I can’t wait to make your egg not cupcakes to share with my family this year.

    149. Stephanie says:

      Peppermint bark!

    150. My dad’s fudge is a Christmas tradition…and it must be eaten with a beer! ;)

    151. Katie says:

      My mom’s fudge, it’s so simple and easy to make and unbelievable!!

    152. Ashley C. says:

      Thanks for the giveaway!

      No Christmas Eve is complete without Sausage Balls (hot sausage, cheddar cheese and Bisquick) and homemade Chex Mix!

    153. RA says:

      In my husband’s family, they always make monkey bread (kind of like a sticky-bun-pull-apart thing) for breakfast on Christmas morning. I received the recipe at my bridal shower, so I make it whenever we’re home for Christmas.

    154. Jeannine says:

      Our big Italian family has so many get togethers around the holidays and the antipasta platters are always abundant! I also love my grandmothers platters and platters of Italian cookies, my favorite always being the pignoli cookies!!!!

    155. Carolyn says:

      We make homemade potato and cheese pierogis to eat for Christmas Eve dinner every year – they are my favorite food :)

    156. Emily says:

      Every year for the past I don’t know how many years, I have made caramel covered pretzel rods rolled in various toppings…mini chocolate chips, pecans, mini m&ms, chopped up andes mints. This year, I am going to try the caramel recipe that you posted with your caramel apples!

    157. Sam says:

      My mom always makes this fantastic Breakfast Casserole on Christmas morning. I’ve tried to duplicate it, but it never tastes like hers. I look forward to it every year!

    158. Amy says:

      My favorite Christmas tradition is my mom’s fudge! It’s so yummy and she only makes it once a year!

    159. Gwen says:

      My family makes cheese filling every Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. And those are the only 3 times a year we eat it. It’s basically a cracker and cheese casserole that tastes like a grilled cheese sandwich. So yummy!

    160. Rebecca says:

      My mom’s chocolate fudge. It’s the smoothest, creamiest fudge I’ve ever had, and it’s one of the centerpieces of Christmas gatherings of our family, at least on the dessert table!

    161. Erin says:

      Every year my mom makes filled date cookies – I don’t actually like them very much (shhhhhh) but knowing that they’re boxed up and the filling is in the fridge means it’s the holidays.

    162. Sarah says:

      My mom makes all sorts of cookies and other treats, and then tries to feed them to me about 5 times a day (usually successfully).

    163. jacki says:

      We don’t have any traditions yet because we are newly married but I would love to cook Filipino (my heritage) food for Christmas. It’s just me and my husband on Christmas so I dont know what to cook yet

    164. Allie says:

      My Mother’s baking is a huge hit every year around the holidays. My personal favorites are her ricotta cookies, mint brownies, magic bars, chocolate chip cookies, and her pumpkin roll….among many others!!!! ;c)

    165. Carla says:

      Sweet Potato Souffle with Pecan Streusal Topping.

      Thanksgiving and Christmas, there would be riots without it :)

      (You never do giveaways, and I never enter giveaways! I made an exception bc I love your blog!)

    166. Donna says:

      Persimmon Pudding! I know it sounds a bit odd, but it tastes like Christmas to me. Part pudding, part cake and all delicious. Thanks Mom for giving us a unique family holiday food tradition.

    167. I love eating coconut cookies on Christmas morning – it’s a family favorite around here. I also love my Nana’s bread stuffing. <3

    168. jiminycub says:

      Hi Annie,

      I just love your blog and have gotten so many recipes from it. My favorite holiday tradition is my grandmothers Italian Cookie. She only made it at Christmas and guarded the recipe for years. She finally passed it on to my aunt who passed it on to my mother who passed it on to me. Now I make it every Christmas. It is like a type of deep fried raviolli and is filled with a garbanzo bean and honey filling. They are delicous.


    169. Rachel says:

      My grandmother always made spritz cookies. Once she wasn’t able to do it anymore, my mom and sister took over. Every year they have a marathon baking session the week before Christmas and make dozens of them. I personally don’t eat them, but it still wouldn’t be Christmas without a huge tray them on the dessert table.

    170. brittty says:

      We always have “Ron Feed.” It’s made by my dad and grandpa and it’s m&m’s with peanuts. It’s so good!

    171. Kristie says:

      Cranberry BBQ turkey. It is a must-do tradition!

    172. Megan says:

      One Christmas Eve food tradition in my family is late-night shrimp cocktail! Usually on Christmas Eve, my mom makes a simple dinner (sometimes even ordering in pizza!) and we relax before going to a midnight candlelight church service.

      By the time we got home from church, we are always hungry, so that’s how the shrimp cocktail tradition started! I look forward to it every year. It’s fun to have a delicious snack late at night in the dark, with only the lights of the Christmas tree on. Beautiful!

    173. Betsy says:

      Our long time holiday tradition is red velvet cake on Christmas Day. We sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, and then dig in!

    174. writercrystal says:

      Our family tradition is a Happy Birthday Jesus cake. It started when my sister was about 3 – she wanted to know if it was Jesus’ birthday, why wasn’t there a cake? So, from that Christmas on, we’ve had a birthday cake. The actual cake flavor varies from year to year, but we always have one!

    175. Tanya says:

      Latkes, matzo ball soup, kugel, and brisket! YUM!

    176. Stacy says:

      Thanks for the opportunity to share and to read so many wonderful traditions! We have had family traditions, however now that we are married and live farther away from family, we wanted to make some traditions of our own. After we first got married we spent most of the Christmas holiday in between families and respecting traditions at each house. Now that we have been married 4 years we have some of our own. I made truffles one year (with oreo cookies) to try and impress my new family (the in laws). They were a huge hit and it was a nice treat for my family as well. I have been making them ever since. Making new flavors is always fun and it is a surprise for the families as we visit. They never know what new creation will be in the tin until Christmas. Every year there is mention of the truffle treat, so that has made me feel good about a tradition we started that applies to us and our families even though we all can’t get together as one big extended family! Food really does connect people! :o)

    177. Lindsay says:

      Peanut blossoms! My husband is not a big Christmas cookie fan, but he LOVES peanut blossoms, so I make lots of them. :)

    178. Jenn says:

      Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, they are a must!!

    179. Emily says:

      delurking! love your blog! My great-grandfather was Italian and used to make spinach/cheese stuffed manicotti. He would always have extra filling that he would bake in a casserole dish. Soon, he realized that people would fight over the filling and there would be extra manicotti, so he scrapped the noodles and just baked all the filling. Now, his “spinach pie” is a family favorite side dish for Christmas. yummmmm!

    180. Ashley says:

      my mom’s peppermint yule log – it’s not Christmas Eve without it!

    181. My favorite Christmas food is Sausage Hors D’Deuvre. Sausage, cheese, and seasonings baked on little slices of rye bread… yum! I also always look forward to candy cane cookies. Peppermint flavored red and white dough twisted together and shaped like candy canes with peppermints crushed on top. Ok, now I’m ready for Christmas!

    182. Kristin says:

      christmas sugar cookies with a special twist: brandy! best. cookies. ever.

    183. Jen Kuck says:

      I try to mix it up every year, trying new dishes to expand our horizons and trying all of the fabulous holiday recipes out there. However, the one thing I do make every Christmas is a yummy little snack we call Reindeer Munchies. They are highly addictive! :)

    184. Karly says:

      We make those peanut butter blossom cookies every year. My husband is addicted them and the kids love unwrapping the kisses and shoving them in the warm cookies. :)

      Great giveaway!

    185. Leslie says:

      Eggnog to drink; Runzas to eat; cinnamon rolls with the left over runza dough.

    186. Kristy says:

      Our family tradition includes lots of foods! We only make them this time of year, and look forward to it all year. My favorite is our broccoli casserole, which isn’t your typical broccoli casserole. Ours has a nice spice to it.

    187. Elizabeth says:

      We have so many food traditions, I’m not sure which to pick. It would be a toss-up between homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning and Yorkshire pudding for Christmas dinner.

    188. Jessie says:

      Ok, this so doesn’t scream holidays, but every Thanksgiving and Christmas my aunt brings a big salad that is to die for. We have tried for years to get the recipe for the dressing out of her, and every year she refuses.

    189. Lisa says:

      My grandma bakes furiously between Thanksgiving and Christmas to make cookie trays for pretty much everyone she’s ever met – she’ll usually end up with about 30 different kinds of cookies stacked in tins that fill her kitchen. It’s such a sweet gift for her neighbors, but I love receiving the trays as well. She’s done it for several years now, and I’ve been starting to follow in her footsteps. It’s a lot of work, but it’s so fun to make people so happy.

    190. Ann says:

      Snickerdoodles! I get requests from the family every year to make these.

    191. Katie says:

      Just like thanksgiving..Pumpkin Pie!!!!

    192. Allison K says:

      I only just started my baking journey and have not created our Christmas traditions yet. I look forward to a tradition of lovely food and happy family memories.

    193. Samantha says:

      My favorite tradition is making pumpkin pie from scratch. Crust, cutting into a pumpkin, baking it, scraping the pumpkin out, pureeing….the whole works! I remember watching my grandma make the crust and smelling the pumpkin throughout the house. One year I used all of my pumpkin solely for pumpkin pies. This year I’ve decided to try several different kinds of recipes involving pumpkin. Thanks for the variety, Annie!

    194. Katie J says:

      My family always makes sausage balls during the holidays. Simple but delicious!

    195. crabapple says:

      my grandmother’s caramels. yummy!

    196. Sarah K says:

      Every year we make pierogis…in fact we’ll be making them this Sunday! Mmmm…talk about comfort food!

    197. Amy says:

      My mom always makes this delicious onion fennel bread braid for the holidays. She really never bakes and certainly never bakes bread, but it is always wonderful. I guess it’s a Christmas miracle.

    198. Shauna says:

      My mom always made the most delicious coffee cake on Christmas morning. And she didn’t make it again for the rest of the year which is a shame but it made it really special when she did make it.

      I considered incorporating that tradition into our Christmas mornings with our new little family but I think I am going to make PW’s cinnamon rolls instead. If they turn out well this year, they will be our new Christmas morning tradition.

    199. Donna says:

      Our family tradition is our once a year box of fresh, homemade donuts from the local coffee shop. When our grandparents used to come over to see what we have opened the donuts come with them!

    200. Sarah says:

      My mom and grandma always made Chocolate Crackles at Christmas (choc cookie rolled in powdered sugar before baking). They are my favorite (and luckily my husband’s too)! I always thought it was weird that we never made them any other time of year because it’s not a Christmas cookie.

    201. Stephanie says:

      My favorite food tradition is making teh Christmas Crescents that my Grandmother always made. When I was a kid, I used to help her roll them out. I look forward to doing it with my daughter once she is old enough. They are so delicious!

    202. Jillian says:

      There’s one cookie that my grandma always made for Christmas. Until I have it it doesn’t feel like Christmas time! It was a lot of work for me to get the recipe from her so I could make them when I moved away. :)

    203. Sue says:

      We don’t have a tradition of a certain dessert , but we have a tradition of a baking afternoon-evening. It’s very festive and fun and we tend to make the basic things – fudge, peanut brittle, different cookies and caramels. (trying different recipes every year) and then we leave with trays to make up for others and enjoyed the time together also!

    204. Megan says:

      I sure love your pizza crust recipe. :)

    205. Jessica says:

      Every year we all get up and look forward to my fathers gravy and biscuit! We open presents and then everyone piles into the kitchen to wait on a hot biscuit to come out of the oven!

    206. Paige says:

      A cup of hot wassail on Christmas Eve! It makes the house smell wonderful!

    207. Michelle McGlynn says:

      My mother is Italian and our family used to have homemade lasagna on Christmas. This tradition has fallen by the wayside as of recent years and I would like to bring it back!

    208. Lisa T. says:

      My mom always cooked a big breakfast for us every Christmas morning – complete with her famous breakfast skillet concoction that we call, “Breakfast Ready”. :) It’s eggs, ham, bacon, shredded potatoes, ground breakfast sausage and lots of cheese! It’s SO good and I look forward to it every year (yes, we still go to my parents’ house for breakfast on Christmas morning!)

    209. Jessica says:

      We have SO many traditional holiday treats in my family: pepper nuts, frosted sugar cookies (with sprinkles of course!), fudge, truffles… I could go on and on but it’s making me hungry!

    210. Amanda W says:

      Every Christmas morning we have brunch. My dad loves to make eggs and omelets made-to-order. This year, we are having annual Christmas Brunch at our house and I am excited to make cinnamon rolls! I am also excited for our 5 month old son to celebrate his very 1st Christmas!

    211. Anna M says:

      We have the usual slew of Christmas cookies, but no matter what we always make a german apple pancake on Christmas morning. mmmm

    212. LeAnne says:

      My family has a lot of Christmas traditions and they all seem to revolve around food! Christmas Eve is a spread of shrimp, homemade cheeseballs with crackers, and veggie and fruit trays. Christmas morning involves homemade breakfast casserole, sausage balls (my favorite!), tapioca fruit salad and ham biscuits. Christmas dinner is always prime rib, rolls and veggies. And of course starting the day after Thanksgiving, we start baking: peanut clusters, snowballs, sugar cookies, butter cookies, peanut butter balls, biscotti, bachlava and more! Although I live 4 hours from my parents now, I always look forward to going home to the traditions and have even started baking my own treats to bring home.

    213. Allison says:

      We always make carmel and fudge to give away as neighbor gifts and teacher gifts. So yummy. And now my kids don’t think it’s Christmas time until I’ve made a batch of each.

    214. Nicole says:

      The only tradition that I could think of off the top of my head is on Christmas morning we drink mimosas while opening presents. Kind of a funny tradition, but it’s ours :)

    215. Karen says:

      Every Christmas Eve we make won tons and have homemade won ton soup for dinner. I love it!

    216. Susan says:

      My mother’s rumcakes. She gives them out to family and friends in December every year. Everyone loves them!

    217. Patricia says:

      Making sugar cookies with my mom!

    218. Tessa says:

      Fudge that my father always makes. I can remember having to stand on a stool to help him stir it when I was a kiddo. Now that we’re grown, he usually waits until we come home for the holiday, so that we can still help him make it.

    219. Katie says:

      Our Christmas dinner tradition used to be turkey until one year when the turkey selection at our grocery store in Alaska was not supreme. We decided to start a new dinner tradition and have steaks on the grill. Why that made more sense? I don’t know, but it’s fun to have the grill going during a white Christmas.

    220. Jessica says:

      We make beignets on New Year’s Day, complete with (untraditional, I’m sure) dipping sauces. Can’t wait!

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    221. Krystle says:

      My mom’s macaroni & cheese for sure! It was a recipe her mom passed down to her…it so yummy she bakes it with potato chips on the top! Cheesy and crunchy on the top! For the last couple of years though I have been in charge of several desserts and always get requests for my Spinach Artichoke Dip and Seven Layer dip!!

    222. Beth says:

      My family’s holiday tradition is butterhorns on Christmas morning. It’s my great-grandmother’s recipe (maybe great-great? I forget) and it takes like two days to make because of all the dough rising, but it’s SOOO worth it! They are spectacular, and we only have them one day a year!

    223. Julie says:

      Definitely fresh cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, made with overnight yeast roll dough. My mom bakes these along with an eggs and grits casserole, and we feast after presents :) As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that the breakfast is even more fun than the gifts.

    224. Sarah says:

      Each year my husband and some family get together to cook up some latkes, which are fried potato pancakes. My family celebrated Hannukah while I was growing up, and so I’ve taken on that tradition!

    225. Mia says:

      In our family, my grandmother makes a type of pastry that is savory, that as kids we called “goupcha”. I don’t think this is the actual name, but this is what we knew it as kids. It is a Macedonian savory pastry. It is a really flaky handmade dough that is filled and rolled up into long “logs” then baked. The result is a super flaky pastry that is like no other. The only thing I can remotely compare it to would be spanakopita, except the dough is hand made, stretched paper thin, then layered. The different fillings are: spinach, cheese, hamburger, and apple, all separate of course. For New Years, it is a tradition to hide money throughout the pastry (baked in foil). The one that finds it has good luck in the New Year.

    226. Laura says:

      We have lots of family traditions but I think my favorite is setting aside one day to bake my heart out from morning until evening. Buckeyes, beautiful frosted sugar cookies, raspberry thumbprints, peppermint bark, caramel corn, fudge, almond roca and one new cookie recipe each year. I love wrapping them up in decorative tins and handing them out to the appreciative friends and neighbors!!

    227. katey says:

      We celebrate hannukah and because most of my relatives married into other religions, we also celebrate christmas occassionally. We don’t have any set food traditions, but we do all get together during the holiday season. We tend to have a bbq salami for an appetizer, a briscuit for din, and some sort of new fun baked good my mom is trying out. I mostly look forward to the conversation that is going on while eating the yummy food! I would like to start a holiday tradition with my boyfriend who I think is the “one.” Not sure what it will be yet…but I would like it to be a his/her type food. Something he makes that I like, and something that I make that he likes!!

    228. Angela says:

      A buffet type spread of cold cuts, crackers, cheese and the like…after mass on Christmas Eve. I love it!

    229. Tasha Fontenot says:

      Our family tradition is Martha Washington Balls. I am sure there are other names for them, but this is what they have been called in my family for many years. I am 42 years old and my mother has made them for as long as I can remember at Christmas. As well as her mother who will be 92 in March.
      They are a yummy ball of goodness dipped in what else, but CHOCOLATE!
      Me, my 4 1/2 year old twin boys and sister are making them Friday. It just screams Christmas to me!!!!!

    230. Georgia says:

      Every year we eat my great grandmother’s “ribbon cake”. It’s three layers of different colored and flavored white cake with chocolate icing between each layer. The recipe is over on my (woefully undermaintained) blog!

    231. Lauren says:

      The week of Christmas Mom always makes cinnamon rolls loaded with nuts and raisins. She gives them to the neighbors as gifts, then Christmas morning we get to enjoy them!

    232. Lori says:

      We don’t have a traditional holiday food item yet, but I’m going to try making chocolate babka this year. If it turns out maybe it’ll become the tradition!

      I just recently stumbled upon your blog and can’t wait to try your recipes.

    233. Rocio says:

      ours is my lime cheesecake, i have to bake a mini cheesecake for everyone
      happy holidays!

    234. mkc3888 says:

      Every year my mom’s carrot cake is a mandatory desert for christmas. Every year my mom make it to bring to her family, and now my MIL asked me to bring one to their home this year. This cake is always a sign of celebration in our family!

    235. amy says:

      my grandmother’s and mother’s hungarian apricot bars. they are sooo-ooo good. a buttery cookie base with apricot filling and then crumble on top.

    236. oneordinaryday says:

      Christmas would be missing something tasty w/o my family’s peanut butter balls, for sure. We all love love love them ~ especially straight from the freezer!

    237. Linda says:

      Monkey bread. We always had in Christmas morning! It is so easy to make and addicting!

    238. Gwyn says:

      On Christmas, we make sugar cookies & decorate them with the kids!

    239. Holly Miller says:

      My tradition is usually chocolate chip cookies. I remember being little and having snow days from school and my mom would pay Christmas music while we made cookies!

    240. Jen says:

      My grandmother made cornbread dressing every year for Christmas. Even with my grandmother gone we still make the same cornbread dressing. It wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without it.

    241. Jayme says:

      My grandma usually makes popcorn cake!

    242. Jennifer says:

      I have started a new tradition in the last couple of years. My mom, sister and I have a cookie baking day and we make all of our favorite cookies and try out a new recipe or two (there could be new favorites in the making!). The cookies we always have to make are pecan tassies and thumbprint cookies.

    243. Kirsten says:

      Our family tradition is on New Years Day. We eat the typical pork, saurkraut, and mashed potatoes for good luck throughout the year, but we add one more side. My dad always called it nepp, a pennsylvania dutch recipe. I believe it is also called rivels. It is flour, egg, and salt, mixed and cut into small pieces and dropped into boiling hot water. Let boil until firm, drain, and mix with melted butter. Delicious!

    244. Allison says:

      chicken velvet soup on christmas eve. it’s basically a heart-attack in a bowl, but man is it good….

    245. Kristin says:

      Santa would ride down my Nanny’s old country street each Christmas Eve during our family reunion supper. All the little cousins would run out onto Nanny & Pap Pap’s lawn, wave to Santa & try to catch the candy canes he threw. The only thing that brought us in from Florida’s 75 degree Christmas weather was the homemade Mac & Cheese Nanny makes every year. Mac & Cheese is a side dish for every Christmas Eve supper in every home of our huge family. Whether we are together or apart we take comfort in knowing everyone in our family is enjoy this comfort food at their Christmas Eve table.

    246. Deanna says:

      I have to say it is more a baking activity. Every year I have a Bake-a-thon. Most of the time it is just me baking for hours and hours and hours on one particular day. In fact I just finished this activity on Saturday. Sunday I spent time packing all those cookies and goodies up and today I shipped them. It is an accomplishment! A sampler of 10 varieties of baked goods for my family to enjoy. Whew!

    247. Jennifer Vadocz says:

      There are so many things I remember about Christmas, but the one that is still going and I do with my little family is crepes with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast! These days it’s too sweet to eat too many, but I still love making them anyway!

    248. kelsey says:

      we have a few holiday food traditions… homemade gingerbread and sugar cookies, popcorn balls and peanut brittle… but my favorite is making scones or blueberry muffins on christmas morning. i started it as a kid so that my parent could relax in the morning and i still make them every year.

    249. Krystal says:

      Our family tradition is pecan tarts…all the girls make them to enjoy with dinner. My mom makes the best filipino flan, too. It’s too die for.

    250. cupcakerator says:

      Ham. It’s one reason that I’m glad my parents are divorced. It means I get twice the holiday ham. Mmm!

    251. Lisa says:

      Every year my family makes scrapple for Christmas morning breakfast. It sounds gross, but it’s really really good! It’s a loaf made of cornmeal and cooked pork with lots of sausage seasoning. You slice it really thin and fry it for yummy breakfast goodness!

    252. Marissa says:

      My father lived in France for several years so my family tradition is Cheese fondue every Christmas Eve. We buy the imported emmentale, gruyere, and comte. We dip bread, granny smith apples, and potatoes. When my husband spent his first Christmas with my family he had never had fondue before. He realized about two dips into the meal that he HATED the taste of swiss cheeses so he silently got up from the table, went to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of Tapatio (hot sauce) out of the fridge, came back, and proceeded to put some on every piece of bread he dipped before eating it. My parents were scandalized. But now he loves it so it all worked out in the end.

    253. Jen F says:

      Green bean casserole is a holiday tradition!

    254. Erin says:

      My dad is Italian and he makes the BEST meatballs! We have them every Christmas Eve.

    255. stacey says:

      I make cinnamon rolls on christmas eve so we have a deicious breakfast on Christmas morning. It’s the only day during the year that I make them from scratch.

    256. Linda says:

      I’m starting what will hopefully be a family tradition with my new little family this year. I’ll be making homemade cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate to enjoy while opening presents Christmas morning. Now that my daughter is eating things like cinnamon rolls, I’m super excited to start this!

    257. Natalie B. says:

      The first time I visited my husbands (then boyfriends) family for Christmas, I made homemade truffles for his grandmother. Last year I heard how much she enjoyed those truffles and she mentioned them often. So now, Nana will get them every year!

    258. Tara says:

      Love your blog, Annie! :) And your son is adorable!!
      My favorite tradition is gingerbread cookies…the aroma that fills my house is so warm and comforting!

    259. Katie says:

      We have warm wassil every year! I love it!

    260. Jane says:

      We love to make chocolate dipped caramel apples! They’re so much work but so worth it.

    261. Tracie says:

      A holiday isn’t a holiday without green bean casserole. Yes, the cream of crap stuff! lol We only eat it twice a year but it just wouldn’t feel like thanksgiving or christmas dinner without it.

    262. Karla says:

      My husband’s family always has a meal on Christmas Eve that consists of appetizers–stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, bacon-wrapped water chesnuts, some sort of holiday ring/wreath, hot cheese dip with bread chunks. I love the quaintness of appetizers and have loved sharing in this tradition for the past 10 years! For dessert during the opening of presents, we delight in a sweets tray–truffles, caramel covered pecans and other assorted homemade goodies–and a lovely hot drink, usually white hot chocolate with a peppermint stick. Ooooh, I can hardly wait until Christmas Eve 2009!!!!

    263. Dawn says:

      We have lots of favorites, but I just know your cappuccino fudge will start a new tradition this year!

    264. Louanne says:

      My mom, sister, and I, along with my cousins, all gather at my house to make cuccidati – Sicilian fig cookies.

    265. Laurie says:

      Christmas-time at our house always includes my Danish Grandmother’s Kringler recipe. It is butter, cream and flour goodness, topped with a brush of cream, then cinnamon and sugar. It is also Tamales and Aebelskivers. We are a house of many flavors!

    266. Christina says:

      Where to start . . . it’s probably carmel corn. I never have time to make it, so I love going to visit family and eating theirs!

    267. michelle s says:

      since getting married – buckeyes, buckeyes, and more buckeyes. I had never heard of them before, but now we make them every year. YUM!

    268. Elizabeth says:

      I like the simple bowl of nuts and nutcracker sitting on one of our end tables. I can never seem to crack them right and end up with a handful of shell and nut pieces all mixed together!

    269. Julia says:

      It wouldn’t be Christmas time without a massive baking session with my mother-in-law when we visit my husband’s family and with my mom when we visit my family.
      We always make Spritz cookies, wedding cakes, buckeyes, holly cookies, pecan pickups, sugar cookies, toffee crisps and caramels. Now that we live in Kentucky, we also make Bourbon balls! Can’t wait for the baking to begin this weekend!

    270. Jen says:

      I bake up treat baskets for family every year at Christmas, I’ve done so since I was probably 15!
      I always do something a little different, trying out new sweet recipes that I haven’t had a reason to try yet, but the absolute stand-by is sugar cookies and shortbread cookies.
      I’m also doing dark chocolate truffles this year, one of those “banes” haha – I had to make 300 for a wedding, and my mom loved them so much she requested them for Christmas! Lucky I love her so much… they’re so messy, and my hands smells like dark chocolate for hours ;)

    271. Meghan says:

      What a great giveaway! I have a lot of foods that are holiday traditions, in particular my Grandma’s butter and oatmeal cookies. They are my favorites!

    272. Lindsey says:

      My granny makes the best Christmas sugar cookies! They are so good they melt in your mouth. I have no idea where she got the recipe but she has been making them for as long as I can remember. They aren’t too sweet, but have just the right amount of sweetness…the best part is the homemade icing that she makes to top them with. They are thick and soft. YUM!

    273. Elise A. says:

      My family has passed down our recipe for boiled custard for three generations now. I recently got to learn to make it with my grandmother. It is truly the happiest time of my holidays when the meal is done and the boiled custard come out of the fridge!

    274. Emilee says:

      Our family tradition is to have Monte Cristo sandwiches for breakfast on Christmas morning! We make them with ham and Swiss cheese and we all eat so many of them that we feel like we’re going to burst!

    275. Naomi says:

      A chocolate mint roll.

    276. Sheryl says:

      Every Christmas Eve, we make Pepper Steak in the crock pot with Blueberry Crumb Cake for dessert. It is an easy and delicious meal and allows us to spend time with family and friends while it is cooking all day!

    277. Dori G. says:

      My favorite Christmas tradition is making wassail with my mom. We’d put in an orange with whole cloves stuck into it. When I was little my mom used to let me help put them in! So fun and such a good warm drink.

    278. Meg says:

      Christmas cookies– my mom would always use my grandmother’s recipe to make the batter, and then my sisters and I got to cut the cookies into Christmas shapes and frost and decorate them.

    279. Shanon says:

      Homemade biscuits and gravy on Christmas morning. Delicious!

    280. My mom has always made buckeyes every single year for as long as I can remember. About three years ago, I started doing it myself. It’s a little time consuming..but totally worth it. Peanut butter + chocolate = delicious! Plus it makes me feel a little closer to home rather than 5 hours away.

    281. Kerstin says:

      We always make gingerbread houses! I can’t wait to start that tradition once we have little ones of our own :)

    282. Jenn says:

      we make lots of cookies every year, but a special kind is the prayer bars – a recipie passed down from my grandmother. Base layer of graham crackers, coconut, nuts, and chocolate, middle layer of vanilla pudding, and top layer of melted chocolate – so it looks a little like folded hands (chocolate on either side…). Very yummy!

    283. Teresa says:

      Every year my mom would make 24 hour salad. As a kid this was my favorite part of the meal of course, because it is sweet. I now make it for my family, I think they like it, haha. If not too bad cause I still love it!! :)

    284. kelbrian says:

      My mom makes Christmas cookies every year and has since I was quite little. She makes enough that there are ice cream tubs of them sitting out in the garage all throughout December and into January. She uses my great grandmother’s recipe for frosting, and it is the best that I’ve ever tasted.

      I want to learn how to make these cookies so that I can share them with my daughter.

    285. My brother, sister, and I always do sugar cookie cutouts and frost them, even though we are far too old :)

    286. pedaling says:

      candy cane cookies.
      i would love to win this as i am familiar with and love cooks illustrated!

    287. Kayla says:

      Definitely my mom’s French chocolates and peanut butter balls. It’s not Christmas until those are made.

    288. Abby says:

      We always have a breakfast casserole on xmas morning!

    289. Julie says:

      Baking cookies – lots of cookies is tradition – but there’s one cookie that I absolutely have to make every Christmas and that’s Russian Teacakes. Russian Teacakes = Christmas

    290. We love to have fondue on Christmas day. Several different varieties throughout the day.

    291. Ashley says:

      My husband came with a tradition that I love. We make popcorn balls for the neighbor treats. They are so gooey and delicious that now I now have to ship them to my family!

    292. Leana says:

      I love making white chocolate and cranberry cookies. Also, when my dad was alive he would every Christmas eve make a Portuguese seafood dish which was awesome. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

    293. Meghan P says:

      I have so many traditions that I just can’t narrow it down. Everything from the chicken livers my mom makes for my dad every year for Christmas brunch (it’s the only time she will make them), or my grandma’s german twist cookies, or the tradition we had as kids of painting those little wooden ornaments for the tree, or the tradition in my extended family to give an ornament to your godchild each Christmas. This way each child started their own collection for when they owned their own house.
      Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year!

    294. Penni says:

      I always loved my mom’s jello salad. My sisters and I lost our mom in January of 2004 without ever getting the recipe (along with many other recipes). We’ve never been able to duplicate her jello salad. We miss her dearly and the holidays are always the hardest! Thank you Annie for your wonderful website! I love recipes and document all of them so one day I can pass them along to my daughter – who, at 11 yrs old, is becoming a very good cook :-)

    295. Jennifer says:

      Our family tradition is to open our stockings and then eat warm cinnamon buns and have a cup of coffee before we can open any other presents. It gives you a moment to appreciate the day (and the beautiful gifts under the tree) before all the unwrapping begins! Thanks for doing this giveaway!! :)

    296. Karie says:

      Sugar cookies! My mom makes the best for me every Christmas!

    297. Tara says:

      Oh, traditions…I just got married in October, so this year will be the guinea pig of all Christmases! My husband and I are looking forward to sharing the holidays with our families, and it will be his first-ever Christmas Eve/Day with my immediate and extended family. Since I am now a wifey (and a sweet freak, too), I feel compelled to contribute my own creations to the sweets table…and so, I venture into the tradition of “Baking Day” at my house, though it will just be me doing all the baking as my husband has to work. I’ve got a list of three cookies and one cupcake. Doubled. Wish me luck!

    298. Morgan says:

      Every Thanksgiving and Christmas morning, we have homemade cinnamon rolls! We prepare them the night before, let them rise overnight, and gather around them as a family in the morning (along with some sausage, but that isn’t the point!) The cinnamon rolls mean a lot to us because they are Grandma’s recipe. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at 30 and was wheelchair-bound by 45. Mom had to take care of her brothers and sisters, and so she quickly learned to cook! Grandma passed on some time ago, but her memory still lives on, especially with her rolls :)

    299. wendy says:

      My Nana’s sugar cookies. They are so much fun to make and decorate!

    300. AnneJ says:

      Every year we have carrot cake for dessert when we celebrate Christmas. If I don’t make it, I hear about it!!! :-)

    301. Julia says:

      Every year, since I can remember, my family has made our very special Christmas Cut Out Cookies. They are just like sugar cookies…kind of, but they have anise in them. And then the frosting has anise as well. We color the frosting and sprinkle the cookies and decorate them up all fancy. And now that I’m a mom of three…we do it in our house…in fact, we’re making them today!:) I love reading your blog….you make cooking and baking fun, not drudgery:) Merry Christmas to you and your family!!! And thanks for the giveaway!

    302. My mom makes sticky buns every year on Christmas morning, and I’d like to start that tradition of breakfast when I have my own kids. I also like to get a bag of mixed nuts every year and get out my nutcracker, because it reminds me of Christmases at my grandmother’s house when she’d have her nuts and nutcracker out.

    303. ynaffit says:

      Eggs Benedict for sure! But my husband and daughter won’t eat it, so it’s REALLY special when I make it at Christmastime!

    304. Lyndsay says:

      Pecan Rolls. Delicious homemade caramel wrapped around a nougat centre and studded with pecans.

    305. Dianna says:

      My mom’s pecan pie is something I look forward to every year!

    306. JulieAnn says:

      My dad makes the most amazing toffee EVER! It’s totally his treat to make. He doesn’t use a candy thermometer, but knows that it’s done when my mom makes her second comment asking if he’s watching it or not ;) He always gets requests to bring it to family gatherings. This year, I can’t go home (due to a baby girl due to arrive on Dec 25th), but I might try to make some myself… if it doesn’t work, Dad will have an official request that both his baby girl and her baby girl NEED some of his toffee!

    307. Samantha says:

      Every Christmas Eve, we bake cheesecake square and decorate them festively for everyone to eat on Christmas Day! Happy Holidays!

    308. Erin says:

      I make vast quantities of gingerbread and give it to everyone as gifts every year.

    309. Maria says:

      We dont’ really have any traditions but one speciality of my mom’s is bombice, which are little chocolate rum balls. To make them you grind up graham crackers and walnuts, and add them to a rum and chocolate concocton. Roll the whole thing in chopped walnuts and you have a party!

    310. Chatelaine says:

      I make mini tart surprises every year with peanut butter cups and whatever special hershey Kisses are out at Target. This year it’s irish cream!!!

    311. Laura says:

      our holiday tradition is a chocolate fountain. It’s totally horrible– it’s a pain to set up, a pain to get working and even a bigger pain to clean, but I can’t imagine the holidays without it!

    312. Molly says:

      My mom always makes quiche and french onion soup on Christmas eve!

    313. Jill says:

      My favorite family holiday tradition has to be making spritz cookies with my Dad. It was one of the few times my Dad would bake and he was always to excited to do it with us every year. My sisters and I have developed perfect technique and patience for mixing the dough and using the old metal cookie press with ease. Even now when we are miles apart we each make a few batches of spritz cookies with my Grandmother’s recipe. I have made a few batches with my 2 year old daughter this year already. It is not Christmas without these cookies in our house!!

    314. Lindsey says:

      My grandmothers pecan rolls that she always makes on Christmas morning!

    315. Erica says:

      There are so many! But lately, every year I’ve been making crunchy peanut butter balls–you know, those balls of Rice Krispies, peanut butter, and Fluf covered in chocolate. Mmmmm…

    316. Nicole says:

      My Mamaw and Pop-Pop used to make these Italian cookies that were shaped into a “S.” They were incredible but ever since my Pop-Pop passed away, she stopped making them. It’s too painful of a memory for her.

    317. Irene says:

      It’s more of a post-Holiday tradition, but my mom and I are absolutely crazy about turkey. We LOVE love love it, so every year when we’re grocery shopping for Thanksgiving or Christmas, we always buy an extra turkey. We roast one to eat the day of the holiday, and the other we keep in the freezer for about a month after the holiday. After all the leftovers are gone and we’re back in our normal routines, we pull that turkey out and go through the whole roasting process again so we can keep eating turkey! I always feel like it’s the holidays again, even though it’s actually the middle of January!

    318. Liz says:

      Every year my aunt makes these walnut cookies that area absolutely divine. That reminds me-I need to get the recipe, haha. She sends a tin each year filled to the brim with ones frosted with either chopped walnuts or sprinkles. They are delicious and each year I eat way more than I should :-)

    319. Liz says:

      My grandma’s orange cranberry relish is always a tradition (even though I’m one of the few who will eat it).

    320. ashinwi says:

      Pumpkin pie is the standard holiday tradition for me, though I would like to restore my childhood tradition of blueberry muffins on Christmas morning. They were so good!

    321. Stacy says:

      Hmmm, no food traditions that really stand out. I look forward to making holiday cookies once we have kiddies.

    322. I make my grandmother’s sugar cookies and they are yummy!

    323. Traditional holiday fare here is an awesome recipe of cocoa and oatmeal for a no-bake cookie delight!!!

    324. Turtles and Haystacks!

    325. Anna says:

      My Grandmother’s cheese straws. This year I am going to try to make them myself for the first time. I’m sure it won’t be the same….

    326. Mamie says:

      A family tradition for us is a treat called “Buckeyes” – a ball of peanutbutter/powdered sugar rolled in melted chocolate. YUM!

    327. Juli says:

      This is a simple tradition, but our kids look forward to it every year. On Christmas Eve we always have hot chocolate with candy canes for stirring! Yum!

    328. Chistina says:

      My husband’s family loves Springerles – an anise flavored cookie that is crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. A traditional Austrian Christmas cookie. I prefer my great great grandmother’s peanut butter fudge, a recipe she developed during the great depression.

    329. Amy says:

      We have always made Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookies for Santa :)

    330. Jillian says:

      Homemade sugar cookies, jalapeño cream cheese poppers, and red wine consumed while Christmas caroling! This is the 20th year of the tradition and it wouldn’t be Christmas without it!

    331. joan says:

      Brioche. I whip up the dough on Christmas eve. (Julia Child’s recipe). then I get up on Christmas morning, and shape individual little ones in those cute little pans. Let them rise, bake. The house smells heavenly, the brioche, well, ethereal is the word that comes to mind.

    332. manorbooks says:

      This year I am all over the Chocolate Pretzel Rings as gifts for all those people that you would like to say thanks to, but don’t want to have to buy something. I’ve made trays and trays of them. Also posted about them on my blog with all the variations. So it’s a new tradition rather than an old tried and true one.

    333. Kristen says:

      Definitely Peanut Butter Balls. My mom and I made them every year when I was a kid and I keep up the tradition now!

    334. C. J. in Maryland says:

      Nutmeg log cookies – made with lots of Capt. Morgan’s Spiced rum

    335. Sharon says:

      For Christmas eve, I made Baked Prosciutto and Brie with Apple Butter. I also bake a Apple Pie and Chocolate Chip Cookies with Red and Green M&Ms.

      I love your blog!!!

    336. Jesse says:

      Cream corn casserole. It’s divine! (But also very sinful LOL)

    337. Amanda says:

      Our traditional holiday food is tamales :)
      My grandma makes tamales along with a plate of Christmas cookies and fudge for every son and daughter (and now the grandkids with families of their own). When I was younger I would help her make them in the weeks/days leading up to Christmas. She makes extra so that we can eat them on Christmas day and not have to eat the gift ones.
      And Christmas is also when we have Mexican food. We have traditional Thanksgiving food for Thanksgiving, but for Christmas we come back to Mexican :)

    338. Jenifer says:

      My favorite christmas tradition is that every christmas eve we make homemade pizza and it is the best pizza i have all year long!

    339. Jade says:

      I am going to try to start a family tradition of making Christmas cookies this year. My husband’s grandma makes them every year and he looks forward to it so much. We are not going to get to go to his family for Christmas this year so he asked me if I would make them. He told me he would love me forever!! How can I pass that up! So I am going to give them a whirl this week.

    340. Ardith says:

      Our traditional holiday food is the Filipino polvoron.

      All it takes is toasted flour, dried milk, a bit of sugar, and we throw in a bit of vanilla and lemon for flavor. Every time my mom and I make them, she gets out her “specially-made, family heirloom” polvoron molder. They’re simple yet delicious, and a lot of fun to make!

    341. Amy C says:

      My mom made a cookie called nutmeg logs every year and now I have taken over that duty. They are nutmeg and brandy flavored cookie frosted in brandy flavored frosting…soooo good!!!

    342. Robin says:

      White Hot Chocolate on Christmas Eve!

    343. Lmoise says:

      I made romanian “cozonac” a sweet bread with nuts and rasins.

    344. Jennifer says:

      A tradition in our house is pumpkin rolls. It is a thin pumpkin sheet cake that is filled with cream cheese frosting and then rolled tightly and cut into rolls. It is so yummy! Sometimes we tint the frosting green or red. You can add chopped nuts to the frosting if you like, but we are purists and keep it plain. Merry Christmas to everyone and a very Happy New Year!

    345. Nicole G says:

      Every Christmas Eve, we go to my parent’s house and order Chinese and have shrimp cocktail! Yummy! And, I always bake the desserts, this year: cake and pumpkin blondies! Can’t wait!

    346. Darcy says:

      Peanut Butter Balls are the tradition in our family. Last year I didn’t get them made in time for Christmas. My family was so disappointed that I made them for New Years instead!

      I am picking up the ingredients to make your cappuccino fudge recipe this year. I think almost everything I make for the holidays is chocolate! :)

    347. Kristin T says:

      I always have cinnamon rolls on Christmas Day.

    348. Sherri says:

      There are two things that mean Christmas to our family. Moms extra salty Chex Mix and homemade Caramel Corn. She always makes enough to last everyone well into January!

    349. We have been making the same homemade pecan rolls as far back as I can remember – they are a must on Christmas morning!

    350. Adie says:

      Sugar cookies was a holiday tradition my mother started when I was young. While she no longer bakes them, I’ve carried on the tradition, baking them for parties, friends and family. I’ve recently started making peppermint bark for the holidays too. My aunt makes these amaaaaazing shortbread cookies that are to die for each year and thats a definitely highlight of the holiday season.

    351. Courtney says:

      Christmas cookies are definitely a tradition in my family. The recipes vary each year, but we always use my grandmother’s set of cookie cutters. They are a random set, including chickens and turtles along with the Santas and snowflakes, but those cookies always taste the best :)

    352. Amy I. says:

      Latkes are definitely a part of my family’s tradition, but I’ve always been hesitant to try them. I’m conquering my fear of hot oil tonight. Thanks for the giveaway!

    353. Lauren says:

      My mom’s cheese grits are a tradition in our family!

    354. rebecca says:

      peppermint brownies and snowball cookies!

    355. Kat says:

      “Nut crunch,” which is basically chocolate-coated toasted-peanut brittle.

    356. Ashleigh says:

      Some of my favorite childhood memories of Christmas involve time spent around the kitchen table with my mom and sister while we rolled out sugar cookie dough, cut out dozens of stars and Christmas trees and bells, impatiently waited for them to bake, and then iced them with lots of red, green, and white icing. We still love to make these every year, and I can’t imagine the holidays without them! :)

    357. Kayla says:

      Cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas morning! (Um, with a side of stocking candy.)

    358. Eileen says:

      My mom’s raisin cookies that she only makes once a year to give away right before Christmas.

    359. Victoria says:

      Our haoliday tradition is that we make cookies for Santa and then we set out carrots for the reindeer.

    360. Ashley says:

      Definitely russian teacake cookies (which I’ve heard called many other things), and thumbprint cookies filled with homemade jam. My mom always had the patience to let us help make them, which was so fun growing up! I was going to try my hand at royal icing for my cookies this year, but now may have to make these as well now that I’m thinking about them! :)

    361. JennyG says:

      A special cookie called “double crunchers.” The recipe was given to me by my Mother-in-Law years ago. She’s no longer living but her double crunchers are a family tradition.

    362. Fallon says:

      Every year I always make fudge and peppermint bark. I know my friends and family enjoy it and they are always expecting it this time of the year.

    363. For as long as I remember, there was no Christmas without perogies! Usually with sour cabbage, or meat, sometimes mushrooms, onions… Lots of time is spent making home made perogies around Christmas here and this year will be no exception! :)
      Thanks for a great givaway, a book that you love refering to when making your special foods is definitely a perfect gift! Would love to win!

    364. Theresa says:

      Every year, we make Kolacky cookies. I don’t know how it became a tradition, but I know they’re my Gram’s favorites, so we never have Christmas without them! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

    365. Jelli Bean says:

      My mother makes my great-grandmother’s caramels every year. We can’t get enough of ’em, even though mom complains every year about what a hassle they are to make. (I think she’s fishing for “Mmms!”)

    366. Ashley says:

      Nutmeg cookies! I make them every year and everyone expects them now. The one year I tried to get out of making them and try something different, I never heard the end of it! :) Merry Christmas!!

    367. Jeni says:

      Our family tradition is pecan tassies. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without them!

    368. Connie says:

      We always make Christmas Candy…the hard kind. I’ve done that with my mother every year since I was a little girl.

    369. Lydia says:

      Growing up we always had pizza for dinner on Christmas eve. It was about the only time we were aloud to eat pizza. When I have my own family I am going to have us make pizzas together and everyone can help put on toppings and cheese. I love your blog! Thanks for the great recipes and pictures!

    370. So many responses!! Wow!! That’s a book I’ve had on my wishlist since like forever!! Would love to own it!

      I don’t have a tradition yet, but I’m pushing hard to make cake balls one! So convenient, easy, and delicious!

    371. Stephanie says:

      Christmas is one big (fun) tradition for me and the food is a very important part of that, but the thing that really sticks out as a Christmas tradition to me is making cut outs and decorating them! I always did this with my mom as a kid and my husband and I have carried on the tradition and we bake and decorate them every year together. This will be our 5th Christmas together and cut outs are scheduled for this weekend!

    372. Kim says:

      My mom always makes cranberry salad – whipped cream, cranberries, pecans, grapes & marshmallows. It’s not Christmas (or Thanksgiving, for that matter) without it. For the next couple of days I eat the leftovers as snacks.

    373. Emily says:

      Every year my mom would make Chanukah sugar cookies, in all shapes with blue sugar sprinkles. They always remind me of the holidays.

    374. emily e. says:

      We make Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast! Delicious!

    375. My grandma’s spritz cookies!! I can’t wait for them each year at Christmas!

    376. Amanda says:

      My family always decorates sugar cookies together.

    377. Laura O. says:

      Since this is the first year I am making Christmas goodies, I am still trying to build our own holiday traditions. So, one item I am throwing into the traditions list is bakerellas red velvet cupcake balls! All our friends request them and they might even win me extra points with the inlaws :)

    378. Kathy says:

      French onion soup on Christmas Eve.

    379. Kate says:

      My favorite tradition is sugar cookies… this year instead of traditional frosting I used royal icing… no one would eat them at first because they looked ‘too nice’ and ‘store bought’ upon actually tasting them, everyone loved them. Thank you for the ideas!

    380. Risa says:

      My family and I have made a tradition of making lemon raspberry thumbprint cookies on Christmas morning! Our little one has a blast with them!

    381. lisa says:

      Filet Mignon at my mom’s house. :)

    382. reagan says:

      We love our New Year’s Eve barbecued steaks, mmm nothing beats greeting the New Year like family, friends and food.

    383. Lisa says:

      Oh, so many we love…but I guess it just isn’t the holidays as far as my boys are concerned without “Holiday Waffles” which is the yeasted waffle recipe by Marion Cunningham. They are really super easy and soooo good.

    384. Katherine says:

      We always have Dutch chocolate letters. It’s not something that my family makes, but it’s been part of Christmas traditions since before I can remember.

    385. Melissa says:

      We always have mexican food for Christmas dinner – yummy!

    386. Mackenzie says:

      The Christmas sprtiz cookies my family bakes every year along with many other yummy treats!!

    387. seanymph says:

      We have a big Italian Christmas Eve with antipasto , all kinds of seafood and desserts. But the one thing I miss the most when we cant get them is Cannolis. They are a special treat that we only get this time of yr. And if I dont get to the city to get some before the holidays its hard to find around here. I have even ordered some from NYC from Ferraras bakery when all else fails. One day I really have to make some but because there is so many other things that I have to make last minute on that day….its just hard.

    388. Lauren says:

      Our tradition is trying a new cookie recipe each year. This year I did Snickerdoodle (have actually never made that before!) and Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies. I’ll try to squeeze in at least one more before Christmas.

    389. Katie says:

      Oooh this is a fun giveaway! A favorite tradition of mine is our Christmas brunch. Every year we open presents and then my mom’s fmaily comes over for a yummy brunch. We always have quiche, wassle and cheese grits. I know those are foods that you are year round but they always taste so much better on Christmas morning!

    390. We are not big on traditions but we always have lasagna for Christmas Eve. Cheers!

    391. I always cook and have my fam over Christmas night. So fun!!!

    392. Katherine says:

      Sweet rolls on Christmas morning – my mom’s specialty. I’m still learning how to make them, but hopefully someday I’ll be as good at it as she is.

    393. Melissa says:

      My favorite holiday food are Christmas cookies! I love spending the day baking and then sharing them with friends and family.

    394. Danielle says:

      COOKIES!!! any kind that are full of sugar and in need of icining!

    395. Tenay says:

      We always make my mom’s potato rolls. They are so tasty…and always remind me of Christmas.

    396. jenn says:

      We have tamales on Christmas Eve.

    397. Lillian C. says:

      I’m starting a new tradition this year. I’ve just learned how to make buñuelos. No one in my family knows how to make them but it is a holiday treat Mexican families make/share during the holiday.
      I’ll be making them for Christmas to share with my family. Hmmm…. Delicious… can’t wait!

    398. Liz says:

      Cinnamon rolls! When my husband an I were first married, I would make them for the guys @ the fire dept every Thanksgiving am as they were going around town hanging garland for the local businesses. I also send them with him on Christmas Eve and we eat them on Christmas morning at home. I usually don’t make them any other time of year….

    399. Jeff says:

      My wife and I make homemade marshmallows! It is exacting but so much fun. It is our family tradition, and I can’t wait for our little girl to be old enough to help us. This year she will sit in her high chair from a safe distance and throw her toys on the floor just to hear us say “uh-oh” as we pick them up and hand them back to her…we are so trained!

    400. Marcela says:

      My mother always makes the best apple pie at Christmas. I have yet to perfect the crust myself though! I just need more practice.

    401. McKenzie says:

      My mom always makes her homemade rolls along with orange Christmas bread, her homemade fudge, sour cream sugar cookies, chocolate-dipped pretzels…the works! It’s no wonder we can’t fit into our clothes anymore. ;)

    402. Beth C. says:

      Homemade mincemeat pillow cookies – made by my grandmother every Christmas for as far back as I can remember. She canned the mincemeat and used that in the cookies. I looked forward to the holiday for these as much as the toys – and when I joined the Coast Guard and left home, she sent me a box of these every single year. No matter where I was, I got a box in the mail – even when I was stationed in Guantanamo Bay!

    403. Jamie says:

      I try to make poppyseed cookies for my husband because when he lived in Hungary, he had them every Christmas!

    404. Diana says:

      I don’t have a Christmas tradition of my own yet, but I think this recipe book may help me with that problem!

    405. Jennie says:

      My very favorite and traditional holiday food is a genre rather than being one specific food. My mom’s side of the family does a huge cookie exchange each year, and although I have favorites in that bunch (chocolate crackles!), every year we do it, and it’s the one culinary constant in the holiday season. We make 15 dozen in time for Thanksgiving, do the switch during our Thanksgiving celebration, and then have a stocked freezer for the Christmas season!

    406. Tiffany says:

      My family always does fondue. Its delish!

    407. Rina says:

      Cut-out decorated sugar cookies are a tradition in my family – I always make them with my mother!

    408. Susan says:

      I love to have peppermint ice cream with dark chocolate topping.

    409. Jessica says:

      I love all the cookies! No particular favorite. Just the plethora of goodness.

    410. Reed says:

      My family has passed down a recipe for generations for a cookie called a Bratzle. It is a flat crunchy cinnamon cookie made with a hot press.

    411. Bryce says:

      On Christmas eve, my mom, sister, and I make a yummy breakfast casserole with eggs, bacon, cheese, and noodles. In the morning I pop it in the oven to bake while the rest of the family wakes up. My sister and I live far away from our parents but coming home every year and knowing we will all enjoy a lazy holiday breakfast together is a wonderful tradition that we get to share.

    412. Kira says:

      Somewhat embarassing, but one of our food traditions from my husband’s family is eating take-out Chinese on Christmas Eve.

    413. Nicki Blodgett says:

      Definitely mom’s homemade microwave fudge. Simple and perfect every time.

    414. David says:

      Bacon, I like to eat bacon on Christmas.

    415. Cindy says:

      Chocolate Crinkle cookies from the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. My mom made them when I was a child; and still does. My family always requests them and I always take them to my husband’s family Christmas as well.

    416. Robin says:

      My parents used to make my sister and i cinnamon toast every year on Christmast morning when we were growing up. I actually made myself some this morning because I was thinking of the memory, and it put a huge smile on my face. Hopefully I will be able to carry that tradition forward when I have my own children!

    417. Steph says:

      I would love to start a tradition of making homemade cinnamon rolls for my husband and I(and kids in the future). This is something my mom used to do and it would nice to have our own little tradition before heading off to be with extended family!

    418. Kendra J. says:

      Kielbasa, pierogi and sauerkraut on Christmas eve.. mmm!!

    419. Carolyn says:

      Star cookies!

    420. Jennifer says:

      Cookies! Macaroons, jam thumbprints, peanut butter kisses, pecan bars, fudge, etc.

    421. nutmegnanny says:

      What an awesome giveaway. I just added this book to my wish list :) My most favorite Christmas treat is Buckeyes. They are little peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate. Delicious! I’m also a huge fan of my grandfathers sugary old fashioned fudge. It’s so sugary and chocolaty and delicious. The best part is that is just about melts in your mouth….yum!

    422. Becky says:

      My mom always makes sugar cookies. When i was little, i really didn’t like them … maybe because we would have them a lot. But now that i’m married and live over 4 hours away. When she makes them … yummy, they are GREAT!

    423. Avital says:

      Potato pancakes (latkes). Definitely! (made from either potatoes, sweet potatoes, yum or all the above :)

    424. Meredith says:

      This year I learned how to work with Royal Icing to make decorating Christmas cookies a part of our holiday traditions. I am pretty excited about it (and might have gone a little crazy ordering colors and tips).
      I love Cooks Illustrated and am just starting to get into baking so I think this would be wonderful!
      Thank you!

    425. Jamie says:

      My mom and I made fudge together every Christmas. Now that I am on my own, I still make the fudge and I send it to friends and family.

    426. Cathy says:

      Ever since I was 10 years old and won a blue ribbon at the State Fair for these, my family has made crackly orange and ginger cookies around the holidays. They are a wonderful molasses cookie with hints of ginger, rolled in a delicious orange zest sugar. Yum! Merry Christmas!

    427. KT Miller says:

      Cranberry apple casserole. It is almost sweet enough to be dessert but savory enough to accompany a full meal.

    428. Mary says:

      My favorite holiday tradition is the holiday pizza. Pizza crust, mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, cheese and a few dollops of cranberry sauce after it’s all done.

    429. Jeana says:

      I make a breakfast casserole on Christmas morning…nothing snazzy…but it’s a tradition :)

    430. elise t says:

      We always look forward to biscuits and gravy on christmas morning. This is a tradition we have done as long as I can remember!

    431. Annie says:

      Our traditional holiday food is Pennsylvania Dutch. Having grown up in the Lehigh Valley a true melting pot I have great memories of baking kiffels, AP Cookies and Nut and Poppy Rolls with my Mom. Every weekend in December is dedicated to baking these Christmas treasures. Our family never had much growing up except for love and each other. My Mom is growing older now, and frankly at this time she really just supervises my efforts. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without all Nana’s cookies.

    432. Katy R says:

      Our family tradition is cranberry orange white chocolate cookies, mmmm they taste like christmas!

    433. Hanukkah latkes are my favorite! With applesauce of course.

    434. Christie says:

      Definitely baking cookies for Santa with the kiddos!

    435. Nancy says:

      It’s not very original but Pumpkin pie! We make it every Thanksgiving and Christmas!

    436. Shelby Griffin says:

      Okay soo this has been a family fad for awhile! My mom started making these “santa slippers” when I was little and then we give them to all the neighbors and friends in town so we probably make thousands of these little things! If you use the oval toll house crackers, and put a little pit of peanut butter on the end, so that it resembles the shape of a (slide-in) slipper… then dip the peanut butter end in some chocolate and top it with a little red or green m&m, to resemble a slipper tuft!
      They are sweet and salty and soo easy — and most definitely a fan favorite! Kids love them and can help make them too! They’re the best!

    437. Ashley says:

      Every Christmas morning we eat Breakfast Casserole. YUM! Bread, eggs, cheese, sausage, milk, all baked into a yummy goodness!

    438. Rachel says:

      We have homeade sticky buns every Christmas morning! We put them in the oven to rise the night before, then bake them as we open presents in the morning. It makes the whole house smell so yummy!

    439. Cori Szalay says:

      My mom and I have baked sugar cookies with butter cream frosting every year since before I can remember. Mmmm…

    440. manizor says:

      My family of origin is Greek and we make a traditional Greek “vasilopita” bread for New Years. It is a sweet bread that is absolutely delicious! Inside the bread a coin is hidden. We cut the bread on New Years day and whoever gets the coin in his/her piece is said to have good luck and blessings for the New Year. In our family, that blessing is accompanied by an envelope of money! It’s a tradition I am definitely bringing into my own family!

    441. Lisa T says:

      The holidays are complete with cranberries! I need to make something with cranberries each season!

    442. Shawna says:

      I’d have to say…Christmas breakfast casserole that I make every Christmas morning.

    443. Carina says:

      Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting is always our family dessert at Christmas…yum!

    444. Melanie F. says:

      Scones for Christmas breakfast.

    445. Amy says:

      We’ve adopted my husband’s family’s tradition of Mexican Stew and tamales every Christmas Eve. Spicy yum, yum food!

    446. Priscilla says:

      My family makes pizzelle cookies every Christmas… and we aren’t even Italian. We’re Chinese!

    447. Joy says:

      WOW! 432 responses so far!
      My mom’s Plum pudding, hands down! My favorite thing to eat at Christmas!

    448. Kim-Erin says:

      Starting my own this year….making boxes of goodies and hand delivering them to friends on Christmas Eve!

    449. MeganG says:

      My family is Italian-American, so my favorite food-related Christmas traditions are all Italian in origin. Biscotti and pizzelles are the cookies of choice, but my most treasured tradition is the Feast of Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve. We don’t always *quite* achieve seven seafood dishes, but we come close. My personal favorites are the crab-stuffed mushrooms, lobster tails, bacon-wrapped scallops, and shrimp cocktail. (And the only one I don’t like is the baccala!) To steal a phrase: Mmm Mmm Good.

    450. Courtney says:

      My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies. It’s not a tradition from my childhood, but one that I started myself and I hope to continue with my own children someday! Now there are certain cookies that my family must have every year!

    451. MARCIA says:

      Our entire family gets together Christmas eve and everyone brings their signiture dish,we’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember and it was always a highlight in my Christmas as a kid

    452. Laura Gray says:

      I always make candy cane cookies and peanut butter blossoms. It wouldn’t be Christmas without all of my grandma’s homemade cookies that she gives us.

    453. Michelle Weber says:

      Sugar cookies. Not christmas without them.

    454. Odette says:

      Roast pig Cuban style!

    455. My mom always makes ambrosia and fruit cake during Christmas-time. I remember sitting with her peeling and cutting up the fruit when I was a kid and listening to her stories about her making ambrosia in the kitchen at her school. And her fruit cake is actually edible! My father-in-law and sister-in-law traditionally make sugar cookies (with some left unfrosted for my husband) and fudge. I traditionally make cookies to be left for Santa, but it varied as to the kind from year to year as I like to try new recipes!

      Thanks for the chance at the give-away!

    456. Amy B says:

      This year I made brownie driedels and mini Star of Davids on a stick for my daughter’s preschool class. It was such fun, so that would definitely be a new tradition that I’d like to keep up.

      I also am addicted to making anything with peppermint…off to do something like that right now!

    457. Erin says:

      Every year we always make the peanut butter cookies with the Hershey kiss on top. Such a simple cookie, but we love it and can’t make Christmas cookies without that one!

    458. My favorite treat for the Holydays is Panettone. I simply love it!
      Happy Holydays! :)

    459. Mary Stamey says:

      A warm gooey pan of cinnamon rolls placed on the pan in the shape of a christmas tree… my mom did this for years and boy do I miss her now that she’s gone… I’ve tried to carry on, but somehow it just isn’t the same.

    460. Andrea says:

      My mom makes these german pancakes that we call Hooten Annie Pancakes that I love. And just the name is enough to make me happy!

    461. A&EMom says:

      Everything we eat is tradition! It begins in the morning with a special juice mix my Mom makes, then her ham with Texas potatoes… punch bowl cake, Pam’s candy, my mouth is watering!

    462. Tamra says:

      Another latkes for Hanukkah fan here! :)

    463. TJ says:

      Peanut Brittle! The family requests it and so I must.

    464. Kellie says:

      My Nana has made peanut brittle every year since I can remember. This year I am learning how to make it so that I can carry on the tradition when I have my own family! I can’t imagine a Christmas without it.

    465. Adam Schuster says:

      Our tradition is too make peanut butter buckeys.

    466. Kelley H says:

      A Christmas strata that my grandmother used to make. She always had a way to make every holiday traditional for us and this was how Christmas morning was typically spent with her. Waiting for the strat to cook and opening presents!

    467. Kay Little says:

      The tradition in my home is to make Hello Dolly Cookies!

    468. Junglewife says:

      Of course all the Christmas cookies are a must. But for Christmas day breakfast, we always have to make egg sausage casserole (put together the night before and sit in the fridge overnight before baking the next morning.) Yum!

    469. Laura says:

      Nothing says it’s time for the holidays to me like banana bread. My mom always made it around November/December. I love making new treats to give to my family and friends.

    470. Gricel says:

      Every Christmas, my mom always makes “burula” a crumbly dulce de leche that’s served cold. It’s sweet and delicious, and I love to have a taste when it’s cooling in the pot.

    471. Wendy says:

      Holiday tradition would have to be scallions wrapped in cream cheese and corned beef. A little tacky, but we love appetizers in my family!

    472. Shelbi G says:

      We make “money bread” every Christmas morning!

    473. zarpandit says:

      my mom’s cinnamon cake make for christmas morning :)

    474. Lexi says:

      I always look forward to my Grandmother’s stew that she has waiting for us when we drive to New Mexico from Dallas. After the long, cold drive it always warms the heart :)

    475. Stephanie says:

      I would love to start a tradition of making gingerbread houses during the Christmas season.

    476. Trudi says:

      My grandma used to make mint brownies that had a moist gooey brownie bottom with a mint layer and a chocolate frosting. They were so good! Now the tradition has been passed onto my mom, and I continue to look forward to and enjoy them every year.

    477. Delilah says:

      My husband & I started a tradition of making Mimosas on Christmas morning!

    478. Becky S. says:

      Since I was a little girl I have made seafoam (honeycomb) for my dad (who is 75). He used to buy it as a kid for a nickel and just loves it! I still make it every year!

    479. Thanks for doing this… I’ve enjoyed your blog for quite some time now! Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas for me without my mom’s frosted sugar cookies and chocolate-dipped peanut butter balls. I haven’t been home for 4 years now and my version of these things just don’t taste the same.

    480. Dana says:

      Every yead we make buckeyes and I can’t wait until next week to make them!

    481. Andrea says:

      Every Christmas we make Cashew Cookies. They are truly to die for!!!! Just delish! They are not really a Christmas cookie, but it is the only time we make them. Oh, now that I thought of them, I’m heading to the kitchen! YUM!

    482. Julie says:

      It’s really generic but every Christmas we make chocolate chip cookies. I have every year since I was a little girl.

    483. Kim says:

      Christmas brunch must always be cinnamon rolls and egg casserole. Of course, we have lots of other food, but I HAVE to serve this.

    484. Elizabeth says:

      My husband’s family has a tradition that I have adopted as my own. Every Christmas Eve we sit in the living room with cups of homemade hot chocolate and my father-in-law reads ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. After he’s finished, he recites, from memory, a parody of it from Spike magazine he read years ago. I always look foward to it. Oh and of course it’s not Christmas without my mama’s fudge. I make No Bake Cookies(because her’s never turn out quite right) and she makes fudge (because mine never turns out quite right) and we trade.

    485. Holli says:

      I live thousands of miles away from my family, so Christmas is often the only time we see each other. We celebrate with our family fondue, which is so unhealthy that we can only afford to have it once a year! But so tasty….

      We cook a number of delicious delicacies in the hot oil, including cubes of steak, fresh shrimp, and batter-coated mushrooms. But the standout is by far the cheese ball. You take a cube of floured Edam or Gouda, roll it in the beer-based batter, and fry it in the oil. Once it is golden brown, you smear it in homemade garlic butter! The outside is lightly crisp, but inside it’s all melted cheese. I swear it is the most incredible thing I’ve ever tasted. I’m making the fondue for my boyfriend this New Year’s Eve…it will be our first NYE together.

    486. Kerry Pacciano says:

      Christmas Dinner is a Holiday Tradition for us and I have had the same meal for Christmas since my very first 32 years ago. Standing Rib Roast, Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes, green beans, and salad. For dessert Plum Pudding soaked in Brandy that my dad lights on fire. I will never eat the Plum Pudding but it would not be Christmas without it!

    487. Eva says:

      I make peppermint bark and homemade caramels for my coworkers every year. They are always a hit!

    488. H. Angulo says:

      My favorite holiday food is my grandma’s recipe for Russian Tea Cake Cookies!

    489. Cara says:

      Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning! What a great giveaway!

    490. Heidi says:

      I love all the cute holiday desserts that bakeries have this time of year. Yes, they may TASTE the same as their year-round desserts, but all the decorations they do make them that much better!

    491. Kate says:

      chocolate pie yum yum yum

    492. Nama says:

      Egg Nog does it for me. :)

      And cookies of all kinds.

    493. Holli says:

      I remember those cookies, Erin! My mom made them too, and they *are* really difficult. The dough is so soft that it’s not easy to work with.

    494. Melissa says:

      Although many cookies scream Christmas tradition to me probably the food that most stands out that I would miss if we didn’t have it is a recipe passed down from my great-grandmother. It is Sweet Potato Praline and it is heavenly. Although it is a side it is good enough to eat as a dessert.

    495. Helen says:

      Every year since I was little, my family has made chocolate cookies with chocolate mint icing… it’s one of my favorite parts of Christmas! Also, my mother’s birthday is New Year’s Eve, and my father makes her a trifle as her birthday dessert every year. Yum!

    496. Lorie says:

      My Aunt’s stuffing and my coquito!

      Happy Holidays!

    497. Laura says:

      my grandma’s gingerbread cookies with currants!

    498. allison says:

      Corn pudding is a big holiday tradition in our family – and not just Christmas – but for Easter and Thanksgiving too :) It’s my favorite holiday/celebratory dish!

    499. Stacy says:

      My grandmother always makes cinnamon apples. I’m not sure of the recipe, but I know she uses red hot candy. Even as she ages, she is still sure to bring the apples. Yum!

    500. Christina says:

      There are two things that really stand out to me from growing up. First, my Mom’s Christmas morning Egg Bake (which has eggs-of course!, ham, cheese, croutons and her “special ingredients”). Another holiday favorite is my Grandma’s Decadent Snicker’s Cookies with a chocolate drizzle over the top. I can’t get enough of those!

      This year is our First Christmas Married, and I am going to try to incorporate both of those things into our new Christmas Traditions.

    501. My favorite Christmas Tradition is of course all the Candy Making! We make a TON of Christmas Chocolates, and we add a few every.single.year! This year, a newbie for us was Tiger Butter! It was a hit!!!

    502. Catherine O. says:

      Apple pie in my family :) Just thinking about it makes me want a piece…

    503. Jody says:

      Chocolate chip pumpkin bread is pretty much a holiday tradition from November into January in my house. It pops up at other times throughout the year, too, but for sure during those months. =0)

    504. Inna says:

      Around the holidays, the women in my husbands family get together to make Slovak nut-rolls together. Since we got married, his family has included me in their tradition since they know what a great appreciation I have for good Eastern European food, being from Eastern Europe myself.

    505. Erica G says:

      Love your stuff! Looks like a great cookbook! I make Meringue cookies every year. “Sugar Kisses” on Tasty Kitchen!

    506. LINDA says:

      We don’t really have a tradition today.

      But one food we used to always make when I was little were Ginger Muffins. Muffins that are basically gingerbread! The dough can be made ahead of time, so Mom would pop them in the oven while us kids had to wait in the kitchen for my grandparents to arrive before we converged on the Christmas Tree on Christmas morning. If I had kids – that would continue to be my tradition!

    507. Kimberly says:

      My mom’s prime rib! We missed it last year because we couldn’t get there on Christmas day and my husband is still mad about it!

    508. Angie Elder says:

      For as long as I can remember my family has always made my Great Grandma’s sugar cookies. They are the best! I’ve stopped eating any other kind because nothing compares.

    509. Ashley says:

      I’m a Kentucky girl, so every Christmas means bourbon balls for us. I use a recipe that’s been in my family longer than anyone can remember, but I’m thinking about switching it up and making some with American Honey this year.

    510. Caroline says:

      Sausage rolls

    511. Jean says:

      Lots and lots of cookies to share with friends and family.

    512. Wendi says:

      For me the holidays are not the same without homemade caramels. I love to make them, I like to receive them, and I like to eat them!

    513. Amy Skinner says:

      My favorite holiday tradition is my family’s pork pie. It is a traditional French Canadian dish and our family recipe has been passed down from MY grandmother’s GREAT GRANDMOTHER!! We have it every Christmas Eve and it usually makes an appearance on Christmas day. It is SO good

    514. Ruthie Zahm says:

      our favorite family tradition has always been oyster stew! I know not a baked item, but HEAVENLY once a year…the recipe is always the same, and relatives within a 60 mile radius seem to smell it and find their way to us on christmas eve.

    515. JoVonn says:

      My traditional dish is green bean casserole. I have been making it for about 20 years. Lol

      that’s all I could make as a kid and just kept it on the Christmas Eve menu since.

    516. sarameyer926 says:

      Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning! My mom always made the dough for rolls for Christmas eve, and then would roll out the leftover dough into cinnamon rolls for us on Christmas morning. SO delicious!!!

      I hope I win! I love your blog. Thanks for being so wonderful.

    517. Renee says:

      One thing that reminds me of the holidays is my Grandpa’s rice pudding. It’s so awesome and we all look forward to it every year.

    518. Sarah says:

      My mom and I make Hanukkah sugar cookies together every year with fun shaped cookie cutters that we’ve had since I can remember. Inevitably, the menorah’s candles always break off or Judah Macabee’s arm falls off. It has become a bit of a challenge to make a perfect batch…all in good fun though!

      Happy Holidays :)

    519. Mollie says:

      Spicy nut brittle. My aunt started making it with mixed nuts and I cannot get enough every Christmas!!!

    520. Sarah says:

      My Mom’s Christmas cookies. We always make them together – tons and tons of them and they are delicious! :)

    521. Rachel says:

      Our family tradition is my grandmother’s Christmas Dishes . . . you know it’s Christmas when you get served some yummy homemade meal on them.

    522. Kathryn says:

      Every since I can remember my family and I make a whole lot of sugar cookies, then decorate them which was the best part as a child. It started out as just a family tradition but they became so popular now we end up making around 400-500 cookies, it’s crazy but fun!

    523. Jessica says:

      The only tradition we carry on as far as food is Mexican food on Christmas day. Enchiladas, tamales, tacos, beans, rice, tostadas. I can’t wait!

    524. Sharon says:

      For me and my family, Christmas would not be Christmas without loaves of fluffy, fruited pannatone, just Grandma used to make. The anise seeds are the most important part and bring back many memories of how Grandma used to make it.

    525. Betonya says:

      My mother makes a cookie called Texas Tumbleweeds every year for Christmas. They are by far the favorite of all the cookies she makes and people are always begging her for the recipe!

    526. Theresa says:

      We didn’t have many traditions growing up so after my husband and I got married, we started our own. I always make asparagus for our family dinner and cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.

    527. Katie says:

      It wouldn’t be a holiday without candied yams!

    528. Rachel says:

      I love spending time in my kitchen and have enjoyed your blog so much! It had helped expand my creativity in the kitchen with new recipes.

      Every year I make a few different cookies, but one I’ve made with my family since I was a little girl. Their made of butter, flour, and whipping cream and sandwiched together with frosting. It’s the one cookie everyone still makes even when we’ve grown up and moved away.

      Last year, my son was almost 2 so he got to help me roll and cut out the shapes. I love opportunities he gets to learn in the kitchen with me.

    529. Kari says:

      Cherry mash candy

    530. Kelly says:

      My mom makes a pistachio bundt cake every year for Christmas Eve. It’s the only time of year she ever makes it so we all look forward to it. A big slice with a glass of milk always makes the perfect Christmas morning breakfast while opening gifts.

    531. Kathryn says:

      Mexican Wedding cookies.
      Made of Dates.
      Frosted in Red, Green, and White.



    532. Laura says:

      Every year it was those Martha Washington candies. It was the most elaborate thing my mother ever made. I actually really hated them, but they were still what made the holidays! :)

    533. Michelle says:

      We are starting a new tradition of Cornflake Kisses and Kenton Brood, though I still remember my grandma’s mincemeat cookies.

    534. Mandy Tewell says:

      My grandmother’s banana pudding. For some reason, no matter what recipe I use, I can never get it to taste like her’s. It’s delicious and I look forward to Christmas dessert all year long!

    535. Lindsay says:

      Ohh, it’s hard to pick just one..but every year we have a cookie exchange with our entire family, so Christmas Eve is filled with a huge cookie table. They get better every year too!

    536. Season says:

      I would like to make Gingerbread cookies, but haven’t found the perfect recipe yet. I want roll out cookies that can be cut out with cookie cutters, but that are soft and yummy. Your gingerbread biscotti recipe looks yummy though.

    537. Laura Wilder says:

      We always have different kinds of cookies but there are new recipes that pop up every year. I am toying with the idea of trying to make a croquembouche, we’ll see!

    538. Amanda says:

      My mom and I always make sugar cookies and then decorate them.

    539. Jen says:

      My mom and I always make sugar cookies and use a cookie press to make all sorts of different shapes. Then we decorate with sugar, icing, or sprinkles. So fun!

    540. Carolyn says:

      Hello Annie … you sure have a lot of reading to do, and alot of interesting treats and traditions.
      My Christmas is not complete without homemade “Nutchos”, which my mom has made every Christmas for decades: 1 pkg semi-sweet chocolate chips + 1 pkg butterscotch chips melted together over low heat in a medium-sized saucepan. Once melted, in go 1 – 1.25 cups salted peanuts and 1 – 1.25 cups cornflakes. The amount of crunchies can vary according to taste. Scoop teaspoon or tablespoonfuls of the mixture onto a wax paper-lined baking sheet and chill to set. They freeze well but are best eaten at room temp.
      My sister and I as children would furrow our brows “in distress” to have “just one more”!

    541. melissa says:

      Turtle brownies. I make a whole mess of cookies to pass out, and I always include these. :)

    542. nicole says:

      Every family holiday we have “pink stuff” – marshmellows, crushed pineapple, pie filling, nuts, cool whip, and condensed milk. It’s amazing, and always the first leftover to disappear! I’m not sure where it came from, but its listed in a battered generational family cookbook as “Jude’s Favorite Pink Stuff”.

    543. Sara says:

      Every Christmas Day at my parents’ house, we have a huge prime rib dinner. What’s special about it is that we butcher our own cows every February and save the prime rib for Christmas. We all look forward to it!

    544. Brenda J. H. says:

      On Christmas Eve, we have clam chowder. Homemade by me dad. It is the only time we have it each year and it is sooooo yummy!!

    545. Lexi says:

      We enjoy fabulous ‘pine bark’ every year. It’s tucked inside with our Christmas cookies, and is always a hit. It’s also so easy to make: Saltines, butter, sugar, almond extract and hershey’s chocolate bars! You would never believe those were the ingredients though when it’s melting in your mouth!

    546. Kristen says:

      Spritz and sour cream cookies. My dad’s specialty.

    547. nancy says:

      We always have prime rib roast Chrismas Eve. Mmmm. And for Christmas morning, we enjoy blueberry muffins while opening gifts.

    548. Sherra says:

      We bake all our favorite cookies and fudge for teacher gifts and to send to family. Then we have fondue on Christmas eve. Yum!

    549. We make something called Czechoslavakian moonbeams. They are so simple, just butter, sugar, flour, almonds and vanilla but the taste is amazing (probably because they are dipped in granulated sugar when warm out of the oven. Christmas would not be complete in our house without them!

    550. Renee says:

      We always have a delicious almond kringle for breakfast on Christmas morning…mmm, yummy!

    551. suzanne says:

      We have many Christmas cooking traditions including Gingerbread and sugar cookie cut outs, fudge, peppermint bark. December is a busy month in the kitchen.

    552. Keenon says:

      My grandmother always makes homemade caramels with walnuts. Yum!

    553. Angie says:

      My mom is from Finland and every year we make Pulla — a finnish sweet braided bread with cardamon. I now make it for own family and friends who appreciate it. My mom taught me how to make it, but mine is better than hers!

    554. Stephanie says:

      My husband and I are expecting our first baby (any day now?) and I can’t wait to start a bunch of holiday baking traditions with our little family. For now, I make a mean chocolate chip cookie. :)

    555. jillrock96 says:

      Definitely fudge — chocolate, peanut butter-chocolate, white chocolate peppermint….yum!

    556. Karen C. says:

      It’s not Christmas without my grandmother’s coffee cake. I should probably learn how to make it since she’s 84.

    557. Gwyn says:

      My family is Dutch and we always make Ole Bolen!!! Very good!!

    558. amsterwill83 says:

      Lurker here… Hi! My favorite holiday food tradition is my family’s appetizer-based Christmas Eve party…. meatballs, cheeseball, stuffed mushrooms, desserts galore… so random, informal, and delicious!


    559. We have several things that are absolutely a must: booze cake, pine bark and mexican wedding cookies. Thanks for the giveaway! Merry Christmas!

    560. Caroline says:

      I have two traditions that I love. One is a southern egg dish my mom always makes on Christmas morning. It’s called Eggs Ala Goldenrod. It consists of hardboiled eggs & bacon in a white gravy, served over english muffins, and topped with the egg yolk. I’ve yet to master this dish myself.

      The other tradition, which I have mastered, would be my Aunt Honey’s sugar cookies. They are the highlight of every family gathering. They are firm, yet chewy. Never too hard. They are light, yet rich. Truly an amazing cookie.

    561. Jill says:

      When I was growing up, we always made peanut butter cookies with Hershey’s kisses for Santa. We also always had Pillsbury cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, and now that I’m all grown up, I kind of want to start making cinnamon rolls from scratch as a new tradition. But I know those peanut butter cookies will make an appearance every year no matter what!

    562. Danielle says:

      I can’t imagine Christmas without homemade pizzelles, biscotti and cannoli. It’s a lot of work but it’s so worth it.

    563. Justina says:

      Perogie. My family and I make traditional perogies every year with mashed potatoes, bacon and onions. Of course, we call them gut-bombs and if anyone comes to visit during the holidays, they understand why. lol

    564. Kate says:

      Gingerbread cookies are a Christmas MUST for me to bake. My dad’s family from Slovenia always made potica bread, and my parents still bake it to give to neighbors and coworkers as a holiday gift. Thanks for inspiring more holiday baking for us all!!

    565. Lauren says:

      My mom always makes homemade hot pepper jelly in green and red for the Christmas season. Then she serves it over cream cheese with crackers. I really appreciate that she still takes the time to make it instead of just getting store bought.

    566. Ben says:

      Day After Christmas lasagna.

    567. cecilia says:

      we always make fondue for new years!! we never have it any other time of year which makes it taste even more amazing!

    568. Alison says:

      We have no real Christmas food tradition, unless you count the shot we have to take at the end of Christmas Eve dinner (along with a toast). Apparently it was a tradition started because my mother is the oldest of 6 children and it helped the kids sleep on what can otherwise be an overly exciting night.

      For New Years, we definitely do the traditional Southern black eyed peas and greens.

    569. Bonnie says:

      Pumpkin roll!!!!!! YUM!

    570. Holly says:

      I made chocolate crinkle cookies for the first time this year and we can’t get enough. I think I’d like to start a tradition of making these to give away every year! Love your site:)

    571. Brooke says:

      Gingerbread cookies are a must every year, but I have yet to successfully replicate my late grandmother’s cinnamon apple recipe (with red hots in them)! They taste like Christmas to me. I just wish that the recipe she left behind was bit more detailed!

    572. Marie says:

      Fruit Salad. The one with Cool Whip and condensed milk. Not those non-fattening ones that Americans make :p

    573. ML says:

      Sand tart cookies have been a tradition in my family. I love the crunch!

    574. Meryl says:

      I always make jam thumbprints rolled in coconut. Delicious!

    575. Jennifer Nelson says:

      My mom always made a breakfast casserole to have on Christmas morning. When we got old enough, we also had mimosas with it! Yum! Yum!

    576. Cyndi says:

      We bake krumkake every Christmas. It is a traditional Norwegian cookie baked on a krumkake iron, rolled, and filled with whipped cream. Yummy!

    577. Amanda says:

      We dont have one specific recipe except for red velvet cake that we make each year but every Christmas eve we make as many appetizers as we can and stuff ourselves while we watch Christmas movies and the Norad Santa tracker! :)

    578. Belle says:

      Rum cake is my Christmas favorite! Not very traditional, but its the one recipe that gets requested time and again. Definitely a crowd pleaser :)

    579. Kat says:

      Chocolate Mint Snow-Top Cookies are one of my favorite food traditions! They are on my schedule to start baking tomorrow!

    580. Elie says:

      My boys (7yrs and 3yrs old) always make candies and cookies to give as presents to our neighbors and family. It’s so much fun to spend time with my kids in the kitchen. Plus they love to lick the spoons!

    581. smellslikehome says:

      holy moly Annie – almost 500 responses?!?

      to join in the fun, i’d have to say my favorite holiday food tradition is Neopolitan cookies. they are the little layered/stacked green, white, and red covered in a thin coating of chocolate. you find them frequently in Italian bakeries but my mom makes a fantastic recipe and i used to make them with her every year while growing up. unfortunately the recipe contains almond paste so i can’t make them due to my husband’s allergy but she always puts a few aside for just me. :)

      what’s your favorite holiday food tradition, Annie??

    582. Dolce says:

      Every year, that’s gingerbread men covered with sugar icing, and Christmas sables. Just love it :)

    583. Deborah says:

      On Christmas morning we have a brunch with quiche lorraine, sausage egg casserole, home made cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit. Nothing beats starting your Christmas morning at 10 am with a wonderful brunch! And, I love your blog so much that you are my homepage in order to keep up with your frequent entries. :) Thank you to my Indianapolis VA friends who introduced me to your site.

    584. becky s says:

      Tiny Lady Lock cookies. Recipe made lovingly by my mother in law for many gatherings. Mom is no longer with us but the cookie brings fond memories and keeps her near.

    585. Debbie says:

      Every year for my birthday when I was little, my mom would make waffles and ice cream for breakfast for me with a huge pile of chocolate syrup! I loved this tradition, and after my mom passed away and I got married, my husband and I started the tradition on Christmas morning.

      It has nothing to do with the holiday itself, but it’s a comfort thing for me and the holidays are a wonderful time for comfort food!

    586. Carmen says:

      My sisters and I have also done a holiday baking day. We love to make bing bars (with cherry chips). Yum!

    587. nikki k says:

      oh by far my daddy’s sugar cookie receipe… i’ve never seen anything like it and it truly makes the most amazing sugar cookies… but sorry it’s a secret so I can’t share <3

    588. Rybread says:

      Sugar cookies, pecan tassies, butterscotch bars, and all things cookie!!

    589. Nancy N says:

      My favorite holiday food tradition is my grandmother’s corn bake. It’s a very un-fancy corn pudding, but it’s what she always brought. And now I have the yellow Dansk casserole dish she always made it in, so it’s a special way to keep her with me at the holidays.

    590. Jessica says:

      Fantasy Fudge, just wouldn’t be Christmas without it!

    591. aligee says:

      Every year growing up, my mother made sandtarts. Some have sprinkles, some have walnuts – the latter being my favorite. She always made different shapes and they were perfectly brown around the edges. I have tried to make them for the past couple years, but they never turn out like mom’s!

    592. Karen says:

      We make tons of cookies and give them away to neighbors, friends, and postal workers. My favorite is nutmeg logs, my husband’s is chocolate crinkles, and my boys like snowballs. I also try to add a new cookie recipe every year.

    593. Candra says:

      My family has pierogi at Christmas. I can’t wait!

    594. Last year, I was living in Edinburgh and away from home (Ontario, Canada) for the first Christmas ever. As a gift, my family gave my Mom a ticket over to see me — especially as I was in need of familial support going through a rather tough health time but refusing to give up on my year abroad and go home. When my Mom arrived, we searched and scoured for all of the ingredients to make my all-time favourite holiday cookies: snowballs and spice cookies. I cannot imagine a Christmas without them! For as long as I can remember, my Mom and I would spend a many a days, side by side, baking cookies to give as gifts to our friends and family. Baking brings us together, especially over the holidays. I have always loved baking and this love I get from my Mom.

    595. Alexandria says:

      This is my first Christmas as a Mommy but once my daughter is old enough I’d like to bake cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve with her. Maybe in two years? She’s 10 months old now. Once we start doing this I wonder if we’ll want to make the same kind of cookie or try a new one each year.
      Love you blog Annie!

    596. Dren says:

      My family and I fondue every Christmas Eve: easy peasy and super yummy!

    597. Kristen says:

      Well, I am a young adult, and my parents never really were into making food on Christmas. We would always spend Christmas Eve at my dad’s parents house, and Christmas evening at my mom’s parents house. Needless to say, my mom wouldn’t go to much into detail with the breakfast on Christmas morning. I do remember one year she made Sour Cream Coffee Cake. I couldn’t tell you what this was like.
      So I have been inspired by your blog to start baking more for myself. Your recipes have helped me to realize I can not only be a good mother for my future children, but I can also bake and cook for my family as well. I look forward to one day baking that Sour Cream Coffee Cake for my family on Christmas morning.
      Thanks so much for your blog. Keep the posts coming!

    598. Kimmy (techkim) says:

      My mom’s dressing and Mexican wedding cookies which have a ton of different names. Pretty much its a nut, powder sugar, butter dough. But what makes to SOOOOO good is you roll them in powder sugar which melts into this oh so goodness. Then do a second roll to make them pretty. Ok now I gotta make some.

    599. Susan Smith says:

      When I was growing up, we always had a big dinner for Christmas, and one thing I looked forward to was omelets for Christmas breakfast.

      Now that I have my own family, we’re going to have to start our own tradition. Maybe it will be a pumpkin roll…

    600. Lena says:

      Christmas means so many different foods for me. Probably my most favorite is my grandmother’s sand tart recipe. My mom makes them every year and my niece and nephew decorate them. Christmas is the only time we make them.

    601. Jennifer says:

      My mother always made Christmas tea rings (which are basically just cinnamon rolls shaped as a wreath), and when I moved out years ago, I kept up the wonderful tradition. My neighbors LOVE my homemade cinnamon rolls. We also always have belgian waffles for Christmas morning.

    602. Dani says:

      For Christmas it is egg nog – store bought. However, I want to start a new tradition with a corn and wild rice casserole I read about on a blog and have been dreaming about ever since!

    603. Johanna says:

      My grandmother would always make gingerbread for our family to have for dessert on Christmas Eve. It’s a gingerbread cake with a lemony, buttery sauce over the top and it just smells like Christmas!

    604. Anne-Marie says:

      Moravian sugarcakes, a coffee cake we always made when I was a child…we would make 10 and give most of them away. I make them every year with my kids, now.

    605. Angie says:

      My family and I always have ham during Christmas. It’s delicious!

    606. Sophia says:

      Since my family is Greek, we make a bunch of different Greek pastries. We have thiples, melomakarona, and kourambiethes!
      I love your blog! You always have great stuff posted.

    607. Julie Stephenson says:

      Every year I make Peanut Butter Blossoms. My family loves them and its their favorite. My mom always made them too, so they are my favorite as well!

    608. De says:

      Spiced apple cider is always a must for the season.

    609. LizinIndy says:

      The scent of Cornish pasties baking always brings back memories of Grandma’s rolling dough at Christmas. The juicy chunks of beef with mounds of onion, potato, and the requisite slivers of rutabaga waiting to be tucked into a circle of perfect pastry was the center of attention in our holiday kitchen. Whoops! Don’t forget that one small chunk of well marbled pork to “add flavor” said Grandma Mabel. Some seasoning, a pat of butter, and then the delicate art of folding and sealing it all up into a football shaped pillow of perfection. If I was lucky, I got to cut my initial in the dough for a vent. Waiting for them to cool long enough to be eaten was agonizing! And, don’t forget the baby sweet pickle that completed the dish!

    610. Lori K says:

      I love making English Toffee every holiday season. I also like those “Starbucks-like” mint brownies, too. Very rich and very pretty!

    611. Gail says:

      We all meet at our house for Christmas. Carol can’t come in unless she has made her wonderful yeast rolls and homemade Chex Mix. Deb brings deviled eggs. Mom (who is now 87) brings pecan pies and cheese balls. Yum!!!

    612. Becca says:

      Oven Pancakes and they are delightful!!

    613. Kab says:

      Every Christmas Eve we make cheese fondue. And every Christmas Eve EVERYONE in the family has to at least try it, even though the kids (at least around here) hate it til they’re at least 15ish. Then they turn a corner, and LOVE it.

    614. Christine says:

      Growing up, we always had cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. I’m working on my own tradition to start, I just have to figure out which recipe out of the million I love to use!

    615. Carol says:

      My mother carries on a tradition from her mother. She makes what we call “butter horns”. They have some lemon rind and lots of sugar/cinnamon and of course butter. I have tried to make them but they are never as good as moms!

    616. Trish says:

      My mom’s hot chocolate, soo good, it has a little bit of peanut butter. Nothing beats drinking her hot chocolate and opening Xmas presents!

    617. Tiffany S. says:

      My favorite holiday treat would have to be christmas candy cane cookies. So good!

    618. Jeff says:

      Eggs benedict with hashbrowns and oatmeal muffins. Every christmas morning, after chocolate of course!

    619. Susan Beck says:

      For as long as I can remember we have always ordered pizza when we put the tree up. It’s a silly tradition but the reason we have it is because my mother loves pizza and has an ornament of a mouse eating a slice of pie.

    620. Rum balls! Family recipe and they always make me think of the holidays.

    621. I love Snowballs or Russian Teacakes. When I have my own home I would like to start the tradition of making a million different types of cookies for the holidays. I bet my roommates would appreciate it if I started it now. :)

    622. Terri says:

      My grandma’s Swedish Butter cookies, she always made them for us when we were together at Christmastime. Now that she is gone, my mom continues the tradition and makes them for her grandchildren. Of course, we get to eat some also. It’s really not about the cookies so much as it is remembering Grandma whom we all loved dearly.

    623. Shawnee says:

      Primerib and chocolate cream pie

    624. Memoria says:

      Since most of the members of my family do not know how to cook, we don’t have a traditional food. We do, however, have a traditional drink: Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice. YUM!

    625. Leanne says:

      i always look forward to eggs benedict in our pajamas on christmas morning.

    626. Sheena S. says:

      My husband and I have started a tradition of eating boeuf bourguignon on Christmas Eve!

    627. melanie says:

      My mom and I both always make peanut butter fudge. It is my favorite and it doesn’t seem like Christmas till I’ve baked at least one batch of it!

    628. Great giveaway!

      I recently made my grandma’s Southern Boiled Custard, which was always a tradition to DRINK at Christmas, so I’m excited to continue that tradition and know how to MAKE it! Especially because she hand-wrote and mailed me the recipe.

    629. Lindsey says:

      Every year I make a cheesecake from scratch. Everyone looks forward to it, and by the end of the night there isn’t a crumb left! Yum!

    630. Mary A says:

      Christmas Cookies. A shortbread thumbprint filled with Jam remind me of the best baker I ever knew. My Mom.

    631. Romaine says:

      Homemade egg noodles–served with mashed potatoes and gravy

    632. Amy says:

      My favorite food during Christmas time is my mom’s fudge and these little wreaths she makes out of corn flakes, marshmallows, butter and green food coloring. She then puts little red hots on them. They are so cute and so tasty!

    633. Emily O. says:

      When winter & Christmas come around, I always get a craving for Russian tea. I’m not sure why it’s labeled “Russian” but my mom’s family passed around the recipe and we had it every year. It’s a big pot of tea mixed with spices, frozen orange-pineapple juice, and Vernors. Sounds weird, but is my ultimate winter comfort drink. With that and our yearly batch of peanut blossoms, I’m content.

    634. Megan B. says:

      “crab toes” … those yummy circular cookies with almonds and powedered sugar. they have a million different names!

    635. Lisa says:

      Plum Pudding! It was my grandmother’s recipe and my mother always made one every Christmas. Last year was my first attempt and I didn’t steam it quite long enough so it did not come out of the mold very well! But it did taste devine!!! My husband and I also make a breakfast casserole for Christmas morning that we prepare the night before and put in the oven while opening stockings. And for some reason there always has to be an orange in our stockings! Santa always put one in there when I was a kid and now he puts one in my sons stocking!

    636. Jess says:

      We make a chocolate pudding/shortbread cake that is topped w/ whipped cream. It’s gone in a few hours :)

    637. lauri says:

      We haven’t quite found a tradition yet, but Eggnog bread pudding seems like it may keep making a christmas dessert appearance. I put too much rum in it last year but it was quite tasty.

    638. Debra says:

      I wish my family had a traditional food. Unfortunately that’s not the case, so now that I’m an adult I’ve made it a habit of baking cookies every year. So far I’ve mixed it up not sticking to one cookie!

    639. Sarah says:

      My mom always made cinnamon bundt rolls for breakfast on Christmas morning – yum!

    640. Melissa says:

      My Mom makes “snowball” cookies every year. They are rolled chocolate cookies covered in powdered sugar. Somehow the recipe is improved every year — and I am 33!!

      When I imagine Christmas cookies at my house…
      it is the big silver mixing bowl…
      sitting in the fridge…
      with powdered sugar accidentally sprinkled in the bowl…
      while one round of cookies bakes in the oven.

    641. Lori says:

      My husband is a strawberry farmer, so I make cans and cans of strawberry jam every year — they make great gifts for family and friends.

    642. Anne says:

      Chocolate mint thumbprint cookies!

      I make a chocolate thumbprint cookie and use a Melt-A-Way pastel mint from Hickory Farms in the middle.

    643. bql says:

      Every year, my family heads to the country side to a huge family gathering to eat ‘lechon al palo’ (smoked pork) with ‘arroz con gandules’ (rice with snow peas) and finish with traditional Puerto Rican desserts: tres leches, tembleque (coconut pudding) or arroz con dulce (sweet rice).

    644. Shannon says:

      Every Christmas my mother and I make candies using melted white chocolate, toasted coconut, and toasted sliced almonds. We put the spoonfuls of the mixture on waxed paper and let them cool. They are great and just remind me of Christmas. We don’t really have a name for them, we just call them “white chocolate coconut thingys”!!!

    645. Emily Heeringa says:

      I do a Christmas open house with loads of cookies and goodies for my friends. I just held it on Dec. 14 this year and made 12 different kinds of cookies. My favorite to make are the Pecan Tea Cookies that are my grandma’s recipe. Like little pecan pies, these cookies are very labor intensive, but I don’t mind (too much!) because they remind me of baking with my grandma. This is the 4th Christmas without her and I love making her cookies to have her as part of my festivities.

    646. Sarah says:

      Every Christmas Eve, we have cheese and crackers, a shrimp cocktail and sparkling wine. We also usually have Red Velvet Cake, since Christmas Eve is my Mom’s birthday!

    647. Jennifer says:

      My mom’s Date Bread and twice baked potatoes. Always a holiday treat in our family. Don’t know why we don’t make them any other time. haha

    648. erin says:

      Our family tradition includes a filled cookie. The filling is made with dates, figs and nuts. The outside is a shortbread type of cookie. It was my husbands grandmother who used to make them when he was a little boy!

    649. Bee says:

      Pannetone bread pudding. Made with homemade eggnog and a brown butter/eggnog glaze. Definitely a once-a-year treat…oh the creamy, buttery goodness!. Merry Christmas, and thanks for the great givaway, all their books are fabulous!

    650. Erin says:

      My mom, sister, and I bake A LOT of cookies. This year we made 10 different types of cookies, 12 dozen of each, in 2 days. It’s a marathon, but we love spending the time together and our cookie trays are legendary.

    651. jacquie says:

      twice baked potatoes – wouldn’t be the holidays w/o them.

    652. Kaitlin says:

      Decorating sugar cookies! Yum!

    653. AmyLou says:


      One of my favorite holiday foods is lefse. My mom makes it with her grandma’s recipe. We spread a thin layer of butter on it and then sprinkle brown sugar on top, and roll it up and refrigerate. I could eat an entire container myself!

    654. Stephanie says:

      We always make white trash or puppy chow as some call it and sugar cookies.

    655. Rebecca says:

      Hi, Annie! I’m Chinese and in my family, we stick to more familiar fare around the holidays. We typically do a hot pot, which is just a big pot of soup or broth set in the center of the table on a portable gas stove and we set all sorts of raw meats and vegetables around it. Then, we sit down as a family and just pick and choose what we want to cook up in the soup/broth and eat it with some dipping sauces. That’s tradition for us. :)

    656. Sarah says:

      I just started med school and don’t have a lot of time, but I made your cappuccino fudge last night and I think that will become a new holiday tradition. YUM! Thanks for all the inspiration and great recipes!!

    657. Lacey says:

      I would have to say smoked salmon and cream cheease spread. My grandad catches the slamon and smokes them then they freeze it and we make it into a delightful spread for crackers.

    658. julie says:

      cinnamon rolls. :)
      and by extension – all things cinnamon.

    659. Tammie says:

      My mother’s homemade noodles. They’re nothing like any other kind of noodles I’ve ever seen. Now that she’s gone my sister and I are the only ones who can make them close to the way our mother did and we have to have them every Christmas.

    660. atia says:

      I just got married to the love of my life after 3 tears together. Haven’t been making anything is particular for the holidays but when we move into our new home and start our own traditions, my oatmeal chocolate chip cokkies will be it!

    661. HoosierMamma says:

      Hmmm…Springerle’s for sure. They are such hard work to make, but well worth the effort. Reserved just for Christmas. My grandma finally taught me how to make them last year when I was pregnant. Oh the back ache! But so yummy! I love them.

    662. Michele says:

      The overnight blueberry french toast. Made the day before and baked while the presents are open. It is awesome

    663. Sarah says:

      Our traditional Christmas dinner comes from my dad’s side of the family. We have ham, baked beans, and potato salad. For dessert, I always make my carrot cake.

    664. Suzy Q says:

      My mother used to make a rum pudding with raspberry sauce that we loved. Unfortunately, I haven’t had it in years. Might have to dig out the recipe again.

    665. Laura says:

      My husband and I decided after our first Christmas together that we needed some sort of traditional Christmas breakfast. It started as French toast, back when the only thing I knew how to cook was French toast :) We’ve decided now that it’s going to be cinnamon rolls. We’ve done it for a year or two now, and this year I have a new recipe to give a try.

    666. Melissa says:

      There is not a specific food, but every Christmas morning after opening presents my step-mom makes breakfast. We all sit around and chat and enjoy the good (greasy) food.

    667. Billi says:

      My Mom makes a cookie recipe that has been passed down to her. She calls them “nut rolls,” and they are fairly amazing suger-y, butter-y bites of heaven!

    668. Erin says:

      Every Christmas morning we make something called Christmas Tree breakfast. It’s really just dinner rolls in the shape of a christmas tree with green icing and sprinkles. It comes out of the oven all warm and we all gobble it up- energy for opening up presents!

    669. Mary says:

      For Christmas eve we always have spaghetti… it’s quick and easy. My mom was always in the choir so she had to be at church early for midnight mass. My husband thought we were crazy but we continue with it even though no one has to be at church early!

    670. Meggie says:

      My mom and I make this cheeselog (it sounds so gross, I know, but it’s really not) to set out as appetizers. It’s been my job to make it every holiday since I turned four, so it never really feels like the holidays to me without it.

    671. Ashley R says:

      Date Bars for sure. My mom makes them for me every year. They are my favorite and for some reason I can’t make them the same way my momd does.

    672. Michele says:

      My grandmother, then mother (and now me) always made a Polish bread for Christmas and Easter. My mother always seemed to start it late in the day so we would often either go to bed or wake up to the smell of it baking. That smell, even when I am making it in my own house for my family, still evokes the joyful anticipation of Santa and everything that a kid loves about Christmas.

    673. Sarah says:

      my favorite christmas tradition is my grandma’s christmas pudding….i always always have to have a piece, drowning in the brown sugary sauce she makes with it, no matter how full i am from the meal :)

    674. CaSaundra says:

      Fun giveaway! My mom, grandma and I always bake up tons of cookies and go bring them to the homeless shelters on Christmas day.

    675. Emily says:

      Molasses cookies have become my baking tradition. And wine cake is a long time family tradition for every holiday/celebration.

    676. Lisa says:

      We always have spedinis and pasta for dinner. “S” cookies are always a must too!!

    677. Stacey says:

      Nothing says Christmas Food like oranges. Sounds odd, I kow. I don’t mean eating oranges though. When I was growing up my brother and I would help my gma and gpa decorate their tree every year. We’d listen to Christmas Music, make dinner, and do a craft. Usually the craft was orange and clove pomander balls. I still enjoy making them today and will continue the tradition with my kids when that day comes. They not only smell heavenly, but they always make me think of my grandma and grandpa.

    678. Susanna says:

      Every Christmas Eve my family does all of our wrapping, so since we are so busy we always order Chinese food. And then bacon and eggs the next morning!

    679. Brianna says:

      My mom makes homemade caramels every Christmas and they are amazing!

    680. Jean says:

      pecan pie…yum! I also look forward to the annual cookie party with friends and family.

      Thanks for the giveaway! Merry Christmas!

    681. annadejimenez says:

      Christmas Tree fudge

    682. AliciaS says:

      Our tradition has always been ham, eggs, and homemade biscuits Christmas morning! Yum!

    683. Niki says:

      My mom and I make chocolate and heath bar biscotti every year around chirstmas time.

    684. Lindsey says:

      For me, it’s baking Christmas cookies every year. The holidays would not be complete without them! It’s not one cookie in particular, but just the mix of cookies that I bake for the year to share with friends and family. When I was younger, it was always tradition to make cookies and leave them for “Santa”.

    685. Lisa says:

      My grandmother always made stollen at Christmas. My mother tried her best to convert her methods to a measureable recipe before she passed away and I look forward to trying to learn that from her this year. I have started a new tradition with my extended family, Monkey Bread. It is great fun for all the nieces and nephews of all ages to pitch in and roll the dough in butter and sugar. Everyone is so proud of the final result and it is devoured before it even cools down!

    686. Maureen says:

      Monkey Bread! We have many traditions around the holidays, but this year I’d like to start a new one. After the presents are open on Xmas morning, I’d like to make Monkey Bread with my 2 girls. Both have shown an interest in cooking and baking this year so I want to encourage them while making a few memories. Merry Christmas!

    687. Lisa says:

      Since I was a child, I’ve been making Christmas cake each November with my mom (we make it early so that we can put a bit of brandy on it and let it mellow for a few weeks). We use my great-grandmother’s recipe, and now we make it with my daughter as well – she loves the tradition already!

    688. Simone says:

      My holiday food tradition is making cinnamon rolls for all of my family and friends.

    689. Ania says:

      Poilsh Pierogi – yum!! I look forward to them all year.

    690. Mohana says:

      Believe it or not, we started making your Eggnog Cupcakes last year and become our Christmas tradition! Some of my husband’s co-workers are even asking them as a Christmas treat for their families!

    691. Susan B says:

      My holiday tradition is the dish Praline Sweet Potatoes both at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    692. Katie B. says:

      Since I was a child my mom would always make candy cane cookies . . . a simple sugar cookie dyed and twisted. Simple, but to me it was and is magical!

    693. Tanya says:

      I’ve just recently gotten married and looking forward to taking part in my new husbands annual family traditions. Every Christmas his mother gets up uber early and makes homemade from scratch sticky buns and they are to die for! Im hoping this year to learn the recipe so I can carry on the tradition even after she has passed.


    694. Cheryl in AL says:

      My Christmas food tradition is the dressing. We cannot have a holiday without it.

    695. Brooke says:

      Coffee cake for breakfast Christmas morning. Makes the whole house smell like heaven!

    696. Meg says:

      Growing up, we didn’t have many “food” traditions — though I sure remember baking a lot of cookies (most of which were given as gifts to other people). Now that I’m starting a family, I hope to make my own holiday traditions!

    697. bonnie says:

      egg custard,we always have to have it,mine however does’nt taste like my grandma’s did,its still pretty good,oh and did i mention my birthday,lol,thanks

    698. Analyn says:

      Corn Casserole! Every holiday!

    699. Cathy says:

      I don’t have any set traditions, but I love making ginger cookies every year since i love them so much.

    700. bakingtherapist says:

      I bake 25-30 types of cookies every year (I’m in the midst of it right now) and give them away to neighbors, family and friends. People who are on “the list” are quite happy. It’s a tradition that I really love.

    701. Annie says:

      pigs in a blanket and cherry pie!!

    702. June Bran says:

      Every Christmas morning I wake up and make Monkey Bread! Our absolute favorite! I start with the dough rising the night before so in the morning its easy to do the rest of the recipe. This dish makes the house smell delicious and there are usually no leftovers! Here is a website of what Monkey Bread is:
      Even though I am a HUGE fan of her blog I make my monkey bread a little different…but I’m sure her’s is equally good! =-)
      This year I will be starting a second Christmas morning tradition to go along with the Monkey Bread…home made chai tea eggnog! Mmmm can’t wait! Side note….you have a lot of fun reading to do! Happy Holidays!

    703. KCatGU says:

      I have 2, since every one is listing there sweet tradition, mine are those Almond Spitz cookies. I have never master the cookie press so I just divide the dough in 3’s and color 1/3 red and green and then do a pretty braid and cut cookie. But my more favorite holiday tradition is the Polish Christmas eve meal. Where we eat mushroom soup and shrimp, but also share a wafer with all at the table wishing each person “Health, Wealth, and Happiness” in the coming year as well as other blessing personal to the wish giver. It really is an amazing way to reflect and step back from all the sugar and commercialization of the holiday.

    704. kelly c says:

      7 layer cookie! not christmas to me until I bake them.

    705. Jen says:

      Cookies! My mom used to bake a huge assortment of cookies every Christmas and put together a big plate of cookies for parties. I don’t do this myself (I’d eat them all and gain too much weight). I think my favorites are snowball cookies & buckeyes.

    706. Anne says:

      My favorite tradition is the cheesy potatoes with the cornflakes on top!

    707. Megan says:

      My family makes marshmallow crescent puffs. They are the best, because they only are around during Christmas!

    708. Sarah says:

      My mom always makes decorated sugar cookies and German potato candy. Now I follow that tradition by always making fudge, sugar cookies, and this year, I’m going to make the potato candy (really really yummy, by the way!)

    709. Jen Joy says:

      Every holiday, it is fully expected for me to make Chocolate Chai Spice Cupcakes with Ginger Chai Buttercream. I hear that people dream about them all year long! Super yummy. :)

    710. Shirra says:

      Annie – just wanted to let you know that your food blog is dynamite. One of our favorite holiday food traditions are Christmas mice ( a dear family friend introduced us which we make each year in memory of her) and buckeyes since my husband and his family are Ohioans.

    711. Traci says:

      It is tradition for my family to have lutefisk for Christmas Eve dinner

    712. Michelle says:

      We always eat mac and cheese on Christmas. Yummm!

    713. Maggie says:

      My family has a secret recipe for Christmas cookies that is just amazing. I love to cut out different shapes and decorate them!

    714. Steven Nix says:

      I love my mom’s chicken and dressing!

    715. Emily says:

      Breakfast casserole is a Christmas morning tradition in my family. I look forward to it and my Mom’s homeade biscuits every year!

    716. Carrie says:

      christmas morning we make breakfast burritos. it was a tradition with my family and now with my own little one too.

    717. Pam says:

      Chocolate Log Rolls! I can remember thinking I was about to die waiting for Christmas Eve, which was when we were allowed to have some!

    718. Cindy says:

      This year will be the first Christmas without my husband of 43 years whom passed away unexpectedly in January of this year. One of his favorite receipes was DATE PUDDING which I would make every year for Christmas. The receipe belonged to my great-grandmother and I still have it in her originally writting! Many years ago, when I was first married, my mother helped me decide how to transpose the measurements of the ingredients in the receipe. The original receipe called for “butter, the size of an egg”, “a pinch of salt”, etc. I am sure that 100 years ago that is how women measured ingredients! Well again this year, I will be making the famous old receipe for my family and with have thoughts of my late husband and how he enjoyed the dessert!

    719. Amy says:

      Monkey bread on Christmas morning and layered chocolate peppermint fudge. Absolutely delicious.

    720. Katie says:

      I’ve been making cranberry bread (more like cake) since I was in pre-school. The tradition started when my mom and I made it for my Grandmother. She loved it. I am now 32 and my grandmother has passed away, but we still make this wonderful treat in memory of her.

    721. Tracy E says:

      Cioppino – we have it every Christmas Eve. This is the first year I am hosting and I am so excited. It is by far my favorite meal of the year.

    722. Misty says:

      “Want-Mores” aka “Dolly Squares”
      My mom always made these for us and I’ve now carried on the tradition. I have zero self control any time sweetened condensed milk is involved! So good!

    723. Lindsey says:

      I love making homemade fudge to give as gifts around Christmastime. I think that has become my newest tradition!

    724. Jessica says:

      French toast Christmas morning. Also have crab legs Christmas Eve.

    725. Freddie says:

      Every year (this will be our 7th!) I have two of my best friends (and perhaps one or two other people) over for latkes (made by my mom). My mom is also a big cookie baker and I’ve been inheriting the gene – she makes a ton of different types this time of year and snickerdoodles are my best friend’s favorite. I just made some myself for the first time to give to him since he gets home from school tonight :)

    726. Tamara Kenyon says:

      Mine is a tradition that I started in my family. I found this amazing recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. I only make it between Thanksgiving and New Years so everyone in my family asks me to bring those.

      Occasionally I’ll use them to bribe people to get what I want ;)

    727. Dawn says:

      Warm sticky buns on Christmas morning! Delicious!

    728. A Hurst says:

      I love making homemade Cinnamon Rolls for Xmas morning. Yum!

    729. Tiffany says:

      My mother always made this vegetable dish growing up that everyone loved. Now I make it also. It’s very simple. It’s just a bag of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, a can of cream of broccoli soup, some french onions, and whatever cheeses we feel like throwing in. That along with some hot mashed potatoes… Yum! It wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t have these two things on the table.

    730. arenda says:

      Growing up, my family’s Christmas (Sinter Klaas) tradition was to eat little round, dutch gingerbread cookies called pepernoten that we bought from the local dutch deli. My husband doesn’t care for them, though, so as a couple we’ve focused more on making a meal together on Christmas Day.

    731. Sarah says:

      Smoked turkey breast, served cold in the late afternoon since Christmas Day dinner was at 12:30. My grandpa owned a meat locker, and his hams and smoked turkey were award-winning.

    732. Angie says:

      English Toffee. The only candy I have mastered and am quite proud of. I only make it at Christmas time… I am going to make some tomorrow!

    733. Tracy says:

      Homemade caramel corn.

    734. Ashley says:

      Every year we make homemade gingerbread houses and decorate them with tons of candy.

    735. Elizabeth says:

      I love love LOVE all of the baked goods that go along with Christmas. My absolute favorite are the peanut butter cookies with little drops of chocolate on top. mmm PERFECT.

    736. Ting says:

      I am Chinese. Every year we sit around the breakfast table and make dumplings!

    737. Steven (ya bro) says:

      My family usually has the Queen of England over for Tea and Crumpets.

    738. Emily says:

      We always have standing rib roast and Yorkshire pudding for Christmas dinner.

    739. Yvonne says:

      My family traditionally has Chinese hot pot for Christmas dinner. I don’t remember when we started doing this, but it relieved us of having to eat turkey for six weeks straight (we are not ham eaters), plus it’s a lot less labor intensive.

    740. Jennifer Boyd says:

      I used to bake christmas cookies with my grandmother when I was a little girl and up until I started having children of my own. Now, I bake with my kids and this year we are making some new cookies and some old family favorites.

    741. Cherise says:

      Christmas is that time of year when my mother groans about having too much goodness lying around the house luring all of us into temptation heaven. And while the house smells ever so nice with that waft of warm and yummy goodness from the moment you near the house while battling chilly winds outside, I dare say one of my most favourite traditions is my grandmother’s honey rings. She’s been doing them since she was 10 years old so that’s over half a century of honey rings. XD Making them can get all icky because honey tends to be rather sticky but I promise the taste is oh so more than worth it. And the good thing about making them yourself is that they taste better, you know exactly what’s in them and you have fun making them. ^_^

      In case you were wondering, honey rings look like this

      Happy Holidays! :)

    742. Sylvie says:

      We don’t really have a traditional Christmas cookie b/c I can’t seem to settle on just one recipe, so I try out new recipes every year. So I guess the tradition is baking something new for the holidays!

    743. Mandy says:

      Our tradition every Thanksgiving and Christmas is a Pineapple Cheese Casserole for a side dish! The sweet pineapple mixed with the gooey cheese and salty butter and ritz crackers is amazing!

    744. Cheryl says:

      So many favorites over the years but the thing that gets made every year is Manhattan Clam Chowder – the paper the original recipe I used is falling apart.

    745. Kelly b says:

      My mom, sister, brother and I have a tradition of making white chocolate cake and peanut butter balls. It doesn’t seem like Christmas without that stuff!

    746. liz says:

      Every Christmas morning, my mom spends hours making homemade croissants. They are the most flaky, buttery, goodness that you have ever tasted. Yum!
      Thanks for all of the effort you put into this website for us foodies!

    747. Renae says:

      My mother made Pfeffernusse every year until she died. No one in my family liked them when I was growing up, but she made them anyway. then I married my husband; he loved them. So she made him a tin of Pfeffernusse and mailed them to us. I do now like them and continue to make them as many years as I can.

    748. Monica says:

      In the past chocolate covered pretzels were my speciality, but my daughter has a dairy and peanut allergy, so we must be very careful. I am learning how to make traditional items dairy-free, which is challenging. But very rewarding!! Merry X-mas!

    749. Claire says:

      Every Christmas my mom and I make prune cake! Christmas would not be the same without it!

    750. Every Christmas morning we have breakfast casserole (sausage, eggs, bread). But stollen, a Christmas bread is something my grandmother used to make that I enjoy making now.

    751. Shanna says:

      I remember receiving a tin of spritz cookies from my great-aunt Joe every year. They were so delicious and I looked forward to getting that tin of cookies each year. But since she lost her son in a car accident a few years ago, she’s not really into the Christmas spirit as much as she used to be. I now make spritz cookies w/ my 4 kids and mail her a box. She said that was the best gift she received last year. Merry Christmas everyone!

    752. Jo says:

      With two year old twins, an eleven year old and a husband I don’t get a lot of time to bake but come Christmas . . .I have a wonderful Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie I love to bake up and put in goodie bags for each member of my family. Rather than spend a lot of money of gifts I like to bake goodies and give those instead, the goodies vary each year but the Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies are the one consistent thing in the bag every year.

    753. Cailin says:

      I don’t have one specific food that is a holiday tradition, just that our holiday’s traditions all revolve around food. We always wake Christmas morning to do our gifts, then we have a light breakfast and then we ALL head to the kitchen to start cooking. Everyone participates and helps to put the beautiful meal on the table and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

    754. Zuri S says:

      My dad cooks ONCE during the year, and that’s Christmas morning! So, our traditional Christmas morning brunch always consists of dad’s trademark scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, and freshly squeezed orange juice from our ancient juicer! NUM!

    755. Kristen says:

      eggnog & spice cookies when my family decorates the tree

    756. heid says:

      we always had an egg/sausage/cheese casserole for christmas morning. now that i have my own family, i make the same casserole and hope my kids will keep the tradition when they start their own family!

    757. annie says:

      It is not Christmas for my family without the springerle cookies!

    758. Katie R. says:

      Sand Tarts! It’s a cookie recipe (simple butter-based cookie dough sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar) that came from my great-grandmother. While other traditions have gone by the wayside as the less of us go home for the holidays, it is something we make every year! And I love the fact that it has now gone through 4 generations of women.

    759. Jessica says:

      we have a big Christmas breakfast ever year after everyone opens presents, when we were little we went to my grandparents and now we go to my parents. It is always such good food, eggs benidict, pancakes, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, the works! So good! I can taste it now!

    760. Jen says:

      I made pumpkin bread mini loaves, which were a big success, so I definitely plan to make those again this year!

    761. Lisa Parfitt says:

      Fudge!! And about six months ago I got my first KitchenAid stand mixer and I am now a baking fiend! Love the site and thanks for the give away! Lisa

    762. Annie says:

      We always make sugar cookies. My mom has a sour cream cookie recipe that came from her mom (Mimi) –it’s soft and delicious and then my mother-in-law has a crisp butter version that is equally as yummy, but very different. My daughters are inviting their friends and we are making them this weekend!

    763. Erin says:

      We started a family tradition of baking gingerbread cookies 30+ years ago on Christmas eve with my mom, sister and grandma. Now that our daughters are toddlers we have started this tradition with them. My grandma is no longer with us but I feel like keeping this tradition keeps her a little closer in our hearts.

    764. Kim says:

      Ambrosia Salad is traditional and my grandmother makes the best Ambrosia Salad. YUM :)~

    765. bridget says:

      We always have cherry rose rolls on Christmas morning – they’re coils of sweet bread with cherry pie filling in the middle.

    766. Elizabeth says:

      Can I just say that I am shocked at how many comments there are?!?!? Wow! I’m thrilled that you have so many readers!

      My favorite christmas cookie is a springerle. I don’t like the traditional anise flavor, but we also make some with lemon and they are delicious!

    767. annie says:

      Hi Annie, what a great give-away! Coming from an Italian background, homemade pasta (usually linguine or fettucine) is the star of the show, which we eat on Christmas Eve with a variety of fish (no meat). Then on Christmas Day, pasta is a more elaborate and richer dish. This could be lasagna, ravioli, cannelloni etc. So much food and so many varieties of cookies, panettone. We are very blessed to have so much in the way of family and food, so many others are not so blessed. Happy Holidays to all!!

    768. Cindy from IL says:

      A tradition at our house each Christmas and Thanksgiving too is Onion Casserole. It is amazing! If I win, I’ll share the recipe with you – uhhhhm, is that bribery!??! Here is the recipe. Saute 3 cups of thinly sliced onions in a 1/2 stick of butter until translucent with a couple of pinches of salt and several grinds of pepper. Add 1/3 cup of bisquick or similar type baking mix. Stir in 1 1/2 cups of grated cheddar cheese. Bake at 350 for 30 min. add 1/2 cup of grated cheese during last 5 min. of baking. Simple and superb!! We always say – why don’t we make this more often, but we hardly every do!

    769. mary s. says:

      my mom always makes russian tea cookies!! deliciously messy!!

    770. amanda says:

      we make chinese chews every year…a shortbread crust, pecan/coconut and brown sugar filling baked and then a dusting of powdered sugar. Yum!

    771. Jill says:

      I make Pecan Fingers. This recipe was passed down by my German grandmother. She was an excellent cook. I can still remember her mixing all her cookies by hand with her hands. Perhaps that was her secret ingredient.

    772. celia says:

      Potato latkes equal the holidays for me!

    773. Wendy says:

      Love your site Annie – especially the photos!

      Our Christmas dinner isn’t complete without our mom’s infamous “pink salad”. It is very simple – cream cheese, cool whip, crushed pineapple, cherries and juice. Very basic, but oh, so good! No matter how fancy the dinner may be we will always have mom’s specialty.

    774. Francine says:

      I love your blog, and always feel inspired after reading your posts.
      We have several Christmas food traditions: cinnamon rolls for breakfast (I’m partial to King Arthur Flour’s cinnamon bun mix, since they’re easy and yummy), fondue for dinner (a special treat which doesn’t tie me to the kitchen for long), and Christmas pudding for desert (my husband is English, but I started making these way before we met).

    775. Brenda says:

      Red Velvet Cake, with traditional cooked frosting.

    776. Dorothy Wood says:

      When we visited the British Isles in 1982, we discovered the joy of a good cup of tea with a traditional scone, slathered with jam and Cornish cream. While opening Christmas gifts we now enjoy a great cup of hot Chado tea and our favorite cream scones (unfortunately, without the Cornish cream) baked from the Evelyn and Crabtree cookbook. What a great way to start off a Christmas morning! We are indeed blessed.

    777. Rekz says:

      Fruitcake for my husband and me and cookies for my boys:))

    778. Kathy M says:

      I like to make cookies for friends and family. I don’t have any special recipes, just use the ones that sound good each year so there are always new ones.

    779. anne says:

      Scotish Shortbread! We only ever make them at Christmas and they are my absolute favorite!

    780. Courtney says:

      Something that always reminds me of Christmas time when I was little, are pumpkin cream cheese rolls. I remember my dad making them for us at home and also for gifts for the holidays. I didn’t appreciate them as much as I do now, pumpkin+ cream cheese=yummy goodness!

    781. Sarah H says:

      My mom makes banket every year for Christmas. It’s a traditional Dutch pastry made with almond filling – this Dutch girl loves it! Yum.

    782. Tracy says:

      I have always brought something to my family holidays every year since I graduated high school. It started with bringing a veggie tray, then moved onto the green bean casserole, and it has evolved from there. For the past 5 years I have been bringing my awesome sweet potato casserole. I mash real sweet potatoes and mix with spices, add a sweet borwn sugar, butter, and chopped pecans. My aunt who is gluten intolerant can even eat this casserole because I use rice powder. I must say that everyone raves about it! I just love your site, I check it about twice a week to see what new recipes you post. Baking is one of my guilty pleasures!

    783. Vanessa says:

      Almond rocha and crescent cookies… mmm so yummy!

    784. Lori says:

      My husband and I don’t have any holiday traditions yet, but hopefully we’ll establish a big breakfast tradition – homemade cinnamon rolls, homemade pancakes, eggs, bacon/sausage – the works!

    785. Mom always makes Five Cup Salad (coconut, madarian oranges, pineapple chucks, marshmellows and sour cream) and taught me to make it when I was a little girl. So every year when going home for Christmas, mom has the 5 ingredients sitting, waiting, for me to mix!

    786. Brenda says:

      For the past several years I have been making gift baskets with homemade soup, bread and cookies for friends and family. I put on Christmas movies (Miracle on 34th Street) and just cook away the stress!! Thank you for your wonderful blog, the care and time you put into it really show. Merry Christmas!!

    787. Cate says:

      I LOVE stollen on Christmas morning. We’ve eaten it for as long as I can remember, and even though I usually don’t love marzipan or candied fruit, it’s such a tradition I can’t resist!

    788. Sophie says:

      Annie, your site brings me such joy! Thank you for sharing your passion.

      Growing up, it was just my mom and I. Both she and I have a sweet tooth that is a force to be reckoned with! Knowing this about ourselves, we would only make our “all-time-favorite” indulgence around the Holiday Season. That indulgence was (and still is) the Perfect Sugar Cookie with Buttercream Frosting. I remember one particular Christmas as we were making these cookies, my mom was manning the oven while I so carefully tried to frost the cookies. She was loading and unloading the oven every 8-10 minutes and eating cookies along the way. When the last batch of cookies left the oven, she turned around to place them on the cooling rack and noticed 6 cookies that all had ONE BITE missing from them! Apparently, she lost track of the cookies she was eating (as she was so diligently manning the oven) and kept taking one bite out of a new cookie each time!

      We still have laughs about that from time to time. I love baking during the holidays and think of my mom as I bake and frost our favorite indulgence each season.

    789. Tracey says:

      Toffee. Yum. We give it as gifts and people go crazy for it!

    790. Sylvia says:

      My mom used to start her Christmas baking just after Thanksgiving. We are Swedish and there were Pepparkakor (gingersnaps), Spritsar (butter cookie rings), Cardemom Coffee Cake with dried fruit, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Dried dates rolled in powdered sugar, fudge, sugar cookies, etc. Baking brings back all kinds of fond childhood memories.
      On Christmas Eve we always ate Lutfisk. It is traditionally codfish that has been dried over the summer, soaked in lye (!) and then put in a waterbath until it was time to bake or broil it. It was served with peeled white potatoes, white sauce and green peas. When I was little I really didn’t like the taste of this rather butchered fish and only took a little bit, and lots of potatoes. I then covered it all with gobs of white sauce sprinkled with allspice and my parents “never noticed” that I hadn’t taken much Lutfisk. We ate this meal by candlelight so I always figured they wouldn’t know I had had mostly potatoes.

    791. Dory says:

      Egg Nog Milkshakes. YUM!